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WWF 1995: Overcoming the Odds


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The Beginning of an Era

By newly signed WWF Head Booker JJJ Jones.

IPB Imagevs.IPB Image

Things have heated up in the wrestling world…

In January 11, 1993, the World Wrestling Federation launched a one-hour long wrestling show known as Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. The original RAW broke new ground in televised professional wrestling. Traditionally, wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows. The RAW formula was very different than that of its predecessor, Prime Time Wrestling: instead of taped matches, with studio voice overs and taped chat, RAW was a show shot to a live audience, with angles as they happened.

RAW originated from the The Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios, a small New York City theater and aired live each week. The combination of an intimate venue and live action proved highly successful. However, the weekly live schedule proved to be a financial drain on the WWF, and taped shows began airing every other week. After about a year, RAW moved out of the Manhattan Center and traveled to various regular Federation venues in the United States.

It was all going great for the WWF, the Golden Are was still going, although not as strong as before, however, the “down south” rival, World Championship Wrestling, was ready to fight back against this new wrestling concept…

In September 4, 1995, WCW aired its brand new flagship show, Monday Nitro on TNT, live from the Mall of America and in the same timeslot of WWF’s RAW. It featured a special appearance by former WWF talent Lex Luger, which captivated the wrestling fans worldwide. Nitro would soon become extremely popular, eventually over passing RAW in the ratings battle.

It was the beginning of an era, a war had just started, global sized wrestling would never be the same again… The Monday Night War had begun.

What will the WWF do in order to defeat Nitro in the ratings? Can they overcome the odds and surpass WCW’s legends and fresh talent with their “New Generation”? Nobody knows what’s going to happen next, welcome to my diary, World Wrestling Federation ’95: Overcoming the Odds “Good ol’ mid-90s entertainment!”

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*Diary starts in Tuesday, 5 September 1995*

IPB Image


Owner: Vince McMahon

Head Booker: John J. Johnson-Jones (Yay!)

Money: $30000000

Size: Global

Based In: America (Connecticut)

Risk Level: 55%

Merchandising: 100%

Production Values: 100%

Top Stars: Bret Hart, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Sycho Sid.



Main Eventers:


Bret Hart


Upper Midcarders:


Shawn Michaels

Razor Ramon

The Undertaker


British Bulldog

Owen Hart


Jeff Jarrett *On Hiatus, suposedly on a music tour.*

Sycho Sid



The 1-2-3 Kid

Alundra Blaze

Bam Bam Bigelow

Billy Gunn

Bart Gunn

Savio Vega


Bob Backlund

Dean Douglas

Goldust *Set to debut on-screen in October*


Isaac Yankem DDS

Jerry “The King” Lawler *Wrestling occasionally*



King Mabel

Lower Midcarders:


Aldo Montoya


Bob Holly



Duke Droese


Henry O. Godwinn


Man Mountain Rock


Bull Nakano

Eli Blu

Jacob Blu

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jean Pierre Lafitte

Rad Radford

Sir Mo




Barry Horowitz




Enhancement Talent:

Ahmed Johnson

The Roadie

Chris Jericho (New Signing)

Chris Benoit (New Signing)



Paul Bearer (The Undertaker)


Harvey Whippleman (None)

James E. Cornette (Yokozuna, British Bulldog, Owen Hart)

Sunny (Skip)

Uncle Zebekiah (Blu Brothers)

Ted DiBiasse (Kama, Tatanka, Sid)



Gorilla Monsoon

Vince McMahon

Mr. Perfect *Hasn't been seen on TV in years*

Rowdy Roddy Piper *Same as above*



The Bushwackers (Luke and Butch)

Blu Brothers (Eli and Jacob)

Yokozuna and Owen Hart

The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart)

Savio Vega and Razor Ramon

Men on a Mission (King Mabel and Sir Mo)

Bob Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid



Camp Cornette (Yokozuna, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jim Cornette)

The Corporation (Ted DiBiasse, Sycho Sid, Tatanka, Kama)



Monday Night RAW (Mondays, Prime Time, Hosted by Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler)

Superstars (Saturdays, Early Evening, Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler)



Diesel is the WWF Champion at the moment, having held it since late-1994. He has been feuding with the newly reformed Camp Cornette, now with The British Bulldog as their newest member after turning on Diesel in a tag team match. Diesel is also being aided by his good friend, and recently turned face, Shawn Michaels, who is also the current Intercontinental Champion.

The Undertaker has been feuding with the newly crowned King of the Ring, Mabel, in an horrid rivalry. The new WWF Booking Team may be thinking of ending this one abruptly.

Bret Hart, who was once the top babyface in the company, is now stuck in meaningless feuds with the likes of Jean Pierre LaFitte, Hakushi and Isaac Yankem DDS. Something needs to be done in order to retrieve the prestige this great wrestler once had.

Camp Cornette members, Yokozuna and Owen Hart, are the current WWF Tag Team Champions, although the haven’t had much competition in the recent weeks, besides from The Smoking Gunns and… well, The Smoking Gunns. Other below-average teams like The Heavenly Bodies and Well-Dunn have recently departed the federation.

One of the most controversial gimmicks in the WWF has just debuted (actually, he hasn't debuted on screen yet, but vignettes have started to air hyping the debut of this character), in a man by the name of Goldust, an effeminate movie critic/director that wears golden clothes and make up all the time… creepy.

Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas are feuding and at the same time they're both on a quest to become Intercontinental Champions, but they haven't had much of an oportunity. The 1-2-3 Kid has also been involved in the rivalry.

Sycho Sid is acting as a part-time Million Dollar Corporation member, being involved in no specific feud at the moment.

The current authority figure is WWF President, Gorilla Monsoon.

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I'm hoping to see some serious heel work from Camp Cornette. Love that guy. I'm looking to get into reading more diaries and since yours has just started, its a great place to begin. And the well written first post always helps. I remember this era (from a WWE perspective) quite well so it should be fun. Be interesting to see how you go with two fairly big heel factions though. I'm a fan of both Cornette and DiBiase so I'll be reading.

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Saturday, 09 September 1995


Wrestling industry to experience a slump?

Wrestling analysts are predicting that wrestling is about to experience the worst slump in business for many years. Some of the owners of the biggest wrestling companies are said to be very worried by this forecast, and could be ready to start implementing cost-cutting measures in order to prepare for the worst.


WWF signs sponsorship deals

WWF has signed sponsorship deals with Playstation, Sports Illustrated, Pizza Hut, and Rolling Stone Magazine.


WCW announces signings

Apparently, WCW is planning to implement a New Talent Initiative, as they have just hired some of the hottest talent in the independent scene:

- Masahiro Chono

- Cactus Jack

- Ultimo Dragon

- Terry Taylor

- Ricky Steamboat

- Sabu

- Wayne Bloom

- Hawk

- Steve Austin

- Brian Christopher

- Robert Gibson

They have also signed a bunch of staff members, including former WWF announcer and U.S. politician, Jesse Ventura.


New head booker shaking up the WWF

John J. Johnson-Jones was suddenly announced as the new head booker of the WWF earlier in the week, and he has already big plans for the company, including some developing storylines and big pushes. We’ll keep you updated on the decisions of Mr. Johnson-Jones.


IPB Image


We’ve seen some wild things happening in the WWF in recent weeks, and tonight’s Superstar edition will be filled of wild exclusive WWF action right from Canton, Ohio, as Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler call the action right to your TV sets!

In this week’s Superstars edition, you’ll see Rad Radford, the well-known grunge music fan, taking on the “Wrestling Garbageman” Duke Droese in our opening bout. There will also be tag team action this Saturday night, as The Bushwackers take on King Mabel and Sir Mo, Men on a Mission. And in the Main Event of the evening, “The Phenom” of the WWF, The Undertaker, will be squaring off against Dean Douglas. Can the former College Dean prevail against the supernatural powers of the man from the Darkside? Find out, tonight!

Plus, we’ll bring you a special pre-recorded interview with the WWF Champion and the Intercontinental Champion, Diesel and Shawn Michaels!

Don’t miss, WWF Superstars, this Saturday night, on USA!

