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Ok, so I'm buying an Xbox 360 tomorrow, because I've seen one cheap. But, I was originally waiting for Smackdown to be released before I bought one. As that's a month away, I need something to fill the void. I'm leaning towards Dead Rising, but I wondered what other people thought, as I don't read a lot of games magazines.


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Hitman: Blood Money.

Its the only XBox 260 game I've really gotten into so far, though I am yet to play Oblivion, I've been waiting for a chunk of free-time to play it.

Oh, and Top Spin 2 is fairly fun in multi-player, and if your a tennis fan you should enjoy it.

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I hear good things about Oblivion; it's apparently got a ton of playtime in it and since games are $60, the more playtime you can get, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

Hopefully you're getting the 360 new; if you're getting it used there's probably a 80% chance it's busted (as I found out)

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