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So, I picked this up last night expecting for Ollie to be proven right with his "lol, bet it's shit" sentiment.

How wrong I(/we) was.

It's a CD by Viggo Mortensen, for those who don't know, and it is totally amazing. Not what I was expecting at all. Really 'weird' music, great spoken words parts, and a cameo from Elijah Wood~! (>_>)

I didn't really know much about it, and so had a look around. Turns out Buckethead plays guitar all over it, which accounts for parts of it.

Overall, an amazing album. Just wondering if anyone else had heard it, or got it? If not, I recommend it, highly (Y)

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As I was saying to Ollie, it kinda reminds me of the more jam-my moments of Funkadelic [such as 'Maggot Brain'], mixed with Sigur Rós and Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia.

He never let me know if that was accurate or not though, so it might just be me.

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Viggo Mortensen-vocals, keyboard, percussion, organ, piano, harmonica, wheelchair, lesliemonica, drums, rhodes

Henry Mortensen-bass, piano, rhodes, keyboard, drums

Elijah Wood-vocals, percussion, piano, lyrics

Dominic Monaghan-vocals, lyrics

Billy Boyd-drums


Awesome, LOTR for the win. I listened to Half Fling on Myspace. Usually this kind of music isn't really my thing but I quite liked it, it's very happy music.

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Just listening to the song you sent me now; it's fucking bizarre. Reminds me a bit of "Bible and the Breathalyzer" by TMV. I'd have to hear more before I even consider rating him; because the song you sent me "Back to Babylon" is just insanely weird.

Seems alright tho. :ohwell:

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