Confirmed Matches:

- Rad Radford vs. Duke Droese

- The Bushwackers vs. Man on a Mission

- The Undertaker vs. Dean Douglas

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IPB Image

WWF Superstars

Air Date: 9/9/1995

From: Canton, Ohio

Play-by-Play: Jim Ross

Color Commentary: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Taped Previously

[WWF Superstars opens with a brand new opening sequence, showcasing some hot WWF action. We get a shot of the jam-packed crowd in the arena, and then the camera moves to the announcing booth, located next to the entrance ramp, where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Canton, Ohio, they hype this week’s Main Event between The Undertaker and Dean Douglas. Rad Radford makes his way to the ring, followed by Duke Droese and his trashcan.]

Rad Radford vs. Duke “Dumpster” Droese

Hectic match. Both workers just drove fists like maniacs and didn’t show any sign of wrestling ability, technique or psychology. Duke dominated early in the bout, grounding Rad with some strong stomps to the chest, but a ducked fist drop attempt landed the advantage to Radford. Rad continued wrestling the same style as Duke, focusing more on his brawling abilities, rather than performing a more methodical style. Eventually, Droese recaptured the upper hand, and drove Radford right to the turnbuckle. Droese then caught Rad into Trash Compactor, but Radford evaded the maneuver and hit a Northern Lights Suplex and a pinfall for the win. Radford raised his arms in victory afterwards, and left the ring soon after.

Rad Radford def. Duke “Dumpster” Droese by pinfall.

(52 – 50 – 54)

Rad Radford didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating.

Goldust is coming…

[After Rad leaves the ring, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hype the debut of the bizarre individual known as Goldust, then we’re introduced to a vignette promoting the debut of this man.]

The vignette is played, in a particular 16:9 aspect ratio. It shows a Hollywood-like locker room, with toned-down golden lights. There’s a director chair in the middle of it, with Goldust sitting on it. He’s smoking a cigar and wearing a long golden robe along with a white hairpiece.

Goldust: (Sniff) For those who just can’t stand B-movies… Coming soon to wrestling rings near you, the premiere, the man, the myth, The Golden One… Soon, you all WWF Superstars, will realize you shall never, ever, forget the name of (Sniff) Goldust…

The video ends with a still shot of Goldust with the words “Coming Soon”.



It’s all about the brain!

[When we return from the break, the camera is backstage; Todd Pettengill is standing in the interview area with Dean Douglas.]

Todd Pettengill: Alright WWF fans, welcome back to Superstars! I’m Todd Pettengill, and next to me is Dean Douglas. Now, Dean, tonight you’re set to face The Undertaker in our Main Event, what do you…

[Douglas cuts Pettengill off, and grabs the microphone.]

Dean Douglas: Todd, why don’t you let me ask you something?

Todd Pettengill: Well, sure Dean, tell me.

Dean Douglas: You do know why you’re here backstage doing a poor interviewer job, instead of being at ringside announcing the show, don’t you?

Todd Pettengill: Actually, I don’t.

Dean Douglas: I thought so. You see Todd, you’re just not smart enough to announce this show, and well, frankly, you’re simply a no-brainer! But, you know who is also a no-brainer? The Undertaker! He’s a no-brainer because he thinks he’s dead! What kind of a man thinks he’s dead?! You see, The Undertaker is not just brainless, he’s also an individual with highly abnormal psychological conducts, or, in the common American language, he’s a nutcase. But still, he’s considered an icon, and a legend in professional wrestling, and tonight I’m going to beat this so-called “icon”.

Todd Pettengill: Don’t you think you’re being a little bit cocky? I mean, The Undetaker is one of the most respected Superstars in the business.

Dean Douglas: So what? It’s all about the brain! It’s all about how smart you’re, and I’m smarter than anybody else. And when I beat The Undertaker, the chancellor will have no choice but to accept me back in the campus, ha, ha!

[Douglas leaves the interview area.]

Todd Pettengill: Well, that was Dean Douglas, very confident about hi match tonight with The Undertaker, and now, let’s go back to ringside!


[We return to ringside, where The Bushwackers are walking down the entrance ramp, ready to lock-up against Men on a Mission]

The Bushwackers vs. Men on a Mission

This was just a below average tag team bout. Sir Mo and Luke started the match, and Luke actually managed to provide some offense on Mo, but as soon as Mabel got the tag, he was overpowered by the big monster and had no chance. Mabel completely manhandled Luke, beating him up to his knees and leaving him almost unconscious after a huge Splash. Butch continued to cheer for Luke while he was being beat up by King Mabel, but all his support was worthless. Eventually, Mabel grabbed Luke and smashed him to the mat with a Powerslam, followed by another Splash for the win. Mabel wasn’t done, though, as he pulled Butch inside the ring, while Mo continued to attack Luke. Mabel threw Butch to the ground after a turnbuckle splash, and The Bushwackers were left out cold in the ring.

Men on a Mission def. The Bushwackers (Mabel pinned Luke).

(61 – 56 – 66)


[After the break, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about the recent rivalry between Diesel and Shawn Michaels against Camp Cornette, and take us to a pre-taped interview with Michaels and Diesel.]

We’re dudes with attitude!

[The footage shows Todd Pettengill standing backstage next to the WWF Champion, Diesel and the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels.]

Todd Pettengill: Alright WWF fans, welcome to this Colisseum Home Video exclusive, I’m Todd Pettengill alongside two gentlemen you know pretty well, Diesel and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels! Now, guys, in the past weeks, you’ve been teased and taunted by all Camp Cornette members, now with their newest associate, The British Bulldog. What are your thoughts on this?

Diesel: You know Todd, there’s nothing worst than having your tag team partner, and a friend of yours, turning his back on you. And that’s what I felt when The British Bulldog viciously attacked me during our tag team bout. But know I’ve learned you just can’t trust somebody who looks like a good person, that’s why I went to my best friend, “The Heartbreak Kid”, and he has helped me a lot in this confrontation against Jim Cornette and his lackeys. And now, there’s nothing that can stop us from beating the stuff out of Camp Cornette, and specifically, Yokozuna and Owen Hart at In Your House 3.

Todd Pettengill: Shawn, what do you think of this?

Shawn Michaels: Well, just as Big D said, now there’s no way we ain’t going to win the Tag Team Titles at In Your House, and there’s no way Owen Hart and Yokozuna aren’t going to get their butt kicked. I mean, can you imagine Owen Hart as WWF Champion? Neither can I. Anyway, Big D and I have been friends for a long time, there’s something that unites us and that’s friendship, unlike Camp Cornette, you know, ‘cause those guys are associated just because they want to wipe out anybody who steps in their way. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is, at In Your House 3, “Big Daddy Cool” and “HBK” are going to burn down the house, and at the same time, they will become Tag Team Champions for the second time. And that, my friend, is a fact!

Todd Pettengill: Alright guys, thank you very much for giving us this Colisseum Home Video exclusive. And now, back to the action!


[The footage fades to black as we go to back to ringside.]

The Excellence of Execution

[The camera moves to the announcing booth. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about how a great competitor Bret Hart is. They also announce that the previously announced match between him and Jean Pierre Lafitte has been cancelled because Lafitte has been sidelined with a minor injury, and won’t be in action in the next weeks. However, they claim Hart will be still taking part of the In Your House 3 PPV, but an opponent hasn’t been mentioned. Then, they take us to a video package highlighting some moments in the career of Bret Hart.]

A short video package is played, displaying Bret Hart in action against some of his most significant opponents. Most of the action is from 1993-1994, as he hasn’t had much action in the current time. The video ends with Bret raising his arms in the top turnbuckle with the WWF Title belt on his shoulders.


[The footage fades to black as we go to our final commercial break.]


The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Dean Douglas

Despite the comments made by Dean earlier tonight, he was looking quite frightened facing The Undertaker. The Phenom was dominant for the first half of the contest, but Dean eventually got some quick moves that distracted The Undertaker and slowly worn-out The Deadman. However, Taker continued to back up, and Dean needed to roll out of the ring in order to catch his breath. Douglas rested for a while on the barricade, and then went after Paul Bearer, but Taker quickly rolled out to save his manager. Both men returned to the ring, and struggled to take each other down, but The Undertaker contrasted Douglas with his size, and took him down to the mat with a Scoop Slam. Dean was able to sit up, but Taker caught him and performed his Tombstone Piledriver and his trademark cover to get the victory. He celebrated in the ring afterwards, as the show came to an end.

