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TNA: The Alternate Adrenaline Rush


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Diamonds in the Rough (David Young and Elix Skipper) w/Simon Diamond vs. Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

The Diamonds in the Rough were back together once again after a short hiatus. They were up against the fan favorite of Shark Boy and his partner Norman Smiley. Simon Diamond wasn’t pleased at all with the appearance of his boys as it seemed they didn’t show up at all. David Young seemed plain old dead and Elix seemed a bit out there too. Shark Boy was able to get a surprise victory for his team after biting Skipper with the Shark Bite and then hitting the Dead Sea Drop on David Young for the victory.

Winners: Norman Smiley and Shark Boy


Serotonin (Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine and Maverick Matt) vs. Brother Runt, Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings

Raven has struck all three men of his Serotonin with a Kendo Stick after stupid actions from the previous few months. Raven warned his men that he would give them one more chance before he struck one last time of leaving the three. So Serotonin were in action with Ron Killings and Lance Hoyt once again, but Brother Runt was also involved. The dark and scary team of the Serotonin finally got it done for Raven after brutally assaulting their three opponents. After the match Raven showed up even though the Serotonin won. Raven nodded and appreciated his men. Raven then ordered a severe beat down on the three using the Kendo Sticks.

Winners: Serotonin

James Storm vs. Petey Williams

About a month ago, one of the best tag teams in TNA history of America’s Most Wanted were forced to break up after losing to LAX in a Titles vs. Team Match. It wasn’t a basic loss though, as after the long hinted turn by one of the AMW members, it finally happened as James Storm deliberately hit Chris Harris with a beer bottle. Harris has been out of action ever since and Petey Williams has been fighting for the fallen Chris Harris. Gail Kim who is also in the mix of all this was threatened by Storm on the last iMPACT! saying that she must pick who she is with, him or Harris.

Onto the match, Petey and Storm put on an exciting one. Everyone expected a run in by either Gail Kim or a return from Chris Harris and people were right as after a month break, Chris Harris returned by running down the ramp and getting on the apron. Storm went right after Harris and the two started to exchange words. Right when Storm was about to throw a punch, Petey rolled up the Cowboy and got the cheap victory. Storm couldn’t believe it, but Harris was happy getting some revenge on Storm. Harris then entered the ring and the two started going out of control with brawling all over the ring. Down ran Gail Kim, but she got thrown out of the mix up and it ended with Harris and Storm both pissed and Gail Kim just looking very worried.

Winner: Petey Williams

The Paparazzi Championship Series started at Turning Point run by Kevin Nash and it consists of five X Division Stars: Alex Shelley, Austin Starr, Jay Lethal, Senshi, and Sonjay Dutt. It started out with a Five Man Elimination Match which followed up with a Pushup Contest, Pogo Contest, Limbo Contest, and Musical Chairs. It is set to end here at Final Resolution with special judge, Bob Backlund. Nash throughout the challenge has been talking about the right way to do what the contest is and what The Bob Backlund System is. Well Backlund is finally here and is here to judge the final event, an obstacle course and just announced, the winner of the PCS will remain with Nash permanently. The course starts from one ramp with a yellow line. You must cross the yellow line and run towards a wall near the ring. You must do 10 Pushups and then climb the wall. Once over the wall, you must get in the ring and get on the Pogo Stick and bounce your way across the ring. When completed get out of the ring and slide under the very short pole. You must run up the opposite ramp and touch a yellow line there and then turn back around. Halfway done, but not fully. There is a mini-trampoline at the top of that ramp and you must bounce on it and jump over a chair on the ramp. You then have to slide back in the ring and out and climb over the wall. Finally, run up the ramp and cross the yellow line to stop the clock. The points for placing will be the same like always.

First up was the man in first place with 18 points, Austin Starr. He was stretching out, but before he was even ready, Backlund rang the bell. Starr got a late start, but completed it. He didn’t complete it without making a mistake though. He accidentally knocked over the bar he was suppose to climb under which gave him a minus 5 second penalty. His original score of 38 seconds got bumped up to 43. Next up was the man tied for second place, Jay Lethal who currently has 15 points. The only black man in the competition which has been stated before looked very good throughout the course and finished with a nice score of 34 seconds. The third man to go was the man tied with Lethal with 15 points, Alex Shelley. His run seemed identical to Lethal’s and amazingly both finished with 34 seconds, but Nash didn’t seemed pleased with Backlund’s timing. Up fourth was the man with 14 points, Sonjay Dutt. He flew through the course and finished with an astonishing 31 seconds, winning by 3 as of now. Last up was Senshi who is in last place with 13 points. He finished with a time of 37 seconds which got him fourth place, but not good enough to be tied with the other four men. Like said, with the outcome to the obstacle course, Alex Shelley, Austin Starr, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt all had 19 points. Nash still pissed with Backlund said they could settle it one way, an old fashion game of Arm Wrestling. Backlund nixed that idea and challenged Nash to a tag team match using the four X Division Stars who were tied. Nash quickly accepted calling Starr and Shelley for his team while Backlund took Lethal and Dutt in his corner.

Alex Shelley and Austin Starr w/Kevin Nash vs. Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt w/Bob Backlund

You already got the backstory to this one and its was whoever wins the PCS permanently stays with Nash, but it now changed to that if Shelley and Starr win they are the ones to stay with him. Nash needs someone with him to stay around in the X Division so of course Shelley and Starr took this very close and entertaining battle. Backlund didn’t back down to a fight from Nash either as Nash tried to start something, but nothing really ensued. Starr knocked Lethal out of the ring and then called in Shelley and they hit a Double Cross Legged Brainbuster on Sonjay Dutt seeming as if they are now cool with each other. Starr got the pinned and him and Shelley shook hands. Kevin Nash then declared Alex Shelley and Austin Starr co-winners of the Paparazzi Championship Series and they make up the final set of Paparazzi Productions.

Winners: Alex Shelley and Austin Starr

Eric Young vs. Robert Roode w/Ms. Brooks

Roode and Young have been going at it for quite sometime now and Roode says the only way he can become a real threat in TNA is getting some backup. So his first choice was Eric Young, but Young would never agree. So they decided to have one more match and if the fans favorite man Eric Young lost, he would have to join Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks until Roode has had enough of Young. Roode got his way after Young got distracted from Ms. Brooks huge knockers as he fell forward into them and this lead to Young turning around and getting hit with The Payoff. Now Eric Young’s services belonged to Roode and Brooks.

Winner: Robert Roode

The Voodoo Kin Mafia came out and the huge buildup of VKM vs. VKM was a huge waste as BG and Kip James declared victory after saying that Hickenbottom and Levesque were to afraid to confront the two. Right when that was said, a similar version of the beginning of the DX theme song played surprising everyone. VKM was just joking with the crowd saying that it would never happen. VKM declared themselves victors and the war is officially over. Kip said he has had enough of being the “Voowho Can Mat” and now he is once again, “Kip James, bitch!” BG finished the segment off agreeing with Kip and saying the classic phrase. “He is K to the I to the Pizzle and I am B to the G to the Jizzle. And we are the soon to be crowned NWA Tag Team Champions of the World! Because that’s the way we hang, together, we are The James Gang!”

NWA World Tag Team Championship:

The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide) © vs. Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray)

Ever since LAX received the NWA Tag Titles for the first time, they have faced and beaten the best teams thrown at them in TNA. First it was AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and then America’s Most Wanted. Next up is Team 3D and now it’s their time to see if they could beat them. Team 3D might have put Konnan on the verge of retiring after the brutal attack on the last iMPACT! so LAX wanted some revenge. They didn’t get the victory they were looking for, but they wound up doing what they wanted to. Team 3D just couldn’t overcome LAX and win the belts, but LAX couldn’t go over the top either, so Homicide and Hernandez got what Team 3D loves, some tables. Hernandez nailed Brother Ray with a huge Cracker Jack while Homicide sat Brother Devon on the top rope. Homicide then pulled Devon down with an Ace Crusher making them crash through the table giving Team 3D the win, but by disqualification so The Latin American Exchange were still Champions.

Winners (DQ): Team 3D

Last Man Standing:

AJ Styles vs. Rhino

This all started when Rhino wanted to make sure AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels didn’t end up like he and Christian Cage did. So when Daniels and Styles seemed to push away from each other, Rhino tried to step in, which caused Styles to go a little crazy. In a first time in a long time, Styles turned on the crowd and went absolutely nuts on Rhino. These two men have been just beating the living the crap out of each other whenever they could get the chance, but when it comes to victories in the ring, Styles has two with Rhino having zero. Styles has two cheap rollups on Rhino, but that wasn’t possible in this match.

This Last Man Standing was a real bloody one as Rhino just wouldn’t quit and Styles just seemed too cocky to lose this match. Styles took his cockiness to a whole new level though as he hit the Spiral Tap on Rhino through a table, but at the nine count, Styles picked Rhino up. This was a mistake as Rhino was able to capitalize on Styles. Soon enough, Rhino nailed Styles with a Gore and then hit the Second Rope Rhino Driver on Styles through a table to put Styles down for a ten count.

Winner: Rhino

Triple Threat Match for the X Division Championship:

Christopher Daniels © vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn

Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin just seem to not be able to settle their problems. Sabin had many chances at regaining the gold against Daniels, but he could never get it done. Sabin kept on whining and complaining though and that brought Jerry Lynn into the picture. Lynn told Sabin what the X Division was about, but Sabin didn’t really care for Lynn as all he wanted was the gold. So this made Lynn return to the ring to face off against Sabin, but with Daniels in the ring as well with the X Division Title on the line. Lynn didn’t look on the top of his game, but he was impressive for his return match in TNA. Daniels and Lynn teamed together for most of the match, but coming down near the end is where the needed to work against each other. The crowd went nuts when Lynn hit the Cradle Piledriver on Daniels thinking he will be the new Champion, but then out of nowhere, Sabin comes and catches Lynn with a cheap rollup giving Sabin the cheap victory and the gold. When Daniels realized what happened, he couldn’t believe it and wasn’t happy at Lynn.

Winner (New Champion): Chris Sabin

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship:

Abyss © w/James Mitchell vs. Christian Cage vs. Sting

Abyss has a long life secret which minimal people know about, but a couple of those people were involved in the match. Sting is the only one on Abyss’ side in this match as he knows his secret, but he isn’t threatening anyone that he will say something, all Sting wants is Abyss to leave James Mitchell because he knows it would be the better thing. Christian Cage knows about it as well from his friend and bodyguard, Tomko. Tomko isn’t allowed near the ring in this match and Cage has noted if he doesn’t win the gold tonight, on iMPACT!, he will reveal the secret. Then it is James Mitchell, the man that has been threatening Abyss about saying his secret if he leaves him. Mitchell says if he turns on him tonight, the full secret he only knows, will be told to everyone.

Abyss had a lot of thinking to do, but when the match started, all that was on his mind was remaining NWA Champion. After about 10 minutes of total chaos and no one giving up at all, Christian Cage called for some help. So down ran Cage’s bodyguard, Tomko even though he wasn’t allowed. Cage then tried to distract the referee as Tomko got in the ring and nailed Sting with a Clothesline and Abyss with a Big Boot, but the ref turned around in time to see Tomko still in the ring and both Abyss and Sting down. The ref wasn’t sure what happened, but he knew Tomko wasn’t allowed to be near the ring so called a DQ towards Christian Cage making him the first eliminated from the match. Christian was really pissed, but Tomko calmed him down as they pointed at Abyss and started to laugh.

