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The Amazing Race: All-Stars *Spoilers*


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They've announced that Series 11 (the next one) is going to be All-Star, ala Survivor and Big Brother. It's been confirmed that Joe & Bill (The Guidos) are in, and they reckon that Rob and Amber are in too. I'm actually pysched for this, even if it will take forever for me to see it.

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I liked the midget. Her cousin was fucking psycho though. I could imagine her being the type to still like cuddly toys and fairy tales despite being 30, like that crazy bitch from the Labyrinth film.

I hope the gay team that won Season 4 aren't in it, I'd like to see Chip and Kim though. They were nice, plus The Amazing Race ALWAYS has a mandatory black team.

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Again, I'm just getting this info from message boards (but it's THE TAR board), but people have seen the following racing:

Bill & Joe (The Guido's) - Season 1 (Pics of them racing are actually around)

John Vito & Jill - Season 3

Charla & Mirna - Season 5

Rob & Amber - Season 7

Dustin & Kandice - Season 10


Others that are rumoured

Kevin & Drew - Season 1 - They're apparently missing from work

Teri & Ian - Season 3 - No one has seen them and they've not updated any sites or myspace.

Tian & Jaree - Season 4 - Rumoured to be on especially after Tian's comment.

Uchenna & Joyce - Season 7 - They need a winning team and they've been confirmed by Variety's website.

David & Mary - Season 10 - Gone missing

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Awesome news about John Vito and Jill, they were one of my favorite teams. Tian and Jaree bitched all the time towards each other, didnt they?

The team I really want to see come back is Lena and Kristy from season 6, mainly because of how they went out (they were in second, had to unroll some hay bales and fell to last cause they didn't find one with a clue).

Brian and Greg from season 7 would be good, just cause I thought they were so entertaining.

Amanda and Chris from season 4 would be good, too. Chris didn't realize there was a second floor when looking for the pendants or whatever, and that's why they went out (they were in 3rd at the start).

They should bring back Mama Paola and one of her sons, that would be entertaining.

Finally, Eric and Jeremy from the last season, just because I found them entertaining, too.

I am all about giving the teams I thought went out unfairly another chance :) I am obsessed with the show, so I hope the All-Star version is good (I am signing up for season 12, WOOT {already signed up for seasons 9 and 10})

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What about Zach and that crazy bitch? They won but I forgot what season


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Flo & Zach? I HATE that woman. The guy totally deserved all the money he got by winning, just by having to listen to that bitch. Plus, he did all the work and basically carried Flo all throughout the race. She should have just given her share of the money to him.

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I hate that the midget and the girl are in. As bad as this sounds I hate that the amazing race has teams with disabilities in it. Not fair to other teams when people are like "I have a disability so let me sit next to the door of the plane so I can get out first".

I want Tyler & James (Season 10) and B.J. & Tyler (Season 9) in this race.

EDIT: I would also like two members of the Linz family in.

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The Final Five have been confiredm through Spoilers.

They all reached Malaysia from apparently Poland. Charla & Mirna had a huge lead on everyone. They were followed by Oswald/Danny (Season 2), Dustin & Kandice (Season 10) and Eric/Danielle (Season 9. They're dating, so they changed partners.) Apparently, the last team were a couple hours behind the other three, but they're Uchenna & Joyce (Season 7 Winners), which means both the Guidos and Rob/Amber didn't make the halfway stage.

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So people know, the show has been confirmed to be premiering on the 18th February. The teams are going to be confirmed on the Early Show, either on Monday or Tuesday this week, also. Saying that, the teams have all but virtually all been revealed, along with the majority of the places. I'll just list the teams in the spoilers though, in original season order:

  1. Bill & Joe, Team Guido (S1)

  2. Kevin & Drew (S1)

  3. Oswald & Danny (S2)

  4. Teri & Ian (S3)

  5. John Vito & Jill (S3)

  6. Charla & Mirna (S5)

  7. Rob and Amber (S7)

  8. Uchenna & Joyce (S7)

  9. Eric & Danielle (S9)

  10. Dustin & Kandice (S10)

  11. David & Mary (S10)

    The only other possible team is Kris & Jon from Season 6.

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Yeah, so it starts tonight. Teams are:

# Bill & Joe, Team Guido (S1)

# Kevin & Drew (S1)

# Oswald & Danny (S2)

# Teri & Ian (S3)

# John Vito & Jill (S3)

# Charla & Mirna (S5)

# Rob and Amber (S7)

# Uchenna & Joyce (S7)

# Eric & Danielle (S9)

# Dustin & Kandice (S10)

# David & Mary (S10)

So begins I think at 8PM Eastern. Website is http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race11/ if you need to check. Here's hoping for a great start to the race; they're going to Ecuador first of all.

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I loved Oswald turning to Rob and Amber on the bus and saying "I hear you have your own cable channel now".

Kevin & Drew and Dustin & Kandice look like they are already done with the season. Good to see Mary play a little bit dirty in the first ep too (notice the Cho Brothers t-shirt she was wearing?). Teri showed that she actually is a fan of the show too, talking about "Mirna and Smerna". Hopefully it only gets better from here.

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Eh, this topic has been severly neglected.

I'm indifferent to Eric & Danielle really; I don't particularly care about them, whereas I love all three other teams left; Danny & Ozzy are just so clever and witty, Charla & Mirna crack me up with some of their stuff, and the BQ's own all.

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I have a message for Mirna: These people are foreign, not retarded. Stop speaking so damn slow to them.

Eric & Danielle almost gave up last leg but the non-elimination saved them. Hopefully they run second, I can't stand Mirna and Smerna or Dustin and Kandice.

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