The Undertaker def. Dean Douglas by pinfall.

(78 – 80 – 76)

[Fade to black]

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Alright, from now on I’m going to start providing a special news format for my diary, based on what I saw in another one. The news will have two sections, one for marks (WWF Hotline) and other for smarks (The Generic Dirtsheet). I'm still noy sure if I'll do it every time I need to post news, most likely I'll do it once in a while.


Sunday, 10 September 1995

After being constantly attacked and teased by the obnoxious Jim Cornette and his ambitious lackeys, “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel and Shawn “HBK” Michaels will finally get the chance to put their hands on Owen Hart and Yokozuna, at In Your House 3. However, this contest will have a special contractual clause: In this tag team match, all titles will be up for grabs! Including Diesel’s WWF Championship, Shawn’s Intercontinental Title, and Owen Hart’s and Yokozuna’s Tag Team Championships. WWF President Gorilla Moonson has also stated that if one of the teams tries to get themselves disqualified in order to keep the titles, they will lose their belts. There’s so much at stake, and anything can happen, order In Your House 3, only on PPV!

The evil pirate, Jean Pierre Lafitte, suffered an injury in a live WWF event earlier this month; this means Lafitte won’t be able to face Bret “Hitman” Hart at In Your House. Still, Bret Hart, always dedicated 100% to his WWF fans, has said no matter what happens, he will be part of this PPV extravaganza, but there is no word on who his opponent is going to be. Hopefully, Lafitte won’t be stealing candies from poor kids for the rest of the month!

Ted DiBiasse and his Million Dollar Corporation have set a path of destruction in the WWF, interfering in matches and beating up random WWF Superstars. This Monday night on RAW, one of the leading men in The Corporation, Sycho Sid, will be facing his old friend/nemesis Shawn Michaels in a non-title bout. There’s no doubt if Sid scores a victory against his former client, his supremacy and status in both The Corporation and the WWF may reach new levels. The only way you can find out the outcome of this match is by tuning in this Monday night!

Jeff Jarrett is doing great in his world music tour. He has just arrived to Samoa, where he will be staying in The Wild Samoans’ shack with Afa and Sika.

We have great news for all you old-school WWF fans, former Rocker, Marty Jannetty, will be returning to the federation after an almost two year hiatus. Marty, who left the WWF in 1994 to pursue other projects, is set to return to the WWF rings this Monday night on RAW. Don’t forget to tune in!

Other action you’ll see on this edition of Monday Night RAW include, one half of the Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart taking on Avatar one-on-one and Dean Douglas facing Razor Ramon’s good friend, The 1-2-3 Kid. Don’t miss RAW this Monday Night!



Monday, 11 September 1995

WWF Superstars scored a 4.97 rating, overshadowing WCW Saturday Night’s 2.11 rating. WCW may be thinking in changing this show’s timeslot in order to keep their audience and not lose it against its most important rival.

Tonight, for the first time ever, WWF’s Monday Night RAW and WCW’s newly premiered show, Monday Nitro, will be competing head-to-head for the first time, considering RAW didn’t air last week on USA, allowing WCW to debut their new show without any serious competition. This will certainly mark an important moment in wrestling history, but we’ll just have to wait to see what happens in this ratings battle between these two shows.

In other news, due to the recent new signing by WCW, WWF has also decided to implement a New Talent Initiative, however, instead of hiring well known workers like The Ultimate Warrior or Rick Rude, they decided to hire other less known workers: Dean Malenko, Lance Storm, “High Voltage” Matt Hardy and Juventud Guerrera. They will join other enhancement talents back in USWA; expect them to debut soon in the following months.

Marty Jannetty has already signed a new written contract with the WWF. He’ll be back to the rings this Monday Night RAW. There are also several possible workers to make their return to the federation. Sgt. Slaughter, King Kong Bundy, Michael Hayes, Tito Santana and Jim Neidhart are probable names to join the promotion in the future.

We have exclusive information stating that WWF talent, Jean Pierre Lafitte, is not really injured. Rumors have said the true reason of his absence in both TV and House Shows, is to let Bret Hart develop into other more important feuds and storylines. Reportedly, WWF has plans to build a feud between him and Sycho Sid.

Jeff Jarrett is set to be back in action by early October. He’s been training and sharpening his skills back in the WWF’s development camp, USWA.

Allegedly, WCW will start promoting a new “Cruiserweight” division in the near future. Both Brian Lawler and Ultimo Dragon have signed contracts with the company to join the project.

Also, WCW may be trying getting a different approach to a more mature audience, as they have hired fellow ECW wrestlers Cactus Jack and Sabu. There is no word yet if WCW will start implementing “Extreme Rules” matches, or if they are part of a talent exchange with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Turn the page to see the official RAW preview, provided by the WWF (there may be references to kayfabe)...

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IPB Image


A new era is about to begin, as tonight is the season premiere of Monday Night RAW! You’ll find exciting new matches, candid interviews, and your favorite WWF Superstars in action! Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler will call the action live from Canton, Ohio!

Tonight on RAW, you’ll witness an unprecedented Main Event, Sycho Sid will be squaring off against his former client, and the current Intercontinental Champion, “The Hearbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, in a non-title match that should be an amazing bout. Two top WWF performers in just one ring, anything can happen!

As it has been announced, Shawn’s former tag team partner, Marty Jannetty, will be returning to action this Monday Night, where he’ll be facing Hunter Hearst Helmsley one-on-one. Can “The Rocker” regain his old vintage popularity? Or will the snobby blue-blood score another victory live on RAW? The only way you can find out is by tuning in this Monday night.

In addition, Dean Douglas, who has been feuding with Razor Ramon in the past few weeks, will go one on one with “The Bad Guy’s” good friend, The 1-2-3 Kid, and you’ll also see Owen Hart facing Avatar.

Plus, Bret Hart will be making a special appearance this Monday Night!

Don’t miss, Monday Night RAW, tonight on USA!

Confirmed Matches:

- Dean Douglas vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

- Owen Hart vs. Avatar

- Marty Jannetty vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

- Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid

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- Dean Douglas vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

Why don't I remember Dean Douglas? Although I remember all the 1-2-3 Kid hype so I'm going for a Kid victory. Having just read the preview again though, I'd be very suprised if Douglas doesn't win.

- Owen Hart vs. Avatar

Avatar? I think its because I mainly only saw the PPVs from this era that I don't remember a lot of the "jobber" guys. But that doesn't matter, Owen Hart was awesome and he needs to win regardless of his opponent.

- Marty Jannetty vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

It'd be all too easy and obvious to give Hunter a monster push (not that you shouldn't do it) so I'm going for Jannetty as the winner here. Besides, surely the guy doesn't job on his first match back? Does he?

- Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid

I'm going with some crazy Sycho Sid antics to cause a DQ here. He flips out and demolishes HBK. Either that or Camp Cornette get involved to piss off Diesel and cost Michaels the victory. I think Sid should be pushed as high as possible though.

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For the guy above, Dean Douglas was Shane Douglas and Avatar was Al Snow.

Good start to this diary, it looks promising. Retro diaries are cool when they're realistic, well-written and well-booked. I think all three of these could be achieved here.

- Dean Douglas vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

I'll take 1-2-3 Kid with an upset win.

- Owen Hart vs. Avatar

Owen Hart is main eventing your next pay-per-view and Avatar is a jobber. Not that I'm saying this match shouldn't be here, jobber/squash matches are a neccesity for a diary from this era.

- Marty Jannetty vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jannetty's return, I think he needs a win. It could set up a nice little feud between these two.

- Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid

I think the Million Dollar Corporation and Camp Cornette could come together to screw Shawn here.

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IPB Image

WWF Monday Night RAW

Air Date: 9/11/95

From: Canton, Ohio

Play-by-Play: Vince McMahon

Color Commentary: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Taped Previously

“The World Wrestling Federation, for over fifty years the revolutionary force in sports entertainment”

[The season premiere of Monday Night RAW opens with brand new entrance titles, featuring several wrestlers battling on the roof of the Titan Towers while police forces try to stop them. When the credits stop, we get a shot at the capacity crowd, they’re on their feet and ready for some exclusive WWF action! There’s a small change in the set of the show too, now, instead of the regular curtains, there are three big R-A-W letters at the beginning of the entrance ramp, and the wrestlers come out from behind them. We move to the announcing booth, where Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are standing with microphones in hand, they welcome us to the season premiere of Monday Night RAW and hype up the show.]

