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Friday Night Lights


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So, anyone checked it out yet? We've had three episodes so far, I've loved them all.

It's not a huge carry on from the movie which is good, but so far it does seem that the basic characters are the same (the cocky running back, the backquaterback with the crazy grandmother (in the movie it was the starter) the drunk running/fullback, etc)


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I have to admit, I'm a bit biased as I live in Texas, and played HS and College ball here as well.

That said, I don't see why people say that the film sucks. Sure, it isn't a landscape changing documentary, or a blockbuster by any means. It wasn't supposed to be either. It was a re-telling/screen adaption of a writers personal/first hand account of what he saw when he went to Texas to find out for himself what the big deal was (Friday nights in Texas are known nationally as damn near religious days).

The movie was a pretty good adaption of the book, with very little 'hollywooding' .... I've read the book, so yes I know.

What were you expecting it to be ? or, what were you expecting from it ?

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I watched it, but I didn't like it for lack of realism...nothing is how HS football really is, except the players to a certain extent. But the acting is dece, it's just to overall presentation of HS football that I don't like. It's the only pure version of the game left, I just hope it remains so.

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