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  1. File on that page is also 0KB for me. I tried a few others and most seem to work. I'm unsure if it may be a protection on my PC or something that may block it.
  2. For which game? Current ones are: For TEW, TheWho87 has probably the most promotions. For EWR, I believe Bill1996's had more than the current ones. A good place to download them may be: https://homeofprowrestling.com/other-games/wrestling-booker/ewr/ewrrwupdates
  3. Thanks a lot for continuing to make updates for EWR. I've been playing it on and off for years.
  4. It is already available for me at http://gnetwork.reallyhotstuff.net/ so it should slowly be for you too.
  5. I just changed my webhosting plan and had to change the DNS pointing to all my domains. EWInventory since it is currently hosted with this plan had to be changed. DNS propagation could take 24-48 hours. In the meantime, the website is available at: http://eland.arvixe.com/~magikstm/gnetwork/ Sorry for the inconvenience. Stability should be increased in the future.
  6. Just a small notification that I've changed webhost for reallyhotstuff.net yesterday and the website is still getting moved and configured as we speak. I changed host from a linux host to a windows host for the same price, so some settings have to be done and I lost some features. I expect everything to get back online before monday, but it'll depend on my availability. EddiG has been notified and some minor changes will have to be made (my bandwidth limit is lower and files above 100MB aren't tolerated). I didn't think the transfer would be done so fast and I didn't want to pay for a
  7. Did you try http://gnetwork.reallyhotstuff.net/EWR/Graphics/update/PICS.zip
  8. I could provide you some space on my new hosting website. I have a website project in mind, will use it for some personal backups and will use their subversion feature too. It is really not used much now and I want to see EWInventory available. I could provide you: - A dedicated FTP account directly to your subfolder (* or own domain if you have a .com or .net) - Unlimited space and bandwidth (* if it is kept reasonable) I would accept all the scenarios and maybe picture packs, but I would have to monitor the bandwidth on those as my hosting company says I have unmetered bandwidth, but
  9. I'll link to it just in case it is unnoticed otherwise. I posted about several workers you wished to have stats and more information for in NCW Femmes Fatales. Here's a direct link to it: http://www.ewbattleground.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=81266&view=findpost&p=2178112 I could provide more detail and will try to help further. Thanks again for the updates Bill1996. (Y)
  10. I'll try to help with stats for workers in NCW FF. I bought all their dvds and went to one show live. Angie Skye Canadian $3k brawl 22 tech 31 fly 15 over 3 charisma 45 stiff 31 selling 41 Face Old School Face Eve Canadian $3k brawl 33 tech 20 fly 10 over 3 charisma 40 stiff 45 selling 41 Heel Bitch Kira Canadian $3k brawl 20 tech 24 fly 35 over 3 charisma 42 stiff 31 selling 45 Face Highlight reel? (acting a bit like The Hurricane except as a girl) Loue Canadian $2k brawl 20 tech 28 fly 15 over 2 charisma 42 stiff 31 selling 40 Fac
  11. http://www.ewbattleground.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4001
  12. As seen in: C:\Program Files\GDS\TEW2005\Help\stat_pact.html (or in this help file coming with TEW05) What I'll be doing in the 2009 data is set the FCW contracted roster to Exclusive P.P.A. Contracts. This way, they can be sent down to development, they are owned by the parent fed (WWE) and can be offered a written contract if they get recalled. Also, they don't cost too much to get sacked if the player wishes to do so (a bit like a developmental contract I guess?). The only problem is that the player will have to select what he does with these workers at the start of the game as t
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