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Jack Thompson


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I mean is he seriously off his rocker ? being in contempt of court holding up a big sign in front of the judge . and now that he can't get Bully banned he's going after Mortal Kombat Amrageddon because some fans have created him in the game.

The video of him in court can be found at destructoids blog or by going to youtube and searching destructoid. Haven't watched it yet but heard its pretty good. I love the little battle of words Thompson and Sessler had on AOTS's The Loop a while back.

So share your views and thoughts of this guy

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Guest Titocoolace

I view him the same way I view anyone that tries to tell me that something is bad because they don't like it. No real evidence to back up their opinions, just knee-jerk reactions. Obviously, their opinion and tastes are far superior to the rest of us, but we're just too damn stupid to realize it.

But that's general and not answering your question. Focusing specifically on Mr. Thompson, I think he's a jackass, not to mention an idiot. Blaming video games (and whatever forms of recreation he sees fit) for violence excludes two key factors.

1. Most of the cases that he brings forward as proof are centered on young males, which are most likely to commit acts of violence because of their hormones. Now, I'm not saying all young males are homocidal individuals just waiting for the right situation, because for the most part those feelings and urges are channeled in non-destrutive ways. And most of that is done through some form of entertainment or recreation, where no actual human lives are in the balance. If you go back and look at their histories I'm almost certain that these individuals had some form of pre-exsisting condition that would make them more violent, or unable to adequately distinguish fantasy from reality.

2. Slackass parents. Parents who complain about violence in a game that they purchased for their child. Parents who apparently don't realize a game that has chainsaws, blood, and possibly some form of internal organs on the cover isn't appropriate for their ten year-old. Parents who use a machine to educate and raise their children, because they're too busy actually communicate to them. For the most part, it's common sense. Don't buy you children games that aren't appropriate for them. Pay attention to what your child is exposed to, and actually have a damn conversation with them every now and then.

Plain and simple, Mr. Thompson is an arrogant eogist, who tries to convince people that he knows whats best for them better than they ever possibly could. Of course, all this is just my opinion, but at least I'll come out and admit that.

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Video game fans should thank God for Jack Thompson. If he wasn't around blathering on and on about nonsense he doesn't understand, someone with half a brain--or at least the capacity to be articulate without completely isolating himself from reality--might take his place. No one takes Thompson seriously; after the Bully case, it even seems like the courts have seen him for what he is: an opportunist, a fraud, and an idiot.

But thank God for him. I shudder to think of what an intelligent, articulate, level-headed anti-video game spokesperson could do.

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