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The WWE: A Continued Story

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Note : I would just like to say that my first two shows are not at all like the rest of the diary. The first two shows I ever wrote for a diary are the first two you will read. Aside form that, you can see the improvement I made (hopefully made) as I booked shows and kept writing. Hopefully the first show won't turn you off from reading further.

No Backstory, I'm going to start off the Diary as much as WWE-Like as I can, and slowly start to change it around to how I would have ran it from the start. Hopefully I'm not bankrupt by then....First Show up soon. Any post here is good enough for me. Any critique you guys have for me, lay it on me.

Roster Update High Voltage 3.5

Starting Date Wednesday, 01 October 2006

Top Seller Shawn Michaels at 16%

Most Payed Player Hogan: Making 3.6 Million a year plus endorsements

Best Wrestler Kurt Angle (TNA)

Up and Comer CM Punk (WWE)

Best Indy Worker AJ Styles (TNA/BCW/PWG)

World Heavyweight (90) King Booker

WWE Heavyweight (85) John Cena

ECW Heavyweight (85) Big Show

WWE Intercontinental (77) Jeff Hardy

WWE United States (75) Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team (70) Paul London/Brian Kendrick a.k.a. Londrick

World Tag Team (67) Kenny/Mikey a.k.a. The Spirit Squad

WWE Women’s (61) Vacant

WWE Cruiserweight (60)Gregory Helms


Monday Night Raw Preview - 10/02/06

Edge is continuing to try and chase Cena away from the title, what will Edge have in store for the Champ?

The Undefeated Umaga will issue an open challenge to anybody he hasn’t beaten yet on Raw.

A Women’s tournament for the now vacant Women’s Championship shall come closer to crowning a new queen of the Women’s division. Who will be one step closer to owning gold?

Eric Bischoff will be in the house Monday. Only question is…will Coachman continue to do his job or will the presence of Bischoff distract him?

The New Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy, defends his title against two former I.C. Champions in Shelton Benjamin and Carlito. Will the previous Intercontinental champion Johnny Nitro be able to stay away from the man who beat him last week?

What’s in store for D-X? Vince McMahon is coming back to Raw, and with no doubt that he will have things to say to Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Tune in this Monday night on U.S.A. for Raw.


The First of a New Command….

October 2, 2006

1 Shane McMahon starts the show off by saying a few words about the current Feud they are having against D-X…not the first time this has been done but what the hell…the feud has been going strong in Vince’s mind for a year, why not keep it going. Shane announces Vince from backstage, who comes to the ring and they pull off a promo against D-X. Stating tonight it will be Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch vs. D-X once again in a No Disqualification match.

2 Jeff Hardy© vs. Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin Strong match from start to finish. Hardy Botched a DDT on Shelty, so a few stiff chops came Hardy’s way for the trouble. Hardy threw Carlito out of the ring, and was setting up Benjamin for a Twist of Fate but Nitro and Melina came from behind and got a good whack of Hardy with a chair. Shelton rolled out of the ring in disgust, walking away while Nitro and Melina yell at the down Hardy, who just won the match by DQ.

3 After a Women’s match that actually happened during a commercial break, Haas comes down to the ring after the commercial break…..to no noise at all. No Chants, nothing actually. Haas declares that the fans acknowledge his presence. And nobody cares about Haas at all. Haas tries to get some people to cheer, nothing, so he insults their hometown….they heard it before. Bathroom breaks for half the audience. The Cameras cut to backstage and Haas’ microphone cuts off so he leaves to the back yelling at the ringside crowd while we see Eric Bischoff and Coach arguing it out.

4 Coach gets a good part of the boos while the Newly face Bischoff enjoys his cheers when he makes a point. Either way, they end up telling everybody that Vince is making them both Commissioners until Vince makes a decision on who to give the full time job to. They argue for awhile about how to improve Raw….so tonight, Edge will be added to Cade and Murdoch’s team, while Cena will be added to D-X’s…because it has never been done before.

5 Spirit Squad© vs. The Highlanders vs. Eugene and Duggan D-X just owning the entire “tag division” a few weeks running doesn’t really put too much prestige onto a title. Either way: cheap match, cheap finish. Spirit Squad pull off the win after a three man run in.

6 Edge comes out with one of those Gag balls around his neck, while Lita comes out closer to Maria with a black whip in her hand. Maria looks confused, while Edge proceeds to take the comedic moment out of spot and starts to do a nice shoot against Cena, who walks on screen after a while of talking. Cena looks at Maria and smiles, who looks confused on why he’s doing that, but either way, she’s out of the picture and it’s Cena and Edge staring each other down. With a ball gag hanging from Edge’s neck. Before they could start fighting, which was why I had a buildup…some people come in and hold them apart…also Sgt. Slaughter found a way to make it so he’s the center of the crowd like always.

8 Umaga vs…… Umaga is in the ring, thanks to Armando’s entrance for him. They wait in the ring while Estrada manages to continue to hype up his Samoan Bulldozer, he gets cut off like a heel should be, and out comes……Viscera!~ Well, Viscera and Umaga go back and forth in this match, but the Samoa Joe wannabe switches into the Samoa mindset and starts to crush Viscera. Hell, one thumb later, Viscera is down. The Crowd seemed to get pretty interested in the ending of the match, when all of a sudden….the crowd became quite. You could hear Viscera being out of breath. Anyway, Umaga was getting out of the ring after a second Samoan Spike, he was on the ropes staring at the crowd, with Estrada standing on the mats to the side showing off his prized Samoan when Umaga flies off the ropes, landing on the announcer’s Table.

Viscera’s Tag Team partner, Charlie Haas ran into the ring to help the big man out, but ran into the ropes a bit hard and knocked down the Bulldozer…..Estrada pushes a camera man down so he doesn’t shoot the downed Umaga up close.

9 Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Edge vs. John Cena, and D-X Yea….Main Event Raw right here. D-X continue to WTFPWN the Tag Division in Murdoch and Cade, while Edge and Cena never get tagged in, but both fight outside of the ring, with Edge just having to play the scared heel who runs away while Lita helps. But a Kerfuffle Shuffle Later (All 5 of John Cena’s Moves changed into just two words) Cena comes into the ring with Edge laid out on the corner, Triple H on Murdoch, and Michaels is the beat up face getting taken out by Cade outside of the ring.

Cena sets up Edge with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Lita interferes, letting Edge pull out a low blow. Closelining Cena out of the ring, all hell breaks lose…….


Cue in the Spirit Squad AND the McMahons…that’s 11 against Cena and D-X….I fell sorry for the 11 people I must say….I mean……well, the Spirit Squad (6 Left) Edge (5), and Lita (3 Left) are taken out by Cena alone…and all those guys where cheating.

Well That Leaves Cade, Murdoch, Vince and Shane McMahon….yea. Pedigree’s and Sweet Chin Music all around. Both moves for Vince. Oh yea….Cena gets the pin on Lita and Edge after he gives them a double F-U…something else that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!

Show Ends with Cena, Michaels, and Triple H in the center of the ring with 11 people laid out around them…..

ECW on Sci-Fi

Kurt Who?….

October 3, 2006

1 Al Snow and CM Punk vs. Big Guido and Tony Mamaluke…yes the FBI Well, CM Punk’s squash streak is still on full force. How you say? Well Al Snow is a face, and The FBI are heels…..CM Punk gets the tag in from the diving Al Snow, and wtfpwns the match….either way, Punk gets Guido to tap out with the Anaconda Vice. Trinity comes in and helps out, getting Punk to break the hold…this gives time for Guido and Mamaluke to knock Punk out of the ring and take care of Al Snow alone.

2 Paul Heyman is seen walking backstage with his guards behind him, either way, Heyman says he has a special surprise tonight. Something or Somebody shall happen before we go off the air. Oh yea…and we are going primetime next week, catch us 24 hours after Raw starts.

3 Oh….What did I do? I rehired somebody that the WWE JUST fired….well, we renegotiated with this certain individual and we made a deal…he won’t be making as much, but he’s getting pushed and he’s getting put into a tag team. Who you ask? Our Next Match is now beginning: Test and Knox vs. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer……..vs. Mave N Holly. This match is quite good, many weapons, Test looks badass, Dreamer takes a nice weapons bump. Sandman takes out a Singapore Cane….oh what about the other team? Maven and Hardcore Holly=DROPKICK CITY. About seven minutes into the match, Maven dropkicks Knox out of the ring. Hardcore Holly dropkicks Both Dreamer and Sandman out of the ring, and Test is left in the ring……oh yea, their tag team finisher was just hit on Test…Test gets whipped into the ropes by Hardcore Holly and with Maven and Holly standing shoulder to shoulder…the TOUGH ENOUGH DOUBLE DROPKICK OF ****ING DOOM!

Test is out for the count. Maven makes the count for his ECW debut while Holly did a textbook baseball slide into Knox to prevent him to break up the count.

Yes…that was two tag team matches in one night. The Music ends, and with new music another wrestler comes down before the men from the match before leaves, it’s the ****ing Big Show dammit. They scatter like roaches.

4 Big Show stands in the ring with his Mini-ECW heavyweight championship on his shoulder. Show manages to plug that he’s the only person to hold the ECW, WWE, and WCW titles. Well, Show says that he IS the greatest champion of all time. He will prove it…again by facing Sabu………AGAIN! So Sabu comes out, points to the sky a few times the bell rings after a ref gets down to the ring for this main event.

5 Big Show and Sabu do their normal routine, Sabu does a few moves that start with the word “Arabian” so either way, after two minutes of offence, Show’s size kicks in. Show Chokeslams, Knees, Drops Sabu all over the ring for an easy win. Big Show Raises his title into the air…turns around and out from the crowd pops a familiar Face….


Kane jumps over the barricade, rolls into the ring and clubs Show right as he turns around to see what the commotion is about. Kane and Show fight it out for a bit until Kane gives Show a chokeslam over the top rope and onto two tables that where previously set up outside the ring……yea….It’s Kane in ECW.

It’s not over yet…Kane goes and grabs the ECW title….puts it on his shoulder, raises his hands, and just like that, Kane’s Pyro’s where already setup in the ring, that only could mean…that’s what Heyman was talking about. Kane goes into the back with the ECW Title still on his shoulder.

Back to Show: He is still down…..fade to black on this episode.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown - 10/06/06

- Kane on Smackdown….Kane on ECW? Just where will Kane end up, and will the Big Show be in the house to reclaim his ECW title?

- King Booker barely held onto his title at No Mercy….Batista is nowhere near done with his quest to get what is rightfully his back.