It was down to The Monster Abyss and the man trying to drive Abyss away from James Mitchell, Sting. Sting tried talking to Abyss and telling him to do the right thing, so the two stood still for quite some time. Mitchell yelled back with words of his own and Abyss just went berserk. The Monster screamed in agony and then just left the ring. Abyss was about to get counted out until he charged back down to the ring listening to his manager instead of Sting. Abyss started the attack on Sting and everyone thought it was over right away, but Stinger put up a great fight. Sting had the Scorpion Deathlock locked in late in the match, but Abyss was able to power out of it and soon win the match with the Shock Treatment followed up with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss was still NWA World Heavyweight Champion, still with James Mitchell and Sting didn’t blame Abyss at all for his choice, but now the men Abyss and Mitchell had to worry about were Christian Cage and Tomko.

Winner: Abyss

30 Minute Iron Man Match:

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

I think basically everyone knows the story behind this one. From the start of Angle arriving in TNA, Samoa Joe has had a huge problem with the Olympic Gold Medalist. It started out with Angle being the one praised by the crowd which everyone knew a great Dream Match would be coming and it did at Genesis and it saw Kurt Angle end Samoa Joe’s long 18 month undefeated streak. The tides started turning a bit and the crowd started getting more and more behind Joe. The rematch of course happened at Turning Point and now Joe was the one making Angle tap just like Angle made Joe did. A few weeks later Joe suffered a knee injury, but has battled through it and still has appeared on iMPACT!, and brawled all over the place with Angle to get a Joe vs. Angle III. The time is now and it seems Joe is now the fan favorite and Angle is the absolute lunatic, but either way, it seems it will end in the Iron Man Match.

Everyone came into this match thinking what will happen between these two. Will Joe go over the Olympic Gold Medalist again? Will Angle prove how good he is? Or will it will be a draw and will this feud continue? Well, this match was absolutely amazing as these two men went all out as Angle toughened up and battle for the 30 minutes and Joe injured and all made his way for the 30 minutes as well. Halfway through the match, Angle got a surge of energy and nailed Joe with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex and then hit the Olympic Slam, but somehow Joe mustered his way out. Joe fought back and soon hit a Muscle Buster, but Angle wasn’t ready to go down 1-0. The one and only scoring in this match came right at the end where Angle locked in the Ankle Lock. He had Joe right in the middle of the ring, but somehow Joe kicked Angle away and pounced on the Olympic Gold Medalist and locked in the Coquina Clutch. Angle tried to fight it and roll to the ropes, but Joe had it locked in perfectly. With about a minute remaining though, Angle started fighting it and got to his knees. With 30 seconds left, it was a face off between the two, but Joe ended that with a charge and nailed Angle with a huge Yakuza Kick making Angle fly into the turnbuckle. The crowd shouted out the last few seconds as Joe got Angle up the turnbuckle and Joe went with him. He lifted Angle up and nailed a Top Rope Muscle Buster and got a cover on Angle with 4 seconds remaining giving Samoa Joe the victory in a 1-0 30 Minute Iron Man Match.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Information




Final Resolution – 1.14.07

Against All Odds – 2.11.07

Destination X – 3.11.07

Lockdown – 4.15.07

Sacrifice – 5.20.07

Slammiversary – 6.??.07

Victory Road – 7.??.07

Hard Justice – 8.??.07

No Surrender – 9.??.07

Bound For Glory – 10.??.07

Genesis – 11.??.07

Turning Point – 12.??.07


The TNA Info will be Updated
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umm... the ppv looks good, but u messed up the tag titles, if LAX was DQed, than Team 3D wins the titles, bc that's the way TNA set up the rules back when they first started, so either u need 2 explain y they changed the rules, or declaire the dudleys as the champs

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This Thursday night at 9pm ET on Spike TV, the wrestling world will witness the aftermath of Final Resolution – the following is a preview of the huge broadcast!


This past Sunday, ‘The Monster’ Abyss retained the NWA World Heavyweight Championship over Sting and Christian Cage. Abyss remained with his manager James Mitchell and Sting is fine with his decision, but Cage and Tomko are the one’s who are ticked off. Christian Cage says that he is giving Abyss one more chance, and if it doesn’t go his way, his secret will be revealed. So on the first iMPACT! after Final Resolution, Abyss will be putting his title on the line against two men again, but this time it’s a Handicap Match as Christian Cage teams up with Tomko to try and take the NWA World Title back into his hands. The Monster’s belt and secret is on the line in this match, which one will Abyss lose?


At Final Resolution Christopher Daniels put his TNA X Division Championship on the line against Chris Sabin and the returning Jerry Lynn. Sabin was crowned Champion once again after he got a cheap roll up victory on Lynn. Daniels wasn’t pleased with the way he lost his belt so he is getting one more shot at Sabin to try and win the gold back. Will Daniels reign as Champion one more time?


Jim Cornette has a few problems going around in TNA and one big situation is the NWA World Tag Team Title Scene. The Latin American Exchange has been dominating it for months now, but always seem to stir up some controversy. In the TNA rule book it states that on a Disqualification a Championship change hands, but at Final Resolution, that wasn’t the case. Cornette will clear everything up with a good explanation on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!


After the long fought battle in the 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Final Resolution, both, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe have been giving the night off. Kurt Angle must still have some fire left in him after losing a tough one to Joe so you can still expect either one of these two at iMPACT! only on Spike TV!

All this and much more this Thursday on iMPACT! – witness the fallout from Final Resolution!

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umm... the ppv looks good, but u messed up the tag titles, if LAX was DQed, than Team 3D wins the titles, bc that's the way TNA set up the rules back when they first started, so either u need 2 explain y they changed the rules, or declaire the dudleys as the champs
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iMPACT! gets kicked off with the Management Director, Jim Cornette in the ring with a microphone already in his hand. Tenay and West don’t even welcome the viewers from home to iMPACT! as Cornette gets right underway. Cornette stated that last night was one of the best Pay-Per-View’s he has ever seen TNA perform. He said that from top to bottom everything seemed very solid, but with that, there still is one problem. That problem he wanted to get of his chest right away and that was the NWA World Tag Team Title situation. Cornette explained to everyone that in the TNA rulebooks, there is a special rule stating that if a Champion loses the match by Disqualification, Count Out or whatever the outcome would be, the title is handed over to the winner of the match. Cornette apologized Team 3D for not awarding them the belts last night, but he can make it up to them. Instead of just taking the belts of The Latin American Exchange, Cornette explained that Team 3D won’t just be awarded with the belts, but they will have to earn them with a real victory over LAX. “That’s why currently, The Latin American Exchange have been striped off the NWA World Tag Team Titles,” said by Cornette. Cornette saying that the only thing that would be fair is to have another match between the two teams and that would be happening at Against All Odds! All of a sudden, Team 3D’s entrance theme hit and Brother Ray and Devon of Team 3D make their way down to the ring. Cornette told the two not to get in his face as he will change his decision right away. Instead, Brother Ray grabbed a microphone for himself and told Cornette that he is a smart man, but would be smarter if he made the match a Tables Match. Cornette said he can’t do that to LAX so instead he will make the match at Against All Odds a Tag Team Elimination Match with the vacant NWA World Tag Team Titles on the line. Right before the segment ended, out came The Latin American Exchange of Hernandez and Homicide still without manager, Konnan. All Homicide and Hernandez did was toss their belts down the ramp and shook their head in approval.

Match One (TNA X Division Championship):

Chris Sabin © vs. Christopher Daniels

It was clear that Christopher Daniels had one thing on his mind and that was win the TNA X Division Championship back. The man who Chris Sabin pinned at Final Resolution, Jerry Lynn, was sitting at ringside doing some special guest commentary for this match. Chris Sabin wasn’t really excited about giving Daniels one more shot, but it wasn’t his choice, as the match was made without the two of them involved. The Fallen Angel was clearly looking to take the gold back as he came out with some quick offense trying to put Sabin away pretty early. The X Division Champion was definitely not going away so early though, and Daniels really needed to work hard to try and get a win. A little later on in the match Daniels hit Sabin with an STO and then hit a perfectly executed BME. Daniels thinking he had the match won made a lazy cover, but Sabin knew he had enough in him to get his shoulder up. Sabin then quickly rolled out of the ring after the kick out and ran straight for his title belt. He got in the ring looking to use it, but that is when referee, Andrew Thomas tried to get the belt out of the hands of Sabin. Jerry Lynn ran down to the ring and tried to get the belt away as well. Then all of a sudden, on the big screen, showed Kurt Angle at the iMPACT! Zone backstage destroying everything looking like a madman and it seemed he was coming towards the ring. As soon as you know it, Kurt Angle was at ringside sliding into the ring. Sabin charged at him, but he got hit with a Belly to Belly Suplex to the outside of the ring. Lynn then charged, but got him with an Olympic Slam. The last one was Daniels and Angle grounded The Fallen Angel and locked in the Ankle Lock. It seemed Angle was trying to break it and wouldn’t let go until a bunch of security came down to the ring and grabbed Angle away and brought him backstage. Andrew Thomas threw the match out and ruled it a No Contest as both Sabin and Daniels were down and hurt. Angle was here at the iMPACT! Zone, but why, to hurt innocent victims?

Winner: No Contest

After we returned from a short commercial break, The Diamonds in the Rough were standing in the ring. Simon Diamond told everyone that they are back and back for good, but they need one little change. Diamond got in the face of David Young saying that every match they have lost was because him. So Diamond told Young to shape up and if he wants to stay with them and he must win this match, against a man who was begging him to join the group after Final Resolution, Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings. The Truth made his way down to the ring with a serious look on his face as it seemed he wasn’t trying to be the face anymore. Killings got in Young’s face and shoved him into the ropes and the match began as Elix Skipper and Simon Diamond left the ring to watch at ringside.

Match Two:

David Young w/Elix Skipper and Simon Diamond vs. Ron Killings

David Young was the big underdog in this match and it totally seemed as he would be out of the group, but he didn’t leave without putting up a fight. He fight didn’t last to long though, as he tried to hit Spinebuster’s here and there, but nothing was working for Young. Soon enough, Young missed with a Lariat and then Killings kicked Young right in the gut and finished him off with the Axe Kick. No more dancing for The Truth, he just went right for the cover.

Winner: Ron Killings

After the match ended, Elix Skipper and Simon Diamond slid into the ring and laughed at David Young. They the reached out to Ron Killings as the three engaged in a short hug showing everyone that they are now the new and improved, Diamonds in the Rough.

The camera cuts backstage as we see Jeremy Borash running down someone and when Borash finally catches up, the man is Samoa Joe. Both Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe were given the night off, but both appeared. Borash asked Joe what he was doing here and Joe said that he was hear to show everyone why he finally deserves to be the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Borash continued with a few questions asking him how he will get that shot. Joe told Borash not to worry, “just remember, Joe will kill you,” were the words from Joe saying if he doesn’t get his shot. Cutting off Samoa Joe though, was the odd group of the Serotonin. Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine and Maverick Matt got in the face of Joe for no reason at all and Joe just attacked all three men. Out of nowhere came the Serotonin’s leader, Raven. Raven was right behind Joe and just waited until the beat down was done. Raven just told Joe that it isn’t Joe’s time for the gold; it is Joe’s time for his death. Raven told Joe to meet his Serotonin in the ring next week, and then decide what is next for him. Joe was a bit freaked out by Raven, but accepted Raven’s challenge and then just walked away.