[The Rockers’ old theme hits the PA system, and Marty Jannetty makes his way to the ring, ready to lock-up against Hunter Hearst Helmsley in his return match to the WWF.]

Marty Jannetty vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Not much of a great match as many probably expected. Jannetty got a hot pop when he entered the ring, but eventually all his momentum drained down as the match went on. Helmsley also received a good response when he made his entrance. The bout itself started with a brief lock-up, and Marty quickly capitalized with a headlock takedown and kept Helmsley on the mat with a series of fast and effective maneuvers. Ultimately, though, Hunter was able to put his ego aside and began to back-up on “The Rocker”. Both performers delivered some hard-hitting moves on each other, but no one truly remained dominant. In the closing moments of the contest, Helmsley evaded a Rocker Dropper attempt, and tried to turn it into his trademark Pedigree, but Marty also escaped the move and successfully hit the Rocker Dropper to get the victory. He climbed the top turnbuckle and celebrated his victory before leaving the ring.

Marty Jannetty def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley by pinfall.

(67 – 59 – 75)

Get powerful if you act smart!

[After the match, Jim Cornette, along with Owen Hart and Yokozuna are shown backstage in the interview area, Todd Pettengill is standing next to them with a microphone in hand.]

Jim Ross: Folks, we’re back here on Monday Night RAW, and now, allow me to introduce, James E. Cornette, along with fellow Camp Cornette members, and the WWF Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart and Yokozuna. Now, Jim Cornette, in the past few weeks, you and your associates have certainly made an impact in the World Wrestling Federation, and now, they’ll be facing Diesel and Shawn Michaels in less than two weeks time for not only the Tag Team Titles, but also for the WWF and the Intercontinental Championship. Do you think your men are ready for this huge match against two of the greatest athletes in the WWF?

James E. Cornette: First Jim Ross, if you think you can persuade me with those comments to pull my boys out of the match, well I tell you, nobody persuades Jim Cornette!

Jim Ross: I never meant that, I was just trying to…

James E. Cornette: Actually, Ross, I don’t care what you mean, what matters now is that the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship will finally be where they belong, and that’s here, in Camp Cornette! Because you see, Ross, Camp Cornette is the dominant force in professional wrestling today, Camp Cornette represents what it’s all about in this business, I mean, every athlete in the world wants to be in Camp Cornette! And I proved that a couple of weeks ago, when one of the most talented wrestlers in the world joined this force, and I’m talking about Davey Boy Smith. You people may call Smith a “turncoat” or a “sell-out”, but you people don’t know anything about this industry! When Davey Boy Smith turned his back on Diesel, he demonstrated how powerful and how dominant you can get if you act smart. Let’s put it this way so you people out there can understand what I’m talking about. Two months ago, just two months ago, Davey Boy was stuck wrestling in meaningless tag team matches with somebody who likes to make surprise appearances on charity events located in shopping malls, and now look where he is, all the sudden, he’s confronting the WWF Champion! If you’re with Camp Cornette, you’ll get immediate, guaranteed success, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show at In Your House 3, we’re going to show how we roll!

[Owen grabs the microphone.]

Owen Hart: Shawn Michaels, besides from all that has been said, I can shorten what I think of you in just four words: “I hate your guts!”. I’m sick and tired of watching you walking down that entrance ramp, being cheered for doing nothing but dancing, smiling and shaking your butt, while I have given everything for this business, I’m the greatest technical wrestler alive today, and soon to be WWF Champion!

[Owen lands the mic to Yokozuna.]

Yokozuna: BANZAI!

James E. Cornette: Come on, let’s get out of here!

[Camp Cornette leaves the interview area.]

Jim Ross: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to a commercial break but stay tuned, there's more here on Monday Night RAW!


James E. Cornette gained overness from this segment.


[When we return from the break, Avatar is standing in the ring. Owen Hart comes down the aisle along with Jim Cornette and is ready for business.]

Owen Hart w/Jim Cornette vs. Avatar

Owen got a nice heel response when he came from the curtains; it is quite evident he’s getting better reactions every day. Avatar ran towards Owen to gain an early advantage, but ended up being smashed with a huge forearm right to the head, courtesy of “The King of Harts”. As Avatar was trying to reincorporate himself, Owen drove a huge kick right to the belly, and grabbed him up to execute a scoop slam. Owen taunted the crowd for a while, and then locked Avatar in the Sharpshooter. Shortly after, Avatar tapped out. Owen laughed at Avatar for a bit before leaving the ring.

Owen Hart def. Avatar by submission.

(74 – 68 – 81)

Still the best there is?

[We get some shots from the jam-packed crowd, and then we move to the announce position, where Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler remind us the match between Bret Hart and Jean Pierre Lafitte at In Your House has been cancelled due to an injury suffered by Laffite. “The Hitman’s” musical theme hits the PA system, and the crowd get on their feet as the former WWF Champion makes his way to the ring, ready to address this WWF fans.]

Bret Hart: You know, it has to be just a coincidence that Jean Pierre Lafitte was suddenly injured at a live event earlier this week, just two weeks from facing “The Hitman” at In Your House 3. I mean, it has to be just a coincidence since I have never heard about evil pirates fearing from common men doing their job. Well, it doesn’t matter, I’ll get my hands on Lafitte sooner or later, but anyway, I’m here to speak about In Your House 3, see, since Lafitte was supposedly injured, I don’t have a match for the event, so what I’m going to do is…

[sycho Sid’s music starts to play, Bret stares at the entrance ramp looking quite confused, Sid emerges from the curtains with a microphone in hand.]

Sycho Sid: Bret, Bret, Hitman… you’re boring me, you’re boring me a lot. As a matter of fact, you’ve been boring me all the way since Wrestlemania XI! And you know why? Let me ask you, what’s the point of seeing a former WWF Champion, beloved by all the fans, delivering excellent matches against a bunch of losers like Hakushi, Isaac Yankem and Jerry Lawler?! Where is the vintage Bret Hart?! Where is the man who used to put on great matches against some of the toughest man in the business?! Truth is, Hitman, you’ve been doing nothing, absolutely nothing. Honestly, you have become boring. Last year, you stunned the whole world when you defeated Yokozuna and won the WWF Championship on the greatest venue of the planet, Madison Square Garden! Now, what have you done lately besides from messing up with dentists, pirates and royal wanabees?! Nothing. But, what have I done recently? Well, I have been ruling the wrestling industry and the WWF! I faced the WWF Champion on two straight pay-per-views! I became a member of the V.I.P club of the WWF, the Million Dollar Corporation, and with them, I have set a path of destruction and mayhem no one can match! The thing is, I’m the man, I’m the master, I’m the ruler of the world, and as far as I’m concerned, your are not the “best there is” anymore!

[bret stares at Sid for a while, then proceeds to talk.]

Bret Hart: Sid, you think you can come here and brag about your so-called “path of destruction”? You think you can come here and tease me off? Well let me tell you, you better not stick your nose in my business. I have already faced the best the WWF has to offer, so I don’t need to prove anything, I don’t need to prove anything to someone like you. Sid, you may be tough, you may be big, you may be mentally unstable, but you’re inexperienced, I’m a two-time former WWF Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion, and as far as I know, you haven’t tasted any “real” gold around here.

[sid laughs in a psychotic manner.]

Sycho Sid: Bret, Bret, Bret! Don’t you realize? It’s not about the experience, it’s not about the gold, it’s not about the fan base, it’s all about the power! I’m more powerful than you, or than anybody else in the WWF! But unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to prove it to you! You can’t say you have faced the best the WWF has to offer if you haven’t met Sycho Sid in the ring!

Bret Hart: I don’t need to wrestle you, Sid, I have wrestled guys like you in the past, you’re all the same, big, strong, but stupid! You think you’re the big shot, but you wouldn’t last a minute in the ring with the “Excellence of Execution”, mark my words.

