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The Last Argument of Kings

Gongsun Zan

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It's Showtime.

An arena, a ring, an opportunity.

You’ve seen it before, but never like this. This – this, is the fucking milestone of professional wrestling history. This is the greatest night of his career, the big one, the Wrestlemania to be, the biggest, most amazing show ever in the short history of Double D’s Incredible Crazy Wrestling Circus – his night, baby, and nobody was ever going to take that away from him. His name is Wentworth Watkins, Double D to friends, founder, proprietor, and NUMBER ONE SUPERSTAR of the most EXTREME wrestling promotion in the entirety of the known universe, bar none. And tonight, the lights are dimmed, the stage is set, and he’s got the ring, the microphone, the PA system, rocking the crowd with a promo they’ll never, ever, forget. And they’re loving it, of course, eating into his every word, the hype machine set for the most explosive match in his entire career – the long anticipated showdown against his dreaded arch-nemesis, and he’s talking about all the ways this match means to him, promising them everything, anything: action, entertainment, conquest, victory…

And then the time for talk is over, as Ian Miller, AKA the most EVIL man on his planet, storms the ring, cutting him off like the dastardly bastard he is. He’s not alone either, as he ever sycophantic henchman, Mudd, slides in from behind, ready to clock Double D with a steel chair, but Ian stops him – not tonight. Tonight is far too big for cheap tricks, far too big to be wasted in a moments victory. He’s going to tear Double D apart limb by limb, crushing his body, spirit, and soul in the process, and savour every damn moment of it. He’s going to do all that and more, just because he can. And so he signals for the referee to start the match, and DING! DING! DING! – it’s on. And the crowd hushes up, cause they too know that tonight is the night, and they’re about to bare witness to something great, something amazing, something special…

And there is something special. There always is something special in Double D’s Incredible Wrestling Circus, but tonight, it’s one that nobody, lest of all good old Wentworth himself could ever expect. This time, it occurs somewhere between the forty-third and forty-fourth right hand of the night, as the door to the warehouse EXPLODES, and in walks in a large imposing figure badass enough and don’t-fuck-with-me enough that all attention is immediately drawn away from the ring, and onto the new arrival himself. You know he’s incredibly badass because:

1) He just kicked the fucking door down all by himself.

2) He’s got a really nice coat.

And everyone is looking at the man, or his coat, except Double D himself, who’s too far taken into the greatest night of his life, and his opponent, Ian Miller, for exactly the very same reasons. That is, until the man in the coat makes his presence known by grabbing Ian by the face, and for a few seconds all Ian can see is the palm of the man in the coat himself, before his attacker eventually grows bored and FLINGS him over the top rope, where his face meets the concrete, his skull meets his face, his brain meets his skull, and the whole package simply explodes with a resounding SPLAT.

Now Double D is pissed, not so much because his best friend is dead, but because this mysterious stranger, whoever the fuck he is, just ruined his night. All he’s thinking about now is the years of anticipation, the practice, the preparation, the hype, all of it, every waking moment he spent getting ready for this very match, shattered in a tiny explosion of bone of and blood. Yes, he most certainly is angry now. Angry enough to forego all thoughts of personal safety, angry enough to make the stupid mistake of charging a man twice his size, to which he merely bounces off and lands on his ass, whereupon which the reality of how incredibly moribund his situation is strikes him, and he begins to back away, still on his ass, crying in fear.

And he almost makes it too, reaching as far as the ring post, before the man in the coat finally decides to stomp his face wide open, the imprint of his boot stamped across his features again and again, first in black, then red as Double D’s nose starts pumping out blood in retaliation to the vicious onslaught. But the man in the coat isn’t done yet, far from it, and soon skin starts to give way to far more rosy coloured meat beneath, as Double D screams, the screams of a man about to die.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

But it is, and it will be. He will die here tonight, in the very ring he helped build. Everyone has fled now, the audience – his audience, the referee, even Mudd – all gone, leaving him to die. But despite this knowledge, he continues to scream for help, hoping that maybe he’s wrong, maybe he won’t die, but with every kick he receives, with every square inch of his face crying out in agony, his hopes begin to fade, bit by bit, until he can feel no longer, and the only thing he sees is the giant shadow of a boot coming and going, coming and going, coming and going, coming and going–

And it stops.

Just for a moment, just enough time for him to catch his breath, just enough time for him to pray, just enough time for him to construct the hope that he might just make it. Just enough time for the man in the coat to retrieve a Colt King Cobra, cock it, aim, BLAM, leaving nothing left by exploding chunks of Double D splattered across the ring.

And then he smiles.

And then he swallows the barrel of his gun, and pulls the trigger.

The arena is silent, the ring now home only to the dead.

All that’s left is an opportunity. There always is.

And so it begins.

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Woot...I've been looking forward to this since the banner appeared in your sig. By the time I got into it during the last run through, it was already dead. This along with LAW were the two diaries that I enjoyed the style of so much that I tried to emulate it with SJW. Clearly my favourite character was Ph33r by a country mile, he just rocked so much.

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The Debut Show


1 - Interview with Dante Carter


The soft click of a lighter, a gentle flame dancing in the night. A second glow now, casting warmth on the face of the smoker, spreading, as the lights cut in, revealing a boy, a man – it’s hard to tell from his ragged appearance – squatting on the steel steps. Presently he is toying with his cigarette, though he derives no enjoyment from it, and soon lets it fall to the ground, quashing it with his foot, snubbing it out, and it is gone.

Just like his life, his career, his potential.

“I had it once, you know,” he is saying, slowly lifting his gaze to meet the audience. “Everything. Anything. Money. Scholarships. I could go anywhere – do anything I could ever have wanted. And it was all so perfect, too. I all had to do – all I had to do was fucking exist, and it would set up for me. Power? I could have become fucking President! Love? I had it too, a girl worth dying for…”

He throws his head back, laughing, drawn out, almost expecting the audience to join in.

“But I never did, did I? No…I was far too good for that. I was perfect – I would…I could never lose. Not even then, not even now. Yet here I am, with nothing, NOTHING! This isn’t what was promised me, this isn’t what I was supposed to have received!”

He pauses, pondering, as though asked a question. Finally, he pens it himself, his voice barely a whisper:

“So why am I here?”

His name is Dante Carter, he tells them, at last.

He is a survivor.

And this is not meant to be.

(OR: 39%)

2 - Dante Carter vs. The Harlequin

AND IT IS TIME, time for the tournament to begin, the very first round in a series of three for the federation championship, as warped circus music marks the occasion, opponent laughing to the ring, not just laughing, but crazy laughing, hysteria laughing, The Joker laughing. Twisted black and white face paint drips down from an impossibly wide smile, contorted mouth frozen in an expression of unnatural glee, revealing twin rows of razor black teeth, probably stained, hopefully.

“A clown,” Dante is muttering, unbelieving. “You – they mock me with a clown?”

And he will have none of it.

He’s upon his opponent in an instant, clothesline ducked, as the Harlequin begins to play about, driving Dante insane, dancing around his offence, his kicks, his right swings, and the laughter – there is always the laughter, and is enough to drive him crazy, until he cannot, cannot control his actions any longer, and he gives in, surrenders control to the beast within him, his instincts, and lets loose.

He’s no longer thinking now, no longer aware, as he doubles his offence, each missed manoeuvre further fuelling his anger, until finally, he connects with an uppercut, the Harlequin’s head snapping backwards – still laughing – but stunned, and so the follow up comes, Dante twisting his arm and unleashing kicks across his face, but still the laughter goes on, until Dante can bare it no longer, and goes for the finish, GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE MAT, and the Harlequin’s head simply CAREENS off the mat, yet somehow, he’s still kicking, his voice still echoing into the night, again, laughing, and laughing…

No more.

Dante snaps, and its all about the right hands now, closed fist, like a real man, ready to strike, ready to kill, driven into the face, into the mat, again, and again, until makeup and blood are on and the same, and it’s too much for any man, sane or not, to take, and the Harlequin is finally silenced, but Dante goes on, unrelenting, again, and again, and again, disfiguring the already twisted face of his opponent, until he is unrecognizable to all save himself, and still the punches come, again, again, again…

Finally he stops, whether by conscious decision, or subconscious realization of his brutal act, he stops. And he stares at his hand, the blood still dripping off his fist, and opens his mouth in wonder, in doubt. And then he rolls out of the ring, silent, disappearing backstage, leaving the Harlequin alive, but barely.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 33% CR: 12% MQ: 54%)

3 - Interview with Brad Reynolds


He is Brad Reynolds, square jawed, all natural, no nonsense athlete. He is here as a competitor, ready to prove his strength to the world, and he will tell them, show them, and prove to them just why he deserves to be in that ring. He is a professional, and now he lives his dream. We he speaks, it is slow and precise, stressing every word, making sure that everyone hears his message.

Discipline,” he reiterates. “Control. Confidence. Inner Strength – these are the attributes that I have spent many years in training for. To gain true mastery of one’s own abilities, to be able to surpass our natural limits, to be able to defeat any opponent in open combat – one must first defeat his inner passions, his recklessness, his weaknesses. And I know I have, and I know I’m ready for this. Nothing – I repeat, nothing can hold me back any longer. Tonight, I prove to you – I prove to the world – and most importantly, I prove to myself, that I can do this. And I shall keep on proving it, night after night, that I am the best athlete – the best competitor – the best man – that shall ever step foot in that ring. You’ll see.”

(OR: 47%)

4 - Interview with Luther Fish

And the arena is alive, alive with the sound of GOSPEL music – hardly the most dramatic end to Brad’s speech, and he looks about confused, until he realizes that the sound isn’t the end of his, but the start of another, skimpier, scrawnier kid in alter boy’s garb, so pale he’s almost blends in with his attire. His name is Luther Fish, and he’s a servant of God, or so he claims in an impossibly high voice, no doubt the work of the surgical knife and the boy’s choir.

“BEHOLD!,” he shrieks, flapping his arms to the ring. “The sinner before ye! LISTEN! To the heretic, as he speaks of his success, his training, his abilities, yet he neglects, NEGLECTS to mention the greatest being of them all, the only one capable of granting TRUE immortality – the holiest of hosts, the divine LORD himself! And yet, while he you should be singing his name in PRAISE for having blessed him with such determination, he remains AWASH in your self indulgence! For this, I have been SUMMONED by his most holy name, to bring forth his all-knowing JUDGMENT and merciful VENGEANCE upon the SINNER before ye!”

There is a pause here, as he calms himself down enough to actually notice his opponent, notice the muscles ripped across his body, notice the flabby sacks he has in comparison, and maybe, is taken aback, but if he is afraid, it does not show in his voice as he continues, even more annoyingly:

“My foes may be bigger, stronger, and more powerful than I, but for the LORD is my SHEPARD, no harm shall ever come upon me! Now, prepare to be smitten with his most divine will!”

(OR: 42%)

5 - Luther Fish vs. Brad Reynolds

“The Lord is my shield,” cries Luther, arms spread, inviting Brad to throw the first punch, but Brad’s far too honourable – or rigid – for that. He’s stunned, hands on hips, head shaking, don’t know what to do confused. And it’s just what Luther wants, for suddenly he’s in motion, leg snapping forward, right between the legs of Brad OUCH Reynolds, who topples to the floor, holding his poor member between his hands. Never one to let a God given opportunity slip by, Luther is quick to kick his opponent about, a few falling knees first, then hops up onto the turnbuckle, crosses himself, MOONSAULT – but Brad gets his knees up, blocked, and Luther bounces off, gut broken.

Brad gets up, then drops a fist, slides behind Luther in a dragon sleeper and yanks, causing his opponent to scream out in pain, thumb him in the eye, but Brad shakes it off, pulls harder, and Luther is just flailing now, no way out, no miraculous save for above here, so finally, he submits, prompting Brad to release the hold, air punch for victory, then stalking off backstage.

Winner by Submission: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 39% CR: 16% MQ: 63%)

6 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

The ring clears, and enter Clay Reinhart, upstanding citizen of the law, a law that he left behind, with plenty of history on his face to show for it. The scars, the pre-forty wrinkles, the stubble, the fire burning in his eyes – this is a man with something to prove, and he will prove it.

“To serve and protect, huh?” He scoffs, spits, fat glob of saliva smacking against the ground. “To serve yourself, protect your interests – that’s what it really is. Crime, Law Enforcement – the word you’re really looking for is Corruption. I’ve seen it all. Mass murderers, serial killers…child rapists, getting away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Prison? Prison is for the poor, or the stupid, or those who actually want to get into prison. No, I’ve seen too much. And when they stuck a big wad of cash in my face, and told me to let the man who killed my wife – my family – walk free down that street, I couldn’t do it, not anymore. And I’m sick of it, sick, and tired of sitting on my ass, drinking beer, watching the telly, watching criminals run around like nobody’s business. Because it is MY business. And I may not be a cop, not anymore, and I may not be able to take out the city’s trash, but I can certainly watch over this ring, and keep it clean, safe in the hands of…justice.”