Match Three:

Chris Harris and Petey Williams vs. Delirious and James Storm

This was Chris Harris first match back with TNA after having a little bit over a month absence from the ring after James Storm smashed a beer bottle over his head/eye. Chris Harris was teaming up with the man standing up him after his absence, Petey Williams, as James Storm was teaming up with the returning and mysterious, Delirious. Right when the bell rang, Chris Harris had one thing on his mind, take out James Storm. Harris rushed right over to Storm in his corner and attacked him even though both men weren’t the legal men; they just took their brawl right to the outside. This made Petey and Delirious have the real match basically in the ring the whole time. While the brawl between Storm and Harris was going on, Gail Kim came down pleading for both men to stop, but they made it like she wasn’t even there. Gail Kim tried to get in the middle of the two, but got shoved away by Storm. Harris then pushed Storm onto the ramp and went to check on Gail Kim. Storm then hightailed his way to the top of the ramp as Harris got up looking pissed off. Harris got back on the apron as Petey was ready to finish Delirious off. Petey tagged Harris in for the finish even though Petey just hit the Canadian Destroyer. Harris picked up Delirious and hit him with the Catatonic and then locked in the Sharpshooter making Delirious tap. Harris then stared towards Storm saying he was next.

Winners: Chris Harris and Petey Williams

Backstage was ‘The War Machine’ Rhino standing alone ready for self-own interview. Rhino got it underway saying that at Final Resolution he beat AJ Styles, but that was nothing compared to what he would be doing to him by the time the feud is finished. Rhino went on saying that Styles hasn’t been through what he has been through. Rhino talked about his relationship problems as well as his days in ECW and WWE. Rhino was quickly cut off though, when out of nowhere came ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles flying into the picture attacking The War Machine. Styles was continuously clubbing Rhino to the back of the head, but then picked him up and threw him right into the wall. Rhino didn’t take it from AJ though, and fought back. The two continued brawling all over backstage throwing each other into anything around. Rhino then picked AJ up looking for a Rhino Driver onto a cement floor, but AJ luckily got down. Rhino though, pushed AJ into a steel fence and Rhino charged at AJ nailing a Gore amazingly ripping through the steel leaving the two men down and out without either man moving. The Gore seemed very similar when Rhino Gored Abyss through the wall a little less then a year ago.

After another short commercial break, Christian Cage along with Tomko were standing right outside the locker room ready to head towards the ring. Before they took the walk towards the ring, Jeremy Borash appeared on screen asking Cage if tonight is his night that he finally wins back the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Cage got right in Borash’s face saying that the belt is still his as he never lost it. Cage did admit though, that tonight was his night and after him and Tomko tear apart Abyss, he will crowned NWA Champion once again. Tomko thought it was enough and just pushed Borash away as him and Christian Cage was ready to head down to the ring.

The camera cut to a dark area backstage where ‘The Monster’ Abyss was sitting in a chair with the NWA World Heavyweight Title in his hands listening to the man everyone thought Abyss was done with, Sting. Sting was telling Abyss that James Mitchell is not the man who he should be listening to and following. Sting said that Mitchell will only hurt Abyss in the long run and if he follows him, he will lead him to the place he wants to be. Abyss started screaming in pain for no reason then, but then appeared ‘Father’ James Mitchell as if Abyss sensed Mitchell was coming. Mitchell screamed at Abyss for trying to listen to Sting and told Sting to beat it as it was time for Abyss to take out both Christian Cage and Tomko.

Main Event (Handicap Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship):

Abyss © w/James Mitchell vs. Christian Cage and Tomko

‘The Monster’ Abyss pulled out all stops in this one as he was backed against the wall facing the man dying to have the NWA World Heavyweight Championship back, Christian Cage as well as his bodyguard, Tomko. Early on Christian Cage and Tomko played it very smart avoiding any big attack from Abyss or when one was in need, the other would help out. It seemed that The Monster wasn’t leaving iMPACT! as the NWA Champion. Once the fight broke out of the ring and to the floor though, Abyss turned it up a notch. Cage charged, but got flipped onto his back on the outside. Tomko then charged, but got rocked him a Clothesline. Abyss then picked Tomko back up and tossed him right into the steel steps. Abyss then went for Cage and lifted him up in the air and dropped him face first onto the steel barricade. This busted Cage open with a nice size cut on his forehead. Abyss was now looking dominant as Mitchell told him to get back in the ring. Tomko was the first one in the ring and Abyss continued to dominate. The tides turned a little bit later on though, as Tomko distracted the referee as Christian Cage connected with a low blow on Abyss. Cage thought it was over right there, but Abyss had a lot of fight left in him. It was now a huge disadvantage though as Abyss was down on the mat in pain and Tomko and Cage had an easy beat down on him. This is when Sting made his appearance in the match as he came charging down towards the ring. Mitchell looked surprised, but pissed off and tried to get in the way of Sting, but this lead to Sting just running right over Mitchell. Sting then got on the apron distracting Cage and Tomko. Cage charged first, but got flipped out of the ring landing hard on the outside. Tomko was the smart one though, and charged at Sting, but got his boot up in time making Sting go flying to the outside with a huge Big Boot. Tomko was laughing in enjoyment, but little did he know, The Monster was now up. Tomko backed right into the Shock Treatment, but Abyss knew that wasn’t enough. So he picked Tomko back up and threw him into the ropes. Tomko came back and got hit with the Black Hole Slam giving Abyss the huge victory retaining his title.

Winner: Abyss

Following the match, Christian Cage pulled Tomko out of the ring and the two made their way up the ramp, but with a microphone in Cage’s hand. Cage screamed out telling Abyss that he made a huge mistake. Cage said that next week was the time for everyone to know what the secret Abyss has been trying to hide most of his life. Cage just laughed as him and Tomko disappeared through the tunnel. Back in the ring, Abyss stood shaking as James Mitchell got in holding up the NWA World Heavyweight Title and pointing towards The Monster. Sting finally got back up and rolled into the ring with a microphone in his hand. Sting told Abyss that he knows a way to not have Cage and Tomko tell the world his secret, but all he has to do is leave Mitchell. Mitchell was screaming at Abyss at the same time telling The Monster to listen to him. Abyss basically couldn’t take it anymore as he left the ring screaming angrily walking up the ramp. iMPACT! ended with a screaming Abyss at the top of the ramp and James Mitchell and Sting looking on at The Monster from inside the ring.

Quick Match Results:

- Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels ended in a No Contest

- Ron Killings defeated David Young

- Chris Harris and Petey Williams defeated Delirious and James Storm

- Abyss defeated Christian Cage and Tomko

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This Thursday night at 9pm ET on Spike TV, the wrestling world will witness the long lived secret of Abyss – the following is a preview of the huge broadcast!


Christian Cage had two chance to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship back in less then five days, and once was with Tomko in the ring as well. Abyss survived both Cage and Sting at Final Resolution and then survived Cage and Tomko last week on iMPACT! This has really lit a fire under the behind of Christian Cage and on iMPACT!, Cage and Tomko promise to tell the world the long living secret of Abyss. The question is what will the secret be and what will Abyss and James Mitchell or even Sting do to try and stop these two men?


No one knew what was coming next for Samoa Joe and all he had on his mind was the NWA World Heavyweight Title. He got sidetracked last week though, when the Serotonin approached him during his interview as well as Raven. Now Joe has odds stacked against him as he has to face all three members of the Serotonin, and who knows if Raven will get involved. Find out if they do on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!


Last week on iMPACT! Jim Cornette stated that at Final Resolution, Team 3D got screwed as they deserved to be the NWA World Tag Team Champions right now as if a Disqualification occurs, the title does change hands. Well Cornette made his apology towards Team 3D and then stripped the belts from The Latin American Exchange. The rematch was made for Against All Odds with the belts up for grabs, but not the stipulation Team 3D wanted, so since they didn’t get that, they got this match. Hernandez and Homicide have to face not only Brother Devon and Brother Ray, but also Brother Runt in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match. Will The LAX be able to survive?


Coming off a loss at Final Resolution, Kurt Angle took out all his anger on the main men of the X Division. Last week on iMPACT!, Chris Sabin was defending his title against Christopher Daniels with Jerry Lynn at ringside, when Kurt Angle appeared and took out all three men with Chris Daniels getting the brunt of it. Daniels seems very upset with Angle’s actions so tune to find out his reaction on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!

All this and much more this Thursday on iMPACT! – the long lived secret of Abyss!

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As iMPACT! got kicked off, once again before Tenay and West were able to welcome in the viewers at home, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Monster’ Abyss with his leader and follower, ‘Father’ James Mitchell in the ring with a microphone in the hands of Mitchell. Mitchell started off the segment saying that his monster has been fighting for his life every since he knew his secret was around and could be let known to the world. He believes that Christian Cage and Tomko are full of crap for threatening him and Abyss for the reason that they will tell the secret. Mitchell threatened the two right back as it wouldn’t be a good road for them to let the secret to be known, as his monster will be ready to drive the two right out of the business. Right then and there the music of Christian Cage hit and out from the tunnel stepped both Christian Cage and his bodyguard, Tomko. Tomko handed Cage a microphone and Cage pleaded on saying that the only way Mitchell and Abyss can stop him and Tomko with going through with the secret tonight, is give him one more match at Against All Odds. Mitchell quickly denied Cage’s thoughts and Cage told Mitchell he was making a bad mistake because Abyss definitely isn’t happy his secret is about to be known. Christian Cage and Tomko left through the tunnel shaking their heads in disappointment, as Abyss fell to his knees looking at his belt which laid on the mat, thinking of what to do.

Match One

Eric Young w/Ms. Brooks and Robert Roode vs. Shark Boy w/Norman Smiley

It seemed as if Eric Young was the huge favorite in this match as he is coming in for the first time wrestling with Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks in his corner, but everyone thought wrong, as Shark Boy surprised everyone witnessing this match. Eric Young really didn’t seem in the right state of mind and wasn’t on his game at all tonight and Roode and Ms. Brooks looked very upset about taking Young under their wings. Shark Boy actually got a quick victory after he bit Young with the Shark Bite and Roode and Brooks looked at each other confused. In the meantime, Shark Boy finished off Young with the Dead Sea Drop as Roode and Brooks didn’t even know the pinfall was occurring.

Winner: Shark Boy

After the match Ms. Brooks grabbed a microphone and headed into the ring. She handed the microphone off to Robert Roode as he lifted up Eric Young. Roode got right in the face of Young and told him to shape up or he will soon be without him and Ms. Brooks. Roode then slapped Young across the face and left the ring with Ms. Brooks.

Standing backstage with Jeremy Borash was the TNA X Division Champion, Chris Sabin, with the belt hanging off of his shoulder. Borash first asked Sabin if he talked Angle into interfering in the match last week just so he could remain Champion, but Sabin took it very offensive and got right in Borash’s face and told him to back off. Sabin said that he knew he was going to defeat Daniels and he knows that he is going to defeat anyone from the X Division who is ready to challenge him for his title. Then all of a sudden, Jerry Lynn approached Sabin and told him if he was so confident defeating anyone from the X Division, he asked to put the belt on the line at Against All Odds with him being the challenger. Sabin just laughed as he said he already pinned Lynn once and he doesn’t feel like doing it again. Lynn got in his the Champion’s face telling him to watch his mouth as he didn’t have a choice, as he was just told by Jim Cornette that the match has just been made. Sabin couldn’t believe it as now he has something to worry about at Against All Odds as Lynn walked away with a confident look on his face.

