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Reily in "non-power-metal-band-liking" shocker.

Farmer Reil

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So yeah, while listening to WoWRadio last night, I had a rare outburst of open-mindedness and decided I actually really like VNV Nation.

Now, since they're not power metal, I have no idea what their genre is called, but since they kinda sound a bit like Rammstein I'm calling them Industrial for now :shifty:

So recomendations for other similar bands kkplx?

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The genre is called EBM or Futurepop depending who you talk to.

Apoptygma Berzerk

Assemblage 23

Cesium 137


Front 242

Icon of Coil

Lux Voltaire



That'll be a good start.

Also online radio!



It's hard to believe I haven't really listened to the genre in almost 2 years yet still hold on such a great knowledge of it.

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