(OR: 42%)

7 - Hardball vs. Clay Reinhart

And he’s done talking, just in time to embrace the irony of his opponent, the gangsta Hardball, b-balling, fast talking, dope dealing, ho smacking, cop killing, bling-bling cha-ching, purebred nigga-man. But then he catches sight of his five-oh opponent, and the grin, the swing in his step instantly fades, as he rushes the ring instead, trying to catch Clay where the sun don’t shine, but Clay’s too fast for him, WHAM, elbow to the face, twist by the arm, and suddenly Clay is behind him, beating him down, winning. At least, for the moment, as Hardball slips free, chops Clay across the chest, and goes for a suplex, and, and – nothing. And Clay kicks him in the chest, DDT to the ground, but Hardball snaps back up, eye rake– shrugged off, drop kick – shrugged off, bounce off the ropes and come back with a clothes – shrugged off, until he’s running out of options, so Clay finishes it for him, BAM, giant haymaker out of nowhere, and Hardball’s not getting up from that.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 30% CR: 12% MQ: 49%)

8 - Interview with Cliff Kincaid

The ring clears for Cliff Kincaid, aged, but hardly what his scars make him out to be, tanned, hair already thinning, thin line running down vertically across his left eye, though the organ itself is unscratched. No, it’s beyond untouched, it’s heightened, alert, focused, darting across the arena, focusing on everything at once, never unaware. Tonight, he’s dressed for battle, frayed cowboy hat, hunting vest, machete dangling by his hip…

“I’ve seen it all,” he is saying. “And I’ve killed it all.. You name it, and I’ve hunted it – snakes, gators, elephants, bears, lions…I’ve bagged almost every species known to man, endangered rights be damned! The thrill of the hunt, the joy of tracking your prey, watching its life fade its eyes, there is nothing on this earth that can compare to it, believe me. But with such glory, comes great disappointment. The sudden emptiness, in knowing that there’s nothing left, that I’ve already conquered every beast on this planet – save one. For there is one last prey, one last elusive creature I have yet to place upon my mantle, one that I have come here hoping to find…”

A pause. A crooked grin. A devilish stare.


(OR: 52%)

9 - Cliff Kincaid vs. Liberty Kid

And the sound of the National Anthem fills the air, as the one true patriot, the flag waving, pledge taking, anthem singing, Liberty Kid takes to the ring, raising the American flag high above the heads of the audience, thumping his chest, proud to be a–


A swing from Cliff’s machete cuts the celebration short, flag pole snapped in half, flag tumbles to the ground, and Liberty Kid is stunned, but not as stunned as compared to when Cliff rises to meet him on the top rope, SUPER BACKDROP into the centre of the ring. Both men are able to get up to their feet though, and Liberty Kid lands a CHOP across the chest of his opponent, and Cliff CHOPS him right back, and process continues until Cliff decides to throw a right fist instead, but Liberty Kid blocks it, so Cliff goes in with a massive head butt instead, and Liberty Kid goes DOWN.

Down, but not out, as he introduces Cliff to his boot as he approaches, stunning the man, but hardly stopping him as he comes down with a giant stomp anyway, stomp, stomp, stomp, before picking Liberty Kid up and POWERBOMB into the mat for good measure. Somehow he makes it though, rolling groggily to his feet as Cliff approaches, lashing out with a few week kicks more for defiance than any actual offence, as Cliff connects with a killer haymaker right across the jaw, and this time, there’s no getting up from it, as Liberty Kid goes down like a sack of potatoes, and stays there, this time.

But Cliff is far from over, not yet. He’s got trophies to make, as pathetic as his prey was. They won’t know that of course, he can always exaggerate, and so not even the pitiful resistance of Liberty Kid is enough to save his life as Cliff places a boot on his head, machete raised, ready to bring it down when–


It’s Clay Reinhart, and he’s got a steel chair, and he’s using it too, taking out Cliff, discarding it, and dragging Liberty Kid backstage, saving his pathetic life.

When he comes to, Liberty Kid is all but forgotten, with only one thing left on Cliff Kincaid’s mind. He’s found himself the cream of the crop, the one thing truly worth hunting:

“I want that man.”

Winner by KO: Cliff Kincaid

(OR: 33% CR: 15% MQ: 51%)

Overall Rating for The Debut Show: 39%

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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The Debut Show Part II


1 - Interview with Cliff Kincaid


The roar of fire, and suddenly, it is everywhere, burning, intense, the warm glow spreading, dancing across the arena, spreading both light and shadow in all directions, and in the middle of it all, there is one man, Cliff Kincaid, standing, surveying his handiwork, watching the final symbol of his fallen victim vanish into the burning flame.

His victim: Liberty Kid – flagpole rammed through his chest and propped upright, burns, smoke pooling in the arena ceiling, black, just like the color of death.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asks, staring at the magnificent display of burning meat. “The frailty of life, how easily prey gives way to predator, how easily one succumbs to the mightier being – and I am the mightiest being of them all. Yet somehow, they run – they always run, thinking that they can escape, thinking that deep within those tiny few seconds of life, they can find salvation, a way to escape their fate. Yet in the end, it is always the same, the death, the triumph of evolution – the survival of the fittest. Just like this one has met his end, an end I savoured greatly…but it is not what I want – and he will not be the one to mark my trophy hall. No, there is more to the hunt than simple victory. I long for the chase, the struggle, the victory earned only by defeating those willing to defy it. And…I have found it…my mark – my trophy. And I will not rest, until I have claimed it – I will not rest, until Clay Reinhart is dead.”

And the fire burns, as Cliff disappears into the darkness, leaving only the body of Liberty Kid, smouldering, charring, burning, dead.

(OR: 49%)

2 - Interview with Luther Fish

And…BANG, the sound of red streamers exploding into the air marks the start show, as Phoenix dashes to the ring in mask, cape, feathers and all, emblazoned with various fire motifs as he soars, soars into the ring, flipping over the top rope and posing for the photo shots, the smiles, the hand gestures, the top rope acrobatics. He’s foreign talent, ready for an exhibition highlight match, but it’s not what he thinks, for he’s here only as a teaching point for a far greater cause, as Luther Fish strikes the ring, already shouting:

“BEHOLD! Yet another SINNER to DISGRACE his most holy ring! Witness his speed, his acrobatics – gifts, gifts that only the one true LORD can provide! Yet, he gives thanks not to the LORD ALMIGHTY, but to heathen gods and mythical beings – it is not just shameful, but HERESY! For my Lord, is a jealous God, and all those who fail to praise his name, and his name ALONE, shall be struck down by his most immaculate and pure VEGEANCE! For his false gods cannot save him now, so repent, REPENT as I deliver him from EVIL, and into the hands, of the ALMIGHTY FATHER!”

(OR: 37%)

3 - Luther Fish vs. Phoenix

Mockery to start with, but Phoenix is no Brad, and won’t take it, going straight in with a dropkick to the face, which nearly sends Luther into a seizure, so Phoenix silences him with a sharp kick to the face, and Luther goes still, though still conscious, dragging himself up, but Phoenix won’t let him, rebounding off the ropes and catching him with a hurricanrana, rolls through it, gets up, runs up the turnbuckle, flips around, jumps, 450 SPLASH, and Luther is seizing again, flapping to the turnbuckle, trying to pick himself up, failing miserably, tries again, fails again, stops.

He’s trying to catch his breath, but Phoenix is all over him, another diving dropkick into the corner, but Luther barely ducks aside, so Phoenix crouches down instead, ready to pick Luther up when BAM, right hook to the side of the face, and Phoenix goes…down? And Luther Fish is smiling, unwrapping the chain and crucifix from his wrist, twirling it around the other, and then its in front of Phoenix’s neck, strangling him, Luther screaming, take the life he gave, and Phoenix is coughing, choking, and realizing he’s not going be coming back from this one, and submits, hitting the mat, gasping for air.

Winner by Submission: Luther Fish

(OR: 44% CR: 22% MQ: 66%)

4 - Interview with Brad Reynolds

And the ring clears, as Brad Reynolds steps into the ring, determined, pumped up, ready to go, but first a few words, to make sure they know, make sure they understand, his passion, his dream:

“Tonight…I prepare for the biggest night of my life. For tonight, I’ve been given a chance, a chance to show my skills to the world, the prove that I am the very BEST, worthy of being crowed Federation Champion, the greatest title of them all! Tonight, my years of training culminates in this very moment. Two opponents, two victories, and my dream…it will finally become reality. My opponent – Cliff Kincaid – he may be the bigger than me. He may be more fearsome – maybe even more deadly. But I have one thing he lacks, and that is discipline. Determination. He can attack me all he wants, but me? I never give up, for I am the better man, and tonight, I will prove it. This…is my time.”

(OR: 45%)

5 - Cliff Kincaid vs. Brad Reynolds

And with that, he throws down the microphone, ready to GO, just in time for Cliff Kincaid to greet him with right hook, but Brad turns it into an arm drag instead, slapping on an armbar in the process and tries to hold it, but Cliff powers out far too easily, and punches Brad in the face anyway. Both men get up, and Brad moves in for a throw, earning a headbutt for his efforts, but Brad ignores it, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX – but Cliff is far too strong, and gets up easily, unfazed. A hard chop across the chest doesn’t even slow him down, as he grabs Brad by the head, bouncing it off the turnbuckle, staggering him, allowing him to set up for a powerbomb to be mat, but Brad is just as resilient, and gets up in time to deliver another CHOP.

This one is enough to break Cliff’s momentum, and Brad goes straight for the opportunity, scrambling around for the much needed dragon sleeper, and he almost gets it too – wrapping his arm around his opponent’s neck before Cliff’s massive fist comes crashing into his face, forcing him to break the hold. He’s still got enough fight left in him to stand his ground, which is why Cliff doesn’t even allow him to stand this time, knocking him over, locking in a sleeper hold, trying to force him to submit, but Brad refuses, struggling madly, but Cliff shrugs off the pain, doubling his grip, denying him of the oxygen he so desperately needs. He’s choking now, but Brad won’t give up, not yet, never will, and so Cliff tightens his grip, until the final ounce of fight is gone from his body, a good two minutes later, finally allowing Cliff to claim the win.

Winner by KO: Cliff Kincaid

(OR: 39% CR: 19% MQ: 60%)

6 - Interview with Dante Carter

“Too long,” he is saying. Slowly, letting his words sink in. He’s sunk against the ropes, disinterested in the pre-match amble as Brad is cleared from the ring, wires are pulled, cameras moved out of the way. Nothing interests him really, not anymore.

“Too long,” he says again. “Have I spent waiting, for something to happen, for something to change. I’ve milled about, waited, but after what I’ve been through, nothing can ever compare to it. You’d think I ought to be happy, just being alive, but there is a part of me…a part of me that wants to relive it, experience it once more – to feel, to live. And even though I lost everything in that moment – everything – I realized, that there was something more, something greater than the riches and dreams promised me. And I realize, that it is not the success that I truly miss – for I’ve already done it, attained the greatest victory known to man – only to be returned to…this. This miserable nothingness, this meaningless existence, where I struggle day by pathetic day in an attempt to make sense of thing, in an attempt to feel alive. And so tonight, I fight once more, and maybe, just maybe, I can feel again. That is what I want. That is why I’m here.”

(OR: 46%)

7 - Dante Carter vs. Clay Reinhart

Slugfest to start, fist to face, and Clay appears to take it, being bigger, stronger, but for every hit he takes, Dante’s intensity doubles instead, until it becomes clear that he’s the better, and Clay breaks off, trying to recover. Adrenaline burning, Dante rushes in, dropkick to the knee, but Clay steps aside, clobbering Dante on the back of his neck as he gets up, then whips him into the turnbuckle, clothesline, then picks him up and slams him on the mat for good measure. Goes to grab him again, but Dante resists, and he’s fighting dirty now, low blow, avoids a blind punch, winds back, SUPERKICK but Clay ducks it, so Dante just grabs him by the head and nails a jawbreaker instead.