- Mr. Kennedy……Lost?....Kennedy. Chris Benoit Made his Smackdown return last week, taking Kennedy’s US title, what is in store for Benoit and Kennedy this week?

- Mark Henry is getting a shot at the tag team titles….Taking on Paul London and Brian Kendrick by himself? Does he have a tag partner up his sleeve or is he really going to try and become a one man tag team?

- Lashley is disappointed about not getting the World Title, What will Lashley do to get his mind off of the title for now and concentrate on getting a second shot?

This Friday on the CW Network, Don’t change the channel, This and more on Friday Night Smackdown!

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown


October 6, 2006

1 Alright, after some fireworks, we arrive to a very serious Teddy Long back in his office, he talking to somebody off camera, only to show that it is Kane…holding the ECW title. Teddy tells Kane that although he hasn’t decided to sign a contract yet to Smackdown, the agreement was to not go anywhere else for the time being. Before Kane could respond, a knock on the door of Long’s office was heard. Paul Heyman entered the room, smiling at Kane and Long. Heyman announced that Kane was in possession of ECW’s property. Kane must return the belt or things could get ugly.

Kane looks at the ECW title and once again, before he could speak, some more pounding is heard coming from the other side of the door….Big Show comes Barging in and he and Kane have a little face off for old times sake….they don’t fight however…Long and Heyman manage to get their wrestlers pulled back in time.

As Heyman and Show Leave, Heyman goes back into the office and tells Long that both he and Kane are invited to the next ECW taping. Nobody will touch either one of them. Heyman says business needs to be taken care of. Long nods and a bunch of security guards follow Heyman and Show out of the arena and back into a huge ass limo.

2 Gregory Helms© vs. Funkai One sided match…..One Sided as in, Funaki was in control the entire match until Helms managed to slip in a Shining Wizard to retain the title. Helms hightails it out of the ring…..That: was a close call.

3 Lashley is backstage, he’s sitting down, getting talked to by somebody in a white dress shirt, with a tie…A familiar voice….The Godfather?...no….The Goodfather?....no…It’s Mr. (W)Right. Formerly the Godfather, Mr. Wright has made his way back into the WWE, this time coaching Lashley, psyching him up for a match he has tonight, they have a tag team match against Regal and Finlay. And the only way to do things is….The (W)Right way. Lashley looks at Wright like that was the cheesiest line ever…but the crowd bought it, and that’s all that matters. They leave for another commercial break.

4 King Booker is seen holding his title with Sharmell right by his side, smiling. King Booker talks to Sir Finlay and Sir William Regal, psyching them up for their match against the now psyched up Lashley. No way could they lose, not when you have King Booker on your side…..

5 Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit© Rematch time for Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy. This is pretty much an all out reversal fest. Both Kennedy and Benoit are putting on a great match. Kennedy can’t get the pinfall however…two chair shots later, Kennedy lost the match by DQ. Kennedy tries to go in for the finish, but Benoit reverses into a Crossface…Kennedy repeatedly taps, but the match is already over, and Benoit gets the advantage over Kennedy two straight times.

6 Londrick enter the ring in their normal fashion, dancing and prancing around like normal. But when Mark Henry’s music hits…like he made the challenge for, he came out alone. Henry slowly climbs into the ring and stares down his two opponents. The Bell rings, while Kendrick starts the match off, he goes in for an attack on Mark Henry but Henry’s music starts to play once again and Kendrick backs off for a second and Henry leans in his corner’s turnbuckle. Kendrick and London look down the rampway, when all of a sudden, somebody comes from the crowd, behind London, grabs London and Powerbombs him from the apron to the ground below….it’s…….Ahmed Johnson? What the hell did the WWE just do here? By the time Brian realized that London was powerbombed, He got stuffed in his corner with a running body splash straight from Mark Henry. Kendrick went down.

Ahmed gets into the ring, out of shape just like when he left, Kendrick gets picked up by Ahmed, and lands a Pearl River Plunge, instead of pinning Kendrick, he gets up to allow Henry to land a Splash. Henry gets up to allow Ahmed to land a splash…and just like that….the WWE Tag Team titles changed hands…..once again…what did the WWE just do?

7 Back to back Tag Team matches…after the commercial break Lashley and Mr. (W)Right vs. The King’s Court Lashley has his usual entrance with Wright following closely behind, Lashley gets beat down by Finlay and Regal for a bit before Lashley starts to go beserk. Around the time Lashley is about to win the match, Lashley gets a nice Title shot to the head ala King Booker. The Ref didn’t see this for some reason, but either way, Finlay picks up the win, and Mr. (W)Right is next but….Batista comes running down the ramp and manages to chase everybody out of the ring except for Regal…who gets a Batista Bomb for the audience of King Booker and Sir Finlay.

Batista motions that belt Booker has is still his.

Mr. (W)Right, Lashley and Batista, all standing in the middle of the ring, staring down Finlay, Sharmell, and Booker….The show Ends…..Now.

Week 1’s Best and Worst

Best Segment Kane Debuting: Attacking Big Show and stealing his title (10/03/06)

Worst Segment Mr. (W)Right Debuts as Lashley’s New Manager (10/09/06)

Best Match Chris Benoit vs. Ken Kennedy and Largest Tag Team vs. Londrick (Both on 10/09/06)

Worst Match Umaga vs. Viscera (10/02/06)

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Monday Night Raw

More of the Same Raw

October 9, 2006

1 Johnny Nitro vs. Super Crazy Pretty decent match overall I would say. Good chemistry between the two wrestlers. Either way, Nitro and Melina manage to cheat their way to becoming one step closer to the I.C. title once again. After the Match Melina grabbed a microphone for her man, Nitro throws a nice little promo…the more I give him a bit of mike time, hopefully he’ll slowly get better out there.

2 After a commercial break, backstage is where we see a framed picture of Vince McMahon…with some green spray paint over the picture and onto the wall surrounding the hung photo. A zoom-out later, D-X is spray painted over every picture of the McMahons all around….the entire room is spray painted Green “D-X’s” except for one picture…a Stephanie McMahon Picture.

Shawn: “Why not just spray over it anyway?” Triple H “Dude, I can piss her dad and brother off all I want, but I’m banging her.” Shawn: “Good point.”

Triple H and Shawn turn to the camera and proceed to do what they have been doing since the feud started…talk trash to Vince McMahon and pretty much leave Shane out of it. Good promo overall.

3 ”De Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga vs. Charlie Haas The Amazing Haas continues to do his Haas Squash…..except he’s fighting Umaga, so Umaga automatically no sells Charlie’s Haas-fence, so a Samoan Spike later. Haas is down for the count. Estrada motions for another Spike, but Viscera made his way down the ramp and chased Estrada around the ring distracting Umaga, giving Haas a chance to give Umaga a low blow.

Umaga bends over, showing weakness…Estrada manages to see this so he slides into the ring, grabbing Umaga in the process and having them both leave the ring…..That’s two weeks in a row Haas showed weakness in the Bulldozer. Viscera stops to sit down on the metal stairs to catch his breath from chasing Estrada…..

4 A Commercial break later (since matches usually have commercial breaks after them…) We come back to hear something everybody loves to hear “I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.” Lillian announces Carlito coming down to the ring for our next match. Carlito vs. Chris Masters And, Final Fantasy Music begins after Carlito places his apple in his corner. Masters comes down to the ring with his really expensive pryos going off the while.

A Very different Match than before in the I.C. title race. Carlito and Masters, having teamed up, and had matches before, have a lot of reversals, Carlito does a few springboards for some offense, while Masters gives Carlito a running powerslam and debuting a new move to use….a Fall Away slam. Either way the ending of the match is the only note worth pointing out.

Carlito is down, slowly crawling to the ropes Masters is behind Carlito waiting for him to get up so Chris could lock Cool in the Master Lock but…..Randy Orton jumps into the ring, even better, throws the ref out of the ring, R.K.O.’s Masters. And Waits for Carlito to finish getting up…..Carlito does, and turns straight into an R.K.O. Randy gets up, does his arrogant walk to the turnbuckle, standing on the second rope, Randy jumps over, and gets out of the ring leaving both wrestlers in the match down and out.

5 America’s Tag Team, The Most Wanted Tag Team coming to Raw….. A short video is played hyping up whichever tag team…..

6 Coach and Bischoff are in their unified office, Bischoff and Coach have to share an office, they even drew a line to cut the office in half, Bischoff on his side, Coach on his. They are arguing about whose match will be the main event tonight.

Bischoff wants something a bit more fair for D-X and Cena, but Coach disagrees…they decide to play paper, rock, scissors. Coach wins….Coach smiles as Bischoff is pushed off the screen showing Coach’s face. He announces the main event for tonight’s episode of Raw. Mr. McMahon’s special guests and The Spirit Squad vs. John Cena, D-X….and Edge.

Boos start…Edge can’t team with Cena and D-X….he’s a heel! I call Shenanigans.

7 Cameras rush to see John Cena and Maria backstage. Maria looks confused because of what just happened….I mean, what the hell is Paper, Rock, Scissors anyway? Either way, Cena grabs the microphone, while looking at the monitor backstage. Cena covers a few points…how it’ll be Cena and D-X once again tonight…..He forgot about how Edge is his partner as well, but Whoever are the mystery two opponents, Cena is ready.

Maria still doesn’t know why two fingers beat five fingers…Maria knows for a fact five is better than two…..

8 The McMahons walk by Cena about the time he finishes up his promo. Both Vince and Shane look at their Champion, and Vince tells Cena that he’s only teaming with D-X because it’s not extremely fair to have just D-X vs. Four people. With Cena and Edge teaming up with D-X, the match tonight will be a four vs. four match.

Shane and Vince do a bit of trash talking about Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Cena leaves halfway through with a “whatever” look on his face.

9 Cena is the first man to come to the ring, his music starting when Shane and Vince go out to the skybox to watch the main event. After everybody on Cena’s team comes out…Edge has yet to make his way down. The Spirit Squad comes down (all 5) they wait by ringside while they await for the next music to be hit…..It’s The King’s Court. John Cena, Edge, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels vs. Sir Finlay, Sir William Regal, Mikey, and Kenny Pretty good for a Raw Main event. King Booker, Sharmell, and the other three members of the Spirit Squad are at Ringside, with Vince and Shane also not so far off. Edge still doesn’t show up.

