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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix?


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Kingdom Hearts II : Final Mix is rumoured to be in production. Scans from V-Jump magazine surfaced showing the first armored knight from the secret movie (Sunset Horizons) partly unmasked.

This hints at a very possible new secret movie at the end of Final Mix.

This also hints that there could be a third Kingdom Hearts game, as Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix was released in order to make the transition from Kingdom Hearts I to Kingdom Hearts II/Chain Of Memories, depending on which you played.

Final Mix will most likely follow in the same vein as the original KH:FM, having the English voices/dubbing but all text and subtitles in the original Japanese.

Interpretations from old interviews suggest the possibility of Mushroom Heartless, Zexion's weapon finally being revealed, possibly the contents of Mickey's letter, and from the scan it seems that Chain Of Memories card battles may occur in the Coliseum.

Well, this makes me rather happy, it's pretty much a confirmation for me that there will be a third game, which makes me squee so, so much.

Oh, poor Benji, it shall never stop...

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