The pitiful substitute is not enough to put him down, but it does buy time for a second superkick, and this time, it connects, blowing Clay backwards, and Dante laughs. He’s been waiting a long time for this, a moment worth living for. He will make a name for himself tonight, as he sets up his victory, his finisher, The Inferno, vertebreaker, hosting Clay off the ground, double underhook and–


Out of nowhere, Cliff Kincaid is in the ring, behind him, steel chair in both hands, used. But Dante is still standing, dazed, confused, unable to register what’s going on, even as Clay slides to the ground, and all he sees is victory escaping his grasp once more, another chance denied–


And then any sign of consciousness is gone from his eyes, as Dante topples over, knocked out.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 39% CR: 15% MQ: 63%)

8 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

Dante is bundled out of the ring, Cliff ready to go, right now, championship stakes, hunting rights, but Clay doesn’t buy it, won’t do it – not like this – and grabs a microphone, yells.

“What?” he demands, staring down Cliff, unafraid. “You think you can…buy me into playing your little game, huh? You can purchase your right to kill, you can purchase all the ignorance you want from all the law officials in the world – but you can never, ever, hope to earn my compliance! This is the very same reason I left the force for, this immorality, this DISGRACE to our code of laws, this INSULT to justice! Any man who so much as considers your proposition, so much as conducts himself with a bloodthirsty killer like you is a criminal himself, and I won’t have it, not here! And I can’t change the fact that I have won – by the crooked hand you have dealt – but I can still choose, choose to refuse this fight. Enjoy your…championship, scum.”

(OR: 37%)

9 - Federation Championship Match: Cliff Kincaid vs. Clay Reinhart

And then Clay is gone, disappearing backstage, stubbornly, refusing his fight. Cliff is enraged now, and pursues, but Dante is back on his feet, and he’s pissed, already prepping the steel chair for revenge, but Cliff is far too fast for him, reflexes honed to the limit from years hunting, and SMACKS him across the face with a giant backhand slap. Humbled, Dante begins to retreat, but he’s already bought the time Clay needs to escape, so Cliff decides takes his fury out on him instead as he moves in with his machete, but Dante isn’t about to stick around for round two and bolts, leaving Cliff Kincaid alone the ring, furious, frustrated.

Crowned champion, but never earned.

Winner by Forfeit: Cliff Kincaid

(OR: 37% CR: 17% MQ: 58%)

Overall Rating for The Debut Show Part II: 40%

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Truth and Reconciliation


1 - Interview with Luther Fish


His name is Cid Miles, homeless, penniless, and hopeless, and he has the ring, foam cup in hand, dangling it in front of the audience, coins inside scraping off each other with a faint jingling noise, and he’s begging for cash, hoping for the generosity of some kind soul, generosity he knows he will never receive.

“BEHOLD!” comes the now familiar shriek, as Luther Fish joins Cid in the arena. “The WASTREL, he who is UNWORTHY of looking into the eyes of the ALMIGHTY FATHER! For he is nothing more than FILTH, abandoned by both his fellow man and the one true GOD himself! Do not be fooled by his pathetic appearances – for the LORD sees not flesh, but into the DEPTHS of every man’s HEART, and it is what he sees, the EVIL within this man, that has prompted him a to sentence this man to a lifetime of DAMNATION in the slums of this Earth! For him, there can be no hope of redemption, no salvation, only the pitiful hope that the Lord grants him a most swift and righteous DEATH!”

(OR: 49%)

2 - Luther Fish vs. Cid Miles

The last word sits poorly with Cid, who decides to fate into his own hands and go down fighting, and he’s bearing down on Luther even before the bell rings, before the show starts, and by the time it does, it seems that he’s got the advantage, Luther pinned down, raining fists upon him, but Luther has the POWER OF GOD – a steel crucifix – which he introduces to Cid’s forehead, THWACK, and suddenly there’s blood, and Cid backs off, letting Luther go.

But Luther doesn’t, as he quickly establishes the Wrath of God – Tornado DDT – and Cid is tasting canvas, and his own blood, and realizes that he has no chance, that Luther will defeat him no matter what, and so he saves himself some trouble, and maybe a few more minutes of life, and submits. And Luther just smiles, and lets him go, letting Cid pick up his fallen change, pick up his broken cup and running, out of the ring, out of the arena, back to where he came from. For Luther knows. For he knows that when Cid stumbles back onto the streets, still bleeding, they will come to him like carrion, his brethren, with baseball bats and garbage lids, sensing his weakness, longing for the coin he carries, and they will be all over him, snuffing the life from his body in an futile attempt to further their own, and Cid, he will be dead before sunrise.

Such is the will of his Lord.

Winner by Submission: Luther Fish

(OR: 38% CR: 20% MQ: 56%)

3 - Interview with Brad Reynolds

And Brad’s in the ring, even before Luther can clear it, and he’s pissed, definitely pissed, over his loss, over the belt, over the championship…

“A disgrace,” he mutters, hardly audible. He tries again, and this time, it’s louder, more focused, more furious. “The greatest title in this promotion, the Federation Championship – MY DREAM – is now nothing more than a filthy disgrace. To be declared champion, without so much as a proper match? It is a shame, a black mark upon this very promotion itself! But…all is not lost. Tonight, when I beat Dante Carter for the number one contendership, and prove that I’m ready, prove that I’m worthy to clinch championship gold – I swear to you, I swear to each and everyone one of you, that I will do it. I will take that title, and restore it to its true glory, I’ll make it something worthy of awe, of respect, of value! And I will do it, you‘ll see."

(OR: 48%)

4 - Dante Carter vs. Brad Reynolds

And Dante Carter hits the ring, and he’s ready, oh yeah, he’s been waiting for this moment, for far too long. And he’s ready to do anything, but so will Brad, both men, determined to succeed, with no possibility of failure in their plans for the future, no matter the cost, and they realize this, the intensity in their foes, and for a split second, the briefest of moments, both men pause, stop, stare each other down, appreciating this very fact about their opponent.

The momentary calm before the storm.

And then Dante unleashes the first blow, a right hook to the face, but Brad catches it, arm drag into a armbar but Dante slips through, both men get up and Brad gets an elbow to a face, but retaliates with an elbow of his own, and both men are even, at least for now. Pause, and this time, it’s Brad who strikes first, catching Dante with an intense CHOP, sweat disappearing into the air, and Dante CHOPS him back, and the process continues for a bit, each hit surpassing the last, until Dante can’t take it any more, the waiting, the games, and just snaps, and suddenly it’s a fury of right hands, unstoppable, unpreventable, one after another, just like his very first match, just like when he almost killed another man…

And Brad, Brad can’t stop the onslaught, but he can avoid it, falling back, buying himself time, space, allowing him to drop down, catch Dante by the leg, and then both men are on the mat, where Brad has the clear advantage, trying to pin him down, but Dante, though stunned, won’t slow, not at all, even after a few blows to the head, headlock, no, forget it, and Brad backs off, again. This time Dante follows, dives in close, SUPERKICK, and Brad staggers, and Dante goes for The Inferno, but Brad quickly recovers, tosses him over and spins around, ready to follow through, but Dante’s already on his feet and fighting, UPPERCUT and Brad stumbles back again, just what he needs as he dives in, Brad still unsuspecting…

And then he’s got it, the grip he needs, hands around his jaw and forehead, but there’s no submission here, only the sweet sound of blood and gore, Brad ready to counter anything Dante pulls out but not this, this is too extreme, too unexpected, and all Brad can do is fight desperately for freedom, but it’s too late, far too late, as Dante closes in, jaws wrapping around Brad’s left eye, tearing through skin, and all he can see is his teeth, crashing down upon him in a brutal SQUELCH, his eye exploding, juices splattering everywhere.

Brad screams, the pain unbearable.

Red and white pus pouring from his broken eye.

But he won’t give up. Forget the pain, forget the eye.

Forget everything, save victory itself.

He’s half blind, but he’s still able to see as Dante throws a superkick, catching the leg, dragging him down to the mat, but a leglock is not what he wants, so Brad just kicks the knee a few times before sliding over for a dragon sleeper. He gets it in, and Dante is trapped, and all the rage in the world can’t free him as he struggles to escape, but Brad, even as blood flows out from his eye, turns pale, is still pulling hard, and finally, Dante gives, but so does Brad, as he flops to the mat, still bleeding, too broken down to move.

He’s won it, but at what cost?

Winner by Submission: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 37% CR: 16% MQ: 58%)

5 - Interview with Cliff Kincaid

Dante eventually gathers enough of his strength to roll out of the ring, but Brad remains, unmoving, until Cliff Kincaid enters the ring and prods him with his boot, to which Brad shakes involuntarily, and then goes still again.

“Such pathetic heroism,” Cliff laughs, knowing that Brad’s in no condition for his title shot, knowing that he’s finally been given an opportunity to go after the one man that truly matters. “But it is to be expected, for like most of his kind – Brad Reynolds was weak. He was unworthy of my skills as a hunter, indeed, for me to waste my effort skinning him would be an utter waste of my time, a disgrace to my profession. But there is one that I want. And it bothers me, that my trophy room is so close to completion, yet there is one tiny gap left, one tiny spot reserved for a man, whom I absolutely must kill. And it’s become an obsession of sorts, tearing at me, gnawing at my thoughts – well not anymore. Clay Reinhart, I challenge you now, no, I am giving you the opportunity to die like a man. A chance for you to die fighting, a chance at IMMORTALITY, to live forever as my greatest trophy – so come on out, Clay. I’m waiting.”

(OR: 53%)

6 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

And then there he is, Clay Reinhart, fists clenched, sweat dripping down the end of his microphone, and then he’s talking, anger barely held back, making sure Cliff gets his every word.

“I don’t need you deals,” he is saying. “I don’t need your twisted immortality, I don’t need to listen to your offers, whatever bargains you wish to offer me – you’re nothing more than scum, and I don’t deal with people like you. But I’m a man of justice, and I’m not going to take shit from a killer like you, and I sure as hell ain’t going to let you walk away, not this time. Tonight – I will fight you. Not because of your sick deals, but in the name of justice, in the name of Liberty Kid – I will defeat you. And as much as I despise you, as much as I despise your right to live – I will not stoop to your level. I do not kill, because I am a better man than you’ll ever be.”

(OR: 36%)

7 - Cliff Kincaid vs. Clay Reinhart

And microphones are thrown down, and the men charge each other, throwing everything they’ve got, punches, kicks, elbows, knees – anything. Cliff goes for his machete, but doesn’t make it, Clay driving a boot into his face, but Cliff merely grins, and comes right back at him, clothesline, and Clay is down. Not for long though, as he immediately springs up, catching Cliff in the gut, DDT, keeps the headlock on, stands up, ANOTHER DDT, and he goes for the third, but never makes it as–


Clay suddenly crumples to the ground, his body limp. And Cliff Kincaid sees it, see him, Dante Carter, steel chair in hands, and realizes his mistake, and all he sees is fade blue steel…


And Dante Carter is all that is.

No Contest

(OR: 39% CR: 17% MQ: 61%)

8 - Interview with Dante Carter

“Fuck you!” he screams, his voice tinged with madness, with fury. “This was supposed to be MY match, MY moment of GLORY! I didn’t take out Brad Reynolds for you to waste your time with your pathetic games! This chance was supposed to belong to ME! And you will not DENY it anymore, you will not hold me back, you will fight me now, you will defend that championship, and I will pry it from your cold, dead, HANDS!”

And then he brings the chair down again, relishing every second as he slams it into Cliff Kincaid, and the match is ON.

(OR: 43%)

9 - Federation Championship Match: Dante Carter vs. Cliff Kincaid

Dante is still beaten from his match, and his body is showing it, sweating, panting heavily, but he’s got the steel chair, and sometimes, that’s all you need.


Cliff Kincaid is reeling in pain, unable to defend himself, his guard already broken. His mind focused on taking down the greatest hunt of them all, he’s let himself fall victim to another. But he won’t fall, not just yet–


Stubbornness can only you get you so far, Dante thinks to himself, as he takes another swing, chair rebounding off Cliff’s spine. He’s sure of it, this time, and there’s nobody else to make the save. Brad Reynolds, Clay Reinhart – he’s taken them out, destroyed them all. And he sees Cliff Kincaid, trying desperately to make his stand, and knows that he’s got this, that nobody can take it from him now–


And then there is nobody left moving, nobody but him.

A familiar scene.

Dante Carter smiles.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 43% CR: 18% MQ: 68%)

Overall Rating for Truth and Reconciliation: 42%

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Woot...I've been looking forward to this since the banner appeared in your sig. By the time I got into it during the last run through, it was already dead. This along with LAW were the two diaries that I enjoyed the style of so much that I tried to emulate it with SJW. Clearly my favourite character was Ph33r by a country mile, he just rocked so much.

