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Ultimate Marvel Chronology


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So, I'm nearing the completion of my Ultimate X-Men paperback set, and what I want to do, is get the other paperback books that have bearing on events in the X-Men books.

The problem I'm having, is that I can't find a Chronology of the Ultimate Marvel universe in terms of the Trade paperbacks. Can anybody help me?

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Assuming you already have The Ultimates/Ultimate X-Men mini they did in trade form, there really isn't anything that you MUST have. Ultimate Marvel to date has only done any real crossovers inside of mini series form, which is nice. However as an Ultimate Marvel fan, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that there really isn't anything bad from the Ultimate Universe. The Ultimates, Ulimate Spider-Man, and Ultimate Fantastic Four are all great reads mostly. I'd recommend them all, especially The Ultimates. It's easy to get caught up on it too, as it only has three trades available, assuming you are collecting in softcover trade format. I can't speak on a lot of the mini's, as I haven't read either of the Daredevil/Elektra trades, the Iron-Man trade, and the Hulk VS. Wolverine mini is stalled at issue two I think, nor have I read the Galactus trilogy yet. I do know that the Ultimate X-Men appear in the latter though, and I think some of them are pretty important from what I have read about it online.

Now go buy The Runaways Hardcover collecting the first 18 issues of the first series/season one. It is beyond any other book on the stands.

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