After a short commercial break, down to the ring came ‘The Ticked Off Texan’ Lance Hoyt and he got in the ring and grabbed a microphone. Hoyt told everyone that he isn’t use to doing this, but he called his former partner, Ron Killings a backstabber for leaving him and going to the crappy team of the Diamonds in the Rough. Hoyt quickly said that he doesn’t need Killings though as he has found someone new and someone better, Chase Stevens. The former member of The Naturals came walking down to the ring with a confident look on his face. Hoyt told Killings and his other lovers to watch closely as he and Stevens are now the team to beat.

Match Two

Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt vs. Ricochet and Tyler Black

Black and Ricochet are two Independent workers brought in to do a simple job to the new tag team of Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt of course. Stevens and Hoyt looked pretty impressive as a tag team, but nothing to special as they were just facing a bunch of jobbers. Hoyt nailed Ricochet with the Texas Tower Bomb as Stevens hit Black with a Death Valley Driver and the two pinned both jobbers at the same time getting the victory.

Winners: Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt

After the match was over Hoyt and Stevens shook hands with the Diamonds in the Rough walking out from the tunnel and staring the two men down. Diamond pointed at the two in the ring and mouthed that they are their first victims. Hoyt seemed confident and was ready for a fight now, but of course it wasn’t happening.

Back from another commercial break, down to the ring came ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels still playing out that his ankle is hurting from last week. Daniels got in the ring and was handed a microphone and he stated it was his time to get something off his chest. Daniels started off saying that ever since he came into TNA he was always stuck in the X Division or the Tag Team Division. Daniels said that he doesn’t care that he is a 3 Time X Division Champion and he doesn’t care that he is a 6 Time NWA World Tag Team Champions. Daniels went on saying that he wants something that he never had before and that is to be the main spot in TNA. “AJ Styles was always the man in front of him and if it weren’t for him, I could have been the real Mr. TNA,” exclaimed Daniels, “and you know, what, I am damn tired of it!” Daniels continued pleading his case saying that the way to sky rocket him into the main event and a shot for the NWA World Heavyweight Title is to take on the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, and defeat him just like Samoa Joe did. Daniels then demanded to have Angle come down to the ring and accept a challenge that he is making for him, a one on one match at Against All Odds. Out came someone, but it wasn’t Angle, it was the Management Director, Jim Cornette. Cornette came down to the ring and was handed a microphone and said that he is tired of all this complaining so lately he has been giving people what they want. Cornette stated that next week Chris Daniels and Kurt Angle will face off, but in a Tag Team Match. Angle will team with Daniels’ former tag partner, AJ Styles, while Daniels teams with Rhino. Cornette says he is expecting tempers to flare and that is what he wants. Then out of nowhere came running down to the ring was Kurt Angle and the fight was on. Daniels and Angle went back and forth, until Daniels was grounded. Angle went to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Daniels kicked away and quickly got up and hit Angle with an Enzuigiri making Angle to fall through the middle ropes and out of the ring. Angle backed up the ramp looking pissed showing that Daniels was the man on his list to take out.

Backstage was Gail Kim pacing back and forth talking to Christy Hemme. Gail went on talking about Storm and Harris still undecided about which side to take. Christy asked which one she thinks would work best, but Gail again wasn’t unsure. ‘Cowboy’ James Storm then walked onto the screen and grabbed Gail by the wrist. Storm got right into his face demanding her to come with him or it will be a huge regret and something she wishes that won’t happen. ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris then appears on screen as well and pushes Storm away and tells him to back off. Gail and Christy quickly run away as some backstage security quickly come running making sure nothing gets out of hand between Storm and Harris.

Match Three

The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide) vs. Team 3D (Brother Devon, Brother Ray and Brother Runt)

Team 3D was out for one thing here and that was for revenge and they had the advantage as they got to have three men in the ring as The LAX only were allowed the usual Hernandez and Homicide. The LAX got out to a quick start though and definitely came to fight and weren’t ready to back down. The pace of the match changed slowly over time and soon enough Team 3D was in control. Brother Runt was the man basically getting thrown around the whole match as he was used basically as a weapon for Brother Devon and Ray and a rag doll by The LAX. At one point in the match, all three members of Team 3D were down and Hernandez mimicked Brother Ray and pushed Homicide and extended his arms screaming, “¡Consiga las tables!” telling Homicide to get the tables. Homicide got out of the ring and brought a table back in and they set the wood up. They set up for a 3D on Brother Runt, but Brother Devon and Ray spoiled the fun for The LAX. The knocked Hernandez into the corner and then picked up Homicide and tossed him out of the ring. Hernandez then came charging at both Brother Devon and Runt, but they both lifted Hernandez up as Brother Ray drove Hernandez through the table with the three man 3D. The Latin American Exchange got the DQ victory, but Team 3D came out to do what they wanted, get revenge by putting The LAX through a table.

Winners (DQ): The Latin American Exchange

After a quick commercial break, ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles was set up for a Sit Down Interview with Don West. West got the interview underway quickly asking Styles how everything started with him and Rhino. Styles explained that he didn’t like that Rhino was getting into his business with him and Daniels and he felt he had to do something about it. West went on asking about Styles cheap two victories over Rhino and then his lost in the Last Man Standing Match at Final Resolution. Styles told West it doesn’t matter how you win in the record books, all it shows is who beat who. Styles said he did his job against Rhino and that was defeat him twice. He then talked about Final Resolution saying it was a fluke and said that the next time he face Rhino, the luck won’t be on his side anymore. West asked one more question and that was asking about the Tag Team Match next week and Styles says he doesn’t care who else is in the ring, all he cares about is he has Rhino in the ring for another time. All of a sudden though, ‘The War Machine’ Rhino busted into the room and Don West quickly jumped out of his seat as did Styles. Rhino grabbed Styles by the shirt and forced him up against the wall. Rhino said he is ready to kick Styles ass next week, but he wants to do it against at Against All Odds. Styles asked Rhino why they would wait so long, why not the week after the Tag Match. Rhino said it was on, but it has to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Styles thought about, but the kicked Rhino below the belt dropping The War Machine to the ground. Styles got in Rhino’s face and said it was on.

Main Event

Serotonin (Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine and Maverick Matt) vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was not happy with Raven and his three members of the Serotonin after the actions of them last week. Joe looked to take out all his anger on all three guys of the Serotonin, but it was a harder task then Joe thought. Joe came out with an angry look on his face, as if he was still back in the X Division days trying to take out Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles still. All three guys from the Serotonin had cocky looks on their faces, but it soon changed when Joe smacked their smiles right off. Joe got into the match early and took out all three guys quick, but the numbers game got to Joe and things turned around pretty quickly as well. Serotonin just mauled Joe in the center of the ring and wouldn’t go to the corner like the referee was ordering them. Finally their leader, Raven came down to the ring settling things down and telling his boys what to do. At first that’s what it seemed, but it then looked as if Raven was distracting his men to let Joe recover and get the advantage back. That is exactly what Joe did and quickly took all three men out. Joe tossed both Maverick Matt and Frankie Kazarian out of the ring and only Johnny Devine was left to get hit with the Muscle Buster and then having to tap out to the Coquina Clutch. Joe cleaned up the Serotonin pretty well and Raven applauded Joe for his victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match came to a close, Raven grabbed a microphone and got in the ring. Kazarian and Matt also got back in the ring helping Devine up and getting ready to be canned, but Raven called that off. Raven told the three guys that they aren’t what he is looking for and as of now the Serotonin is officially disbanded. Kazarian, Devine and Matt couldn’t believe and walked off with a glum look on their faces. Raven told Joe not to go anywhere as he wasn’t done with him yet. Samoa Joe quickly turned back at Raven and motioned that he wasn’t done either. Joe grabbed the microphone out of the hands of Raven and told him he wants to be done with him so he can then get his shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title, so he challenged Raven to a match at Against All Odds. Raven took the microphone back, but continued ranting on Joe saying some weird things that Raven would say. Joe was getting tired of not getting an answer so just went and attacked Raven. Joe was the one making a mistake though, as things didn’t turned out as Joe planned. Raven was the one standing tall after the altercation as he hit Joe with the Raven Effect DDT leaving Joe down in the middle of the ring. Raven then kneeled down near Joe telling him he doesn’t need the Serotonin, but he does have someone else in mind. Raven said either way, their match at Against All Odds is on.

The final commercial break happened and when iMPACT! returned, down to the ring came Christian Cage and his bodyguard, Tomko ready to reveal the secret of Abyss. Tomko handed Cage a microphone and told everyone that he did give Abyss and Mitchell one more shot as long he gets one more shot at the belt, but it was turned down. Cage then gave Abyss and Mitchell one more shot, but instead of those two coming down, Sting was the one walking out from the tunnel. He made his way down to the ring and got right in Cage’s face telling him to put down the microphone and don’t do something he will regret. Cage told Sting to shut up, but Sting kept on trying for Cage to give it up. Soon enough Cage and Tomko had enough and Cage told Sting to turn around. Sting was caught with a huge Boot from Tomko making Sting drop to the mat. Tomko then pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and handcuffed both of Sting’s hands to the ring ropes. Cage finished Sting off by taping his mouth shut. Cage then went on and told everyone it was time. The lights dimmed and Cage started the story. “17 years ago, when Chris was just a young teenager at the age of 16,” Cage started breaking kayfabe right away. Cage went on saying that Abyss was always the lonely one in school, the one with no friends. He continued, “A boy of the name of Matthew, just about a year older then him, was always trying to talk to Abyss and be his friend, but Abyss didn’t want any friends.” The story continued with Cage telling everyone that Abyss started getting more and more annoyed with Matthew trying to become friends with Abyss so one day, Abyss thought of a plan. Abyss was going to brutally attack Matthew so he won’t have to see him or hear him again. Just at that moment, ‘The Monster’ Abyss crawled out through the ramp screaming in pain shaking his head and basically telling Cage to stop. Cage asked for another match, but Abyss wouldn’t respond, so the story continued. Cage went on saying that the day finally came and that day, Abyss took his fathers car and ran over the poor kid of Matthew. Abyss continued screaming, but Cage wasn’t stopping. Cage went and finished the story by saying that till this day, it has been said that Matthew is still alive, fighting his way back to his complete health and still looking and hunting down for Abyss. Finally, Abyss has totally taken enough and told Cage to cut it. Cage asked for his match once again and this time Abyss nodded his head in approval. Cage turned to Tomko with a smile on his face giving his bodyguard a hug, as Christian did what he wanted, get one last match. ‘Father’ James Mitchell then came out with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder trying to lift Abyss up, but he was just dead weight as he didn’t want to move after his secret was revealed. Mitchell then grabbed a microphone and told Cage that the match would only be on if it was a stipulation of his and The Monster’s choice. Cage quickly agreed asking Mitchell what it would be, but Mitchell said that Cage and everyone else would have to find out next week.