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I predict about 5 million...wait, that's your TOTAL body count since Battle Royale :P

I predict 7, because 7 is a nice number. Good job on the diary, it's your average indy fed with some killings here and there...and I still don't get the opening.

And is it just me, or is Luther Fish an exact replica of Brad Hunter of LAW - just Christianized?

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Breakfast of Champions


1 - Interview with Avarice

In a room, a man sits, cross legged, fingers woven. He is a fine man, tall, lanky, dressed only the most expensive of cloth – a funeral black suit, picture perfect top hat, white gloves, and a skeleton mask painted across his features, white skull and hollow black eyes and lips.

His name is Avarice, and he has been watching.

“There is much to discuss,” he says, his voice raspy, corpse like. “Of those who wish to die.”

There is a pause, his black lips spreading into an unmistakeable grin. Fingers are unfolded, and placed upon the edges of the armrest, gripping it tightly, and he leans forward, directly, staring into the darkness of the camera.

“Of those who see their lives as nothing more than a passage of time. These are the men who live not life, but unlife, a life of nothingness – a life not worth living. For all the greatness of creation is wasted upon such men, who sees not the world around them, or the value of existence – the value of living, but instead their enslavement, to their unattainable dreams, their darkest fears. But I will show them. I will set them free. I will make them understand.”

There is another pause, as he inhales, his breath seeming to suck the very life our of the air itself. When he continues, his voice his nearly inaudible, but his message is clear:

“Or they will die.”

And then, he is gone.

(OR: 38%)

2 - Interview with Dante Carter

And then we’re back to the ring, where Dante Carter is slumped against the apron, staring into space, staring into the darkness of the entranceway, and he is a different man, not the same man who was victorious during the last event, not the same man who should be champion, because he isn’t.

“This wasn’t supposed to be.”

He shakes his head, trying to clear his mind, but all he can think of is how he’s been denied again, and thrown back into the pits, and forced to fight his way out once more. That’s all he can ever do now, that’s all he knows:


“I was supposed to be CHAMPION! I beat him – I BEAT CLIFF KINCAID! But they…the members of the board, they told me that I couldn’t, that I didn’t beat Brad Reynolds, that the title shot was never mine – IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS! I’ve bled for this, I’ve nearly DIED for this, and yet not once, not once have I ever been acknowledged. And every time I crawled my way to the top of the mountain, I was told it wasn’t there, that it didn’t matter, that I had to go back to where I was before…AND I’M SICK OF IT! I’ve been trapped in this endless cycle for far too long, waiting for my moment to come – well my time is NOW, and you WILL acknowledge me!”

And then he hears it once more.

(OR: 46%)

3 - Dante Carter vs. The Harlequin

Not again, Dante Carter is thinking. The laughter, the mockery, the smiling face of the Harlequin, and all he can care about now is to get it to stop, in whatever way he can, and there’s only one way he knows how. And he swings, but the Harlequin dodges it, and again, and again, and no matter what he seems to do he just can’t quite make it, and he realizes this, and he can’t take it – not anymore, and he just kneels over, in the ring, sobbing, hitting the mat, choking upon his frustration.

And yet the laughter continues, even louder, even more shrill, even more hysterical, and Dante knows that the Harlequin isn’t just laughing, but laughing at his failure, at his defeat, at him, and so he decides to show him, and so he falls back onto the final thing that he has ever succeeded thing, the only thing that he knows how to do–

And then he’s all over the Harlequin, déjà vu, football tackle to the ground and the fists start coming down, and this time, there’s no more safeguards, no more subconscious moral decisions holding him back, and he’s punching him now, punching to kill, and it’s the nose that breaks first, shattered, spewing blood, and the laughs turn to chokes now, suffocating, yet Dante goes on–

“Stop,” a voice calls out, calmly, a single word echoing through the arena.

Slowly and reluctantly, Dante Carter does, wondering if he’s done the right or the wrong thing or maybe both.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 35% CR: 15% MQ: 55%)

4 - Interview Brad Reynolds

And he turns towards the entrance, where it’s Brad Reynolds – still missing an eye, but very much in the pink of health, and his jaw drops, shakes his head, he was supposed to be dead, and the thought of failure strikes him again, but Brad is speaking, and Dante, too shocked to retort, listens, for now:

“That is enough,” he says, his calmness a stark contrast to Dante’s borderline hysteria. “You have brought this upon yourself – and you’re the only one to blame. You let your emotions guide you, seeking out the easy path when there is none. For the honest road is a hard one, calling not for underhanded tactics, but for inner strength and discipline. And while you have stooped down to the lowest of levels, to inflict permanent damage on another competitor, I do not bare anger towards you. Even when you injured Cliff Kincaid, delaying my rightfully earned title shot by another month…I still do not seek revenge. For unlike you, I am willing to wait as long as it takes to become champion, for it is the right way, and the only way, to earn the respect of the people, your fellow competitors, and most importantly, yourself.”

“No,” a cry from Dante Carter. “No, no, no, no, NO! Fuck you and your discipline! I will NOT sit here and listen to you lecture me – this is all YOUR fault that I’ve been denied my victory! You will not look down on me, because I AM BETTER THAN YOU, and you and the goddamn board CAN ALL GO TO HELL!”

(OR: 44%)

5 - Dante Carter vs. Brad Reynolds

And before Brad can react, Dante is dashing towards him, closing the gap, reaching back and–


Brad takes a slap right across the face, but still he remains calm, which only infuriates Dante even more, who leaps up, DROPKICK, but Brad sidesteps it, calmly dropping a knee and dragging Dante back into the ring. Dante gets up, and is immediately swinging, but Brad blocks the punch, and hits him right back with one of his own. Belly to belly suplex, but Dante flips over, charges, gets caught in a drop toe hold, Brad rolling over to slap on a headlock, but Dante slides away in time. SUPERKICK, Brad catches the leg, but Dante isn’t about to get up that easily – ENZUIGIRI, and Brad hits the mat hard, gripping his head in pain. And Dante screams, following through with various strikes to the head, but Brad soon catches on and grabs him by the leg, taking him down with a dragon screw, but once again Dante gets up before any further damage can be done.

He’s had enough games now, and all he wants is to end the match, end Brad’s career, and he dives towards him, jaws poised to clamp down on his remaining eye, but this time, Brad telegraphs it, sidesteps, and it’s an easy opportunity from there.

And then all of a sudden Dante’s back in the same old familiar spot he knows too well, caught in Brad’s dragon sleeper, struggling to break free, but Brad’s got the hold locked in too tight, and he knows now that all the flailing in the world can’t free him, and so he goes willingly this time into the darkness of unconsciousness, but now without the last laugh:

“Fuck you,” he whispers, with the final ounce of breath he has left in him.

And then he passes out.

Winner by KO: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 38% CR: 19% MQ: 58%)

6 - Interview with Luther Fish

Three, two, one and BAM, Jean Paul springs into the arena, legs twirling, hands pumping as he dances, DANCES his way to the ring, ‘cause life is just one big party and he ain’t gonna waste a second of it feeling down, but it’s a philosophy that doesn’t quite sit well with others, and almost on cue:

“BEHOLD!” comes the predictable high pitched shriek, as Luther Fish storms into the arena. “The HEDONIST – the greatest SINNER of them all! Drink! Drugs! Sex! Witness his never ending self indulgence, his addiction to foul pleasure – these are attributes of the DEVIL itself! For in his heart lies nothing but GREED and SELFISHNESS, without so much of a THOUGHT in praise of his most HOLY LORD! Rather than cast his love towards his almighty creator, he chooses only to think of himself, and himself alone – and the LORD has seen this, and is most displeased! Thus, he has called upon me, his most LOYAL and FAITHFUL SERVANT, as I DISPOSE of this FOUL HERETIC!”

(OR: 40%)

7 - Luther Fish vs. Jean Paul

And it’s TIME TO ROCK, as the bell goes, and Jean Paul is a whiz of ENERGY, bounces off the ropes, JUMPING SOMERSAULT before Luther even gets a chance to register what’s going on, and when he does, JP’s back on the other side of the ring, bouncing off, BACKFLIP, and finally, he decides he’s ready, and when he comes back for the third time, it’s a FLYING CROSS BODY, and Luther, still not sure what exactly is going on, takes it in the face, oof-ing as he’s buried underneath JP’s abdomen. And JP kicks up, and he’s dancing, whoo-ing, clapping his hands to some unknown beat, spinning around, and even as Luther recovers, he’s still bustin’ the groove, because LIFE’S ONE BIG PARTY, BABY, and nothing’s gonna stop him now…

Eventually, Luther finally decides he’s seen enough, and when JP dances in close again, he kicks JP in the nuts, grabs him by the head – Wrath of God – and it’s all over, Luther on his knees, praising the Lord for yet another name in his immaculate winning streak.

Winner by KO: Luther Fish

(OR: 35% CR: 16% MQ: 55%)

8 - Interview with Avarice

The ring clears, and the lights dim, and for a moment, there is silence.

Then laughter.

The body of the Harlequin twitches, and coughs out blood, but is still alive. And he laughs, as he always does, nonsensical, insane, drug-induced laughter. And when he opens his eyes again, still laughing, he will see Avarice standing before him, hear him speaking, and even as his death sentence is read out before him, he will laugh, to the bitter end.

“You are pathetic,” Avarice declares. “So much potential – yet here you lie, not even making the effort to cling on to life. Instead, you waste it, cowering behind your mock insanity, unable to truly react, unable to truly feel, unable to truly understand. You shame yourself by refusing to embrace sentience, to acknowledge your humanity. You are…less than human. You do not deserve to live.”

(OR: 47%)

9 - Avarice vs. The Harlequin

Suddenly, there is a razorblade in his gloved hand, as he bends down, blade scraping painted flesh, and he begins to saw.

And the Harlequin just laughs, even as the blade pierces his neck, until the blood in his throat begins to gather, coagulate, silencing him.

He doesn’t scream.

He just dies.

(OR: 31% CR: 13% MQ: 50%)

Overall Rating for Breakfast of Champions: 38%

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Woot...I've been looking forward to this since the banner appeared in your sig. By the time I got into it during the last run through, it was already dead. This along with LAW were the two diaries that I enjoyed the style of so much that I tried to emulate it with SJW. Clearly my favourite character was Ph33r by a country mile, he just rocked so much.

Well, seeing as you stole the gimmick, I've decided to go the all-original route, as you might have noticed :P

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What the fuck is this?

This has got to be the most twisted idea that I have seen in a long time!

The writing is incredible and every character just breathes life!!

Gotta hand it to you, you have a fan!!

edit: for some reason the number 10 sticks out at me, so 10 more people must die.

Edited by darkrayne
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Memento Mori


1 - Interview with Avarice

The flickering of lights.

Avarice waits in the ring, standing upright, hands by his side, head tilted slightly downwards, unmoving, cast into shadow, then light, then shadow again, until finally, the power kicks in fully, and he is awash in the harsh light of the arena. If he is aware though, he doesn’t show it, and when he speaks, he does so without moving, without so much as shifting his gaze, and one wonders if this man is even alive, wonders if this man is even mortal…

“Life,” he utters, his hollow voice echoing throughout the arena. “Is not merely a composition of the flesh. It is more than a reactionary chemical process, or a sequence of actions undertaken in a predetermined order. There is more to it – much more. Yet for all of its ingenuity, the human mind sees only the surface of existence, barely scraping the surface of a notion far greater and far more complex than we could ever hope to imagine. And while there are those who seek to delve deeper into the mysterious unknowns, there are those who avoid it entirely, who spend their time on this earth as nothing more than an end product of biological devices. I have watched these people, stumbling through each day without purpose, blinded from birth. They are lost, without hope – but I will make them see.”

(OR: 35%)

2 - Avarice vs. Jean Paul

AND IT’S PARTY TIME, as Jean Paul EXPLODES into the arena, dashing to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, break dancing across the mat, flips up, backflips, punches the air, ONE, TWO, THREE, working it, but Avarice remains as grim as ever, watching his hyperactive opponent with a detached interest. And the bell rings, and JP leaps into action, springing off the ropes with a swinging kick to Avarice’s head, but Avarice deflects it, kick to the midsection – blocked again, kick to the knee – denied.

“Enough,” Avarice growls, bored. But JP’s already on the top rope, FLYING CROSS BODY, but Avarice arm shoots up before JP can even come close, his momentum skidding to a halt as Avarice grips him by the top of his throat, and he’s squeezing, cutting off his air supply, and even before he can even submit, before he can even register what’s happening, he’s gone, slumping to the canvas as Avarice disappears into the darkness from which he came.

