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Idlewild Thread.


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So, who's jazzed up for the new Outkast movie coming out this week? I know Beatnik is (>_>), but it looks tight. I expect that Terrance Howard will be fantastic for this project, especially because it's so different than the last two rapper-related projects he did (Hustle and Flow and the 50 Cent movie) and the soundtrack sounds alright, even if it'll get slated for not being as awesome as past material.

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Album is the best rap record of 2006 so far, if not the best record of the year. It's not quite as consistent as the last two efforts, but it's highpoints are on par, and certainly beyond anything else released this year. The funny thing is that most of the people who have negatively reviewed the album don't say that it's a bad album, just that it's a step back for them (which I don't happen to agree with). Best Tracks: "Mighty O", "Morris Brown", "Chronomentrophobia", "The Train", "Call The Law", "PJ & Rooster". The breakout star is Janelle Monae, who completely steals the two tracks she appears on and who is probably the biggest talent on Purple Ribbon Records.

The movie could go either way. Working for it is the band's charisma, the talented cash, the catchy music and the director's unique visual style. Working against it is the director's lack of big screen experience, a sense of sameness and a critical community that seems to come down hard on movie musicals not made by the Hollywood establishment. Either way I hope to be there opening day.

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I know I can't wait for it... But I do disagree on one part, Killer Mike is the best talent on Purple Ribbon to me. The movie looks promising though.. I'm trying not to overexpose myself to the movie and ruin the plot.
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