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New Dragonforce Video

Guest Pringle

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It's not bad, nothing special. I do like how theres the running guitar solo battles in each video though. :D Can't wait to see them in December, £12.50 - what a bargain!

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The new ending is all manner of gay, and there's a whole chunk very obviously hacked out of the middle of the solo :P It's like "Shit, we've got to make this exactly five minutes long, lets just cut that out, and skip the end of the song."

"But that'll sound shit..."

"So? MTV won't play it otherwise".

They also cut out the cool intro :(

But the video itself is cool.

Revolution Deathsquad is a slightly better song, but that's even longer, so they'll have to bastardise it even more ¬_¬

Storming The Burning Fields would've been a great choice (I :wub: that song).

Trail Of Broken Hearts is a very 'meh' ballad. And the video would probably end up far too emo :P I can just imagine blood being washed down a sink in the intro.. :'(

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