Winner by KO: Avarice

(OR: 35% CR: 11% MQ: 59%)

3 - Interview with Luther Fish


Enter Luther Fish, but this time, he’s alone, nobody with him, no heretic or blasphemer to ridicule, just himself, cross and bible, and the Word of God.

“YOUR FUTURE CHAMPION!” he continues, arms spread wide open, bible in one hand, cross in the other, casting himself before the gaze of the audience. “For the ALMIGHTY FATHER has witness the GREAT DEEDS I have committed in his most holy name, and it is only right, that he would REWARD me, his MOST FAITHFUL SERVANT, a chance to be truly representative of his MOST HOLY WILL! And in the name of the LORD, I shall do battle in this ring tonight, and seize, SEIZE, the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP! For I have been BLESSED by his DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS, and thus there is no man, woman or beast that can even HOPE of defeating me!”

(OR: 46%)

4 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

And then Clay Reinhart is in the arena, sluggish, still feeling the effects from Dante’s attack two months ago, but it’s not enough to keep him from the ring, not enough to keep him from fighting for what he believes in.

“I don’t want to fight you,” he is saying. “But Cliff Kincaid – Cliff Kincaid must be stopped. This is not about the title – not even about pride. But Cliff, he’s a menace to the safety – the integrity – of this promotion – and I will NOT let him get away with MURDER! And I will stop him. And I will bring him to justice. But first, I need to win this match. I need to prove to everyone that I deserve to fight him – the right way, the only way. And if I need to kick your god fearing ass to do it, then by all means, I will do so.”

(OR: 35%)

5 - Luther Fish vs. Clay Reinhart

And Luther Fish is shocked, stunned by Clay’s words. The mockery. The blasphemy!

“You dare,” Luther stutters, fists clenched in anger, face red, breathing heavy. “Mock…my LORD?”

And then he is unable to control himself any longer, and before Clay can even get into the ring, he FLINGS the wooden cross right at him, spinning through the air, where it impacts with Clay’s shoulder, bruising him, knocking him back, and it’s just what Luther wants as he DIVES over the top rope, WHAM, collides with Clay, tackles him to the ground, and he’s hitting him, punch after another, unrelenting, but his strikes are no match for Clay, who quickly recovers from the initial shock and headbutts Luther, pulls him up, tosses him back into the ring.

Joining him, Clay grunts as Luther bounces off him with a clothesline, indifferent as Luther tries again, to the same results. This time, he bounces off the ropes, picking up speed as he goes for his third attempt, but Clay just picks him up and SLAMS him into the mat. Somehow, Luther manages to get up though, and tries to chop his way to victory, but Clay just shrugs it off, prompting Luther to go for a low blow instead, but he never gets the chance, as Clay grabs him by the wrist, yanking and spinning him to the floor, threatening to break it, and it’s all it takes, as Luther quickly submits, screaming for mercy.

Winner by Submission: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 40% CR: 23% MQ: 58%)

6 - Luther Fish & Cliff Kincaid vs. Clay Reinhart & Brad Reynolds

Hardly a match as it is an impromptu brawl, for no sooner does Clay Reinhart begin to retreat backstage does Cliff Kincaid come pouring out of the entrance, clobbering him with a stiff right hand, and the two begin to brawl in the ring, exchanging blows, picking up where they left off two months ago. Clay does his best to fight off the sudden attack, but tired from his match, he can barely keep up, and when Luther Fish joins in, it’s all but over for him, until Brad Reynolds rushes to the ring for the save and CHOPS Luther so hard he’s blown backwards, stumbling over the top rope. And he’s ready to take on Cliff Kincaid as well right now if he has too, but Cliff backs off, allowing Clay to retreat backstage, and as quickly as the fight began, it is over.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart & Brad Reynolds

(OR: 42% CR: 21% MQ: 63%)

7 - Interview with Brad Reynolds

And then it’s down to two, Brad Reynolds, Cliff Kincaid, their gazes locked, ready to strike – but not yet. There will be time for sparring, but not before he gets a chance on the microphone – his only chance, to let them know the importance of this match, his only chance to make sure they understand.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” he begins, as focused as ever. “Ever since I was a child, all I could think about was becoming a professional wrestler. But not just any professional wrestler, no, I wanted to be the greatest wrestler of all time, the best combatant to ever step foot in the squared circle! And as I grew up, I would think about becoming champion, no, I knew I would become champion one day – and so I trained. Trained hard, pushing myself to the limits, in pursuit of that moment where I would finally accomplish my dreams – and now, here I am, ready, prepared. This is the match that I’ve been preparing all my life for, the years of training, endurance, the sweat, the blood, the tears – drilling myself as I waited for the day I would be crowned champion – and here it is. This is the day that I’ve been waiting for. This…is my time.”

(OR: 57%)

8 - Interview with Cliff Kincaid

To which, Cliff only smiles, pats Brad Reynolds on the back. His determination is wasted on him, who sees no glory in the championship, only Clay Reinhart – his prey. But he will humour him, give Brad what he wants, if only to allow him the chance to finally face his rival next month.

“You’re not the man I want,” he barks, eager to get the match over with. “You’re just a fool. A little boy trying to chase his childhood dreams. You know nothing of real pain, you know nothing of real triumph. You will never appreciate the true spirit of the hunt, let alone the true sensation of victory. To know that you are the greatest being on this earth goes far beyond discipline and ability boy – but you will never understand. You’re not the one I want. You’re just another obstacle between me and my final goal – Clay Reinhart.”

(OR: 42%)

9 - Federation Championship Match: Cliff Kincaid vs. Brad Reynolds

And they face off once more, until Cliff breaks it, forearm to the face, and another, whips Brad to the ropes, goes for a big boot but Brad ducks it, rebounds, and hits him square in the jaw with a flying fist. Cliff stumbles back, spits out a bloody tooth into his hand, and grins. Brad just stares at him, waiting for him to make his move, and he does – a massive haymaker – but Brad just reduces it into a series of arm drags, tearing to wear down Cliff, but Cliff eventually puts a stop to it with a giant elbow to Brad’s face. A headbutt staggers him, and a DDT drives him into the mat, but he’s up again, faster than Cliff would like, lashing out with a series of chops, beating him into the corner…

Cliff fights back, but Brad is too intense, cutting off his options with a flurry of chops, finally breaking it for a belly to belly suplex, gets up, quickly tries to take Cliff down again, but this time he anticipates it, BIG BOOT! Laughing, Cliff tosses Brad into the turnbuckle, driving his knees into his body, before stepping back and CHARGING a clothesline, but Brad rushes forward, DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE, Cliff’s head snapping back as it bounces off the top rope, and Brad rushes towards him, tries to tackle him to the ground, but Cliff catches him, throws him back into the turnbuckle – SPEAR! Brad’s screaming in pain now, but Cliff isn’t done yet, as he grabs a steel chair from ringside–


Brad’s forehead tears open, blood gushing from his skull, but somehow, he’s still standing. He’s taken worse pain than this, had his eye torn out from his socket, this is nothing – he will make it, but Cliff is already swinging the chair down again–


SUPERKICK TO THE FACE! Brad collapses to the mat, as Cliff backs into the turnbuckle, dropping the chair, gripping his jaw in agony, unable to comprehend how such a small man can put up so much resistance, but Brad does, forcing himself to stand up, forcing himself to wear Cliff down with another series of chops, and then, slowly, one step at a time, he hoists him up, places him on the top rope, joins him, all rational thought gone from his mind, as he thinks only of victory – SUERPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!

Both men soaring through the air.

A picture perfect moment of flight.


The entire ring shakes Cliff Kincaid SLAMS into the canvass first, followed by Brad Reynolds.

And then, nothing.

Both men groaning from the impact.

Struggling to recover from the fall.

Brad is the first to recover, crawling slowly over to his opponent, who’s stumbling to his feet, but he’s got his back turned, and he sees his chance, takes it with a final burst of adrenaline – DRAGON SLEEPER! Tears are streaming down his eyes now, so close to victory, but Cliff’s still fighting, punching him in the face, again and again, but he ignores the pain, ignores the rising temptation to let go, and holds it, holds it, and the blows start begin to soften, though whether Cliff is getting tired or his face has gone numb, he can no longer tell, as he pulls with all his might and finally, Cliff can take no more, and passes out.

Crying, Brad releases the hold, raising his arms in victory, a victory he will remember for the rest of his lifetime.

He’s done it.

Winner by KO: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 39% CR: 19% MQ: 59%)

Overall Rating for Memento Mori: 41%

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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The Last Argument of Kings


1 - Interview with Luther Fish


It is everywhere – brilliant, white, flooding the entire arena, impossibly bright, nearly blinding, and for a moment, all one can see is the whiteness of the arena lamps, bathing the entire entrance way, before finally, loud gospel music breaks the silence, and the lights return to normal once more save the entrance way, where it’s Luther Fish, gracing the arena with arms outspread, striding delicately to the ring, one step at a time, solemn, respectful, reverent.

“The Lord’s will is greater than the comprehension of any mere mortal,” he speaks, strangely docile, but the silence doesn’t last long, as he quickly erupts into his trademark shrieks. “And yet, he has BLESSED me with his INFINITE WISDOM, rewarding this MOST FAITHFUL SERVANT, the greatest gift of them all – a glimpse into his DIVINE PLAN! For the ALMIGHTY LORD has SPOKEN to me, SPOKEN of the GREAT GIFTS that await me, in reward of my patience, my dedication, my service in HIS MOST HOLY NAME! And it begins TONIGHT, for despite my failure to attain the number one contendership, it shall be I who faces Brad Reynolds tonight, for it is the WILL OF THE LORD MY GOD, and there is nothing, not even the politics of this federation, that can prevent my ASCENSION TO GLORY!”

(OR: 40%)

2 - Dante Carter vs. Luther Fish

And then Dante Carter is in the ring, wasting no time with a clothesline even before the match can begin, sweeping Luther Fish off his feet, and he’s stomping him, kicking him, keeping him down, but eventually Luther manages to roll out of the ring, regroup, and come back in. He’s greeted immediately by a superkick, ducks it, clotheslines Dante out of the ring, LEAP OF FAITH to the outside, a flying cross body over the top rope puts Dante DOWN.

But not out, as he kicks Luther off, dodges an eye rake, slams Luther into the steel post then tossing him back into the ring instead, dropkicks him as he tries to get up, kicks him about and drops a fist, but Luther gets a knee up and smacks him in the face instead. Dante backs off, and Luther goes for a football tackle, but Dante catches it, DDT, but Luther is filled with the POWER OF GOD now, and gets up almost immediately, and he’s screaming a battle cry to the heavens, and he’s got with him his crucifix, poised to strike, SWINGS, but Dante catches him by the wrist, twisting it, kicking him in the gut at the same time, until finally, he is forced to let go, and a mop up is all that’s left as he hits The Inferno, and it’s all over from there.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 44% CR: 25% MQ: 64%)

3 - Interview with Cliff Kincaid

The ring clears, and it’s Cliff Kincaid who enters the ring next, frustrated, but he does not show it, instead, he keeps his cool, strides into the ring, and begins to speak:

“I must confess,” he says, shaking his head. “Even the best of hunters suffer from some unforeseen…setbacks. And it would seem that for the moment, Clay Reinhart has escaped his fate. But it is only a temporary reprise, for it is the great hunters who can turn a setback into an opportunity – and I am the greatest trapper of them all. Clay Reinhart, you may have eluded capture for now – but the night is far from over, and when it is, I assure you’ll be nothing more than a trophy on my showroom wall.”

(OR: 46%)

4 - Cliff Kincaid vs. Jean Paul

And Jean Paul EXPLODES into the arena, dancing to the ring, slides in, takes one step, two and WHAM! Cliff Kincaid instantly puts an end to his antics with a big boot, picks JP up, drops him on his head, kicks him, drops a knee, starts choking him out. He’s in no mood for fun and games today, not after losing his title, not after being denied another chance to fight Clay Reinhart, and so JP suffers for it, flailing about wildly, desperate for air, finds none, and quickly taps out, finally being granted the oxygen he so badly desires, but Cliff isn’t done, not yet. And JP barely has time to move before Cliff starts pounding on him again, trapping him beneath a flurry of kicks, and all JP can do is cower and hope for it to end, but deep inside, he knows it won’t, not anytime soon.

“Clay Reinhart!” he is shouting, as he kicks JP’s head in. “I know you’re there! Come out and fight me!”

But there is nothing, even as JP starts coughing up blood, even as he loses consciousness and so Cliff reaches for his machete instead, threatening to cut JP’s head off, making one final demand for Clay Reinhart to face him in the ring…

And finally, he does.

