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Recommend me J-Pop

ClaRK! Kent

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Basically, this coming term at Uni I'm going to be directing a production of William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors and I need some music for it. The main production idea I'm working with for it is cultural cohesion, both because the play takes place in a merchant's port (a veritable cultural melting-pot) and as something of a comment on globalisation. The set, costumes, etc are all working within this 'melting-pot' framework, mainly a mixture of European and Asian styles (see: Firefly) into something cohesive and 'one' if you will.

My music for the play, despite having it visually set in the early/mid 18th century (the height of mercantilism) is fairly modern, a lot of power pop, punk, and 'Riot Grrl' stuff is on my list so far, a little bit like Sofia Coppola's movie Marie Antoinette if you will, and I really want to get some Asian music into the mix as well to keep the theme running through. So, basically, I'd like some recommendations of good J-Pop and maybe some other Asian music (I'm not overly familiar with the scene in China and such places, really) that I can sift through and find something useful.

I'd like stuff that's upbeat, power poppy (my 'theme tracks' for locating other stuff were Lillix's cover of What I Like About You, and You Really Got Me by the Kinks, so that sort of mood) and generally guitar-based if possible, although I'm really after a whole lot of stuff that I can immerse myself in.

Thanks very much in advance, guys.

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The Pillows are classified as J-rock aren't they? I'm not all that in on it, is there that big a difference? But either way, The Pillows, anything by the Pillows.

They are. But going by the "power pop" description, I think he's looking more for J-Rock than J-Pop anyway. So yeah, The Pillows. Absolutely fantastic and influenced somewhat by power pop. Just start downloading songs by them and you'll likely find stuff that fits the bill. If you want an idea of where to start, go with "Ride on Shooting Star," "Instant Music," and "I Think I Can." All three are upbeat, catchy, guitar-driven songs with strong vocal hooks and catchy choruses.

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