Quick Match Results:

- Shark Boy defeated Eric Young

- Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt defeated Ricochet and Tyler Black

- The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide) defeated Team 3D (Brother Devon, Brother Ray and Brother Runt) by DQ

- Samoa Joe defeated Serotonin (Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine, Maverick Matt)

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This Thursday night at 9pm ET on Spike TV, the wrestling world will witness the aftermath of the secret of Abyss being revealed – the following is a preview of the huge broadcast!


Last week Christian Cage and Tomko did something that no one though was going to happen and was just going to be a huge hype up thing, well, the secret was revealed. Christian Cage told the story of Abyss and the secret was revealed. Not much was mentioned except for Abyss basically ruining a poor kid’s life. Abyss accepted Cage’s challenge finally after all the pain that was inflected on him hearing the story again. Mitchell accepted the match with Abyss saying that the only way it is on, is with a stipulation, and that stipulation is announced ion iMPACT! Find out the stipulation on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!


AJ Styles and Rhino have been having continuous problems for quite sometime now, but their hatred for each other keeps on continuing. It continues this time in a Tag Team Match as AJ Styles faces his old tag team partner, Christopher Daniels as Styles teams with Kurt Angle. Angle tried to break the ankle of Daniels for no reason two weeks ago. Angle went to try again last week, but he was unsuccessful. How will things turn out this week with Styles and Rhino in the ring as well?


Two weeks ago on iMPACT!, Samoa Joe was heading to try and get a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He was stopped though by the Serotonin and Raven. Last week Joe ended the Serotonin by destroying all three members, but Raven still had the last laugh as he was able to hit Joe with the Raven Effect DDT leaving Joe down on the mat and then telling him that the match was on. Joe has clearly stated with a reaction right after iMPACT! that he is ready for Raven, but the real question is, is Raven ready for Samoa Joe?


Just announced for Against All Odds was a special Four Way Match with the winner becoming the Number One Contender to the TNA X Division Title. The four competitors are Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Delirious. On iMPACT, the four men will be in single’s matches, but against each other. This means Petey Williams will be facing Delirious and still friends of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt will go at it, just to get a slight preview of Against All Odds.

All this and much more this Thursday on iMPACT! – witness the aftermath of the secret of Abyss being revealed!

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iMPACT! finally got started up the way it usually does with Mike Tenay and Don West welcoming in the viewers at home and summing up the past few weeks with what has been going on. Things got underway quickly as down came to the ring was Raven and he seemed that he needed to get something off of his chest. Raven grabbed a microphone and stood in the ring doing his usual unique promo. He shot straight at Joe saying that last week he totally destroyed his Serotonin, but he doesn’t need the Serotonin anymore. Raven said he has other things on his mind then the Serotonin because he has other backup. The crowd didn’t respond very well at first, but Raven continued saying that he will kick Joe’s ass at Against All Odds and no one will stop him. Raven then called Joe out so he can tell him something to his face. Joe didn’t come out right away though and Raven wasn’t pleased so he said he would wait in the ring until Joe came down. Raven sat in the corner doing a signature pose of his. Finally, down came Samoa Joe wasting no time getting in the ring. Raven quickly got up and the two got in each others faces. Joe grabbed the microphone from Raven and asked him what he needed so bad. Raven snatched it back saying that last week he planted Joe and he isn’t afraid to do it again, but at Against All Odds he has decided not to. The crowd couldn’t believe it and Joe didn’t move as he was still listening. Raven continued going on saying that the match was on for Against All Odds which he said last week, but he never said which match. Joe got what Raven was saying now, and at this time the anger in Joe was building up. Raven said at Against All Odds it won’t be Raven vs. Joe, but it would be someone of Raven’s choice vs. Joe because Raven thinks Joe isn’t worthy enough to face him, even though Joe is the top draw in TNA as of now. Joe didn’t look happy as well with the fans as they began to boo, but Joe still agreed to Raven’s challenge. Raven said if he could get by his man, then maybe he could then go after him. Joe turned his back towards Raven, but then turned back with a slap to the side of the head, making Raven spin towards the ropes which lead for him to flee from the ring and up the ramp through the tunnel looking on at Joe the whole time.

Match One

Eric Young and Robert Roode w/Ms. Brooks vs. Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

Last week Eric Young was the huge favorite facing Shark Boy, but that wasn’t the case as Shark Boy got the huge upset victory over Young leaving Roode very upset. This time, Roode thought teaming with Young would do the job to try and defeat Shark Boy and Smiley, but Roode’s idea was shut down. Once again Young was pushed to the limit along with Roode and Smiley and Shark Boy worked very well as a whole. The finish saw Shark Boy hit a Dropkick on Robert Roode, the non-legal man. Roode got knocked off the apron right near Ms. Brooks. Young was a bit distracted by this which lead to Norman Smiley locking in the Norman Conquest and soon enough making Eric Young tap out. Once again, Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks couldn’t believe it and this time, Roode needed to do something about it.

Winners: Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

After the match concluded, Robert Roode rolled back in the ring helping in Ms. Brooks to the ring as well. Roode helped Young up and then was handed a microphone from Ms. Brooks. Roode got right in the face of Young and told him to really shape up as this is his last warning. Roode told Young he thought that Young alone would be enough, but he thought wrong. Roode told Young, at Against All Odds, he will have a permanent tag partner for him, and from then on, they would be known as The Robert Roode Militia.

A quick backstage segment then occurred when Chris Harris was walking with the scared Gail Kim talking about the situation on his side. Gail was still confused and didn’t know what to do and who’s side to pick. James Storm made it easy as he charged on screen shoving Harris out of the way into the wall and picking Gail Kim up and running off. Harris checked his face for blood, but nothing, and then realized what Storm took. Harris went running after Storm trying to capture Gail Kim.

After a quick commercial break, the TNA X Division Champion, Chris Sabin was standing in the ring, with the title rested on his shoulder and a microphone in hand. Sabin addressed the crowd saying that at Final Resolution he was crowned the new TNA X Division Champion and there was definitely no controversy involved. Sabin then said for no reason, he has to face Jerry Lynn at Against All Odds with the title on the line. Sabin was not happy with the match as he clearly stated and showed everyone that he pinned Lynn at Final Resolution. With that though, Sabin still wanted to welcome his opponent down to the ring, but instead of the actual Jerry Lynn, down came a Mini Version of Jerry Lynn instead. He threw up the dio rocks horns and ran down to the ring getting a laugh from the crowd. Sabin asked miniature Lynn about his chances at Against All Odds was, but all he did was throw up the horns. After every question Sabin asked, Lynn responded with the horns every time. Sabin said he finally had enough and wanted to show everyone what is going to happen to Lynn at Against All Odds. Sabin charged at the midget and kicked him right in the face. Sabin then lifted him up at his the Cradle Shock and then mimicked Lynn by throwing up the dio rock horns. Finally though, the real Jerry Lynn ran down to the ring sliding in, but a scared Chris Sabin quickly slid out of the ring and backed up the opposite ramp. Lynn stared down and Sabin and gave him the motion across his waist saying he is coming for the gold.

Backstage, the beautiful looking, Leticia Cline was standing by with ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels ready for a quick interview. Cline went over the past two weeks with what has been going on between him and Kurt Angle and all Cline wanted to know was what is with the two and why Angle wants to try and break Daniels’ ankle. Daniels basically said he really has no clue what is going through Kurt Angle’s head now, but he Daniels did continue, “but he will know soon enough that he is messing with the wrong guy this time.” Daniels talked about his promo from last week and he said he would follow up on it by taking out Kurt Angle. Cline moved onto the next question, Daniels thoughts of the tag team match. The Fallen Angel exclaimed that he was psyched for the tag team match as he finally gets Angle in the ring, but that isn’t enough, he wants Angle in the ring one on one. That is when Daniels laid down the challenge for Against All Odds, Christopher Daniels against Kurt Angle, one on one.

Match Two

Delirious vs. Petey Williams

Delirious came into this match knowing he needs a big victory to try and solidify himself back in the X Division, but it would have to be over a former X Division Champion, Petey Williams, so it was no easy task. Delirious came into this match looking pretty intimidating, but Petey knew that he couldn’t back down. Petey was intimidating in the first minute or two, but then things turned around when Delirious wasted a little too much time running around the ring and screaming like a crazy man. Petey finally got himself together and took control of the match after slowing Delirious down by hitting him with a huge Leg Lariat. Petey then got on the second rope in the corner and when Delirious got up; Petey jumped towards Delirious and spun him around planting him with a Spinning DDT. Petey called for the finish and locked in the Sharpshooter and everyone thought Delirious was going to tap, but he was able to reach the ropes. Delirious slowly got up, but when he did, he charged at Petey, but got stopped and got hit with a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere. Delirious was of course done and this gave Petey a big win nearing Against All Odds.

Winner: Petey Williams

The rainbow colors flash across the screen as well as the Eye Spy Paparazzi Broadcasting Logo. The screen cuts to Kevin Nash sitting in a chair zooming in near the back of his head. “Ohhh! Oh yeah! That’s it,” is heard from Nash and no one knows what is going on. The camera then zooms out and shows the whole room and you see Alex Shelley doing some weak versions of leg lunges while Austin Starr is working up a sweat on the treadmill. Nash told the guys that he likes what they are doing and they need to get in tip top shape to when they get back in the ring. Shelley told Nash that he will be, but he doesn’t know about Starr as he is only running at 8.0 MPH. Starr then looked at Shelley and laughed at him as Shelley was basically doing nothing. Starr asked Shelley exactly what he was doing and Shelley stumbled on his words, but then quickly told Starr leg lunges. Starr laughed again and jumped off the treadmill. Starr told Shelley to try to run on the treadmill at 8.0 MPH for 30 minutes straight. Shelley of course made an excuse saying he is doing leg lunges for a reason, as he has been getting cramps in his legs lately. Starr laughed and of course Shelley didn’t like it, so tried to ignore him. Nash told the guys to settle down as they have to get ready for “James Gang, The,” which is what Nash ready from a piece of paper. Starr corrected him with The James Gang, but Nash didn’t care and all he wanted was for them to defeat The James Gang. The promo ended with Starr getting back on the treadmill while Shelley continued his version of leg lunges.

Match Three

Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Both men saw Petey Williams defeat Delirious earlier in the night and now these two men pushed themselves even further because they wanted to look just as good as Petey nearing Against All Odds. The two men got in the ring and shared a few words at first; mouthing that they still want to be friends after all of this is over. They embraced in a brief hug, but Dutt surprised everyone, but pushing Lethal away and kicking him below the belt. The referee didn’t do anything about it as the match didn’t really start. This just showed how much Dutt wants the X Division Title and showing there are no real friends in wrestling. Dutt of course had the early advantage and as a matter of fact basically dominated the whole match. Dutt thought he had Lethal finished nearing the end of the match so Dutt slowly made his way to the top rope. Dutt took to much time though so Lethal was able to get up and jump onto the top turnbuckle with Dutt. Lethal hit a Suplex on Dutt making both crash down hard to the mat. Lethal was the first to his feet and picked Dutt up, but Dutt quickly surprised Lethal with a cradle roll and got a quick three counting getting some sort of a cheap victory.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Backstage the newly formed tag team of ‘The Ticked Off Texan’ Lance Hoyt and Chase Stevens are hanging out with Lance Hoyt holding some sort of rope in his hands. Stevens asks Hoyt what he has and Hoyt responds by saying he has a lasso and is ready to rope in some bulls. Stevens told Hoyt he didn’t understand what he was talking about, so Hoyt went onto explaining. Hoyt explained what bull roping is and how it is done in Texas and whatnot. Stevens finally understood what Hoyt was talking about and then Stevens asked if he could try. Hoyt told him to aim for a person standing nearby standing in a crowd of three people. Stevens tried, but the distance was a bit far and didn’t really come close at all. Hoyt asked for the rope and showed Stevens how it was done and hooked on to something, but it wasn’t something they wanted. Hoyt dragged in his former partner Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings with ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper and Simon Diamond following right behind him. Stevens just laughed, but Diamond asked for silence. Diamond didn’t think it was funny at all and said that Killings really doesn’t like Hoyt at this time. Hoyt then challenged Killings to a match right then and there, but of course Diamond told Hoyt it was not a good time, but next week, it would be on. Stevens budged in saying that he wants in too and offered a tag team match, but Hoyt told him to cool down, they will save that for Against All Odds.