Winner by Submission: Cliff Kincaid

(OR: 33% CR: 13% MQ: 54%)

5 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

“Enough,” Clay Reinhart says, as he strides down to the ring, ready to stop Cliff Kincaid, at all costs. “I’ve had enough of dealing with scum like you, and I will not TOLERATE such behaviour, not here, NOT EVER! This is my promotion, and as long as I remain standing, I will see to it that you will pay for your crimes – and I’ve had enough of waiting. It ends tonight – just you and me, in that very ring. Forget my number one contendership, no title is worth allowing you the chance to roam free for another day, not anymore. And as for my match, it is only fair, it is only right that I hand it down to the man I beat for the number one contender ship, Luther–”

(OR: 49%)

6 - Interview with Dante Carter

“Don’t you fucking DARE!”

It’s Dante Carter, and he’s pissed, even more so than usual, and he’s storming to the ring, not giving Clay a chance to speak. He’s had enough of formalities, he’s had enough of waiting – he will say what he wants to say, and he will sat it now:

“I don’t care what you think, or even what the championship board thinks, YOU WILL NOT GIVE MY TITLE SHOT AWAY! I don’t care what happened last week – because Luther Fish has already been defeated THIS VERY NIGHT! If he even had a chance, IT’S OVER! And it was, ME! ME, who took that bastard out, and it should be ME who faces Brad Reynolds for the championship, so don’t you even think, don’t you even try to give him this title shot, because YOU WILL NOT SCREW ME OVER AGAIN!”

(OR: 37%)

7 - Interview with Brad Reynolds


This time, it’s Brad Reynolds, as calm as ever, who interjects, arm extended, palm open, signalling for Dante to calm down, or shut up, but it’s a moot point as Dante is already done with his rant, at least for the time being.

“If you so wish to fight me tonight…go ahead,” he says, and Dante is definitely excited, but holds back, waiting for the catch – there’s always a catch. “But this isn’t about your pathetic ego, or even a sign of respect from me to you – because I don’t, and I never will respect a man who doesn’t even posses the strength to keep himself in check – no. This is about the Federation Championship. This is about the prestige, the very honor of this promotion. And most importantly, this is about showing the world that I deserve to carry this belt to great heights, that I’m ready for this. Dante Carter, Luther Fish – it doesn’t matter who I face tonight. If I have to take you both on at the same time, to prove that I’m worthy of my champion status, to prove that I’m the best combatant in this promotion – then so be it.”

(OR: 46%)

8 - Federation Championship Match: Dante Carter vs. Luther Fish vs. Brad Reynolds

And Brad Reynolds turns to the entrance, awaiting the arrival of Luther Fish, but Dante Carter isn’t going to wait, especially not after what Brad just said, and CLOCKS him on the back of his head with the microphone, stomps away, but Brad catches a leg, brings him to the ground, clambers for position, gets tossed off, and both men get up, stare each other down. Dante is the first to break the ice, CHOPS Brad across the chest who returns the CHOP right back him, and both men go at it, trading chops, until Dante has enough and just CLOBBERS him with a SUPERKICK out of nowhere.

Luther Fish has finally hit the ring now, still weary from his previous bout, and it shows as he enters the ring, but doesn’t get far before a second SUPERKICK comes his way, and he’s down almost immediately, gripping his jaw in pain as Dante Carter looks on, laughing, taunting his God, but with his back turned, it’s easy prey for Brad, who sneaks up behind him GERMAN SUPLEX! He keeps the hold on, tries to go for two, but Dante’s enraged now, and he launches an elbow, two, three, and Brad lets go, eats a right fist but fires one right back, but there’s too many now, and Dante easily out powers him, forcing him into a corner, kick to the gut, DDT! Meanwhile, Luther Fish gets up, throws a weak punch at Dante, who shrugs it off, turns around, kicks him in the midsection – THE INFERNO, but Brad’s already up, clotheslines Dante, allowing Luther to scramble for safety. Brad and Dante begin to brawl again, but this time, Brad rushes in before Dante can pick up speed, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX, Dante forces himself up, charges ANOTHER BELLY TO BELLY, but Dante won’t stay down, he’s got too much at stake, and he will keep at it, even if it kills him.

And the two men battle, Luther already forgotten, but not for long, as he returns, crucifix and all, crawls up behind Brad and WHAM! Brad ducks, and it’s Dante who takes the force of the blow, and he’s bleeding now, stumbling back into the corner, while Luther looks on confused, and it’s just the opportunity Brad needs, as he CHOPS him, slides behind him, DRAGON SLEEPER, and it’s all over.

Winner by Submission: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 43% CR: 24% MQ: 62%)

9 - Cliff Kincaid vs. Clay Reinhart

Two rivals, the long awaited battle.

And there will be no more waiting, no for Cliff Kincaid, who ambushes Clay Reinhart before he can even make it out of the entrance way, and the fight is ON, both men brawling down the ramp, exchanging a flurry of blows, neither man gaining the advantage as the fight spills into the ring, Dante Carter and Luther Fish hopping out of the way as Clay finally penetrates Cliff’s defence, DDT, but Cliff springs onto his knees, DRIVES an elbow into Clay’s groin, gets up, POWERBOMB!

Cliff smiles, drawing his machete, urging Clay to come forward, but instead, he rolls back, forcing Cliff to close the distance himself, but no sooner does he step forward does Clay rush to meet him, SLAMMING into Cliff shoulder first, and both men hit the ground, the machete sliding across the ring, unattended. And Clay’s wailing away on Cliff Kincaid, but Cliff remains calm, keeps his hands on Clay’s throat, slowly lifting him off, and then knocking him away, gets up, whips Clay into the corner and SPEARS him into the turnbuckle. Clay cries out in pain, but Cliff cuts him off with a series of knees to his gut, and Clay finally falls, face forward, bounces off the canvas, tries to get up, but Cliff seizes hold of his head and RAMS it into the turnbuckle, and when Clay rises again his face is red, stained with his own blood. He realizes this, but before he can act, Cliff’s gotten hold of him again, WHAM, and Clay’s head just SNAPS back from the impact, blood splattering across the mat as he hit’s the ground, and all he can see is his own blood, obscuring his vision, nothing but red, but there’s something else there…

The machete.

He sees it, and he’s crawling, pathetically, as Cliff places a boot on his back, mockingly, laughing, but he carries on with the last of his strength, jumps–

By the time Cliff realizes what he is doing, dives, it’s too late.

Both men collide in midair, a single hand gripping the handle of the weapon as momentum and gravity carries them onwards, tumbling across the ring, one on top of the another and then the other way around, again and again, until finally, they come to a halt.

And then, the fight is over.

Clay on top, victorious, one hand wrapped around Cliff’s neck, pinning him down, the other gripping the machete tightly, ready to strike on his command, any moment now, but he doesn’t, and Cliff senses this, this weakness, this advantage, and laughs, begins to taunt him:

“Do it,” Cliff chokes, yet somehow smiling through the pain. “Finish…me.”

And Clay hesitates, his hand hovering in the air, ready to deliver the killing blow, but he holds back, unsure, even as Cliff mocks him, and he realizes that if he lets him go now, he will be gone forever, and knows what he must do.

“How…weak,” Cliff Kincaid mutters, his final words.

And the machete comes crashing down.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 38% CR: 20% MQ: 57%)

Overall Rating for The Last Argument of Kings: 41%

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Loved the last two shows quite a lot, Avarice is quickly becoming my favourite character now Harlequin is dead. As for the deaths, I like how you've been presenting them. It's not just killing for the sake of it, but like the Kincaid/Clay match it had some purpose behind it.

As for alignments, right now the only ones I'd hazard a guess on would be Reynolds as a face and Avarice as a tweener. Luther Fish is a tough one, as his gimmick has the possibility of being any alignment.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum


1 - Interview with Clay Reinhart


A light. Tiny, barely a spark in the prevailing dark. The glint of a bottle, glass, alcoholic, brighter now, as the arena lights cut in, vodka, half empty, dangling loosely in the hands of a man once proud and righteous, now nothing more than a merely shadow.

And Clay Reinhart sits, slumped dazedly against the steel post, and drinks.

“To serve and protect,” he says his last, his voice solemn, mournful. “To watch over this promotion…that was my dream, my task – my destiny. To be made Judge, Jury…Executioner. I did my job, and I should have no regrets. Cliff Kincaid was a threat to us all – he killed, and so it was only right that he paid the ultimately price. Yet here I am, unable to sleep at night, questioning myself, replaying that very moment again and again in my head, and I ask myself, was the man who killed Cliff Kincaid doing it in the name of justice – or for…himself?”

He breaks down, no longer able to swallow his guilt, his feelings, his tears, and all that manages to escape his lips now is a single word, a single query, to which there is no answer:


(OR: 46%)

2 - Interview with Dante Carter

And then there is laughter, cynical, spiteful, as Dante Carter enters the ring, stands before him, and laughs, laughs at the shallow wreck of a man sitting before him, laughs at how the favoured have fallen.

“This,” he cries, prodding Clay Reinhart with his boot, mockingly, This is the man who’s been given the a shot at the number one contendership ahead of me? This lousy SHELL of a man? And yet, it is I, who is laughed at by the champion. Yet it is I who is denied a chance to fight Brad Reynolds in a fair match, ONE ON ONE, with nobody, NOBODY, else around to SCREW IT UP! I was never defeated, and yet here I am, without a proper chance to gain that title. You want self-control? DISCIPLINE? Look at this pathetic loser here, unable to even conquer his own worthless feelings of guilt and self-pity! I’ve killed more people than either of you ever have – and I’m still here. I’m still fighting, because I KNOW that that title belongs to me, and no matter how long you try to stall…I will get it eventually. I will be crowned champion. I never lose, Brad – it’s just a matter of time.”

(OR: 41%)

3 - Dante Carter vs. Clay Reinhart

And Clay Reinhart won’t have it any more, and lashes out, striking Dante Carter across the face, causing Dante to drop the microphone, stumble back, confused, eats a clothesline, scrambles to his feet, another right hand puts him back down, again. He gets up again, but this time he’s ready, furious, SUPERKICKS Clay, but Clay remains standing, charges forward, grabs Dante by the neck, FLINGS him into the turnbuckle and starts driving knee after knee into his chest, but eventually Dante catches on and shoves him away, spears him, but Clay catches hold of him, spins, pins him down and–

That old familiar place once more.


Not this time, and Clay is suddenly afraid, unable to continue, quickly backs off, tries to leave the ring, but Dante won’t have it, and grabs hold of him, SMACKS him across the face, The Inferno, and the win is his.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 37% CR: 23% MQ: 51%)

4 - Interview with Amber Williams w/ Jean Paul

Dante has barely begun to celebrate when BAM, Jean Paul EXPLODES into the arena, and this time, he’s not alone, having brought his girlfriend with him, Amber Williams, who’s attire hasn’t just quite sunk below the level of stripper, but there’s still enough flesh there for hands to start moving, and they’re both in the ring, now, Amber taking centre stage as JP bounces off the ropes, and she’s speaking, rattling off adjectives like a circus master:

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, get set, for it’s time, time for the greatest, craziest, speediest, sexiest wrestler of them all, the ever amazing, jaw-dropping, high flying, head turning MASTER of the dance floor, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: JEAN PAUL!”

Tossing the microphone aside, she pats JP on the chest, who nods an affirmative, “Let’s do this!” and the fight is ON!

(OR: 42%)

5 - Dante Carter vs. Jean Paul w/ Amber Williams

Still reeling from his encounter with Clay Reinhart, Dante Carter is tired, or simply unbothered with this match, and it shows, as he struggles to keep up with the hyperactive Jean Paul, now even more so as he tries to impress his new girlfriend, somersaulting across the ring, then suddenly whips back with a kick to the head, which catches Dante way off guard and he falls back, but Jean Paul isn’t done yet, hops up the ropes MOONSAULT but Dante rolls out of the way, so JP lands on his feet instead, WHAM another kick to the jaw. This time, Dante keeps standing, returning a few punches, but JP’s is back to his usual antics again, rolling out of the way and bouncing into the ring, ducks a clothesline as Dante throws up his hands in frustration, and JP sees this, capitalizes, runs up the ropes and flips around, LEAPING KICK TO THE FACE, and Dante is GONE.