Sycho Sid: Don’t get too cocky Hitman… I’m going to rule your world at whatever the cost!

[The two stare down very closely, and then we go to a break.]


Bret Hart lost overness from this segment.


[We’re back on RAW, and The 1-2-3 Kid is walking down the entrance ramp, ready to lock-up against Dean Douglas.]

Dean Douglas vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

Douglas looked quite confident as The Kid made his way to the ring, and proceeded to beat him up right after the belt had rung. Good match between these two, although The Kid wasn’t able to put much of a fight, as he was manhandled by Douglas for the most part of the bout. Eventually, though, Douglas got in an argument with a fan sitting at ringside, and The Kid surprised him from behind with a quick Spinning Heel Kick that almost took his head off. Dean managed to sit up, but was nailed once again, this time with a Flying Body Block. However, Douglas successfully stopped The Kid’s momentum with an impressive DDT in the middle of the ring. Dean then went for The Final Exam, but The Kid escaped the maneuver, and shockingly converted it into an Inside Cradle for the victory. The crowd went wild as The Kid raised his arms in victory, but Dean got pissed-off, and brutally attacked him with a Death Valley Driver to the outside.

The 1-2-3 Kid def. Dean Douglas by pinfall

(73 – 66 – 81)

Dean Douglas lost overness from this match.

The Phenom…

[shortly after the match, the announcers talk a little bit about The Undertaker, then they take us to a video package showing some of his greatest moments.]

The video package is played, showing footage from a sinister cemetery in the middle of the night, and displaying some of his in-ring action, performing his trademark moves on several opponents. The most interesting highlights of the video package are The Undertaker appearing on the big screen inside the casket in the 1994 Royal Rumble, Piledriving Mabel and bodyslamming King Kong Bundy. The video ends with a shot of The Undertaker raising his arms in the ring surrounded by darkness.



[When we return from the break, Sid’s music hits the arena, and the crowd starts to boo as he comes walking down the ramp accompanied by Ted DiBiasse. He gets inside the ring and raises his arms, followed by some pyros. Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring then, accompanied by a huge ovation from the audience.]

Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid

Shawn came to the ring quite determined and ready for business. The crowd was pumped-up for this one. Despite Sid’s below average wrestling abilities, Michaels was able to carry him in the match. From the moment the match started, Shawn tried to outwrestle Sid with a more technical oriented offence, but eventually, Sid’s strong, powerhouse brawling style prevailed dominant over Shawn’s talent during the first half of the match. Ted DiBiasse was constantly involved in the bout, supporting Sid and distracting the official when he performed an illegal move. After evading a clothesline attempt by Sid, Shawn got back on his feet and fought back with some hard-hitting jabs and kicks to the lower-section, followed by a running Cross Body Block from the ropes. Shawn continued to remain in the favorable position, and by the closing moments of the match, he started to tune up the band while Sid was sitting up near the opposite turnbuckle, but Ted DiBiasse climbed up the apron to distract the referee, and Yokozuna made his way to the ring. Shawn went after Yoko, but Yoko grabbed him by the head and dropped him over the ropes with a hangman. Sid kicked Shawn in the gut, and executed his Powerbomb. The referee turned around, and Sid pinned Michaels 1, 2, 3 for the victory. Sid continued to beat up Michaels, while Yoko climbed to the second rope to hit the Banzai Drop, but Diesel came running down the aisle to help his friend, and cleaned house. The show went off air with Diesel helping Shawn in the middle of the ring.

Sycho Sid def. Shawn Michaels by pinfall

(81 – 85 – 74)

[Fade to black.]

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I've just got done reading this and I have to say well done for a good start. I personally am not very well acquainted with the WWF around this time but a lot of the faces and characters are memorable and identifiable so I've been interested this far. One of the most difficult things about these years was the gimmick-heavy roster. I think you've done a good job of subtly toning that down so far, focussing on the more 'regular' stars like Bret, Shawn, Owen, Sid etc. I really like your writing style too and the whole thing is really easy to read.

In terms of Raw, I liked that Marty Janetty is back. I'm not advocating a rapid main-event push or anything but he can make the midcard a bit more interesting. Perhaps a heel turn could re-ignite a feud with Michaels too later on? I also liked 1-2-3 kid getting the upset win, which was very in keeping with how he seemed to be booked in his early WWF career.

My only criticism really is the Bret/Sid segment, mainly because I'm not that big a Sid fan. Plus, you kind of had Sid bury a fair few members of your heel roster. I know he was only telling it like it is, but if you ever want them to be taken at all seriously (well... as seriously as an evil dentist can be taken) its not good to have them dissed in promos by people higher up in the pecking order.

Overall, a really good start and look forward where you take things going into IYH.

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IPB Image


After a huge season premiere from RAW last Monday night, this week’s edition of Superstars promises to be something big as well. Tonight, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be calling the action from the Civic Center in Erie, Pennsylvania!

The man of the hour, The British Bulldog, who showed his true colors last month when he turned on “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel, will be in our Main Event tonight, facing “The Beast From the East” Bam Bam Bigelow in singles action. Two of the most powerful and strong WWF superstars colliding in just one ring, what’s going to happen?!

Also tonight on Superstars, you’ll see the returning Marty Jannetty facing Skip in what should be a great, fast-paced competitive match.

In addition, Savio Vega will be squaring off against Native American Tatanka one-on one, and we’ll get a special Saturday night lesson from “The Dean”, Dean Douglas.

All of this and much more, tonight on Superstars, only on USA!

Scheduled Matches:

- Savio Vega vs. Tatanka

- Marty Jannetty vs. Skip

- British Bulldog vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

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Yay. I pretty much nailed my predictions for RAW. Don't worry about the "long delay", I've only just clicked back onto this diary since I posted my predictions. Being overworked at work funnily enough. Besides, you can't run a good diary for a serious length of time and post every day. At least I dont think you can anyway.

Savio Vega vs. Tatanka

- I actually like both guys but Tatanka went for AGES being undefeated and then ended up being just another loser in the Million Dollar Corporation. So I'll go with a Tatanka win cuz the $Corp. deserves better :)

Marty Jannetty vs. Skip

- I actually don't like either guys. But I'm going with a couple of wins for Jannetty and then he'll be back into Jobber City in ... say, a month maybe.

British Bulldog vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

- Hated Bam Bam for years but as I've got older I've learned to appreciate him more. Besides, how you don't respect someone for a tattoo like that on their head I will never know. Bulldog all the way.

Edited by KaiserJoe
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IPB Image

WWF Superstars

From: Erie, Pennsylvania

Play-by-Play: Jim Ross

Color Commentary: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Air Date: 9/16/95

Taped Previously

“The World Wrestling Federation, for over fifty years the revolutionary force in Sports Entertainment.”

[superstars kicks off with its regular opening credits, and after the video package ends the camera heads into the arena, where over 6000 fans are jam-packing the Civic Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to this week’s edition of Superstars, and promote the Main Event between Bam Bam Bigelow and The British Bulldog. The Million Dollar Rap hits the arena, and we quickly go to the entrance ramp, where Tatanka is walking down to the ring accompanied by Ted DiBiasse.]

Savio Vega vs. Tatanka w/Ted DiBiasse

A surprisingly good match here, although it was pretty basic. At first, both Tatanka and Savio seemed to show respect for each other, with the two men wrestling at a back-and-forth pace, but eventually, things got out of hand and the two rolled out to the ring. Savio ended up being whipped onto the steel barricade after some distractions caused by Ted DiBiasse. Finally, they went back to the ring, and Tatanka quickly gained some sort of an advantage, but soon after Savio got back on his feet, and started to show more offense on the Native American. Vega successfully delivered the Caribbean Kick, and went for the cover, but DiBiasse put Tatanka’s feet on the ropes while the referee wasn’t seeing. Savio realized of this and argued with the referee, but Tatanka caught him from behind with a School Boy, along with a handful of tights, for the victory. Tatanka quickly rolled out of the ring as an outrageous Savio looked on.

Tatanka def. Savio Vega by pinfall.

(73 – 62 – 82)

I was born a man!