In another area backstage, Team 3D was standing by with Jeremy Borash as JB had a few questions to ask. First JB asked Team 3D where Brother Runt was at, but they didn’t know, but it wasn’t important at this time. Borash went on asking for their thoughts on the Tag Team Elimination Match at Against All Odds. Brother Ray told Borash that they don’t care where it is at, what kind of match it is, as long as it is for the NWA World Tag Team Titles and against The Latin American Exchange they are satisfied. All of a sudden Brother Ray was cut off though as a crew member came running onto the screen telling Team 3D to hurry quick, something was wrong with Brother Runt. Team 3D and Borash made the run over to find Brother Runt left laying out in a pool of his own blood with LAX written on his chest with his blood. Brother Ray said that it is definitely on at Against All Odds and Brother Devon added his usual, “oh my brother, TESTIFY!” as paramedics quickly rushed to the scene.

Main Event

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Rhino

Not that long ago, Kurt Angle was teaming with Rhino on iMPACT! and facing AJ Styles who was on the other team, but now it was the other way around as Angle was teaming with Styles with Rhino on the other side. Either way, Angle wasn’t worried about Styles or Rhino, all he had his mind on was Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel and The War Machine seemed like they had a plan going into this and for most of the match it did work well. Kurt Angle of course came out looking like a madman which he has been doing for weeks now. At first he was unstoppable, but Daniels and Rhino teamed together quite well to slow the Olympic Gold Medalist down. Things soon got out of hand though, when Rhino went for a Gore on Styles out of nowhere. Rhino missed with the charge and went flying to the outside. The Phenomenal one went right after The War Machine on the outside diving over the top rope taking Rhino down. Daniels then entered the ring and him and Angle went back and forth. Angle kept on trying to ground Daniels and try to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Daniels always had a reversal. Soon Daniels got knocked to the outside and thought the only way he could take Angle out right now is with a chair. He grabbed a steel chair, but Styles ran over and tried to get it out of the hands of Daniels. Styles wrestled the chair out of the hands of Daniels, but Rhino came charging over about to blindside Styles. Somehow AJ saw it coming though and moved out of the way, but left the chair there. Rhino went head first into the chair, but not only smashed his head, the chair smacked up against Christopher Daniels skull as well. Styles then rolled Rhino into the ring and then went for Daniels. Before AJ even rolled Daniels in the ring though, Kurt Angle hit The War Machine with an Olympic Slam and the referee counted the three to give the win to AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

Winners: AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

After the match was finished, Kurt Angle still wasn’t done and after ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels got rolled into the ring, Angle went berserk once again. Angle went to lock in the Ankle Lock for a final time, but once again Daniels somehow saw it come and kicked Angle away and quickly rolled out of the ring. Angle then grabbed a microphone right away and screamed at Daniels saying if he didn’t let him break his ankle on any episode of iMPACT!, he guesses he will have to do it at Against All Odds.

The final commercial break occurred and when iMPACT! returned, down came the Number One Contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, Christian Cage with his bodyguard Tomko ready to find out what the stipulation to the match will be at Against All Odds. Cage has something to say right away and that was just basically a laugh as he finally told the world the secret of Abyss. Cage then moved past the secret and started talking about Against All Odds saying that no matter what kind of match it is, he is finally going to win back the title that he never lost. Of course like every week, down to the ring came Sting always trying to get a way into this feud. The Icon got in the ring and told Christian Cage that he really doesn’t want to get involved with Abyss now after his secret is now known to the world. Sting called Abyss a bizarre monster who isn’t afraid to do anything to anyone. He basically said that he has no chance in the match at Against All Odds especially since it involves with something his loves to play with. Christian Cage asked what it was and Sting pulled a steel chain out of his jacket pocket and just laid it on the mat. The music then hit and out walked from the tunnel was ‘Father’ James Mitchell with his monster and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Monster’ Abyss. The two slowly made their way down to the ring and when entered, Mitchell was handed a microphone. Cage quickly told Mitchell to say what the match was. Of course Mitchell wasted some time first talking about the pain Cage will go through at Against All Odds and then the situation with Sting and how he should just get out of this feud. Sting refused and said that he thinks he is the one that can control Abyss. Mitchell quickly had enough and finally announced the match. Mitchell said at Against All Odds it will be Abyss defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Christian Cage in a Chained Fury Match. That means the ring ropes are replaced with steel chains and all the turnbuckle pads are torn off. Mitchell just told Cage to be ready to take a beaten from his monster. Christian Cage then tried to attack Abyss out of nowhere, but Abyss fought off Cage. Sting then out of nowhere charged at Tomko with a Stinger Splash and this knocked Tomko out of the ring. Sting told Abyss to finish Cage off and that is what Abyss did. He took the chain Sting brought into the ring and went and wrapped it around the neck of Cage. He started choking the life out of Cage while Sting left the ring backing up the entrance ramp. Mitchell told Abyss that it was enough, but The Monster wasn’t stopping. Abyss then stopped all of a sudden, but it was because of Sting as he motioned Abyss to stop. iMPACT! ended with Tomko down on the outside, Christian Cage choked out in he ring and Abyss listening to Sting and not his actual manager, James Mitchell.

Quick Match Results:

- Norman Smiley and Shark Boy defeated Eric Young and Robert Roode

- Petey Williams defeated Delirious

- Sonjay Dutt defeated Jay Lethal

- AJ Styles and Kurt Angle defeated Christopher Daniels and Rhino

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This Thursday night at 9pm ET on Spike TV, the wrestling world will witness an all-star main event between six huge stars in TNA – the following is a preview of the huge broadcast!


Against All Odds is right around the corner as it happens this Sunday. To get everyone hyped for the big Pay-Per-View a huge All-Starr Six Man Tag Team Main Event has been announced. It will feature two dominant teams; one being Abyss, Samoa Joe and Sting with the other three being Christian Cage, Raven and Tomko. Anything is possible between these six as all of them are looking for some sort of momentum going into Against All Odds, even though three don’t even wrestle at the show. Witness this huge All-Star Battle on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!


AJ Styles and Rhino have been going at it for about two months now and now their feud is in full force. Last week Rhino took a pinfall to Kurt Angle, but that isn’t slowing The War Machine down. Now these two men will go into a brutal Falls Count Anywhere bout after just competing in a vicious Last Man Standing Match a month ago. Anything is possible from Styles and Rhino, the only question is what can these two do next?


Last week on iMPACT! Chris Harris was walking with the lovely Gail Kim, when out of nowhere James Storm budged in, pushing Harris away and grabbing Kim and running off. Harris tried to catch up, but it wasn’t possible. What will Storm do next with Gail Kim after kidnapping her and will Chris Harris have any chance to save the captured Gail. Find out on iMPACT! only on Spike TV!


Two X Division Matches occurred last week on iMPACT! and it saw Petey Williams going over Delirious and Sonjay Dutt going over Jay Lethal. Those four men will compete in a Four Way at Against All Odds with the winner becoming the Number One Contender for the X Division Title, but before that they will have the X Division Champion in the ring at the same time. The only thing is, Sonjay Dutt and Delirious will be teaming with the Champion even though they are going after him. Jerry Lynn will be leading the other team with Petey Williams and Jay Lethal on his side. Will Dutt and Delirious be able to work with the Champion or will Lynn, Williams and Lethal head into Against All Odds with all the momentum?

All this and much more this Thursday on iMPACT! – witness an all-star main event between six huge stars in TNA!

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Match One (Falls Count Anywhere)

AJ Styles vs. Rhino

There can’t be any better way to kick off iMPACT! with another match between AJ Styles and Rhino. Not only was it another match, but it was another gimmick match. The last gimmick match was a Last Man Standing Match with the two facing off at Final Resolution. AJ Styles cockiness rose to a different level giving him the loss and he thinks the only way to get some recognition back is with a victory over Rhino in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Styles came out with his head on straight this match as all he wanted to do was punish Rhino before Against All Odds came. That is exactly what AJ did, but The War Machine got his share of punishment in on Styles as well. The two got of early leaving ringside as before Styles, got down to the ring, Rhino came charging down to the ring attacking AJ. They brawled for a few minutes at ringside getting the fans involved, but the match soon headed backstage. Styles and Rhino went back and forth while moving quickly through the backstage area. They threw each other into anything possible with the stops being minimal. The action finally spilled back near ringside as Rhino kicked Styles up the tunnel and onto the ramp. Rhino was in total control at the time and grabbed a table near the ramp. He leaned it up against the tunnel and it seems Rhino wanted to hit a Gore on Styles through the table. Before Rhino could even attempt it though, Styles was able to get up and charge at Rhino and nail him with a huge Forearm. Styles got the advantage back, but it came to a sudden halt when Rhino charged Styles out of nowhere and nailed him with a Gore through the table! The iMPACT! Zone went nuts, but neither man moved. Right when the referee was about to call the match out though, Rhino rolled over on Styles, but it was too late, Styles was able to somehow kick out. As Rhino slowly got up, somehow Styles nipped up with the crowd giving him major heat. Rhino got up not knowing where Styles was, but he was behind him and met Rhino with a solid DDT to the steel. Styles then set up a contraption where he took a miniature ladder and laid it across another table which was set up. Styles then picked Rhino up trying to toss him off the stage, but Rhino kept fighting. Rhino tried to throw Styles into the contraption, but Styles slid under the table and to the side of the ladder. Rhino was confused and didn’t worry about Styles running up the slanted ladder. Styles jumped off the ladder and came crashing into Rhino with a huge Forearm making Rhino go flying off the stage all the way down to the concrete through many tables and wires. The referee right away threw the match out and declared AJ Styles the winner by stoppage. Styles seemed to do what he wanted to do to Rhino, injure The War Machine.

Winner: AJ Styles

In a dark area in a corner backstage, Raven was sitting in a chair as the camera got closer and closer to him. “This Sunday,” Raven started talking looking down at the ground. Raven continued by telling Samoa Joe that he will be in the fight for his life. He told everyone that Joe wouldn’t be facing him as he already knows, but instead it will be someone from Raven’s past. Raven said that he can be anyone from his past including his ECW and WCW days. Raven hinted names such as Johnny Hotbody and Scotty Riggs, but wouldn’t let Joe’s opponent be named for sure. Raven followed up by saying in the Six Man Tag Team Match tonight, not only will he take out Joe, but he has some early surprises for Joe before Against All Odds. Raven finally looked up at the camera and in a scary/angry voice told Joe, “so Samoa Joe, prepared to be extremely terminated from my past, quote the Raven…nevermore…”

Back into the ring, down came the new and improved team of the Diamonds in the Rough. They were sure looking cocky and they all rolled into the ring and Simon Diamond had grabbed a microphone. “Simon has a problem, but the solution to the problem has arrived,” were the first words out of the mouth of Diamond. He told everyone that tonight Lance Hoyt’s former partner will realize why Ron Killings left him. It is because Killings is just too damn good for Hoyt. Diamond continued saying then at Against All Odds, he will prove his boys are better then anyone out there ready to face them. “Simon says the Diamonds in the Rough will make sure we take Lance Hoyt and Chase Stevens out of TNA,” were the last words spoken before ‘The Ticked Off Texan’ Lance Hoyt and Chase Stevens both ran down to the ring clearing it empty.

