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Kenny vs. Spenny


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Oh my god, this show fucking rules. It's a real shame it hasn't really caught on outside of Canada as it's a brilliantly hilarious piece of television. This season so far continues to get better and better, as I think their move to Showcase has really let them go crazy (the Porno and Jizz episodes being evidence of that) while at CBC they were held back quite a bit. If you haven't seen the show, and your humour runs towards the South Park-type-offensive genre, then I highly, highly recommend it, you can find numerous episodes on youtube. If you wanna know what it is, go to wikipedia, they'll explain it better than I can.

For those who have seen it, let's get a little discussion going, what are your favourite episodes, parts, etc. I think my favourite episodes are probably the following:

1) "Who is the better parent?" - Simply an awesome episode. The complete mauling of the toy baby is something that needs to be seen, just hilarious.

2) "Who is funnier?" - Kenny's plan is just diabolical, but Spenny's the perfect guy to play it on, so it really makes for a fantastic episode.

3) "Who can produce more siemen?"- Loved it, from Kenny fucking the meat, to giving Spenny radiation poisoning, just a great episode.

There's a whole bunch more, but those are probably my top three. So...yeah, check it out.

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I don't think it's that funny, but I'll watch it if it's on and nothing else is.

The only time I really laughed hard at the show was the porn one which I saw a few weeks ago. Kenny makes the better porn and makes Spenny fuck the guy blow up doll, which is supposed to be his grandfather. Kenny gets him to call the blow up doll Granpapa.

That's about it.

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Love this show. I've got the first two seasons on DVD, just purchased the second season last night actually. Just watched "who can drink more beers", "who has bigger balls", "who can stay naked the longest" and "who can win a rat race". Pure gold. The humiliations in the second season are absolutely disgusting and I nearly lost my lunch a few times. I won't spoil them, but damn... the who can drink more beers humiliation was HARD to watch.

People always talk about whether it is real or fake. Too me, it doesn't matter. If it real, it just means that Kenny and Spenny are two sad/sadistic/psychotic individuals, which makes for great television. If it is fake, it just means that they are fucking geniuses for coming up with half of the shit. My personal opinion is there are no scripts and they don't go over what happens, but they are definitely hamming it up and playing roles for television. No one can actually be that dumb or pathetic as Spenny is.

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