[Following the match, the announcers remark the recent confrontation between Sycho Sid and Bret Hart. Lawler angrily remarks the fact that Sid called him a “loser”. Jim Ross announces that Sid is here tonight in the arena, and we’ll be cutting an interview right now. Soon after, Sid makes his way to the ring, and Jim Ross leaves the announcing booth to conduct the interview.]

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Sycho Sid!

[The crowd reacts in loud boos.]

Jim Ross: Sid, last week on RAW, you interrupted Bret “Hitman” Hart when he was addressing the WWF fans, and you practically insulted his integrity and his dedication for this business. You have never faced Bret Hart in the ring, so what’s the point of teasing and confronting him?

Sycho Sid: Jim Ross! This whole thing isn’t about a point! This whole thing isn’t about a reason! This is all about who’s the best! Actually, this is all about who’s the man… and Hitman, don’t let all these fans foul you, don’t let your mind foul you, deep inside you, you already know who the man is… you already know who’s the master and the ruler of the whole wide world… and he’s here, he’s here to stay! He’s a man called… Sid! See Bret, the day I was born… I was born a man! To me, you’re nothing but just another picky little obstacle in my quest of becoming WWF Champion! Last Monday night on RAW, you said I wouldn’t last a minute with you in the ring… you said I wouldn’t last a minute with the “excellence of execution” one-on-one! But I tell you… when your skinny little body hits the ground after I Powerbomb you... (Sid starts laughing) You’ll realize you didn’t even last a second with Sycho Sid.

[sid leaves the ring joined by strong boos from the audience. Jim Ross returns to the announce table.]



Triple Header!

When we return from the break, a video package is shown immediately, advertising the huge Triple Header Match at In Your House 3, where all titles will be on the line. It shows all four competitors involved in the bout staring down each other and performing their trademark moves on various opponents. It includes several comments made by Jim Cornette in the past weeks, and also features the moment in which The British Bulldog turned on the WWF Champion, Diesel. It ends with a still shot of the In Your House logo and the words “Only on PPV”.


Diesel lost overness from this segment.

Marty Jannetty vs. Skip w/Sunny

The crowd gave Jannetty a nice pop when he made his entrance, and Skip even got a few cheers thanks to being accompanied by the seductress Sunny. Both performers managed to deliver a well-worked, fast-paced bout. Skip showed his arrogant attitude once again, and mocked Marty before the bell rang. Marty was doing pretty well in the match, maintaining Skip on the ground with a series of locks and submission maneuvers, but eventually, Sunny got involved, distracting the referee, which led to Skip getting the upper hand thanks to an eye poke. Skip took Marty down with a Frankensteiner, and went to the top rope to hit a Moonsault, but Jannetty moved out of the way in the last second. Marty got back on his feet and executed the Rocker Dropper for the victory.

Marty Jannetty def. Skip by pinfall.

(71 – 60 – 83)


A lesson from The Dean

[When we return to RAW, there’s a chalkboard in the middle of the ring, and “The Dean” Dean Douglas is making his entrance, ready to give us a special Saturday night lesson.]

Dean Douglas: Hello my dear students of Erie, Pennsylvania! Now, before I start my lesson, let me tell you, my unimaginable wisdom detects the smell is quite unpleasant here. But anyway, what else could I wish for? I mean, Pennsylvania isn’t what it used to be before, Pennsylvania used to be a state of greatness, and I know that because I hail from Pittsburgh. But hey, there’s no comparison between the great Pittsburgh and the insignificant Erie! Just like there’s no comparison between Dean Douglas, Razor Ramon, and The 1-2-3 Kid. The 1-2-3 Kid is a young and talented athlete, but like many other young people, his incredibily large stupidity contrasts his above-average talent. Razor Ramon, on the other hand, isn’t that young, and isn’t that talented, but still, he’s as stupid as he can be. But then again, there’s always a man whose intelligence stands out from the rest, and that’s me, “The Dean”! You see, Dean Douglas isn’t just an ordinary man, Dean Douglas is ambitious, Dean Douglas uses his smartness to reach his goals, Dean Douglas is simply extraordinary! Besides…

[Razor Ramon’s theme hits the arena, and “The Bad Guy” makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand.]

Razor Ramon: Yo… Dean Douglas… You’ve been running your mouth for a long time, chico, and “The Bad Guy”… well, “The Bad Guy” doesn’t like big mouthed college teachers trash-talking him… or his friends…

Dean Douglas: Razor, please, I’m going to have to ask you to take that greasy hair and that little accent of yours and get out of my ring while I’m teaching a lesson to my students!

Razor Ramon: Dean… I don’t want to stick my nose in your business… so if you want me to go… I’m going then…

[Razor turns around and proceeds to leave, but Douglas viciously attacks him from behind. Dean whips Razor to the ropes, but ducks a clothesline and Razor backs-up. Razor keeps driving right and left hands on Douglas, and smashes his head on the chalkboard. Dean is left unconscious in the middle of the ring, and the crowd cheers as Razor heads backstage.]


Dean Douglas gained overness from this segment.

Newly-Improved Bulldog!

[The camera heads backstage, where The British Bulldog (who apparently has cut his trademark long hair and now sports a buzz-cut) and Jim Cornette are standing next to Todd Pettengill.]

Todd Pettengill: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing here with the man who has turned his back on the WWF, The British Bulldog, and his manager James E. Cornette. Now, Jim Cornette, The British Bulldog will be facing his first challenge since you two started a business relationship, and it will certainly be a tough challenge as he’ll be taking on Bam Bam Bigelow one-on-one. My question is, why did you took a man, who once was so appreciated and respected by all in this industry, and turned him into such a self-centered and obnoxious human being?

Jim Cornette: I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re with Camp Cornette, we can take you to the top, but if you’re against Camp Cornette, we can bury your career. This man right here, Davey Boy Smith, showed he’s one of the smartest men in this business by joining this union, this association, he didn’t give a damn about his friends, his family or people who respected him, he just turned his back on them and joined the most powerful alliance in professional wrestling today, and that’s exactly what you have got to do when your stuck doing nothing. Davey Boy Smith got sick and tired of being ignored by the directives and the WWF management, they thought he was past his prime, they said he was losing momentum, they claimed he was getting old and boring, but man, look at him now! Look where he is now! He can beat anyone he wants to. And tonight, we’re going to prove that Camp Cornette makes superstars when Bam Bam Bigelow gets his butt kicked by The British Bulldog!

British Bulldog: Sycho Sid thinks he’s “the man”, Bret Hart thinks he’s “the best there is”, well The British Bulldog is both things and even more. Bam Bam Bigelow, tonight you’re going to have the honor of being the first victim of the newly improved British Bulldog!

[both men leave the interview area, and head to ringside.]

Todd Pettengill: Alright folks, now let’s go to a commercial break, but when we return, The British Bulldog and Bam Bam Bigelow will go one-on-one! Stay tuned!


James E. Cornette gained overness from this segment.


British Bulldog w/Jim Cornette vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Not much of a great match here. Bulldog went right after Bigelow with some stiff forearms right to the back, and some crazy-looking right hands. Initially, Bulldog looked overpoweringly dominant, and led the way for the most of the match. The turning point of the bout came when Bulldog grabbed Bigelow on his shoulders to hit a maneuver, but Bam Bam reversed his attempt by shifting all his weight and collapsing on him. Bigelow climbed to the second rope, and attempted to hit a Diving Headbutt, but lost his balance and fell headfirst on the mat. Bulldog realized Bigelow was out cold, and instead of performing his trademark Powerslam, he simply covered him with one arm. Needless to say, he got the victory. After the match, while Bulldog and Cornette were celebrating, The Undertaker made his way to the ring, and stared at Bulldog for a while before hitting a huge Tombstone Piledriver on him. Cornette looked on, confused, as Superstars went off the air with Bulldog out cold in the middle of the ring.

British Bulldog def. Bam Bam Bigelow by pinfall.

