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Halo Wars


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I saw it and this alone may get me to finally get a 360, I love RTS and when you throw a game like Halo into the mix it should be loads of fun. Hopefully Halo doesn't turn into one of those games that they try to stem everything from though and it gets incredibly over done.

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Love Halo. Hate this idea.

As mentioned, RTS on a console = shit. See that LOTR game that came out for the 360 (I thought it was shit, anyways).

Cheapens the Halo franchise as a whole. If they were going to make a prequel, it should have been an FPS. Or maybe even as FPS/RPG hybrid.

I had another good reason, but I forgot it. I think it was probably going to be about it not making sense, with the millions of Spartans, etc.

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