The team of D-X and Cena manage to keep the offence on their side, but with constant interfering by All the people stated above, at around 11:00 eastern time, all members of each team make their way into the ring for a brawl, the Ref goes down pretty quickly, allowing King Booker…3 members of the Spirit Squad, Edge (who just now made his way from the back) Shane and Vince McMahon all come down in the ring, looking a lot like the Royal Rumble, except when somebody gets tossed over…they come back for more.

Vince and Shane both have a lead pipe…Pretty soon, King Booker and the King’s Court leave the ring, letting Edge, Shane and Vince stand victorious over their enemies for this night.

ECW on Sci-Fi Preview - 10/10/06

- What will become of Kane and Teddy Long? Paul Heyman invited them to come to ECW, promising that they will not be touched. Big Show wants his title back.

Maven returns to ECW for the second week to face off against Rodney Mack.

Also, A Match to determine a future ECW title shot….Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman all get that chance.

This and more Tuesday at 9 p.m.

ECW This Tuesday, now on from 9:00 to 11:00 EST.

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.. There's going to have to be alot of improvement.

Including, the results. I think you should just do a summary, ending with the quick results similar to what WWE does, and with the vacant women's title, are you planning to do something with it?

I'll be looking at this..

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I just read it and it's good, but I would like to give my opinion on some things.

First, there have been several new signings here and there on almost every show with Maven, Ahmed Johnson, Paul Wright and America's Most Wanted coming soon. These signings are ok to me, but I think I would slow signing a bit as right now the rate is about one per show. You're probably heading that way, but I wanted to point it out.

Another thing is that booking can be iffy on occasions. I mean.. Ok.. I'm really a big fan of DX and John Cena, but 11 people all on them at once (and after a match!) and the 11 people don't seem to get any offence.. hmm. The way the segment was written, really lowered my view of all of those wrestlers and Edge is at least one that could get some offence in.

Also, I'll do it time to develop, but Haas finding Umaga's weakness with help from Viscera?? I'm not a big fan of either, but Umaga is the guy who defeated Kane and made him leave Raw. He's still undefeated and becoming a real force on RAW. To get more offence from Haas?? I don't buy it (at least for now).

Matches, Interviews and backstage stuffs are usually average with some better than others I won't make an extended report on each of them as what I want, for now, is to read them and not comment on them. :)

Shows have their ups and downs, but they are good to me overall. There are some really good things in this and I didn't mention them.

I'll keep reading.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

.. There's going to have to be alot of improvement.

Including, the results. I think you should just do a summary, ending with the quick results similar to what WWE does, and with the vacant women's title, are you planning to do something with it?

I'll be looking at this..

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

ECW on Sci-Fi Preview - 10/10/06

- What will become of Kane and Teddy Long? Paul Heyman invited them to come to ECW, promising that they will not be touched. Big Show wants his title back.

Maven returns to ECW for the second week to face off against Rodney Mack.

Also, A Match to determine a future ECW title shot….Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman all get that chance.

This and more Tuesday at 9 p.m.

ECW This Tuesday, now on from 9:00 to 11:00 EST.

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW in a different Direction

October 10, 2006

1 This time, on the new time of 9 o’clock…We come out to see Kane and Long step out of a limo…even though they get cheered everywhere else…they are seen with some pretty mean boos here in the ECW arena. The Exchange we hear is Long and Kane just having a normal conversation, points covered are….

-Long didn’t know Kane would be on ECW

-Kane doesn’t want to sign a contract for one show until he knows which one is best

-Long wants Kane on Smackdown.

-Heyman approached Kane about coming on the show Last week…but didn’t know that he would be taking the ECW title from Show.

2 CM Punk vs. Little Guido CM Punk continues to come out to pretty a pretty cheerful crowd, Guido comes out without the FBI. The match goes rather well for an opener, CM Punk, although still getting put on the early card, racks up most of the cheers of the whole night. CM Punk wins this match with Shining Wizard. Afterwards though…Tony Mamaluke and Big Guido come out and do a little beatdown on Punk…although he won the match, it’s the Guido’s that are walking out right after.

3 Backstage however, Maven talks about his time in ECW thus far…he’s digging it. Much better working with Heyman directly than Vince…either way, He’s ready for his next match.

4 Rodney Mack vs. Maven An Alright match I’d say. Not bad enough to be a contender for worst match of the week, but won’t be considered for a best of either. Maven and Mack do bit of chair shots back and forth, but after Mack goes for a chair shot and Maven dropkicks the chair back in Mack’s face….that’s when Test comes out and gives Maven a nice Running Big Boot, giving Mack the win….I guess Test is pretty mad about last week. After the match, Test gives Maven a nice chokeslam onto one of the chairs that where in the ring.

5 While the ring is being cleaned up of Maven, Heyman and Show are backstage, Show is really pissed, I mean his face is red and he’s drooling…The only difference between this and a regular Show is the red face. Either way, Heyman is trying to calm him down, But Show wants his Title back…and Kane. Heyman says tonight he has a proposition for Long and Kane. Something that should interest both parties. Heyman does his little devil smile and we get ready for our next match.

6 A Little Three versus three action here…Stevie Richards, Danny Doring, and Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Striker, Mike Knox, and Tony Mamaluke Filler Match…..Richards pinned Knox to end the match.

7 What is this….a car wreck? Mick Foley is in the building! Mick Foley is dressed up…and by dressed up, I mean dressed up the Mick Foley way, still looking like he just woke up. Mick Foley announces a few things:

-He is not in ECW to wrestle

-He is the NEW General Manager to assist Paul Heyman in all backstage decisions.

-Starting Next week, a 16 man tournament will start to decide who will be the new ECW Television Champion.

- He didn’t like the roster that much so the last man in the tournament…a new superstar will debut.

- He showed what the bracket will look like and it’s:

- Each round, the matches are random….that means after the first round, you don’t know who your next opponent will be.

- Mick thanks the fans for listening.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Little Guido

Maven vs. Test

Sabu vs. CM Punk

Rodney Mack vs. Mike Knox

Stevie Richards vs. Al Snow

Hardcore Holly vs. Sandman

Paul Burchill vs. Shannon Moore

Balls Mahoney vs. ?????

8 This match determines, well nothing really, except that the winner will be one more rung up the ECW Ladder. Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman This is ECW, so Rules from this company are implied. Few good spots from all wrestlers. Dreamer picks up the win on Sandman after RVD is thrown from the top to the outside.

9 Directly after the match, Theodore Long and Kane come out to no music at all, Long already has a Microphone. Teddy pretty much says that he was told to come out here before he got here, and he wants to know what Heyman has planned. Cue the music….Big Show and Heyman come out. Heyman has a few things to say in this heated segment…and that being *cough*:

-Big Show vs. Kane is not good enough for any ECW or Smackdown anytime soon. No, Survivor Series is not good enough to hold these two in one ring together either. Big Show will lead a team of himself, and four others into Survivor Series. Kane will be in a

-If, during this match at Survivor Series, Big Show wins, Kane will have to sign a contract to be on ECW. But he can never get an ECW title shot as long as Big Show is the champion.

-If Kane wins, he gets an ECW title shot at the Royal Rumble, but he will still be able to appear on both shows.

-Long doesn’t like it…what’s in it for him?

-That’s easy, Heyman is so sure of the Big Show, if Big Show Loses the Survivor Series match, AND the match against Kane for the title….Big Show will be moved to Smackdown on an exclusive contract.

Big Show and ECW vs. Kane and Smackdown at Survivor Series…..Big Show wins, Kane is exclusive to ECW with no title shot. If Kane wins, He gets a title shot, and can still switch between brands.


WWE Friday Night Smackdown…Only on the CW Network - 10/13/06

- Kane still has the ECW title in his possession, will he sign exclusively to Smackdown? Or will Kane continue to hold out of signing a contract so he can be on both shows? Will Big Show be in the arena?

-Ken Kennedy done with Chris Benoit? Benoit has killed most, if not all of Kennedy’s momentum that would have catapulted him to Raw…now Kennedy is stuck on Smackdown with a losing streak.

-King Booker and the King’s Court all where on Raw this past Monday….Warm up for Smackdown? Lashley, Batista, and Mr. (W)Right take them on in a three on three match.

- Daivari is back…and he says he finally will be able to remove the Undertaker from Smackdown, he will finally be able to remove The Undertaker from Wrestling period….What does Daivari have in store for the Undertaker?

This Friday on the CW Network

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown

If He didn’t get Fired…Friday the 13th would be great for the Boogeyman.

October 13, 2006

1 Another show opening up with Teddy Long. Man has he come a long way since beginning in the WWE as a Ref. But the reason this segment made it into the show was pretty much one reason alone: Long wants Kane and Big Show on Smackdown, so…Long put Kane in a warm up match this week to give him an Edge going into Survivor Series.

2 Gregory Helms© vs. Matt Hardy Helms pretty much owned Hardy most of the match. Helms reversed a Twist of Fate into a Vertebreaker for the win. Yes….he brought the move back. Anyway, Helms grabs a microphone after the match, and proceed to tell everybody he is THE GREATEST Cruiserweight champion to ever touch the title. Funaki comes in and runs Helms out of the ring. Funaki came out to quite a few cheers…hmm

3 A commercial break later: The World’s Largest Tag Team vs. The Pitbulls Johnson and Henry come out with some new music….They are coming out to “It’s Goin Down” by Yung Joc. The Pitbulls come out shortly afterwards and…well the match is just about over before Noble has enough time to say…well anything at all. Paul London and Brian Kendrick come in to interfere, but before either one of them could get any offence, Ahmed and Henry toss both men out of the ring quicker than they came in. Still Tag Team Champions and still Hosses: The World’s Largest Tag Team.

4 Ken Kennedy is backstage, and he is serious at the moment. He says no Benoit this week, Kennedy promises next week will be different though. Benoit has a two win advantage on Kennedy, and next week, Chris Benoit will go one on one with Mr. Kennedy in a non-titles match. Kennedy wins, he gets a title shot with any stipulation he wants.

5 Time for the Dead Man The Undertaker vs. Sylvan Do I need to say it? Squash, but there is a reason for this match…Daivari came out to the ring with Sylvan. The announcers made sure to mention past wrestlers Daivari has managed against the Undertaker…but Leaving out Khali for good reason. Either way, quick match, Sylvan didn’t have a chance. Although after the match, Taker went to give Sylvan an extra chokeslam but Daivari hit Taker with a chair…big mistake I’d say…..Taker turned around and gave Daivari a chokeslam. Taker just flips his hair and leaves.

Although by the time Taker left Daivari had a microphone, still laying down on the mat.