(72 – 70 – 75)

[Fade to black]

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Monday, 18 September 1995

WCW’s new flagship show, Monday Nitro on TNT managed to defeat WWF’s Monday Night RAW on USA, in their first ever head-to-head ratings battle. Nitro achieved a 6.05 rating, while RAW scored just a 5.61 rating. Even as the difference between both numbers isn’t that much, this is certainly a bad sign for the WWF, and could mean a strong fan-base loss in the next weeks. Many critics and loyal fans consider that RAW is presenting a much weaker product in comparison with Nitro, because of the lack of star power and innovative storylines in the promotion. Moreover, lots of people think the “squash-matches” on RAW are not necessary anymore, as the WWF has enough airtime to promote their top workers in regular bouts. This week’s edition of Nitro included the debut of “The Extremists” Sabu and Cactus Jack, the shocking announcement of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper arriving to the company, and Lex Luger challenging Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Championship in the Main Event. Here are the results from both shows:

WWF Monday Night RAW

Marty Jannetty def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Owen Hart def. Avatar

The 1-2-3 Kid def. Dean Douglas

Sycho Sid def. Shawn Michaels by DQ

WCW Monday Nitro

The Bluebloods def. The Extremists by DQ

Sting def. Paul Orndorff

Randy Savage def. Scott Norton

Hulk Hogan def. Lex Luger to retain the WCW World Title

In a shocking turn of events, WCW has stolen “Rowdy” Roddy Piper from the World Wrestling Federation. Piper, who was working for the WWF with an open agreement, began negotiations with WCW last week, and signed a written contract just hours before the live broadcast of Nitro last Monday night. WCW acknowledged Piper’s signing by airing a vignette in their broadcast to promote his debut.

In response to Piper’s signing with WCW, WWF has offered a written contract to Lord Steven Regal, who is still contractually linked to WCW. Regal has still one month remaining in his contract with WCW, and there’s still no word yet if he’ll accept WWF’s offer.

WWF Superstars garnered a 4.77 rating last Saturday night, overshadowing once again WCW Saturday Night (2.12), SMW TV (0.62), and USWA TV (1.62).

In addition to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, WCW has announced more signings to their roster; Rick Steiner, The Honky Tonk Man, Jushin Liger, Rick Rude, Iceman King Parsons, Terry Funk and Jimmy Snuka have all agreed to join the promotion.

In an effort to improve their tag team division, as well as their roster, the WWF has rehired “Dr. of Desire” Tom Pritchard and “Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray to reform the team known as “The Heavenly Bodies”. Both performers will be heading to USWA before being called up to the main roster. Also, Taz, a well-known independent worker, has agreed to join the promotion’s development camp.

In other WWF news, our sources have reported that the company is trying to get a new TV show on nation wide television. The promotion has already started negotiations with NBC for a Wednesday night timeslot.

Reportedly, the WWF booking team is planning to strip Diesel out of the WWF Championship as soon as possible. This is mainly due to the poor buyrates and low attendance levels the WWF has been having since Diesel won the title.

Turn the page to see the official RAW preview, provided by the WWF (there may be references to kayfabe)...

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Enjoying this, but a quick sticking point: I think Taz was still wrestling largely as The Tazmaniac around this time. Nitpicky, I know, but just something I noticed. You're doing a great job; loved your '96 and loving what you're doing here. '95 is a hard era to write because the product was just so... so awful. You're doing it up right here. Bravo.

(Incidentally, I wonder if you'll keep Taz as Taz or The Tazmaniac when he enters WWF or if you'll go the prophetic "Tazz" route. Copyright issues and all. Yar! ;) )

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IPB Image


We’re less than a week from In Your House 3, and tonight’s RAW edition will definitely be a huge preview for what’s going to happen this Sunday night!

Tonight on RAW, you’ll see Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the arrogant newcomer, taking on “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon. Can Helmsley survive against one of the most popular superstars in the World Wrestling Federation?

Last Saturday night on Superstars, The Undertaker made a surprise appearance, assaulting The British Bulldog after his match, and tonight on RAW, “The Phenom” will face his old nemesis, Kama. Will he explain his recent actions on The Bulldog? Tune in to find out!

The Smoking Gunns, Billy and Bart, will square off against the high-flying combination of Skip and Hakushi in tag team action.

Finally, in our Main Event, the WWF Champion, “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel will face Yokozuna in a non-title match, less than a week prior to their “Triple Header” match at In Your House. Anything can happen when these two big men collide!

Plus, Shawn Michaels, Sycho Sid and Bret “Hitman” Hart will be making appearances as well.

Don’t miss Monday Night RAW, tonight, only on USA!

Scheduled Matches:

- Razor Ramon vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

- The Smoking Gunns vs. Skip and Hakushi

- The Undertaker vs. Kama

- Diesel vs. Yokozuna

Edited by UltraBill
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I am still impressed by your diary, I'm still reading. I don't know what it is, it's just something about your layout that makes me want to keep reading. And as for the upcoming RAW, I can't wait to see what happens in the Razor/Helmsley bout, having him lose to Marty Jannetty and then beat Razor could make Razor look a little weak but Helmsley would benefit, so do whatever you gotta do.

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IPB Image

WWF Monday Night RAW

From: Canton, Ohio

Play-by-Play: Vince McMahon

Color Commentary: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Air Date: 9/18/95

Taped Previously

“The World Wrestling Federation, for over fifty years the revolutionary force in Sports Entertainment.”

[Monday Night RAW kicks off with a short recap of the recent events from last week, and then the opening credits are shown. The camera heads into the arena, where Hunter Hearst Helmsley is making his entrance. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler quickly hype tonight’s show before we immediately move to the action.]

Razor Ramon vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Razor got an impressive pop from the moment his music hit the arena. Helmsley and Razor’s matching styles managed to turn a plain average brawl into an exciting technical match. Hunter looked quite motivated to win the bout, but shortly after his self-centered attitude began overshadowing his desire to compete. Helmsley went quickly after Razor right after the bell had rung, and actually looked like he was going to get an easy win, but Razor fought back after every attempt from Hunter to take him down. Eventually, the blueblood got desperate and pissed off, which gave Razor the opportunity to finally outmatch him. After a while exchanging fists, Hunter once again gained an advantage by raking Razor’s eyes, and went for the Pedigree, but Razor escaped the move, kicked Hunter in the gut, and lifted him up for the Razor’s Edge, but Dean Douglas ran to the ring to beat up Razor, causing the DQ. Helmsley also wanted a piece of “The Bad Guy”, and joined Douglas in his assault. The 1-2-3 Kid and Savio Vega eventually came down to help Razor, but the damage was already done.

Razor Ramon def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley by DQ.

(78 – 73 – 84)

Dudes with friction?

[After Razor is taken out of the ring, Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler advertise this Sunday’s PPV, especially the “Triple Header” match (which is, thus far, the only scheduled match for the event). Todd Pettengill is shown backstage standing with the WWF Champion, Diesel, and the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels.]

Todd Pettengill: Alright folks, I’m here backstage with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. Now, Diesel tonight, just six days away from the “Triple Header” match at In Your House 3, you’ll have to take on Yokozuna in a non-title match. What are your thoughts on this?

Diesel: Well, there’s no doubt about it, Yokozuna is big, actually, Yokozuna is huge, but “Big Daddy Cool” is also a big man, and most importantly, he’s the WWF Champion. Tonight, Yokozuna, you’re going to have a little preview of what will happen to you and Bret Hart’s brother at In Your House!

Todd Pettengill: Shawn, last week on RAW, you had your match against Sycho Sid practically won, but Yokozuna came down the aisle and helped him get the victory. Then, Yokozuna continued his attack, but eventually Diesel came down and cleaned house. Do you feel ready to defend your Intercontinental Championship against that 500 pounds man and Owen Hart?

Shawn Michaels: Todd, I was born ready! Everybody knows that “The Heartbreak Kid” will walk out the winner, and as both the Intercontinental Champion and one half of the World Tag Team Champions. Hey, I’m not trying to be arrogant, I’m not trying to be cocky, but as long as this big man is watching my back, I will always turn out the winner! And of course, Diesel is always watching my back!

[Diesel looks at Shawn quite upset.]

Diesel: Hey, whoa, whoa, Shawn, what do you mean with “watching your back”? Are you saying I have to do all the dirty work for you? You prefer to leave the big man behind you instead of letting him showcase his abilities in the ring, huh?

[shawn looks on confused.]

Shawn Michaels: No, not at all, I… come on, dude! Why are you so upset?! I mean, it was just a comment…

Diesel: Hey, if you had said so last year, I wouldn’t be bothered, but now things are different, I’m the WWF Champion, I’m not your bodyguard anymore, so don’t come up saying I have to watch your back, ‘cause I’m not going to do it all the time!