Winner by KO: Jean Paul

(OR: 34% CR: 14% MQ: 54%)

6 - Interview with Avarice

The lights dim, and it’s Avarice, gliding slowly to the ring, where he stands, unmoving, head turned towards the entrance way, and speaks:

“Well, Mr. Reinhart,” he begins, his voice dirge like, emotionless. “How does it feel? To take a man’s life, to exert your existence over his, to watch the energy drain from his eyes as he gazes into yours, knowing that your face is the last thing he sees – it is an overwhelming experience, it is not? It is the greatest accomplishment on man can hope to achieve over any other, the reaffirmation of dominance, of existence, of purpose – it is a thing of beauty, of wonder. And yet…and yet it is only natural that you would suppress such feelings, with your misguided concepts of justice, of morality. And rather than embrace it, you cower, hide behind you foolish ideals – but no longer. It is time for you to open your eyes, and unleash your full potential as a human being. And I will show you. Soon, you shall see once more.”

(OR: 39%)

7 - Avarice vs. Clay Reinhart

It’s a match to determine who’ll face Brad Reynolds tonight, but Clay Reinhart has other plans on his mind, to silence Avarice, and comes into the ring swinging wildly, but Avarice remains calm, and doesn’t even flinch as he begins to deflect Clay’s clumsy attacks. Enraged, Clay starts punching fast, hitting harder, but his control all falls apart, and it’s just sloppy strikes as Avarice dodges his blows with ease. Finally, Avarice has enough, and when Clay moves in again, he steps forward, seizes him by the throat, the Touch of Death, and within seconds, Clay is gone, no longer able to resist.

“Weak in flesh,” Avarice whispers, still maintaining his grip. “Weak in mind.”

And then he lets go, allowing the limp body of Clay Reinhart to fall to the ground, unconscious.

Winner by KO: Avarice

(OR: 34% CR: 24% MQ: 45%)

8 - Interview with Brad Reynolds

“To build a legacy.”

It’s Brad Reynolds, microphone in hand as he strides confidently down to the ring, staring into the hollow black eyes of his opponent without fear.

“It has always been my dream, no, my destiny, to create a championship truly worth defending. A championship, that will be respected not just in the promotion, but across the industry, across the entire world. And every household shall know my name, recognize me as the greatest warrior to step foot into that squared circle. And it begins tonight, with every opponent that I defeat, my legacy grows stronger. I have trained for this, and there is no fear in me, no hesitation, no matter the opponent, no matter the odds. For I shall defeat all that stand in my way, until I have become the greatest champion this world has ever known. And I will not rest, until it has come to be. This – is my promise to all of you.”

(OR: 46%)

9 - Federation Championship Match: Avarice vs. Brad Reynolds

The bell rings, both men staring each other down, circling, a grin slowly breaking out on Avarice’s face, taunting Brad Reynolds, but Brad remains calm, doesn’t even flinch when Avarice feigns a withdrawal, instead, he waits for his chance, and finally gets one, as Avarice raises a hand, and Brad catches it arm drag, another, tries to keep the armbar, but Avarice gets up, flips Brad over, who breaks free, goes for a waistlock but Avarice counters it, slides behind, takes an elbow or two to the face, and breaks off, grins.

Brad waits, waits for his opponent’s next move, but Avarice remains still, motioning for Brad to attack, and so he does, CHOP, but Avarice catches him by the hand, wrenches it, but Brad is quick to counter with a kick, breaking the hold. He tries again, but this time, Avarice backs away, Brad stumbling forward, carried by his momentum, a break in his guard as he sees Avarice extend his hand, going for the Touch of Death, but Brad isn’t going to lose his title, not now, when he’s still got so much to prove, and so he quickly regains his footing, deflecting Avarice’s arm away before it can do any damage. Avarice is unfazed though, and continues his observation, unmoving. And then, without warning, he breaks off, sliding under the bottom rope, and before Brad can stop him, he is gone, fading away into the darkness, leaving Brad in the ring, alone.

Winner by Forfeit: Brad Reynolds

(OR: 42% CR: 25% MQ: 60%)

Overall Rating for Novus Ordo Seclorum: 39%

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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Dies Irae


1 - Interview with Dante Carter


It’s Dante Carter, and he has the pre-show, sitting on the steel steps, smoking, or at least, trying to, but not even the cigarrette smoke can capture his attention any more, as he gazes into the darkness, talking, to himself, or to the audience, it’s impossible to tell.

“Defeat,” he continues, “What is the difference, really? I’ve won – yet I’ve lost. The biggest fight one can ever hope to experience, the greatest battle known to man, and yet, victory meant nothing. Nothing. And even when I lose, to some pathetic party freak – I’m still here. Unacknowledged. Without hope, without direction. No matter what I achieve, I am overlooked, ignored – no more. Tonight, I make my own name for myself. They can push me aside, once, twice, but not forever. And it starts with Jean Paul. You think you may have beaten me, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve already beaten the odds. I’ve already done the impossible. You see, Jean, it doesn’t matter what happens last month, last week, today, or even tomorrow. In the end, I always win. Always.”

(OR: 48%)

2 - Interview with Amber Williams w/ Jean Paul

And it’s SHOWTIME, Jean Paul rushing to the ring, Amber Williams by his side, now with more flesh than before, never mind her talking skills, she can dance, and it’s certainly something to look at, certainly something to get pumped for, if JP’s hyperactivity in the ring isn’t excuse enough already.

“And now,” she is saying, as JP performs a series of somersaults in the ring, “Get ready to hang on to the edge of your seats, for it’s time for the GREATEST man in sports entertainment today, the electrifying, record setting, risk taking, KING OF COOL, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: JEAN PAUL!”

JP nods, performing a backflip into his reflective corner, punches the air, one, two, there, hops about, shakes his wrist, “Come on let’s go!”

(OR: 55%)

3 - Dante Carter vs. Jean Paul w/ Amber Williams

And Dante Carter does go, wasting no time at all as he spears Jean Paul, keeping him grounded as he lets loose a volley of punches, but it’s only a temporary setback as JP wiggles lose, springs to his feet and unleashes a spinning hell kick, but Dante ducks, gets up, WHAM, catches a second kick to the face, stumbles back. And JP’s suddenly a flurry of motion as he flips back, hops up on onto the top rope, switches direction and leaps forward, wraps his legs around Dante’s neck, HURRICANRANA! Dante struggles to recover, as JP hops up on the top rope and – he pauses, smiling, as he catches a lovely view of Amber’s assets, but it’s a moment wasted as Dante slams into the top rope, and JP’s falling, groins himself on the turnbuckle, tumbles off, and when he stands up again, it’s The Inferno, and the match is over.

Winner by KO: Dante Carter

(OR: 35% CR: 15% MQ: 55%)

4 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

Enter Big E, original gangsta straight from the hood, and he’s swinging his massive bulk down to the ring, decked out in gold chains and bracelets, probably stolen, and it’s not long before Clay Reinhart is drawn to the arena, looking for a fight, looking to take his mind of Cliff Kincaid, looking for the slightest hint of normalcy…

“I know what I am,” Clay Reinhart is saying. “I know what I have to do. To serve and protect. To take out the trash. To defend this promotion from scum like yourself. And I’ll – and I’ll do whatever it takes, to bring you to justice. Because there – because there is no other way. You’ve broken the law, and just like every one of your kind, its time for you to face the consequences…”

His final word hangs in the air, ironic, but he shakes his head, clears his mind, and thinks only of the fight.

He’s got a job to do.

(OR: 37%)

5 - Big E vs. Clay Reinhart

Big E doesn’t take to kindly to being called scum, especially by some cracka five-oh, and quickly punches Clay Reinhart across the face, hard, but Clay doesn’t even flinch and hits him right back with a massive uppercut, and a slugfest ensues, with Big E’s size holding his ground while Clay stands on sheer resilience alone, and it holds, with Big E being the first to stumble back, and Clay immediately capitalizes, knees him in the gut, DDT, but Big E blocks it, but a couple more knees to his chest quickly puts an end to his resistance, WHAM, the entire ring shaking as his head bounces off the canvas.

He’s really pissed now, and he shoves Clay away, gets up, pushes Clay into the corner, but Clay refuses to go down that easily and fights every step of the way, slugging away at Big E even as he finds his back against the turnbuckle, and Big E charges, DRIVING his entire bodyweight into the chest of his opponent, which finally stops the flow of punches. Irish whip into the opposite corner of the ring, and Big E charges again, but this time, Clay reads it, ducks down, WHAM, Big E crashes into the turnbuckle, bounces off, dazed, and Clay is waiting, GERMAN SUPLEX! Big E’s still moving, but all it takes is one look into Clay Reinhart’s eyes and he knows that this is a battle he cannot win, not with the fire raging in his opponent’s eyes, not with the drive backing up him, and so he quickly sticks his hands in the air, admits defeat, but Clay refuses to take it, driving fist after fist into his face, his guard already broken, he is hapless to defend himself, as Clay refuses to let up, until–


Winner by Submission: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 37% CR: 14% MQ: 61%)

6 - Interview with Luther Fish

It’s Luther Fish, and this time he’s not wasting any time with small fry, no, tonight, he’s impassioned, on a mission from the Lord himself, and he’s not backing down, not until he’s dealt with the sins of the sinful:

Clay Reinhart.

“The MURDERER,” he proclaims, and this time, there’s something different about his ranting, almost spiteful, almost personal. “Observe the DEFILER of the LORD’S almighty CREATION! Witness his sins, for they are many – THEFT, that he dare STEAL the gift of LIFE from the ALMIGHTY FATHER himself! ARROGANCE – that he dare DEFY his most benevolent will, to SEIZE judgment into his own hands! For this, there is only one true PENANCE for his SINS, only one true PUNISHMENT, and that is the NEVER ENDING FLAMES OF–”

(OR: 43%)

7 - Luther Fish vs. Clay Reinhart

Luther Fish never gets to finish his speech, as Clay Reinhart cuts him off abruptly with a kick to the midsection, DDT, quickly picks Luther up, another DDT for good measure. By the time Luther comes to his senses, he’s already under heavy attack, Clay raining blows down upon him, and the best he can do is roll aside, hope for a moment to recover, but doesn’t get one, and he’s getting desperate now, tries for a low blow, but Clay catches him by the arm, wrenches it, and Luther’s crying out in pain, submits, but Clay won’t let go, forcing Luther to crucifix-whip is way out, where he quickly darts out of the ring, to safety, leaving Clay Reinhart alone in the ring, breathing heavily, victorious, but far from satisfied.

Winner by Submission: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 38% CR: 27% MQ: 50%)

8 - Interview with Brad Reynolds

Finally, Clay Reinhart clears the ring, and it’s Brad Reynold’s cue to enter, title belt slung across his shoulder, polished to near spotlessness, though he’s not here to fight tonight, no, he’s without a challenger, and so he has come here to talk, to take matters into his own hands.

“To be the best,” he is saying. “That has always been my dream. And I’ve spent years training for it, to turn that dream into a reality. But training can only get you so far. To be the best, to be the greatest wrestler in the world, you need to take on the best the business has to offer – and walk away the victor. The time for fun and games is over. It’s time for me to realize my dream, my destiny. Luther Fish, Jean Paul, Big E – even Dante Carter, I don’t care who I fight, as long as that man can prove to me, prove to everyone out there, that he’s worthy of stepping up to the plate. Tonight, it’s your time to prove to me that you’re somebody worth fighting. It’s going to be four men, over the top rope elimination – one winner. Prove to me that you can take the heat – and that title shot is yours.”

(OR: 52%)

9 - Big E vs. Dante Carter vs. Luther Fish vs. Jean Paul

Brad barely clears the ring as all four men hit the arena at once, diving into the ring and it’s a major clusterfuck from there, everyone hitting everyone else, punches, kicks, chops, until Big E finally takes control with his size and clears the centre of the ring, clotheslines Jean Paul, uppercut to Dante Carter, SLAPS Luther Fish across the chest, and suddenly, the centre of the ring is his. The rest quickly catch on though, and pool their efforts to take out the bigger man, clothesline from Luther gets shrugged off, superkick from Dante gets shrugged off, and it’s all left to JP, who ascends the turnbuckle, FLYING CROSS BODY, but Big E catches him in mid air, and he’s in all sorts of trouble now as Big E hoists him up, dumps him over the top but JP clings on, still on the apron.