Daivari “You think Sylvan was what I had planned for you Taker? I know your weakness, I said I had a surprise for you, and he is coming. Watch your back Taker.

Taker shrugs it off and goes backstage….I mean Taker beat everybody else Daivari threw at him, what could possibly be next?

6 Simon Dean comes down to the ring with some fitness mats in the ring…three to be exact. The Gymini come following Dean to the ring, get on two of the mats. Simon Dean, with a headset microphone starts to promote his new workout. Called: “The Simon System” using the Simon System, you can lose all that fat, and get some muscle back. The reason why the Gymini brothers look so good, is because of the Simon System. They do a workout and leave the ring with the number 1-800-S-I-M-O-N-S-Y-S-T-E-M scrolling on the bottom of the screen.

7 Kane vs. Chuck Palumbo Wow….two squas….no, Three Squash matches in one night. Who would have thought it? Either way, Kane gives Chuck no offence at all. Quick as hell match. After the match though…Kane throws Palumbo around the ring, a few chokeslams, an irish whip into the steel steps, an irish whip into the barricade, a tombstone on concrete, and a chokeslam through the announcer’s table, Kane leaves the ring with Palumbo bloodied up to hell. The Medics come down to the ring to check on him….Sgt. Slaughter again manages to be in the exact middle of the screen.

8 Backstage while all this is going on, Mr. (W)Right is backstage with Batista and Bobby Lashley. Lashley is doing some pushups while Tista is warming up with a few pull-ups, Mr. (W)Right is ready, he’s ready to do things the….(W)RIGHT way.

9 Bobby Lashley, Batista, and Mr. (W)Right vs. King Booker, and The King’s Court Batista and Lashley want the title around their waist. King Booker wants his title around his waist, Sir Finlay and Sir Regal deserve to have titles around their waist….Batista bombs all around, Spears all around, William Regal and Finlay completely own Lashley with their technical Wrestling, but King Booker ends up suffering a second Batista Bomb to finish off the night.

Week 2’s Best and Worst

Best Segment Mick Foley Debuts on ECW (10/10/06)

Worst Segment The Simon System (10/13/06)

Best Match Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy (10/13/06)

Worst Match Doring/Richards/Mahony vs. Striker/Mamaluke/Knox (10/10/06)

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

WWE Monday Night Raw - 10/16/06

-Umaga is on a rampage, Umaga takes on the tag team of Haas and Viscera in a Handicap match. Will Umaga’s undefeated streak continue, or will he face his first loss.

-Edge and a partner of his choosing faces off against John Cena and partner of his choosing.

-Degeneration X down at the end of Last week’s Raw…will Triple H and Shawn Michaels make a comeback against the McMahons? Or will Vince and Shane manage to continue to ruin the lives of his son-in-law and Michaels?

- Randy Orton attacking Carlito and Chris Masters…..Who will be the Number 1 contender for the I.C. Title?

This and more this Monday on Raw

Monday Night Raw

Raw needs to get better.....thus, More D-X

October 16, 2006

1 “Welcome to Raw is War everyone, tonight is just a wonderful night I would say.” This is the voice of Shawn Michaels sitting in Vince McMahon’s chair, Triple H is sitting down in one of the chairs on the other side of the desk playing Xbox 360. Shawn: “So Trips, where is the boss and his kid tonight?” Triple H presses pause to turn around to talk to Shawn. “Dude, I’ve been playing this new Splinter Cell game, so I did a little mission of my own.” Michaels is like “Wait, isn’t that game coming out tomorrow?” Triple H: “When you are married to the daughter of the Chairmen of Wrestling, you tend to get a few video games in advance.” Triple H flips his head to the corner of the room…the camera following the invisible trail.

Shawn: “Is that a PS3 and a Wii?....Whatever, so where are they?”

Triple H laughed while picking up the controller and playing Splinter Cell 4 again. “I hired an out of state driver instead of their original one….and gave him wrong directions.”

Shawn: “Oh crap, I forgot we where coming on before the song. Come on guys, let us relax.” Now…..Raw starts.

2 The Highlanders theme song is playing for this next match…but no Highlanders. Some Cameras come backstage to show two people nobody has seen before on WWE TV. After the Highlander’s Music starts, Some Cowboy music comes on….and out comes the two guys Dragging Robby and Rory McAllister….Lillian announces them as Chris Harris and James Storm…America’s Most Wanted.

3 The Highlanders vs. America’s Most Wanted Chris Harris and James storm immediately start the offence against the McAllisters. A Few minutes in, Robby gets a hint of offence, but after a Catatonic later thanks to Chris Harris, Robby is laid out with Rory’s head being banged against the steel post outside from Storm. Catatonic plus Referee not being knocked out equals a three count and the usual win for the debuting wrestler.

4 Backstage after the match, Estrada is with Umaga…oh yea, Umaga is ready for Charlie Haas and Viscera…but mainly Charlie Haas. Umaga goes to eat the microphone out of Maria’s hand, but Estrada pulls him away.

5 Johnny Nitro vs. Chris Masters Because of the interruption last week, Nitro and Masters face off to further tell who will be getting the IC title shot. Nitro has his regular Offence. A DDT the way the Rock used to do it…hmm, Nitro is just getting better and better every week isn’t he? Nitro manages to slip out of the Master Lock after Melina gives Masters a nice Crotch grab. Nitro gives his little flipping leg drop for the three count. Nitro continues to get the edge for a rematch against Hardy.

6 Backstage Edge talks a bit about John Cena, the WWE, his high school yearbook, and that Randy Orton is the tag team partner that he chose tonight against Cena.

7 About the end of the promo, Umaga’s music hits, and boy is he ready. Haas and Viscera come out together, both get into the ring on opposite sides, Umaga goes for Haas, while Viscera comes into the ring attacking Umaga from behind. Umaga turns to fight off Big Vis, but Haas jumps on Umaga’s back to lock in a sleeper hold. I don’t even know how this happened….Umaga drops back getting Haas off of him; Viscera get kicked in the testicle area Umaga stands up to his feet, Viscera is bent over in pain……Big Vis looks up to get a thumb jammed into this throat. Charlie Haas gets up to suffer the same fate….Umaga goes down to pin Viscera……Handicap match over.

8 Estrada grabs a microphone and comes into the ring to hype up his Samoan Bulldozer. Estrada motions that his Undefeated Umaga has decimated Raw. Nobody can touch this Monster. Umaga growls even though we heard Jamal talk before.

9 Cameras somehow finding Vince and Shane McMahon….I mean the camera is in the limo so we can see them talk. Whatever…Vince is pretty pissed at the fact it’s now 10:25 and he is nowhere near the arena. He is yelling at somebody….Coach, no wonder why we didn’t see him earlier. He’s with Vince. Vince does a lot more yelling on how in the world could you not find your way to the Spurs basketball arena? Well the limo driver is certainly fired after the night is over.

10 Back at the arena, John Cena’s entrance spans a few minutes, he grabs a microphone to announce his tag team partner. Cena mentions he didn’t have a hard time picking who would tag with him against Edge, the only other person to hold some singles gold on the brand. Jeff Hardy. Crowd Cheers, Hardy’s music hits.

11 Jeff Hardy and John Cena vs. Edge and Randy Orton Pretty good match for the same repetitive stuff. Hardy and Edge were in the ring for quite a while since they work very well together. Lita ended up sliding a pair of Brass knuckles in once again so Edge can use against Cena…oh yea, Edge did it again. Cheat to win is a very common thing Heels to do win. End of Show.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW is getting kind of lame….gotta have more Cowbell

October 17, 2006

1 Heyman opens the show alongside Paul Wight, a.k.a. The Big Show, Paul Heyman announces Big Show’s team for Survivor Series. Big Show’s partners are going to be Test, Mike Knox….and you see, Heyman never said he could only use ECW wrestlers no, Heyman said Long had to use Smackdown wrestlers, but never mentioned ECW. The other two wrestlers that will be wrestling alongside The Big Show are going to be Chris Masters……and Edge. Heyman laughs and the Big Show still looks tough.

The Announcers take this time to remind everybody what the Survivor Series match is about…few things here: 5vs.5…If Big Show’s team wins, Kane will be forced to sign a contract with ECW, but won’t get a title shot while Show is champion. If Kane’s team wins, Kane gets to be on both brands. Also…Kane will get an ECW title shot against Big Show at the Royal Rumble. If Kane wins that match…Big Show will be transferred to Smackdown. So

-Big Show wins SS ->Kane Goes to Smackdown ->No Title shot while show is champ.

-Kane wins SS -> Kane appears on both SD! And ECW -> Title shot at RR ->Kane wins, Show goes to Smackdown, Kane can be on Smackdown and ECW.

Complicated huh?

2 Little Guido Maritato vs. Tommy Dreamer The First match in the ECW Television tournament. Dreamer gets most of the offence in this match…until a low blow, and a Tony Mamaluke run-in…Dreamer got robbed of advancing…but that’s what you get, too bad for Dreamer, Little Guido advances.

3 Test vs. Maven Although the matches were random, these two wrestlers here were waiting to have a match either way. Both wrestlers hit their finishers, both down…Mike Knox comes in and smacks Maven around with a chair a few times till Test regains his bearings. Maven loses, Test Advances, Test and Knox beat down Maven for awhile till Holly runs down with a chair to chase off the attackers. Holly goes to Maven’s aid but the damage has already been done.

4 Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is throwing a trashcan around, dumping things over, camera in his face, an announcer asks him about his loss. Dreamer’s pissed that he didn’t win, plain and simple.

5 Rodney Mack vs. Mike Knox 50/50 match here…Holly comes in and hits Knox over the head with a chair…and then again while he’s down. Holly rolls out of the ring to give Mack the spot for the win. Knox eliminated, Mack advances in the tournament.

6 Video plays over the tron hyping up a wreslter who is in the tournament….See him next week….the Amazing Paul Burchill.

7 Big Show vs. Shannon Moore Although Moore is in the tournament he is warm up bait for Show, squash match written all over it…after the match, man did he go off on Moore. Moore is monster food.

8 CM Punk vs. Sabu Nice, this is a great round 1 matchup…better for the later rounds though, this is a back and forth, back and forth match. CM Punk lands and locks in the Anaconda Vice, but Sabu’s foot goes on the rope. Punk and Sabu trade a few signature moves off, with Sabu landing an Arabian facebuster. Only a two count. Punk gets up, gives Sabu a drop toehold onto an upright chair in the middle of the ring. Punk gets up, grabs a chair, and connects with the now turning around Sabu. Punk goes to the top rope for an elbow drop. Connects and match is over…Punk advances, Sabu eliminated.

