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can anyone that watched tell me what happened ? I forgot all about it got used to baseball being on tuesday :( Is house still using his cane ? the last episode I watched he went back to using it but cuddy said something about the treatment hadn't had time to work yet.

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Yes. Last night's episode, his cane played a big role. A clinic patient told him he gets away with being an asshole because of his cane. They went back and forth due to House's treatment of the patient and refusal to apologize. That patient ended up being a cop and arrested House at the end, essentially as payback. I'm not great at reviewing shows, it was a very good episode and I'd recommend finding a way to see it.

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Also House gets arrested while riding his motorcycle home. He is arrested for possession.

Plus, Dr. Cameron says: I'm hitting that and it is amazing (or something like that when talking about another girl I believe)

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I missed it too. :crying: I really wanted to see it..

USA Network is in the habit of replaying the most recent new House episode a week after it airs, usually on Fridays - so maybe we can catch it next Friday!

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