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Tenacious D's UK Tour.


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Anyone else going?

I've booked tickets to the London show on the 18th. Keith has tickets to the London show on the 19th.

10th - Dublin

11th - Glasgow

12th - Manchester

15th - Birmingham

17th - Brighton

18th - London

19th - London

I went to one of their last UK shows (It was released on their Masterworks DVD). It was awesome. I can't wait for this one. :w00t::w00t:

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Ive had my hit of Tenacious D. Before Panic! played at Reading Festival, they showed the video for Tribute, and with Thousands of people singing along... it was awesome.

But still, i would love to see them live, so might try and get myself down to one of the London shows.

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Two months on and there has been loads of Tenacious D activity lately (especially compared to their past few years which have been devoid of new material).

A few music videos have been released. Here they are from YouTube.


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Their album is due out next Monday (13th). I have the deluxe edition preordered at Play.com

Their movie is in cinemas next Friday (17th). Here is a quote from a review on ainttcool.com:

The trailers have looked like something painfully retarded. It was like the “D” had their balls snip snipped, ya know? It felt like an “also ran” – like the BEE GEES in SGT PEPPERS, ya know? Imitators that wanted to rock, instead only going through the motions.

I know. How could the “D” let us down? They rule from their mighty mountain, but like all the ancient gods of Rock… they had their asstunes too. THIS IS NO ASSTUNE, this shit will blow your brainshit like the most explosively awesome crapper you’ve ever shit before. I’m talking about rocking so hard that your head goes through the contact high and you’ll want to flick on a lighter and nod your head in rhythmic worship. Because this movie kicks so much ass, it’s shoulders above the rest.

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