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I'm browsing Play.com and I like the look of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (X360) for £24.99. Then I see the Game of the Year edition for £17.99. So, I'm thinking the GOTY edition could be an expansion pack kind of thing? Its RRP is £29.99 according to Play.com, so is it just an expansion pack kind of thing or is it actually the full game? I want to buy the full game but I don't know whether the cheaper one actually is the full game... if that makes sense >_>

So... help, please.

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On XBox Live Marketplace, there's DLC for GRAW, which is a whole bunch of maps, missions, weapons and so on, for about 1500 microsoft points. It is basically an expansion pack.

The first link you posted was the game, just the normal regular game.

The second is the full game with the expansion pack already in it. I think it's something like £12 to download it from XBL, so you're getting it a pretty good deal here. It's labeled Premium Edition on Amazon so it can't be just a silly expansion thing by itself, and they're selling it for the same price as the normal game you linked to at first.

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A 'Game Of The Year' edition is the full game, with all the expansion packs, patches, popular mods and so on that have been released for the game up until the GOTY edition was produced.

For example, Half-Life GOTY Edition came with Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Ricochet, etc, so you didn't have to download them seperately. Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition came with a shitload of extra maps, and a few extra gameplay modes, etc.

It's always the full game, with extra stuff bundled with it (usually the extra stuff is available already as a free download, but the GOTY edition saves you downloading tonnes of stuff). You wouldn't buy it if you'd already got the full game, but it just brings people that missed out on it the first time "up to speed" with all the patches and mods, etc.

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