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So who listens to Annihilator here? I have one album, and it's awsome. It's Refresh the Demon (Which also has some of the best cover art I've seen)


I picked it up after watching Jeff Waters shred to buggery on the Roadrunner UTD DVD.

I could listen to it on repeat for hours. A Man Called Nothing is a fucking quality track.

But yeah. Anyone have any Annihilator album reccommendations?

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Guest Pringle

Massive Annihilator fan here.

Albums id pick up are:

Alice in Hell

Never Neverland

Set the world on fire

King of the Kill

Carnival Diablos

Alice in Hell and Never Neverland you can find in a double pack called 'Two from the Vault'. Either way, you cant go wrong with Annihilator (Y)

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