Match Two

Lance Hoyt w/Chase Stevens vs. Ron Killings w/Elix Skipper and Simon Diamond

Ron Killings was out to really prove why he left Lance Hoyt and that was because he was too good for him and Simon Diamond and Elix Skipper were the ones on his level. Hoyt made sure that he didn’t allow Killings to take this match though, as The Ticked Off Texan was really pissed going into this match. Hoyt had a good start to the match as he had momentum clearing the ring from the start, but after a little distracting from Simon Diamond, The Truth took control. Action soon spilled on floor and Simon Diamond and Elix Skipper pounded away at Lance Hoyt as Killings was in the ring distracting the referee. In the meantime, Chase Stevens walked over cautiously, but then walked away as he seemed afraid to try and save Hoyt. Diamond and Skipper then gave Hoyt a double low blow and then rolled him back in the ring. Hoyt slowly got up, but was hunched over and this allowed Killings to hit the Axe Kick and give him the victory with a little help with outside interference.

Winner: Ron Killings

After the Diamonds in the Rough disappeared through the tunnel, Chase Stevens slid into the ring and tried to help ‘The Ticked Off Texan’ Lance Hoyt up. Hoyt didn’t want anyone’s help at the time and pushed Stevens away. Hoyt then mouthed at Stevens why he didn’t help and Stevens just didn’t have a response. Hoyt couldn’t believe it a left the ring in disappointment as Stevens stared on. Before these two even have a match together with a team associated with TNA, they are already having trouble which isn’t a good sign.

After a short commercial break, Gail Kim came running down the ring in fear. As she was reaching the bottom of the ramp she tripped. This allowed ‘Cowboy’ James Storm to catch up with Kim and pick her up and handcuff her. Storm rolled her into the ring with her not being able to move much with handcuffs on her hands and feet. Storm then grabbed a microphone and told everyone with Gail Kim at his side, he is unstoppable and no one can stop him especially Chris Harris. Then right at that time, ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris appeared on the stage challenging Storm to a match to see if he can stop Storm. Storm didn’t stop Harris at all and this made Harris charge down to the ring. Right when Harris slid into the ring, Storm quickly rolled out with Gail Kim. Storm put Gail on his shoulders and mouthed to Harris that he will see him at Against All Odds. Harris didn’t look very happy, but at least he has a chance for revenge at the Pay-Per-View.

The rainbow colors flash on the screen and this means it is time for some Paparazzi Productions. Kevin Nash is shown with papers in his hands. Both Alex Shelley and Austin Starr ask Nash what are the details on their opponents for Against All Odds. Nash told three things and three things only. First he said that one of the guy’s names is BG James. Shelley and Starr just looked at each other confused. Nash continued saying the other guy’s name is Kip James. Shelley and Starr are still lost. Nash finishes by saying they are called The James Gang. Shelley and Starr just can’t resist from laughing, but Nash doesn’t know what is going on. Shelley told Nash that they already knew all that and want more details on how they wrestle and how they think they could win. Nash then understood. They came to the conclusion that Nash would go undercover talking to The James Gang. On the screen it flashes two hours later as Nash gets up asking how he looks and Starr and Shelley, trying to hold back from laughing, tell him he looks nothing like he usually does. The camera then cuts to Nash walking up to The James Gang with Shelley and Starr taping in a hidden corner. Nash asks The James Gang many questions about the match at Against All Odds, but they couldn’t really give a real answer as they couldn’t help from laughing at Nash. Nash soon had enough and ripped off his already partially torn off mustache and took of his wig. Nash then told the two to be ready to lose at Against All Odds as Nash marched away with Shelley and Starr catching up to him. The James Gang just continued to laugh as the camera faded away.

Backstage was the man who will be facing Chris Sabin at Against All Odds, Jerry Lynn standing by with Jeremy Borash ready for a quick interview. Borash asked Lynn right off the bat, his thoughts on the segment Sabin conducted last week. Lynn just laughed and told JB that Chris Sabin is a joke. Lynn said that Sabin is afraid of him and that is exactly why he left the ring right when he charged down. Borash understood and then moved onto the next question, his thoughts on the Six Man Tag Team Match. Lynn said that he has talked to his team and they all want shots at Sabin and now is their chance and they won’t leave without giving Sabin a beating. The final question was who would walk out winner at Against All Odds. “New Champion,” was the only words said with Lynn walking off screen towards the ring ready for his match.

Match Three

Chris Sabin, Delirious and Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal, Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams

Jay Lethal and Petey Williams really weren’t concerned about the two other men that will be in the ring with at Against All Odds in this match, they were told to just go after Chris Sabin and that is exactly what they did. Of course Sabin told Delirious and Dutt to go after Jerry Lynn, but that plan didn’t work through out the whole match. Petey Williams and Jay Lethal really showed how bad they wanted a chance at the X Division Title as they really worked well on taking out Sabin. Things really went bad for Sabin when Jerry Lynn was powering his way through both Delirious and Dutt. Lynn was face to face with Sabin as the Champion started screaming at his partners, but they didn’t respond. Sabin tried to leave the ring, but Delirious, Dutt, Lethal, and Williams stopped him. They all shared in on a beat down. Jay Lethal nailed Sabin with a Dragon Suplex. Delirious then headed up high and as Sabin got up, Delirious landed on the back of the Champion with the Shadows Over Hell. Dutt then got a running start and hit the Sonjay Star Press. This left Petey Williams to hit the amazing Canadian Destroyer. Jerry Lynn then placed his foot on the chest of Sabin getting the three count and the victory for his team. Lynn left the ring with a smile on his face thinking he will be next Champion as the four contenders started to argue in the ring.

Winners: Jay Lethal, Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams

Another interview was conducted, but this one was with the lovely Leticia Cline with Sting by her side. Leticia asked Sting if he had total control over Abyss now, but Sting honestly answered with an I don’t know. Sting told her and everyone else that it is hard to understand Abyss whether which side he is on. Sting continued saying tonight he will be on his team and will try to make sure he leaves James Mitchell, but that won’t be an easy thing to do he said. The Icon quickly finished off the interview saying either way, everyone will find out what is going through The Monster’s head after Against All Odds.

Back in the ring, down came the total different mind set of ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels with a weird look on his face. Daniels got in the ring and grabbed a chair and a microphone. He set the chair down in the corner and took a seat. He told everyone that a couple weeks back that he has become a changed man and wants his time to shine. Daniels continued saying that right now he is shinning because as of now he is the only man not to let Angle lock in the Ankle Lock when he had a chance. Daniels said that it would continue as the lock would never be locked in on him. Daniels continued his cocky speech basically showing that a heel turn is about to be completed by Daniels. The Fallen Angel went on saying that on this Sunday he will defeat Kurt Angle and then move on to something he has never gone after, the NWA World Heavyweight Title. All of a sudden though, Daniels was cut off as down to the ring came Kurt Angle with an unpleased look on his face. Angle got in the ring with a microphone and Daniels quickly got to his feet. Angle asked if Daniels really thought that he can’t lock in the Ankle Lock. Daniels of course agreed with himself and told Angle it isn’t possible. Angle just laughed and told Daniels to give him a try a few days early so he doesn’t have to do it at Against All Odds. Daniels told Angle he is fine with it as it isn’t happening. Daniels dropped the microphone and lay on the mat looking as if he has a plan. Angle dropped his microphone and slowly moved towards Daniels. He picked up one leg of Daniels and went to lock in the dangerous Ankle Lock, but Daniels did have a plan. He knew what was coming and quickly flung Angle away. Daniels got to his knees and reached in the corner and grabbed the chair. Daniels got to his feet and charged at Angle with a chair shot. Angle luckily got out of the ring in time as Daniels just came up with hitting the ropes. Angle backed up the ramp telling Daniels he will get it as The Fallen Angel looked on with some sort of psychotic look in his eyes.

Main Event

Abyss, Samoa Joe and Sting w/James Mitchell vs. Christian Cage, Raven and Tomko

All six men were in the ring talking game plan as to how the match would go. Of course most of the guys wanted momentum heading into Against All Odds, but that wasn’t going to be the case for all six men. During the first few minutes of the match, Christian Cage tried to stay as far away from Abyss as possible and Tomko helped make that possible. Early on in the match, Samoa Joe and Raven leaked to the floor and the referee let the two brawl on the outside while a normal Tag Team Match was then conducted on the inside. James Mitchell was telling Abyss what to do and he was actually listening to his manager. Sting couldn’t do anything about it as he tried, but nothing would work. The ending came near when all four men were in the ring and Sting charged at Tomko, but got met with a Big Boot. Sting then rolled out of the ring and it was now a two on one with Tomko and Christian Cage thinking they had the advantage. Cage reminded Abyss about the secret, but it wasn’t a good thing as this got The Monster pissed and went on a rampage. He totally tore apart both Cage and Tomko at the same time. Meanwhile, on the outside Raven called down help and down came Lodi and Reese from The Flock in WCW. Joe was able to fight off the monster in Reese as well as Lodi which continued the brawl between Joe and Raven. The finish to the match came when Sting rolled back in the ring and told Abyss to finish Cage off. Sting made a bad decision as he got in the way of an angry Abyss and got caught with the Shock Treatment. So all the time Abyss was listening to Sting, it seemed it meant nothing. Abyss was about to finish Cage and Tomko off when all of a sudden, James Mitchell grabbed the steel chain Abyss wears down to the ring. Cage saw it in the hands of Mitchell and it seemed as if Mitchell and Cage were almost on the same page. Tomko fought off Abyss long enough for Cage to wrestle the chain out of Mitchell’s hands and then whip it across the back of The Monster. The referee called for the DQ right away, but Cage didn’t care and wasn’t done either.

Winners (DQ): Abyss, Samoa Joe and Sting

After the bell rang, Christian Cage wasn’t done yet though. Sting was still down in the ring and Joe and Raven brawled all the way backstage. It was only James Mitchell who could help Abyss. Instead, James Mitchell slowly backed away from the ring and didn’t want to get involved. It seemed as if the manager of Abyss didn’t even care for him. Christian Cage continued the torture on Abyss and wrapped the chain around The Monster’s neck like which Abyss did to Cage last week. Sting finally started getting up, but Tomko made sure he couldn’t save Abyss and tossed him right out of the ring near the feet of James Mitchell. Sting told Mitchell to get in the ring, but this made Mitchell just turn his head and walk away. The final iMPACT! before Against All Odds ended with James Mitchell right near the tunnel looking on as well as Sting at the bottom of the ramp at a fallen Abyss with Christian Cage holding the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the air and Tomko raising Cage’s arm.