After the final Bell, Punk rolls onto the floor with his back on the barricade, with some fans tapping him on the shoulder. Ring announcer Joey Styles goes up to Punk to congratulate him on the microphone, CM Punk says whoever is next, they better be ready, because CM always is. Close out the show with Sabu going over to Punk…for a handshake.

Survivor Series

Big Show/Test/Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Edge vs. Kane, ???, ???, ???, ??? - Survivor

Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro - Elimination

Umaga vs. Charlie Haas - Hardcore

???? w/ Daivari vs. The Undertaker - Falls Count Anywhere

The ECW Title Tournament

Little Guido def. Tommy Dreamer

Test def. Maven

CM Punk def. Sabu

Rodney Mack def. Mike Knox

Stevie Richards vs. Al Snow

Hardcore Holly vs. Sandman

Paul Burchill vs. Shannon Moore

??? vs. Balls Mahoney

Danny Doring vs. ???

Tony Mamaluke vs. Big Guido

Gangrel vs. ???

Rene Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam

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Just read the last few shows to get up to date and they were really good.

That 5 on 5 match involving Kane and Big Show is an original plot and a good way to set that match for Survivor Series. It's the feud I'm liking the most right now.

That last Raw with DX against the McMahon's with a out of state limo driver was also great.

I'm getting into this and I'll keep reading.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown….Every Friday at 8

-Ken Kennedy gets his match tonight, if he loses, he won’t bother Benoit anymore, if he wins, he gets a title shot next week on Smackdown.

-Gregory Helms has been running away from Funaki two weeks in a row now? Will Funaki get a rematch? Or will he have to prove himself….Four way action for a match at Survivor Series.

-What other Tag Teams will the World’s largest tag team take out next? Many choices, two wrestlers who are very capable of doing it.

-Will Daivari show everybody what wrestler he found to take the Undertaker out? Or will he wait till the Pay Per View itself?

-Booker T will be defending his title at Survivor Series…but to who? Bobby Lashley or Batista? This question will be answered Friday.

This and More on Friday Night Smackdown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Get the “F” Out

October 20, 2006

1 Theodore Long and Kane open up the show. Tonight: Long and Kane announce the people that will be fighting alongside Kane at Survivor Series. Long says Show’s team is not that bad, but when you are the General Manager of Smackdown, you can pull some weight. The New Tag Team of the World’s Largest Team will be two of the people with Kane. Kane steps up and announces the people he recruited. Kane smiles before speaking the names of Sir Finlay and Matt Hardy. It will be Big Show, Test, Mike Knox, Chris Masters and Edge versus Kane, Mark Henry, Ahmed Johnson, Sir Finlay and Matt Hardy. Another full match for Survivor Series.

2 Jaime Noble vs. Funaki vs. Kid Kash vs. Scotty 2 Hotty Fatal 4 Way elimination match time. The winner shall face Gregory Helms at Survivor Series for the WWE Cruiserweight championship. Spot fest all around, pretty good match overall: Scotty goes for The Worm on Funaki, Kash gives a low blow to Hotty, tosses him out of the ring, Either way, Funaki picks up the win after a Michinoku Driver on Noble.

3 Gregory Helms comes out around the time the Michinoku Driver is being used. Helms gets in the ring on the two count, hits Funaki in the head right after the count is over. Funaki slowly gets up, but gets knocked back down after a Shining Wizard. Funaki is out, and Helms grabs a microphone. Helms is ready for Funaki….and he mentions how nobody is going to take the Cruiserweight title from Helms, not now, not for quite a long time.

4 After the ring is cleared out, make way for a big tag team….World’s Largest Team vs. Teacher’s Pets….uh….match is over, still champions: World’s Largest Team.

5 The Undertaker comes out before Henry and Johnson leave…but this time, Henry doesn’t want anything to do with Taker, so Henry and Johnson ignore Taker and walk past him while he’s going up the steps to turn the lights back on. Taker motions for Cole to hand him a microphone…to which Michael Cole gets off his ass and gets Taker what he wants. Taker calls out Daivari. Taker says he is tired of everything Daivari is doing. He has tried so many times before, he tells Daivari that its time to give up….Daivari appears on the titan tron mid-sentence. He tells the Undertaker that this time, it’s different, this time, Taker won’t be doing much to ruin anybody’s life. This time, Taker will not walk away. Daivari smiles as the screen goes black and Taker shakes his head in disbelief. Taker is done with Daivari…Survivor Series, Taker is going to prove it.

6 Switch to backstage: King Booker is getting fanned by Queen Sharmell. Booker talks about his title, Survivor Series, and whoever he ends up defending his title against next Sunday. King Booker will walk out champion, and come into a new era of Smackdown as the Greatest World Champion ever! Batista is a peasant…he said that as well.

7 MISTAAAAAH……KEN-EH-DAH!!!!!!................Ken-Ah-DAH! Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit If Kennedy wins this match, he gets a title shot at Survivor Series, if he loses….no match. Great match just like they should be putting out. Near the end of the match, both men are down. Kennedy gets up first, Benoit slips out of Kennedy’s suplex try, but Kennedy drops to one knee to deliver a fireman’s carry. Kennedy holds onto Benoit’s arm however, and locks in a very awkward Submission move. Pretty much a full nelson with Kennedy’s leg wrapped in between Benoit’s arms and head. Kennedy’s free hands are used to put more pressure….Benoit taps out after a few seconds in the hold.

8 Kennedy grabs a microphone after the match to the Benoit who is still writhing in pain, but still getting to his feet. Kennedy tells Benoit that the match that they will be facing off in, will be Kennedy beating Benoit in his specialty. A Submission match! Kennedy throws the microphone at Benoit, causing Benoit to throw a haymaker at Kennedy…Kennedy goes down and then taps out after Benoit locks in the crossface. Benoit smiles as he holds his US title while walking away from the ring….smart move Mr. Ken Kennedy?

9 Backstage Mr. (W)Right, Batista and Lashley are all talking it up. Wright is hyping both Tista and Lashley. 4 Corners match here…tag in anybody. Don’t let Booker win. This match determines what kind of match Long will determine for Survivor Series.

10 4 Corners Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Batista vs. King Booker vs. Sir Finlay Great spot fest, Batista bomb on King Booker, Spear to Finlay, Shalaly to Lashley, Scissors Kick to Batista. After the Scissors Kick, Booker Turns around into a Dominator from Lashley…Lashley pinned King Book for the win. Now, Long’s music plays while he comes out yelling everybody to back off. All four wrestlers are tired and they are showing it. They back off into a few corners, King Booker is on one knee in the middle of the ring, Lashley is sitting on the top turnbuckle of one corner, with Finlay sitting against the bottom turnbuckle of another corner, with Batista standing by the ring apron. Long tells everybody to chill out….Playas. Long says the match at Survivor Series would have been determined by this match.

Long goes on to say: If Booker would have won, it would have been King Booker vs. whoever Booker wanted to face in this match. If Batista won, one on one match against the King. But since Lashley won, he was originally going to have it a triple threat match, but you know what…playas? It’s going to be Bobby Lashley…versus King Booker….versus Batista…for the world heavyweight title. Oh yea, one more thing playas…..Nobody but these three wrestlers and the referee will be allowed at ringside. If anybody comes down to interfere in this match. They will be kicked off of Smackdown indefinitely…..Hearing this, Booker T, Finlay, and Regal…..well, they didn’t take that news fairly well. Batista and Lashley smile….show ends on King Booker’s petrified face.

Survivor Series

Big Show/Test/Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Edge vs. Kane/Mark Henry/Ahmed Johnson/Sir Finlay/Matt Hardy- Survivor (Cross)

King Booker© vs. Batista vs. Lashley – Triple threat match (SD!)

Jeff Hardy© vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro – Elimination (Raw)

Umaga vs. Charlie Haas – Hardcore (Raw)

Funaki vs. Gregory Helms© – (SD!)

???? w/ Daivari vs. The Undertaker - Falls Count Anywhere (SD!)

Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit© – (SD!)

And a Message from the WWE Champion

Week 3’s Best and Worst

Best Segment The Edge interview against John Cena (10/16/06)

Worst Segment AMW Debut by attacking the Highlanders (10/16/06)

Best Match Edge and Randy Orton vs. John Cena and Jeff Hardy (10/16/06)

Worst Match Rodney Mack vs. Mike Knox (10/17/06)

Week’s MVP Charlie Haas

Week’s Dud The Highlanders (promptly fired after their horrible match)

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Welcome to Raw…Is….Jeri..War

-Charlie Haas takes on Umaga for a rematch at Survivor Series. Charlie Haas has some information for everybody about Umaga. What will that be?

-Will D-X be punished? After hiring a different that usual limo driver and making him drive to the wrong place…will McMahon seek revenge on DeGeneration X? Or will D-X put another one over on Vince?

-Jeff Hardy gets interviewed about his match here what Jeff Hardy went through before coming back to the WWE

-America’s Most Wanted debuted with authority. They get put into a triple threat tag team match for a number 1 contenders spot for the WWE Tag team titles. Will the new team of Chris Harris and James Storm come out on top? Or will the teams of Lace Cade and Trevor Murdoch, or Eugene and Jim Duggan get their next chance at Tag gold?

This and More on Monday Night Raw

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Raw is WAFL

Survivor Series in Six Days

October 23, 2006

1 Raw opens up with D-X backstage talking alongside with Maria. D-X did their usual things that got a few giggles, otherwise, they just hyped up at the fact McMahon is too chicken **** to book another match with D-X at Survivor series. Michaels makes a dumb face. Triple H drinks some water……Oh yea, when Triple H and Michaels turn to leave, Shane McMahon came from the front, smacking Michaels in the head with a lead pipe. Triple H manages to get one hand on Shane, but Vince coming in from behind with a lead pipe of his own laying his son-in-law down. Vince and Shane leave with smiles, Maria screams after the violence happened…slow reaction time?

2 Back in the main arena, The Number 1 contenders match for the Tag Team titles begins, with AMW coming out after Cade and Murdoch, and Eugene and Duggan….Cade and Murdoch vs. Eugene and Duggan vs. America’s Most Wanted Cade and Murdoch were slated to win this match, but Harris and Storm said no way. So…Dropkick setup into a Catatonic…Cade goes down. AMW pull out a victory.

