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Big Brother Auditions (UK)


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So, actual Big Brother auditions have begun, whilst we go through the shite that is 'Celebrity' Big Brother, and as Small Blue has convinced me to go, I wondered if anyone else has thought of applying?


Is the application page, you can even apply online this year.

If you're selected to enter (only 2-3 out of each 10 are allowed) you fill out a 5 page application, play some games and apparently have a face to face interview with producers, apparently as well.

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Guest muddatrucker

I'd actually apply had it not turned into an audition to get in rather than an application, obviously they have to make sure the people aren't boring, but at the same time I'm not going to pretend to be hyperactive and act like a tit to get in.

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My girlfriend had thought about it because she thought the audition part would be fun. I pointed out to her that, should she get in, she would be recognised and/or mocked by all the chavs in the country for years to come. She subsequently thought better of it.

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If forced to coexist with those sort of people for any amount of time, I would have fun being intentionally boring. Although of course, I'm sure the show's producers would have their revenge by finding some spiteful way to portray me as a baby rapist or something.

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Guest chatterbox

I and a few friends have had a bet. The first person to get on Big Brother will be given £100 by each of us upon his or her exit. I have that £100 saved up and ready to give away incase it happens because i am sure as hell not going in there.

Though then again, i might go in, and jump the fence as soon as i get access to the garden. Or by the first person to rip each camera out.

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