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Soul Calibur II


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My friend traded me his copy of Soul Calibur 2 for my copy of NBA Ballers. I'm in love this game is tied with VF4 as the number 1 fighting game imo. I played part 3 when it was released at a friends house and I'll probably buy it for Christmas .

Right now I'm trying to find a character I like and start practicing with him next month a few friends are setting up a tourney winner gets $100.

So far I'm really liking Kilik for his reach advantage but I've been murdered using him against my friend who uses Necrid (will also be taking part in the tourney) hopefully I'll tighten up before the tourney though.

One thing I hate though is , after a few hours of playing this game my wrists and fingers hurt like hell , but thats because I don't have a arcade stick yet.

Anyone else like SC2 or 3 for that matter ?

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I spent some time today messing around with all the characters. Kilik is still my favorite because he has a reach advantage :) and is really fast. Ivy is pretty good as well . I suck with the big slow guys like nighmare and such lol

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Voldo is god, it took me ages to perfect his moves but it was worth it. Astaroth's good for just tearing shit up and he's pretty easy to get the hang of quickly.

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Guest Zeokage

My favourite characters have been Taki (ever since Soul Blade times), Kilik and Maxi. I still need to work on them a lot though, and I''m yet to play SCIII. I hate playing against characters with big weapons, Cervantes, Astaroth, Nightmare and the like. Judging the deflection/parries is pretty difficult.

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