3 Cue in the music ”Ain’t no stopping me….NOWWW!!!!!!!! Shelton Benjamin vs. Super Crazy vs. Chris Masters Shelton Benjamin takes the early advantage in this match, taking out Super Crazy’s legs. Masters goes for a double axe handle right in the middle of Shelton’s back, it hits. Masters locks in a Master lock on Super Crazy, but before the ref could declare a knockout, Benjamin comes out with a dropkick to Crazy, knocking Masters back and out of the ring, Shelton picks up the victory with a pinfall on Crazy.

4 Come to backstage…..let me give you the backdrop to this scene. About 10 refs, Sgt. Slaughter, and a few other people in black WWE shirts are around. Haas, Estrada, Umaga, and Viscera are the wrestlers surrounded in all the noise. “He’s a Cheater!” Haas yells, Umaga responds with “ARRRGHGHG WAFFLE!” Estrada yells something out in Spanish, and Viscera goes to about to attack. Haas then says “Come on guys, check out his thumb, he’s a ****ing cheating *****!” Estrada’s eyes go like o_O and he yells at Umaga who then proceeds to give a Samoan Spike to two refs. They go to restrain Umaga, but with Umaga, and Estrada trying to break free, they manage to escape from the Locker room and run down the hallway.

5 Jeff Hardy’s new cool pyros, comes down to the ring, as Jim Ross stands in the ring with a microphone. Jeff and Ross have a pretty nice few minute interview about the past few years, him holding the I.C. title and whatnot. Either way, Johnny Nitro, Carlito, or Randy Orton will not be taking the title from him at Survivor Series, which is in 6 days. Hardy goes out of ringside to huge cheers, not forgetting to high five as many people as he can on his way back out of the arena.

6 Time for some Video hyping up….About a 3 minute video, half of it featuring Bobby Lashley, King Booker, and Batista.

7 Umaga vs. Snitsky Snitsky gets a decent amount of offence in this match, around the time Umaga hits a Samoan Spike, Haas comes running down the ramp, hits Umaga from behind and goes straight for the taped up thumb of Umaga. Haas gets barely any tape at all….but Estrada comes back in, gives Haas a low blow, and helps Umaga get the hell out of there. Haas gets up, kicks the ropes, clearly showing he’s mad. Haas vs. Umaga in six days.

8 Charlie Haas grabs a microphone…apparently this segment isn’t over. Haas calls Umaga to act like a man and break free of Estrada’s leash. But Haas knows better, he knows Umaga isn’t a real man. Charlie Haas goes on to tell everybody that Umaga is a cheater, and that each and every one of his wins should have an asterisk placed because Umaga cheated in each and every one of his matches. Haas won’t let that go down this Sunday. This Sunday, Haas vs. Umaga in a Hardcore Match, if Umaga is going to cheat, why not make it fair?....what’s even more amazing than Haas being in a singles match at a Pay Per View?....A Haas interview right before the Main Event:

9 Randy Orton and Edge vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels Edge and Orton=McMahon’s Lapdogs. Oh yea, this match is a Hardcore match. Triple H and Shawn Michaels end up with the advantage, even though they were supposed to be selling the lead pipe shots earlier on in the night. Spirit Squad, and the McMahon’s run in to do a little beatdown on D-X. Oh yea….one more thing happened. During the match, Edge set up a table leaning on one of the turnbuckles….nobody broke it. During the beatdown, Cena comes in clears the ring….of 9 people somehow with the help of Triple H and Michaels. Edge goes to get out but Cena traps him in and F-U’s him through the table in the corner. End Show with Cena and D-X standing tall once again.

This just in from ECW.com

The New GM, Mick Foley has been talked to by a few wrestlers in the back, and has decided to add four new matches to the tournament. There will be no seeds, the final match will be a triple threat match at 2007's Royal Rumble. The matches at the beginning of each round will be random. The new matches are:

Danny Doring vs. ????

Tony Mamaluke vs. Big Guido

Gangrel vs. ????

Renee Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam

Mick Foley has stated the following: "I have three wrestlers in the tournament that I have just recently aquired since becomming the General Manager of ECW. The only people that know about these wrestlers are their opponents so they have a fair chance to get ready for their match, everybody else is left in the dark. Even Heyman himself said he signed the contract without reading who he was signing. Heyman and I have a past relationship, so he will trust who I bring to the brand.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

ECW on Sci-Fi

EC Double You

October 24, 2006

1 Paul Heyman and Big Show are seen backstage in the locker room to open up tonight’s showing of ECW on sci-fi. Heyman was telling Show tonight was his last warmup match. Tonight would be the final chance Show has to get himself ready for Kane. Tonight, Big Show faces Tommy Dreamer. If Show can destroy this hardcore legend, then Show will have no problem getting rid of Kane and the rest of his team.

2 Stevie Richards vs. Al Snow The Second Bracket of Round 1 begins tonight. Al Snow looked like he was about to win with his head butts, but after Stevie shook it off, a Stevie Kick later, Al Snow was laid out. Richards advances in the ECW TV Title tournament and Al Snow is eliminated.

3 The Next match features a debuting face tonight. Paul Burchill vs. “The Loner” Shannon Moore Burchill takes Moore to the park and back. A C4 Later, Moore is still a loner, and he still won’t be getting any gold soon. After the match Burchill talks about coming to ECW and whatnot, it actually hyped up the fans. He’s pretty good.

4 Hardcore Holly vs. The Sandman Holly got the early advantage, but you know The Sandman, never count him out, Holly goes down after Sandman gets a hold of a steel chair. Test and Knox come in, push the ref out of the way, and give Holly a few more chair shots just for the Hell of it. Maven comes in for the save, gets Knox out of the way, but Test managed to dodge a dropkick that was for him and Maven knocked back Holly.

Referee finally kicked everybody out of the ring Test decided to swing at Holly again, but this time, Maven pushed Sandman into Holly, causing Test to get Sandman, Holly and Maven dropkick Test out of the ring. Sandman gets eliminated after an Alabama Slam.

5 Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer Just like the Pay Per View matches Big Show had with Sabu….Show was pretty much on defense half the match, backing down from Dreamer’s hardcore weapon use. Show hits a chokeslam on Dreamer through a table for the win. Big Show is now ready for Survivor Series.

6 Raw Video recap: Mainly focusing on Haas/Umaga and McMahon/D-X feud. And of course, a 45 second recap of Jeff Hardy entrances/moves.

7 Now, to end the show on a good note, Mick Foley comes down to the ring. Foley talks about how great of a brand ECW is becoming. How good the roster is shaping up. Now Foley has some good news and bad news. Over the weekend, Balls Mahoney was injured in a car wreck and he hurt his neck. The Doctors say the recovery time could be anywhere between six and ten months. Balls Mahoney was slated to face one of the wrestlers Mick Foley has brought over to ECW. Now, since this match will not take place, this mystery opponent shall be moved to the next round. Mick thanks the fans for another great night and the show comes to a close.

Survivor Series

Big Show/Test/Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Edge vs. Kane/Mark Henry/Ahmed Johnson/Sir Finlay/Matt Hardy- Survivor (Cross)

King Booker© vs. Batista vs. Lashley – Triple threat match (SD!)

Jeff Hardy© vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro – Elimination (Raw)

Umaga vs. Charlie Haas – Hardcore (Raw)

Funaki vs. Gregory Helms© – (SD!)

???? w/ Daivari vs. The Undertaker - Falls Count Anywhere (SD!)

Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit© – (SD!)

And a Message from the WWE Champion

The ECW Title Tournament

Little Guido def. Tommy Dreamer

Test def. Maven

CM Punk def. Sabu

Rodney Mack def. Mike Knox

Stevie Richards def. Al Snow

Hardcore Holly def. Sandman

Paul Burchill def. Shannon Moore

??? def. Balls Mahoney (Mahoney was injured, therefore ??? automatically moved on to the second round)

Danny Doring vs. ???

Tony Mamaluke vs. Big Guido

Gangrel vs. ???

Rene Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown

-Mr. Kennedy gets a title shot at Survivor Series. But First, Kennedy declares that he wants a warm up match to get ready for Benoit.

-Daivari and the Undertaker bump heads? Daivari says he still isn’t done with Taker, This Sunday, Daivari’s new wrestler is coming for Taker.

-Mark Henry and Ahmed Johnson take on the team of Brian Kendrick, Paul London and Scotty 2 Hotty. Will Londrick and The Worm be able to take out the World’s Largest tag team?

- King Booker, Lashley and Batista go face to face to face. All three will be interviewed during this standoff. Will this be King Booker’s last Smackdown as Champion? Or Bobby Lashley’s or Batista’s Last Smackdown without the title?

This and More on Friday Night Smackdown

Edited by XwazupwitdatX
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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Friday Night Smackdown

Smackdown vs. Raw comes out soon as well

October 27, 2006

1 All Hail King Booker Repeat X30. King Booker makes his way down the rampway, talking over his wife, Queen Sharmell about Batista and Lashley. Nobody is going to take the title away from King…BOOKAH! King Booker continues to talk for a few minutes putting himself over, and calling everybody else peasants.

2 Right after a little jobber tag match going down Scotty and Funaki vs. Idol Stevens and KC James Good spotfest all around. Funaki gets the pin on James, but Helms came in after the match and before Funaki could even stand up all the way, Helms was already running straight toward Funaki…and well, Shining Wizard to Funaki, and a title shot to the head to Scotty 2 Hotty later….Helms set up Funaki and slapped him down with a Michinoku Driver…Hey! That’s Funaki’s ex tag partner’s finishing move. Helms vs. Funaki in two days.

3 After this match another match. Coming out to Bobby Lashley’s music…Mr. (W)Right vs. Chuck Palumbo This match is pretty much here to get Wright some more TV Time, remember the Ho Train? Bradshaw and Cole make sure to announce the move as the (W)Right Train. Don’t take any train…take the (W)Right train? Get the pun? Whatever, Wright wins this match, Palumbo still having to sell the beating Kane gave him two weeks ago.

4 Backstage, The Undertaker is looking for Daivari. The Undertaker says a few things that get bleeped out on TV. Taker wants Daivari, Taker is tired of these games.

5 Another part of the backstage area, Mr. (W)Right is getting out of his match gear and back into his shirt and tie. Meanwhile, talking to everybody, with Lashley by his side. Mr. (W)Right talks about how it will be Lashley or Batista walking out with the title…Lashley taking over saying something along the lines of “Batista and I are cool, but either way, no matter what, King Booker or Batista will I allow to walk away with any title at all around their waist. Lashley, will be the last one to leave the ring at Survivor Series, after I go corner to corner, with my new heavyweight title grasped around my hand.

