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DreamWorld, a WWE presentation, in association with Jayden Enterprises, Playstation 2, and a bottle of Cherry Lambrini……

I sit, and I wonder, and I sit, and…… I wonder, will I ever get this Invasion backstory finished. In fact, will I ever get this backstory started? *yawwwwn* mmmm, New Jack promos, that’s what I want, New Jack promos, motherfuckin, and nut sucking, and busting caps in asses and shit, now…… how can I *yawwwwwwwn* get New Jack promos, into…… into……… *thunk*

Zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz

Zzz zzzzzzzzzzz


“Raise, two million”….. hah, this one’s for WCW you overbearing piece of shit

“But, but I don’t have two million, you’ve darm near cleaned me out. Somebody…. SOMEBODY GET ME TWO MILLION DAMMIT! TWO MILLION!! NOW, I SAID NOW DAMMIT!”

“Hmmm, calm down Vinnie Mac, if you think you’ve got the hand, well, it doesn’t matter what you stake on it, right? If you win, you’re just gonna get all this cash, and the pride to fill up those big grapefruit sized balls that I’ve been trampling on tonight again”

“Why you, You’re.. FIIIIRED! You can join the club DAMMIT! KISS MY ASS!!!”

“Whoah, Vince, stop that, seriously dude, pull those… Jesus H Christ put that thing away. Just offer me something else and we’ll finish the game”

“Somebody get Linda in here DAMMIT! I WANT LINDA!!! I’ll put my wife on the hand”

“Duuuuude, I guess having Lita working for you, you can knock the shemale hooker’s on the head now but seriously, what kinda prices did you get last time you were splashing out because for $2m I’d get something better than that old tubthumper. Put the company on it Vince, I want the WWE!”


Vince turned over his Rockets, which combined with the two on the board gave him quad Aces. What a hand. Man, you’d bet your whole world on a hand like that

“HOLY SHIT! Man, quad aces? Vince, I don’t know what to say. I just….. man, I guess I’ll just turn these over and shut my mouth”

The half year ego trip that was the Invasion, the jobbing out of WCW, it all seemed so long ago as I laid down the King and Queen of clubs, which with the Ace, Ten and Jack of clubs already on the board gave me the Royal Flush, the absolute dream hand as Vince’s arrogant smile turned to that shocked look of despair he always gave every time Stone Cold Steve Austin looked like he was about to open up a can of whoop ass on him.

“Vince, it’s been a pleasure, I’ll see you in the office bright and early champ”

Ahhhh, the WWE was mine, what a wondrous moment. But what to do with it, hmmm, I quite like this whole “we’ll write and script all your words” stuff they do, so I think I’ll get down to some writing for the Smackdown taping, and I’ll get a press release put out too, but first……. Sunset Beach!

Vince McMahon in “I can’t play poker” shocker

The WWE would like to report that last night, in a seedy little house in the centre of Reading, the WWE’s chief asshole Vince McMahon lost his entire empire to the stunningly attractive, brilliantly intelligent, sensually animalistic love machine, Jayden in a game of poker. It’s believed at this time that Vince did get to keep Linda, and a job as an on screen personality, but the WWE is under new control. We managed to get a word with Jayden who insisted that the brand split was “utter bollocks, I’m killing that for a start”, and that he had no clue where he was going with the company but promised to produce a product that appealed to anyone who shared his porn addiction, starting this Friday night for Smackdown!

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I have. It's a bit of fun from a writer who has and still is putting out some very strong serious diaries, and fancies some comic relief.

If you take it as a joke, rather than as anything more, then the least it'll be is unfunny.

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And I'm allowed to state that you should go away because I personally feel that this diary is nothing more than comic relief for the minority and should be treated as such.

And in order to stop this post from being nothing more than post whoring - I liked the show-long storyline with The Miz. I don't think anyone on the planet likes him, and you have a use for the Spirit Squad, which is more than what WWE seems to have these days. Kelly and Candice should never be treated as anything more than eye candy and as sexual objects, so they're being used fine. Anything involving Little Bastard and New Jack is always going to be hilarious, and the write-ups are easy to read. So for now, until it is closed, I'm enjoying it. I'm just interested as to whether these feuds will run from show to show or just randomly change as you go along. It'd be a challenge to have things so out-there being used continuously with actual PPV build and such geared towards any payoffs you may have lined up.

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I don't see how the lesbian angle could have been done on EWR and if it wasn't done on EWR, then it doesn't belong in the Dome.
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I don't see how the lesbian angle could have been done on EWR and if it wasn't done on EWR, then it doesn't belong in the Dome.

Yeah, I'm looking for an excuse for this steaming pile of shit to get shut down.

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as not to disgrace a writer, in HIS diary.
Thanks MDP but to be fair I don't really think I could complain about people "disgracing me" in my diary, when you look at the content of the diary itself. Not that anyone actually has, they've just stated their opinions on why they don't like it which is fair enough. I on the other hand do like it, and am enjoying it and for the first time in forever the show at no point felt like a chore to write.

So because someone doesn't like what you're doing, we haven't read your diary? I read every word of it and found it disgusting. Keep going if you want to, but don't expect me to read in. This is so low brow, it's barely a brow at all. If that appeals to you, fine. But know that there's going to be a lot of people who are miles outside your target audience--that they don't like it doesn't mean they haven't read it.

And another thing: I don't feel we're disgracing the author by commenting negatively on his diary. There's a difference between the author and the work, and if you'll look back, not one person has attacked Jayden himself. And also note the signature--he's absolutely revelling in the negative feedback. Offering him more is only giving him more fodder for his tongue-in-cheek signature. If it's an edgy attempt to isolate people, that's fine, but don't expect me or a lot of others to read on.

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