Big E goes in for the kill, but he’s blindsided by Luther Fish, who SMACKS a dropkick across the back of his head, and he tumbles forward, JP drops the rope, BIG E is ELIMINATED! And JP celebrates, but not for long, WHAM, SUPERKICK from Dante, and JP is GONE! All that’s left is Luther Fish and Dante Carter, and whatever agreement they might have had in taking out the biggest threat is over, and Luther proves it by retrieving his crucifix, bludgeons Dante across the head, who tumbles precariously by the ropes, prompting Luther to try to clothesline him over, but Dante ducks, and suddenly the tables are turned, Luther on the apron, Dante safe in the ring, but not for long, as Luther grabs hold of his opponent, tries to suplex him out, but only gets him as far as the apron before Dante slides away, tries to elbow Luther out. So does Luther though, and an exchange of blows breaks out, both men on the brink of elimination but not giving in, until Luther finally gives up, all or nothing, and backs away, rushes forward, DROPKICK, and Dante eats it in the face, his fingers slip and he starts to fall, but at the very end, he reaches out, grabs the bottom rope, clings on with dear life as Luther falls to the ground, his plan foiled.

And Dante finally lets go, relishing in his victory.

Soon, the title would be his.

Winner by Elimination: Dante Carter

(OR: 40% CR: 17% MQ: 64%)

Overall Rating for Dies Irae: 41%

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Under Sun and Sky


1 - Interview with Avarice

That sitting room again.

A dim light burns overhead as Avarice waits, his face lowered, cast in shadow, skull like. There is a silence here, funeral like, uneasy.

“Mr. Reinhart,” he speaks at last, though the sensation lingers, Avarice as still as ever. “You can feel it – can’t you? The rage within you, the desire to experience it again, the need to live – to relish in the penultimate victory, to take the life of another man. And it drives your actions, your subconscious, calls out to you – it is inescapable, Mr. Reinhart. Do not try to suppress it with your morals, your ridiculous notions of justice. You cannot fight the call of life itself, for it is undeniable, built into the core of our very essence. Embrace it, Mr. Reinhart. Love it, learn from it, for it is the natural way of things, and to fight it, is to fight yourself, and that, Mr. Reinhart, would be most…unpleasant.”

(OR: 51%)

2 - Interview with Amber Williams (w/ Jean Paul)

And snap back to the ring, where it’s JEAN PAUL and Amber Williams, and JP’s just TEARING up the ring, bouncing off the ropes, windmill in the middle of the ring, and there’s a certain ENERGY in the air, and you can tell that something BIG is gonna happen tonight, a foreboding sense of excitement, tension, even as Amber Williams takes the microphone, steps up on to the rope, bends over, teases the crowd, but soon arches her back, looks up, yells:

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, put your hands in the air for the CHAMPION OF COOL as he prepares to ROCK the house, he is the hard kicking, gravity defying, lady charming, movin’, groovin’, SULTAN of the DISCO, the one man whirlwind, the FASTEST combatant to step foot in the squared circle, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the speed freak himself – JEAN PAUL!”

(OR: 51%)

3 - Lil’ E (w/ Big E) vs. Jean Paul (w/ Amber Williams)

Lil’ E’s brought backup of his own, riding on top of Big E’s shoulders as he marches on to the ring, easily dwarfed by his larger counterpart, but it does make getting into the ring easier, not to mention give him a nice view down Amber’s top, but Jean Paul isn’t gonna let that slide, oh no, and KICKS Lil’ E right in the face, who screams, falls off, but is caught by his brother and helped into the ring. Match finally begins proper, with Lil’ E trash talking, “Crazy ass cracka,” waves his fists about, threatening to smack JP up, but a quick kick to his knee changes his mind, and suddenly Lil’ E is darting about the ring instead, trying to outrun JP, but it’s a futile effort as JP quickly bridges the gap, smacks him hard with a kick to the back of his knee, and the leg folds, Lil’ E crashing to his knees, WHAM, a second kick nearly takes his head off, but somehow, he’s still conscious, though barely, stumbling about, not even knowing where he is–


This time, there’s no escape, as a second kick to the head immediately knocks the living daylights out of him, and he crumples to the floor, knocked out.

Winner by KO: Jean Paul

(OR: 27% CR: 2% MQ: 53%)

4 - Interview with Clay Reinhart

Suddenly Clay Reinhart is in the arena, and he’s breathing heavily, though out of frustration, madness or alcohol, it’s hard to tell – ragged clothes, beer stains, unshaved stubble and unkempt hair has replaced his normally spotless appearance, and he’s staggering to the ring, not quite drunk, but not quite in full control of himself either.

“AVARICE!” he cries, a cry of rage, a cry of insanity. “I’ve heard enough! You think this is some kind of game? What, are you entertained by all of this? Don’t you dare, don’t you dare to fucking judge me, you goddamn freak! Don’t try to drag me down to your level, because I will never, ever, put up with scum like you – and I’ve had enough of your bullshit! If you’re that fascinated with me, how bout you get your ass down to this ring, and we’ll settle this like real, honest men of the LAW!”

He slams the microphone down, the impact echoing through the PA system, as he throws his fists up, gets ready to defend himself…


“Fine,” he mutters. “Have it your way – but I’m not playing your fucking games. You will come out here, and I will be waiting, even if it takes the entire goddamn locker room to drag you out here. Forget the rest of the show – this ring is mine, and the only way I’m leaving is when I’ve kicked your ass, as well as anybody else who has a problem, because I‘m not leaving this ring, not until I’ve gotten what I want.”

(OR: 47%)

5 - Lil’ E vs. Clay Reinhart

And the ring immediately clears, Jean Paul bailing, as Clay Reinhart takes control, but Lil’ E’s still feeling sluggish from taking one too many kicks to the head, barely able to get to his feet, let alone run, and when Clay Reinhart takes the ring, it’s all over for him as Clay scoops him up, SLAMS him into the canvas, drives several knees into his chest for good measure, picks him up, tosses him into the turnbuckle, CLOTHESLINE nearly decapitates him. Lil’ E’s gone now, toppling forward, unconscious, but Clay catches him, lifts him up, walks over to the ropes – POWERBOMB – and Lil’ E goes sailing out of the ring, BOUNCES off the concrete floor, nearly snapping his neck in the process, but he will live, at least for now.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 28% CR: 6% MQ: 50%)

6 - Interview with Brad Reynolds


Brad Reynolds steps into the arena, stares down Clay Reinhart, but he’s not his usual self, no, there is a crack in his calm façade, anger seeping into his voice as he confronts Clay, speaks:

“I will NOT allow you to jeopardize the integrity of this promotion – especially not MY title defence! I have worked hard to bring respect and honor to this championship, this federation, and I will NOT let that effort go to waste at the hands of your selfish whims! You WILL step down from that ring, and let the show go on. Is this petty grudge that important to you, that you are willing to sacrifice your career, your honor in such a fashion? Well, if you haven’t the discipline, or the self-respect to get out of that ring, then I have no choice but to take it from you. I am sorry, but it most be done – for the good of this promotion, and for the good of us all.”

(OR: 46%)

7 - Clay Reinhart vs. Brad Reynolds

And Brad Reynolds takes to the ring, ready to defend it at all costs, ready to take on anything Clay Reinhart can offer, but he’s not expecting this, and when Clay comes at him with unexpected strength and alacrity, Brad’s caught off guard, WHAM, takes a massive right hook to the side of the jaw, tooth sailing into the air, blood escaping his gums, but he’s quick to adapt, catches the follow up blow, drags Clay to the ground, but he’s got far too much energy in him to be held down, kicks Brad off, and both men are back at square one.

Brad wipes off sweat, locks up, gets shoved away, but he comes back, uppercut, then ducks now, goes for Clay’s knee, but Clay catches him, kicks him aside and keeps him down with several stomps, but Brad rolls out of the way, quickly gets up, launches a few arm drags to cut off Clay’s momentum, before slapping on a armbar, holds it with all his might, and for a moment it looks like Clay would tap, but instead he only seems to get more violent, simply tearing his arm out of Brad’s grip, and the hold is broken. Even Brad can’t help but be stunned by his tenacity, and it costs him as he eats a big boot, gets up, only to receive a DDT for his efforts. Clay picks him up now, meaning to suplex him, but Brad slips behind – GERMAN SUPLEX, Clay’s head DRILLED into the mat but somehow he stands, slugs Brad across the face but Brad comes right back, and the two exchange blows until Clay Reinhart finally emerges victorious, tries for another DDT but Brad catches the setup kick, dragon screw, but once again Clay shakes free, and both men are left staring at each other, worn down, but still fighting.

The difference is that Clay’s already gone beyond his limits, and anything Brad can dish out now is merely ornamental, he’s running on adrenaline alone, beyond pain, beyond exhaustion, with only the desire for vengeance, and when Brad CHOPS him hard across the chest, he doesn’t even feel it, grabs Brad by the throat, lifts him up, SLAMS him into the turnbuckle and strives DRIVING knee after knee into his chest, forcing the air out of his lungs, and Brad’s heaving, barely able to breathe, but still he fights, a futile gesture, as Clay shrugs off another blow to the head, delivers another knee into Brad’s gut, picks him up POWERBOMB into the centre of the ring, and Brad should be gone, but somehow he’s still moving, raises an arm up in protest, but Clay catches it, pins it down, pulls, free hand on his elbow, and he’s hysterical now, threatening to break it if Brad doesn’t submit…

But Brad Reynolds won’t tap, not like this, not with what’s one the line, pride, honor, integrity, and he knows he’s been defeated, but he’d rather go down fighting than to submit, and Clay Reinhart won’t have it any other way – forces the arm down, snapping it in two with one fluid motion.

And Brad screams.

Winner by KO: Clay Reinhart

(OR: 45% CR: 31% MQ: 60%)

8 - Interview with Dante Carter

And his cries echo through the arena, but it’s cut off by another voice, and immediately the attention shifts from Brad Reynolds retreating from the ring, paramedics by his side, to the arena entrance, where it’s Dante Carter, oddly calm despite the circumstances, and one wonders if he’s finally lost it.

“No,” he says, a single word, yet there’s something in his voice, emotional, and it’s all that takes to override the screams.

“No,” he says again, walking towards the ring, towards Clay Reinhart. “This is not about you. This was never about you. Brad Reynolds was mine. He was supposed to be my victory, my final moment of triumph – but you had to ruin it, didn’t you? And I ask – and I ask, why? Is your sense of justice so pathetic that you need to reinforce it with your pathetic vengeance? You think you’re special, just cause you killed another man? Look at you, you’re nothing, no, you’re worse than nothing. Forget Brad, his discipline, his self-control. I know who I am. Yes, I am a killer. I’ve killed, more than you have, definitely more than you ever will. I killed knowing that even by doing so, I would damn myself to a life of nothingness, knowing that I’ll never taste true glory again. But still I fight. Because it’s in me – and I know who I am, and what I want – and so I will fight for it, even if it can never be achieved. Whereas you, you wallow in your self-pity, trying to find a reason, whatever foolish justification for your deeds, when there isn’t any – there never is. And in the end, all you can do is live. Nothing else matters. Not anymore. Death changes everything. And I’ve seen it, felt it, and I can still remember it, that island…”

And the he throws his head back and laughs, and utters it, the two words that have been haunting him ever since he the day he first tasted combat, the day he first tasted death:

“Battle Royale.”

(OR: 56%)

9 - Avarice vs. Dante Carter


Dante Carter remains in the ring, unsurprised, unafraid. He’s suffered worse. And when the lights return, Clay Reinhart is against the canvas, face down, comatose, and in his place is Avarice, adjusting his gloves, before finally turning to Dante Carter, extends a hand.

And smiles.

“Let us begin,” he ushers, and Dante gladly complies, dropping his shoulder, unleashing a right hook, but Avarice doesn’t even flinch, calmly raises a hand, blocks it, and another, but Dante doesn’t care, and keeps at it, his attacks deflected, yet he keeps on going, punch, punch, punch, each hit more furious than the last, but it’s not enough, punch, and then he suddenly backs up SUPERKICK, but it’s knocked aside just as easily, but it only serves to intensify his determination, another punch, blocked, kick, blocked, steps back, bounces off the ropes, CLOTHESLINE, but again Avarice ducks it, even as Dante comes back with a haymaker, nearly causing Avarice to lose balance, but still he holds his ground, until Dante can’t take it anymore, feints a right, then charges forward, UPPERCUT!


The blow connects, as Avarice’s head snaps back and – just barely – a drop of blood escapes from his lips, soars into the air, and tumbles to the floor below. And then there is silence, as sudden stillness as Dante abandons his attack, and simply watches as Avarice remains frozen for a second, two, before lowering his head slowly, and when he stands back up, he is grinning, a twisted smiled wrapped around his face.

“Enough,” he says, and suddenly the lights are gone, and so is Avarice, leaving nothing but Dante Carter in the ring, alone, without direction, without a future.

Winner by Forfeit: Dante Carter

(OR: 46% CR: 29% MQ: 64%)

Overall Rating for Under Sun and Sky: 43%

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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