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Joss Whedon to take over from Brian K. Vaughan on Runaways


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Joss Whedon To Take Over Runaways

Runaways fans have been in a panic since Brian K. Vaughan announced last week that he and artist Adrian Alphona would be leaving the title they started after issue #24. But great news has arrived as Vaughan has helped handpick his successor, the superstar writer behind the best-selling Astonishing X-Men – Joss Whedon.

Joss has long been a fan of the series started by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. He even wrote a piece of fan mail, which has since been collected in the Runaways Vol. 1 HC, where he implored Marvel to continue the series when he learned that the series was going to end at issue #18.

Runaways soon returned with a second volume and the title has continued to be a favorite of fans and critics to this day.

Joss's first issue will be Runaways #25 when he is joined by new regular artist Michael Ryan (New Excalibur). Whedon and Ryan plan on taking these left coast heroes and expanding upon the solid foundation already laid down by Vaughan, Alphona, Miyazawa, and Norton.

Don't dare miss Runaways #25 as Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan take over the title for an exciting new chapter in the lives of the Runaways. And be sure to continue to pick up the title as Vaughan's tremendous run comes to a close, leading into the new team's first issue. He's recently killed one of the Runaways…will everyone make it to issue #25?

Source: Marvel.com

I know there's a lot of fans of Runaways here, so here's some news.

I was upset when I heard that Whedon was finishing on Astonishing X-Men soon, but thank god he's still going to be writing Marvel comics. I've been meaning to read Runaways comics, and this just made up my mind straight up.

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Runaways is probably the only Vaughan title I haven't been able to get into, as I love both Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina, but Joss writing it is more than enough to get me to give it another chance. Fucking awesome to hear that Joss is going to making time for an ongoing title in his life, although he'll be missed on Astonishing.

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