6 Kane vs. Psicosis Kane’s last and final warm up match before Survivor Series. With his team announced, Kane just well…he dominated the GTA playin wrestler. Get ready Show…Kane is ready.

7 After the match, Theodore Long comes down and has a few things to say. The Next ECW champion…will be a Smackdown Wrestler. The Next ECW Champion, will not only be on ECW, but he will lead a team of Smackdown wrestlers into ECW. Smackdown will soon be declaring War on ECW. Smackdown will take ECW over, and Smackdown will get their two shows a week…….wait what? Smackdown vs. ECW?....Smackdown vs. Raw comes out in November.

8 Video hyping up the match of ??? vs. The Undertaker….still not showing who the mystery wrestler is, just showing old clips of Taker. One video of the Deadman tapping out.

9 Now, for the final portion of the show. King Booker, Batista, and Bobby Lashley come down to the ring, with Teddy Long already in the center. They all trade insults, they all sign a contract, with, at the end, Bobby Lashley and Batista look at each other and knock out King Booker….will it be a two on one at Survivor Series? Or will the friends really make it a three way match?.....Survivor Series in two days.

Make Your Predictions

Big Show/Test/Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Edge vs. Kane/Mark Henry/Ahmed Johnson/Sir Finlay/Matt Hardy- Survivor

Alright, Kane can't bo back to Raw....so he appears on Smackdown...well apperently he never signed a contract with Teddy Long? Heyman needs star power on ECW...so he let Kane appear on his show. He didn't know Kane would steal Show's title after making ECW's champion like a jobber. Either way, if Kane's Team wins, he gets an ECW title shot. If Kane's team loses.....Kane HAS to sign a contract for ECW, but he can never get a title shot as long as Show is champion.

Also, if Kane wins the Title match.....Big Show will be moved to Smackdown. If Kane loses the title match....Same result as losing the Survivor series match.

King Booker© vs. Batista vs. Lashley – Triple threat match (SD!)

Eh..just the Basic Smackdown story for right now.

Jeff Hardy© vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro – Elimination (Raw)

See Above.

Umaga vs. Charlie Haas – Hardcore (Raw)

Actually, my favorite storyline....Read the Diary to get it <_<

Funaki vs. Gregory Helms© – (SD!)

Same thing as the other basic storylines.

???? w/ Daivari vs. The Undertaker - Falls Count Anywhere (SD!)

Yea..Daivari returned, and said he has somebody that the undertaker could not beat....Daiviari recalled The Undertaker losing to him many years before.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit© – (SD!)

Continuation of the current SD! Storyline...minus Taker.

Message from John Cena

Since Cena and Edge aren't having a match...They gave Cena some microphone time.

Make Your Predictions

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The latest shows were really nice.

Here are my predictions for Survivor Series:

Big Show/Test/Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Edge vs. Kane/Mark Henry/Ahmed Johnson/Sir Finlay/Matt Hardy- Survivor

Alright, Kane can't bo back to Raw....so he appears on Smackdown...well apperently he never signed a contract with Teddy Long? Heyman needs star power on ECW...so he let Kane appear on his show. He didn't know Kane would steal Show's title after making ECW's champion like a jobber. Either way, if Kane's Team wins, he gets an ECW title shot. If Kane's team loses.....Kane HAS to sign a contract for ECW, but he can never get a title shot as long as Show is champion.

Also, if Kane wins the Title match.....Big Show will be moved to Smackdown. If Kane loses the title match....Same result as losing the Survivor series match.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Survivor Series

Smackdown vs. Raw comes out soon as well

October 29, 2006

1 Hello everybody and welcome to Survivor Series two thousand six. Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler are announcing for Raw, Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield commentating for the Smackdown matches, and during the Survivor Series match, Cole and JBL will be joined by Joey Styles and Taz. Our First match of the night, Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit© For the United States championship. Ken Kennedy has been obsessed with beating Chris Benoit. Kennedy was one match away from getting a chance to shine on Raw, but Benoit coming back, and beating Kennedy in a match for the U.S. Title means Kennedy is out of that chance, and Kennedy is in second place, trying to get prestige back to his name.

After Kennedy makes his way down to the ring, during his beyond-awesome intro, he throws in some old school Road Dogg in the mix, and tosses a “and future United States Champion of the Woooorld!” before stating Ken Kennedy……………Kennedy. Benoit makes his way down to the ring next, getting more cheers than the supposed-to-be-heel Kennedy. The Match does exactly what it is supposed to do. Put Kennedy over as a heel, show the fans Benoit still can outwrestle everybody in his way, and most importantly, hype the crowd up for Survivor Series.

-Kennedy uses various submission moves: STF, Triangle Choke Hold, Boston Crab, and the move that was the fake finish: Texas Cloverleaf.

-Benoit’s fake finish was the sharpshooter.

-Benoit def. Ken Kennedy: Kennedy had Benoit up on the top rope for a Superplex…Benoit grabbed Kennedy’s arm, both went down to the mat, Kennedy face first…..Crossface lock in from the top rope, Kennedy Taps out, Benoit Retains.

2 Benoit grabs a hold of his title to a bunch of loud cheers, but remember. First match you want to hype up the crowd, both at the arena and at home. The second match has to keep the fans attention before we get to the main eventing matches later on in the night. Funaki vs. Gregory Helms© For the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Remember how Helms is the longest reigning cruiser champion in the history? Yea, he still is. Funaki and Helms have a great match, Funaki almost had this match won with a Michinoku Driver from the Ring Apron to the outside, but from the time it took Funaki to get up, get Helms up, roll him into the ring, Helms kicked out. Little while later, Funaki got hit with a desperation Shining Wizard, few seconds later, Helms managed to make a cover. Funaki kicked out. Helms got Funaki up….Vertebreaker. Funaki kicked out again. Helms picked up Funaki, whipped him into the ropes, Funaki ducked a closeline, but ran into a spinebuster…Helms didn’t get back up from that move…Funaki didn’t either and Helms was on top of him….the Vertebreaker took too much out of Funaki…Helms retained the title.

3 Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy© About a 3 and a half star match here. Randy Orton and Carlito were pretty much out of the match, just brawling outside of the ring. Meanwhile, Nitro and Hardy had the ring to themselves, free to show why they are feuding. Nitro hit his little break-dance legdrop. Hardy hit a middle rope twist of fate. Nitro got a close pinfall on Hardy a few minutes into the match with a brain buster. Hardy almost got Nitro taken out with a running Hurricanranna. About nine minutes into the match, Hardy was against the ropes, Nitro came running toward, Hardy bent down, flipped Nitro over the rope…right into the back of Randy Orton and Carlito. Hardy raises his hands and runs to the ropes Nitro just bounced off of, and a running Swanton onto the three wrestlers. A Holy ****! Chant started pretty quickly.

Hardy was the first to get back into the ring, but by the time he managed to stand up….which took just about the time for Carlito to roll into the ring and hit Hardy with a Back Cracker. Hardy gets hit with the move and moves out the way….because it’s Randy Orton coming from behind Carlito, and hits him with an RKO….oh yea. Randy gets up, facing the down Carlito next to him and Hardy on the opposite side of the ring….his back against Johnny Nitro, who is on the top rope…..Randy finishes his pose just in time to turn around into a missle dropkick to Orton from Nitro….Orton Stumbles back onto Carlito, tripping over him, Carlito rolls him up for the first elimination of the match. Carlito gets up and dodges a dropkick from Nitro. Carlito ducks a closeline from Nitro, and Nitro is the second person to get hit with a backcracker. Nitro actually bounces back up to his feet, Hardy kicks Nitro in the gut, and sets him up for a Twist of Fate…Nitro doesn’t have the energy to push him away so he goes down. Hardy goes for the cover, while Carlito catches his breath. Hardy gets the three count, gets up, and it’s just Carlito and Hardy left….Carlito and Hardy lock up, Hardy whips Carlito into the ropes, Carlito bounces off the second rope and hits Hardy with a flying elbow. Both men go down…..oh yea, Orton comes back into the ring, Carlito doesn’t know this…so he gets hit with his second RKO….payback for earlier. Orton picks up Hardy and tosses him into the corner. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and signals for it….Swanton Bomb for the finish. Carlito is eliminated. Hardy retains his title. Orton is still in the ring. The Ref raises Hardy’s hand….Orton decides what the hell? And gives an RKO to Hardy for the hell of it.

4 Umaga vs. Charlie Haas This hardcore match, brought about by Haas’ challenge, will be a one fall. Charlie Haas doesn’t get much offence in, but Haas does manage to knock Umaga back with a few chair shots, Haas ducks an Umaga offence strike, with a chair still in hand, Haas ducks a punch, runs to the ropes, Dives toward Umaga swinging the chair as hard as he can, and connects right into Umaga’s head. Haas, instead of making the cover, goes to remove Umaga’s tape around his hand. Haas doesn’t get too far because Umaga regains his bearings, pushes Haas off, and shaking off seven chair shots like it was nothing. Samoan Spike, Haas goes down: Match over. Umaga is still undefeated…although this will be Jumaga’s first blade job in awhile, he still remains a Hoss. Umaga goes on a rampage, and gives Haas a Samoan Spike once more, and a Samoan Drop through the Spanish announcer’s table brings Umaga’s rampage to an end.

5 Before we start the only classic Survivor match on the card, Survivor Series’ theme song is “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed. Disturbed is playing live in the area next to the entrance of the stage. On the titan tron, playing along with the Band features a lot of clips of wrestling over the course of the past few weeks. Batista, shaking the ropes Ultimate Warrior style. King Booker doing the scissors kick in slow motion. Bobby Lashley hitting Batista with a spear with Finlay on Batista’s shoulders. Batista giving King Booker a spinebuster. Finlay and Regal beating down Batista, and then Bobby Lashley. King Booker pinning Batista, and finally when the end of the song draws near, Bobby Lashley pinning Finlay to set up the main event.

6 Now the match most people have been waiting for. Big Show, Test, Mike Knox, Chris Masters, and Edge vs. Kane, Ahmed Johnson, Mark Henry, Sir Finlay, and Matt Hardy Now, with a chorus of “too many men, making too many problems” sets the theme of this match up perfectly. 12 men in the ring at once….And I say twelve because Kane and Big Show count as two. Although I can’t get too in depth in this match…eliminations are as follows:

Big Show elim. Matt Hardy after a chokeslam

Kane elim. Mike Knox After a Chokeslam

Mark Henry elim. Test After the World’s strongest slam

Edge elim. Ahmed Johnson After a COD

Sir Finlay elim. Edge after a low blow and World’s Strongest Splash from Mark Henry

Big Show elim. Finlay after elbow drop from the middle rope

Mark Henry elim. Chris Masters

Kane elim. Big Show After: World’s Strongest splash, Double Suplex, Top Rope Closeline, Douple Suplex. And finally a chokeslam.