Shawn Michaels: “Big D”, you are my friend, right? Sometimes I expect you to come down that aisle and help me beat the living stuff out of someone. So what?

Diesel: Look, the last thing we need right now is tension between us, you don’t want to lose your title this Sunday night, and neither do I. But you’re a big boy now, I don’t need you to watch my back, so I don’t understand why should I watch yours, okay? Mind your own business, and I’ll mind mine, that way, we’re both cool. Alright?

Shawn Michaels: Right, if that’s what you want, that’s fine by me, therefore, I won’t be in your corner when you’re facing Yokozuna tonight. You’re right, we need to focus, we need to get our heads straight in order to retain our titles this Sunday night. “Big D”, good luck in your match tonight, but I won’t be there, if that’s fine with you.

Diesel: Good, that’s good. I’m going to take care of Yokozuna tonight, that way you can go after Owen later on.

Shawn Michaels: Fine, let’s get out of here.

[both men leave the interview area, and head backstage.]

Todd Pettengill: Alright, there seems to be some sort of tension growing between Diesel and Shawn Michaels, but for now, let’s go to a break, but when we’re back, Skip and Hakushi face The Smoking Gunns.



[We’re back on RAW. Skip and Hakushi are already standing in the ring, waiting for their opponents.]

The Smoking Gunns vs. Skip and Hakushi w/Sunny

Despite being teaming up for the very first time, and having some issues in the past, Hakushi and Skip matched pretty well as a team, and held the advantage early on, since Skip attacked Bart before the match had started. Bart began to recover, though, and hammered away on Skip with some solid right hands, leaving him without any opportunity to provide offense. Skip would continue to get beaten up by his much bigger opponents for the majority of the bout, until Hakushi was able to get the tag. Hakushi quickly smashed Bart’s head with a series of martial arts kicks, and attempted to hit a Standing Moonsault, but Bart caught him in the air and Powerslammed him. Billy tagged in, and climbed the top rope to connect a Flying Leg Drop, followed by a cover for the victory. The Gunns celebrated afterwards while Skip and Hakushi argued outside the ring.

The Smoking Gunns def. Skip and Hakushi by pinfall

(69 – 57 – 82)

He’s coming…

[We’re taken to a video package, hyping the debut of Goldust. The vignette, once again, in a 16:9 aspect ratio, shows Goldust standing in front of a silver background, wearing his usual hairpiece and long robe.]

Goldust: (Sniff). He’s coming, he’s coming… this Sunday night at In Your House, a shining star will rise… the premiere… the debut… of… (Sniff) Goldust!

[The package fades to black with a close-up of Goldust.]


The traitor will Rest in Peace!

[We return to ringside, and the camera moves to the announce table. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler present us a footage from last Saturday night on Superstars, when The Undertaker came out of nowhere and attacked The British Bulldog after his match with Bam Bam Bigelow. They take us backstage, where The Undertaker is standing in a dark room accompanied by his manager Paul Bearer.]

Paul Bearer: Oh yes, oh yes! British Bulldog, you dared to prove this entire federation by turning your back on our WWF Champion, but unfortunately, you haven’t met the man who has carried this company on his shoulders for over five years! The Undertaker! The Phenom will show you what we do with defectors like you here. Oh yes, oh yes! It’s time to meet your maker Bulldog, it’s time to meet My Undertaker! Oh, yes!

The Undertaker: British Bulldog… when you decided to show your true colors… you didn’t realized you had sealed your own destiny… Bulldog, when you assaulted Diesel, you didn’t just betray the WWF Champion, you also awakened a sleeping beast, you fuelled the extinguished flame laying inside The Deadman! You’re going to pay a heavy price… Mark my words, the turncoat will be buried alive… and my creatures of the night will feast upon his rotting corpse. The Phenom has spoken… British Bulldog… you will rest in peace!

Paul Bearer: British Bulldog, look closely at what My Undertaker is going to do with Kama tonight, because that’s exactly what he’s going to do with you! Someone should start digging your grave, oh yes!



The Undertaker vs. Kama w/Ted DiBiasse

The Undertaker received an amazing standing ovation when he made his way to the squared circle. Even though Kama is known to be one of the few men capable of putting on a fight against “The Deadman”, this time he was totally squashed. For over ten minutes, he was manhandled by a furious Undertaker, who showed a more intense and aggressive style. The end of the bout came when The Undertaker performed the Tombstone Piledriver on an almost unconscious Kama to get the victory. His celebration was short-lived, however, as The British Bulldog ran in to confront him. The two powerhouses stared down in the middle of the ring, with Bulldog looking quite scared. The Undertaker began driving some right hands, but Bulldog fought back and eventually managed to deliver the Powerslam. Bulldog quickly left the ring, but The Undertaker sat up and ran backstage to get some payback.

The Undertaker def. Kama by pinfall.

(71 – 75 – 65)

The Hitman and The Sycho

[As Kama and DiBiasse leave the ring, the announcers comment the recent confrontations between Sycho Sid and Bret “Hitman” Hart. Bret’s theme hits the arena, and the crowd gets on their feet as the former WWF Champions steps inside the ring, with a microphone in hand.]

Bret Hart: You know, is sad to look on some people back there in the locker room that doesn’t have any respect for nobody. Sycho Sid can brag all he wants about how dominant and powerful he has proven to be in the WWF, but Sid, whatever you do, you better not underestimate me. Sid, you are a big guy, you’re impressive, but you should take a good, long look at my record. You have had your little Million Dollar Corporation and that scumbag Ted DiBiasse always backing you up, while I, on the other hand, prefer to shine on my own. Still, neither Dibiasse nor anybody will stop me from putting you in the Sharphooter. I’m the “Excellence of Execution”, every single wrestler I’ve faced in the WWF has found out the hard way that I’m truly “The Hitman”, because I don’t duck anybody. Sid, you may be seven feet tall, but once I get you in the ring, I’ll bring you down to my size. You want to challenge me to a match? You want to take on “The Hitman one-on-one? You got it! Now get your a$% out here!

[bret drops the mic and waits for a moment. Sid comes from behind the R-A-W letters, joined by his manager Ted DiBiasse. He laughs in a psychotic manner before addressing “The Hitman”.]

Sycho Sid: Hitman! Hitman! You don’t have a clue of what you have just gotten into! You don’t realize the power of Sycho Sid! You simply can’t understand that I’m the master and the ruler of the world! Now, I’m “the best there is”! And I’m going to prove it against you this Sunday night at In Your House 3! It will be Sycho Sid versus “The Hitman”, one-on-one! The score will be settled in less than a week, Bret!

Bret Hart: Oh yeah, how about settling the score right now?

[bret Hart goes running where Sid is, and the two exchange some furious fists before a bunch of referees come from the back to separate them. We head to a break shortly after.]



Diesel vs. Yokozuna w/Jim Cornette

In terms of quality, this was quite a boring match, with a slow pace and just a few big spots, but because of the hype and the events from past weeks, the crowd got pumped-up for this one. Diesel walked into the ring with a good ovation, but there were no signs of Shawn Michaels. Yoko stared at Diesel, and then both men slowly started to brawl in the middle of the ring. Yokozuna’s much slower speed helped Diesel gain and advantage at first, but when the WWF Champion tried to Slam the former sumo fighter, Yoko’s body collapsed on him, turning the tide. Yokozuna proceeded to practically destroy “Big Daddy Cool”, keeping him down with a series of splashes and hard-hitting leg drops. By the end of the bout, Yokozuna climbed the second rope to hit his Banzai Drop, but Cornette convinced him to change his mind and go to the top rope. Unfortunately, Yoko slipped, and fell right to the canvas. Diesel got back on his feet, and pinned Yoko to get the victory. The fans went wild as Diesel celebrated his victory, but Owen Hart ran in and knocked Diesel out with the Enzuigiri. Yoko, Owen and Cornette continued to beat the living hell out of Diesel as we went off the air with the announcers constantly asking, “Where’s Shawn Michaels?”.

Diesel def. Yokozuna by pinfall.

(82 – 87 – 71)

[Fade to black.]

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