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The Last Train


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Finally got hold of this 6 part special from ITV in 99/00 if I recall.

Did anyone ever watch it?

I remember seeing some of the last episode when it was first released and forgot about it until recently, and finally got to see it all in full. Pretty awesome watching it over again, apparantly one of ITV's largest budgets spent on a show.

Anyways, it was about various people on a section of train heading to Sheffield being cryogenically frozen by some MOD person on the train minutes before an asteroid the size of Birmingham hit in Zambia basically ko'ing the planet. Anyways, they thaw out a some time later to a post-apocalyptic UK and go in search of some underground bunker the MOD created to help humans survive the blast/apocalyptic winter, etc.

Anyways, if anyone did see, what did you reckon to it?

EDIT: Also found out it was also released in Canada and called 'Cruel Earth'.

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I remember liking it at the time, but not enough to really want to watch it again. Thats all I can really remember, baring the crucifiction scene in one of the last episodes. That was cool.

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