Final Survivors: Kane and Mark Henry

Kane, having won this match, gets to be on both Smackdown and ECW…..also, Kane will get a title shot at the ECW title at the Royal Rumble. Kane vs. Show at the Rumble. Until then, they are to not touch each other. Stipulations of that match are: If Kane loses, Kane will sign a contract to only appear on ECW, but he can never get a title shot as long as Big Show is the champion. If Kane wins, he gets the ECW title, And can appear on Smackdown or ECW whenever he wants. Also…Big Show will be traded to Smackdown on a two year contract.

Also to note during this match, after everybody was eliminated, except for Kane, Mark Henry, and Big show, the match was about as long with just these three than all ten men. Big Show got the most ringtime, but a lot of it was Kane and Show fighting outside of the ring, the other 8/however many men had to pull them apart and get them in their respective corner. Three referees were at ringside, the first one was the one to count the one, two, three on big show, but all three refs were knocked out at one point. Kane and Big Show both showed what kind of monsters they were in this match. Mark Henry got more recognition in this match as a monster as well. Ahmed Johnson didn’t get much ring time after veterans like Kane, Matt Hardy, and Finlay noticed he was dragging the quality of a story this match was supposed have told. Chris Masters showed quite a bit, getting the upper hand on Kane twice during this match.

7 Next….the lights go out, a gong can be heard around the arena. Oh yea…crowd goes NUTS! The Undertaker comes out after the mist starts to fill the arena, The Undertaker takes a minute longer than normal. Once the Undertaker gets to the steps, he removes his hood, and slowly raises his hands to signal to raise the lights up. The Undertaker stands in the middle of the ring and waits patiently. One minute and twenty seconds pass before anything happens, the crowd starts to do a few chants, random chants, The Undertaker still waits in attack mode, slowly turning around in circles, making sure nobody is going to go for a back attack against him. The Undertaker flips his hair back when Daivari comes out. The Undertaker stops for a moment, before looking behind him every few seconds…which he does every few seconds while Daivari is talking.

Daivari announces to everybody that the wrestler he brought to the ring has beaten The Undertaker many years ago. Daiviar tells Taker that he doesn’t need to worry about watching behind his back now, its all said and done. This time, the wrestler he debuts will come out like any normal match, down the rampway. The Undertaker will not walk out of this match like he walked in. Daivari’s last sentence ended with the lights going out. A few flashes here and there, the announcers saying this is not technical difficulties. Twenty seconds later, Daivari says “Look here Taker, one more time for old sakes, here he is.” A Man walks out onto the stage, but the lights are still out, he does exactly what Taker did, walk out to darkness, except this man has no music for tonight, tonight he just comes out to the ring with a bit of fog, and Daivari.

The Man walks down the rampway, he isn’t wearing a jacket, just tights, and you can tell he has gloves on. Similar to the Undertaker’s. This man isn’t as tall though, not near the height of the Deadman. He walks to the steps, raises his hands, and screams at the top of his lungs as the lights go back on……

“OH MY GOD!” – Michael Cole…..

…..”This is not Good for the Deadman.” Bradshaw

8 ”The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock /w Daivari vs. The Undertaker The Undertaker seems surprised that his opponent is Ken Shamrock, but otherwise, not phased. Shamrock still unmoved, although much older than the last time we saw him in the WWE…he is much more in shape than ever before. Shamrock still stands on the steel steps, while the Undertaker stares him down from the center of the ring. Bradshaw mentions about when the Ministry and the Corperation had problems. It was Ken Shamrock who stood up to the entire Ministry of Darkness when Undertaker was abducting Stephanie McMahon. Ken Shamrock vs. The Undertaker starts…..now.

Shamrock went through the ropes, the referee was going to say something, but Taker and Shamrock immediately went into the center of the ring and started exchanging blows. Punch for punch, both men stood tall. Daivari on the outside was cheering for Shamrock obviously. Shamrock in the ring was actually getting the upper hand for a moment, but Taker took the tug of war punches back to his side. Then Shamrock ducked a punch, ran past Taker, bounced off the ropes and both men went down with Shamrock’s diving close line. The Undertaker and Shamrock get up at about the same time and start brawling it out once again. Shamrock gets taken back to the corner, Taker blocks a couple of punches and gets Shamrock with a handful of body punches in the corner. Taker gives Ken an arm wrench, gets on the tope rope….Old School, hits. Daivari is screaming at the top of his lungs right about now, but Shamrock doesn’t miss a beat, he gets whipped into the ropes, ducks a punch from Taker, stops running, Taker turns around, Shamrock jumps up, onto The Undertaker’s shoulder and lands a Hurricanranna. Shamrock gets to one knee and screams once again. He stands up all the way, Taker gets back up quickly and gets caught with an arm bar….Shamrock lets go of Taker’s arm on the ground, rolls back, and locks in an Ankle Lock.

Bradshaw points out how he has been a victim of Kurt Angle’s and Ken Shamrock’s Ankle lock, and both hurt like no other. After a few seconds, Ken Shamrock positioned himself beside Taker with the hold still in place, on one knee. Taker was not going to be able to break out of this one. Taker, not going to tap out, lunged forward to the bottom ropes, but Shamrock pulled him back about a foot. Both Taker and Shamrock screaming. Taker in pain, Shamrock just because. Taker lunged for the ropes again and grabbed a hold of the bottom rope. The Ref started the five count, but Shamrock didn’t let the hold go. Once the ref got to five, he called for the bell, and Shamrock still had the ankle lock applied. The Ref tried to pull Shamrock away, but Daivari came from behind and hit the ref in the back with a chair.

About six backstage workers, and Sgt. Slaughter came down to the ring to get Shamrock away. Shamrock let go before they got in the ring, Daivari and Ken walked away from the fallen Taker, who is still screaming in pain. The Undertaker won via Disqualification.

9 Your Time is up, my time is now…. It’s John Cena. After a quick video recap of the Hulk Hogan DVD. John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a massive standing ovation from most of the crowd. John Cena does his “Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY!” Thing and the crowd goes crazy. Like Girls Gone Wild crazy. Cena gets into the ring and says “Da Champ is here!” Cena talks for a few minutes putting himself over, Cena talks about how Edge will be getting his shot soon. Apparently Edge is in fact, the number 1 contender Cena says. John Cena talks about how Edge will get another shot at the title, Number 1 contenders come and go, but Champions like Cena stay. Cena starts to talk about something else but……”Are you Ready? Yes…Shawn Michaels and Triple H make their Survivor Series intro. They use up the whole song too.

Before Triple H can finish asking the fans if they are ready…..”You’ve Got, No Chance.. Vince and Shane McMahon stand at the entrance ramp, each with a microphone. Shane tells Triple H to cool his jets for a moment. Vince does his little strut around the stage. Triple H and Shawn Michaels both have bandages on their foreheads…which Shane and Vince do make fun of for a moment.

Vince decides to get serious and tells Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena. “It’s a good thing all three of you are out here, because I just got an idea.” Vince looks at Shane and continues: “Quite frankly, I’m tired of you John Cena, I’m tired of you Triple H, and I’m damn sure tired of you, Shawn Michaels!” Vince goes on to tell everybody that the reason that the fans do not get to see these three compete is just because Vince is tired of seeing Triple H, John Cena, and Shawn Michaels each and every week. Tomorrow night, on Raw, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena will be in a triple threat match. The Winner gets to compete more, and the loser, will be suspended for the rest of the month……..without pay!

Vince and Shane both laugh while they leave to backstage. The Announcers of Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross mention how that is wrong.

10 King Booker© vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista Main Event time, What can be said about a match that everybody has already seen numerous times? Lashley looks like he’s about to win, as does Batista, but King Bookah steals one. Behind the referee’s back, Booker gets Lashley with a title shot to the face, And then a scissors kick later to Tista…King Booker retains the title. Survivor Series comes to a close with a close up to Batista, who clearly looks disappointed at the outcome of this match.

Always good to get feedback on Pay Per View Shows

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my feedback on this event:

1- Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit©

Good all around. I would change one thing thought.. I would remove the part close to the end: Benoit def. Ken Kennedy: as it spoiled the ending and I didn't like it.

2- Funaki vs. Gregory Helms©

A good close match, not much else to say.

3- Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy©

Longer and needed to be. The 3 RKOs by Orton were funny and it's one of the matches I liked the most.

4- Umaga vs. Charlie Haas

Like I said, I'm not a really a big fan of either, but it was an ok match.

5- Videos

Useful, as it helped remember the storylines.

6- Big Show, Test, Mike Knox, Chris Masters, and Edge vs. Kane, Ahmed Johnson, Mark Henry, Sir Finlay, and Matt Hardy

Could have been longer and written differently as "Kane elim. Big Show After:" spoiled the rest. I would have liked seeing the last 4-5 or so going at it or the writing being different. It's one of my favorite type of match and I didn't get into the actions like the others on the card and not like what I expected. It's still ok, but kind of a letdown to me.

7- Angle involving Daivari and The Undertaker

Really good angle to bring the match.

8- Ken Shamrock /w Daivari vs. The Undertaker

Easily my favorite match of the night. flawless all around. I got into the action.. didn't lose interest.. simply solid.

8- Interview with John Cena

I knew DX would be there. :)

Nice segment and an interesting plot for the next Raw. It got my interest for the next show.

9- King Booker© vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista

The Main Event didn't reflect itself in writing. I got lost and didn't get into it as the other matches. Still ok, but not PPV material after reading the other matches.

I won't give grades on the matches and will instead put my top 4 and bottom 3.

top 4

- Ken Shamrock /w Daivari vs. The Undertaker

- Angle involving Daivari and The Undertaker

- Interview with John Cena

- Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy©

bottom 3

- King Booker© vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista

- Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit©

- Umaga vs. Charlie Haas

Some things itched me here and there but it was a worthwhile show all around and I liked reading it.

Edited by magik
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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Thanks for the reply.

First diary, so I'm still working the kinks out of my writing style. I'm going to end up having normal shows written short, and Pay Per Views written out.

My next pay per view, I'll take everything you said in mind, especially the ones where I say who the winner is before I finish the match.....

Thanks again

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