Quick Match Results:

- AJ Styles defeated Rhino

- Ron Killings defeated Lance Hoyt

- Jay Lethal, Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin, Delirious and Sonjay Dutt

- Abyss, Samoa Joe and Sting defeated Christian Cage, Raven and Tomko

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Good stuff, i'm liking it so far :), I havent followed every feud intensely, so some of my picks I dont have a totally good reason for picking

Abyss vs Christian Cage

My thought is, if Cage doesnt win this one, then the build up of his title shots kinda means nothing. That and whoever you bring in to play "matt", if Abyss is still the champion, then the obvious assumption is that their match would be for the title, which his "matt" person wouldnt have earned the right to a title match...yet.

LAX vs 3D

This is one of the feuds I havent been following in your diary, so I'm going with LAX because I prefer them over 3D.

Chris Sabin vs Jerry Lynn

I like what you've done with these guys, I think Lynn will win because the way it is, its like Sabin's saying "You say I should respect tradition and you, well look I beat you already and have the title and I did it my way, not yours" and it would just add more to it, I think with Lynn wining and throwing it back in Sabin's face like "Hey I beat you tradition still works" if that makes any sense..

Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle

Daniels and Angle, would be a good match. I think Angle needs this win because right now, so early into his TNA tenure, the only person who 'can' beat him is Joe, and hes not 'ready' to be beaten by anyone other than Joe, coming off the type of matches they had

Mystery Opponent vs Samoa Joe

Same reasoning with Angle

Chris Harris vs James Storm

I always believe the heels should win a first encounter..sometimes, depending on whose in the match, and have the face win the next match

Delirious vsJay Lethal vs Petey Willams vs Sonjay Dutt

I couldnt find anything that made me think this was apart of a feud, if it is I missed it, but I pick Lethal, I feel he has the most to gain from a match such as this

Lance Hoyt and Chase Stevens vs Diamonds in the Rough

I like the big man/small man..i guess chase is small, lol, team of Hoyt and Stevens, but I see The Diamonds Winning because since you just paried him with the Diamonds, its kinda like if he looses why should he team with them still? While on the other hand I think Stevens could be just a temporary partner for Hoyt, unless you have serious plans to push them as a real team. If there was anything in the above posts that alluded to that, I missed it.

The James Gang vs Paparazzi Productions

The James Gang is kinda meh to me, I want Starr and Shelley to win, because they're two of my favorite guys in TNA.

Show looks solid though, cant wait for it :)

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Abyss © vs. Christian Cage

You built Christian as probably the only man at this point to defeat Abyss, and I do hope that infact happens, because it seems as of right now its the only choice to go.

The Latin American Exchange vs. Team 3D

LAX is my favorite team in TNA by far, and I don't see them losing the belts in the near future.

Chris Sabin © vs. Jerry Lynn

It would be nice to see a Jerry Lynn X-Title run, but thats all a fun dream and stuff, not what should really happen here.

Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

Angle is more dominate, and should not lose to Daniels at this point. He's really still settling in his new enviornment.

Raven's Mystery Man From His Past vs. Samoa Joe

Joe just cannot lose.

Chris Harris vs. James Storm

Favorite of the two, really no true reasoning for my pick beyond that.

Delirious vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt

My favorite wrestler out of this entire batch.

Diamonds in the Rough vs. Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt

I rather see this as the Pre-Show match, other than that it seems nothing more than a filler.

The James Gang vs. The Paparazzi

Because Shelley owns you.

The Robert Roode Militia vs. Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

Will get help by the new member of the militia.

Bonus Point Questions:

1. Who will be Raven's Mystery Man and who will be the new member of The Robert Roode Militia? Perry Saturn as Raven Mystery man, Devine as the new member of The RRM.

2. What will be the order of elimination in the Tag Elimination Match and the last man left? Brother Ray - Hernandez - Brother D-Von

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone, I am working pretty hard on the Pay-Per-View and I am almost finished with it. Before I post every PPV though, I will be posting a special Pre-Show just get everyone psyched up and maybe add a few more predictions in. So go predict and get a chance to win a prize. Here is the Pre-Show.



The Against All Odds Pre-Show got kicked off with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme hosting the show ready to hype up the upcoming Pay-Per-View which starts in about 30 minutes. The Pre-Show started with a taped interview with ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris who was interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Borash asked his thoughts on his former tag team partner James Storm and his actions lately. Harris said that ever since he broke the glass beer bottle over his head, Storm thinks he is on top of the world. Harris screamed into the microphone saying that Storm is nothing, he continued saying he might have got knocked out and out for a few weeks, but he is back and ready to get one back. Borash asked his opinion on the Gail Kim situation then and the Wildcat said that it isn’t just about him and Storm, but this was also about Gail Kim because he is trying to get back Gail to be with someone she really wants to be with, him.

Another taped interview was then shown with Samoa Joe being interviewed by once again, Jeremy Borash. Borash told Joe that everyone thinks Raven is holding him back to winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title and he wanted to know if Joe agreed. Joe told Borash that the first iMPACT! after Final Resolution, when he stood next to JB after he beat Kurt Angle, he was heading to get his shot when Raven and his Serotonin got in his way. Joe said he took out the Serotonin and he took out already a few men from Raven’s past including Reese and Lodi, Joe said the only people left is one more from his past then Raven himself. Joe continued though, saying that maybe Raven is helping him as maybe he isn’t ready to compete for the World Title, but Joe quickly explained that he is ready and he will prove to everyone tonight that he isn’t just ready to win some gold, he is ready to prove that he is pro wrestling.

Down at ringside, Norman Smiley and Shark Boy were already in the ring ready for some tag team action in the Pre-Show. Down came Robert Roode with the lovely Ms. Brooks at his side along with a pretty confident looking Eric Young. Roode was handed a microphone from Brooks and told everyone this is the night everyone experiences a Roode Awakening as something huge is about to hit TNA and that is The Robert Roode Militia. Roode quickly told everyone that it consists of ‘Showtime’ Eric Young and the newest member, ‘All-Star’ Alan Randolph. No one really knew who Roode was talking about until out stepped the former A1 of Team Canada, who is also known as Alistair Ralph. Randolph made his way down the ring looking very cocky and arrogant, but showing signs that The Robert Roode Militia was for real. Right when Randolph got in the ring, Smiley and Shark Boy attacked starting the match right away.

Pre-Show Match

The Robert Roode Militia (Alan Randolph and Eric Young) w/Ms. Brooks and Robert Roode vs. Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

Shark Boy sure impressed everyone the past few weeks with two pinfall victories over Eric Young, but things were totally different with Eric Young’s new partner at his side in Alan Randolph. It was a good combination for The Robert Roode Militia with the brute and powerful strength from Randolph and the quick little guy in Young. Robert Roode really showed that his boys for real as they dominated the short Pre-Show Tag Team Match making very quick work of Smiley and Shark Boy. Randolph took both men down with a Double Clothesline. Randolph then picked up Smiley and nailed him with a huge Powerbomb making him fly right into the turnbuckle. Randolph then picked up Shark Boy in position for a Death Valley Driver while Eric Young headed up high. Young dove off with a Diving Leg Drop nailing Shark Boy in the back of the head with Randolph following up on the impact driving Shark Boy down into the mat to finish off the DVD. Young got on top of Shark Boy and everyone seemed to witness another possible powerful team in TNA.

Winners: The Robert Roode Militia

Another taped interview was shown with once again Jeremy Borash standing with ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels. Borash went to ask a question to Daniels, but before JB could get a word out, The Fallen Angel grabbed the microphone right from his hands. Daniels got in the camera really close saying that tonight is his night to shine. It is him and the supposedly Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle in the ring one on one. Daniels said that he will not tap out, he will not lose and he will not leave Against All Odds with out doing what he set out to do, injure Kurt Angle. Daniels told everyone about Angle winning the Olympics with a broken neck, well Daniels said that Angle better be ready to go threw that pain again as “I will break your freakin’ neck” were the last words from Daniels before walking off camera with JB giving his usual amazed stare.

The Pre-Show was just about over and Christy Hemme reminded everyone to buy Against All Odds and the Pre-Show ended with a video made for hyping all the matches on the Pay-Per-View. It ended with Abyss choking out Christian Cage with the steel chain, then Cage choking out Abyss and then an outlined picture of what the Chained Fury Match would like in the ring.

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Abyss © vs. Christian Cage

NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Latin American Exchange vs. Team 3D

TNA X Division Championship: Chris Sabin © vs. Jerry Lynn

Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

Raven's Mystery Man From His Past vs. Samoa Joe

Chris Harris vs. James Storm

Delirious vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt

Diamonds in the Rough vs. Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt

The James Gang vs. The Paparazzi

The Robert Roode Militia vs. Norman Smiley and Shark Boy

Bonus Point Questions:

1. Who will be Raven's Mystery Man and who will be the new member of The Robert Roode Militia? Dreamer

2. What will be the order of elimination in the Tag Elimination Match and the last man left? Bubba, Hernandex, D-Von. 'Cide is the last man left

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Match One (Number One Contender for the TNA X Division Championship)

Delirious vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt

All four men kicked off the night with battling to get a shot at the TNA X Division Championship at the next Pay-Per-View, Destination-X. Delirious has just come back in TNA after a long absence of about a year and a half and is gunning for the gold. Sonjay Dutt may have been with TNA since 2003, but still has yet to capture TNA gold along with Lethal and Delirious. Petey Williams is the most experienced with gold in TNA and he was looking to get back in the picture after this match. The four men stood in the ring seeing who would start off the match and it wound up being the crazy man in Delirious as he wouldn’t move out of the ring. The other man was Jay Lethal and he wasn’t ready for Delirious as when the bell rang, Delirious went nuts running around the ring scaring Lethal. The match started off slow with just one on one action, but the match quickly moved along with soon all four men engaging in an all out battle in the ring. It all started when Delirious took himself out of the ring along with Petey Williams with a Clothesline over the top rope. Jay Lethal then headed to the outside with a Suicide Dive. Dutt then made it like he was going to fly to the outside, but he pissed the crowd off by just stopping in the ring laughing.

Jay Lethal though, then slid back in the ring and nailed Dutt with a Dropkick right in the back of the head. Dutt bounced off the ropes and came back allowing Lethal getting a roll up on Dutt, but Dutt was just able to kick out. Delirious then jumped back into the ring and hit a Double Clothesline on both Lethal and Dutt. The two men got up with help from the turnbuckles and they stood in opposite corners. Delirious charged at Lethal first with a huge knee to the head which he calls the Panic Attack. Delirious then did the same to Dutt and the both fell in the middle of the ring. They were bent over with their backs sticking out. Delirious went up high looking for the Shadows Over Hell, but before he could jump, Petey Williams was up on the outside and shoving Delirious off the turnbuckle making him crash and burn on the outside.

Petey quickly got in the ring and took out Lethal with a Leg Lariat followed by Dutt. Petey then called for Canadian Destroyer, but couldn’t hit it on Lethal as Dutt snuck up behind and went to roll up Petey. He grabbed the tights, but a great job by referee, Andrew Thomas, saw Dutt grab the tights and broke the count. Delirious was recovering on the outside and slid in the ring. Petey quickly grounded Dutt and locked in the Sharpshooter and Delirious grounded Lethal and locked in the Cobra Clutch. Both Lethal and Dutt were screaming in pain, but neither man would tap. Delirious then saw he could blindside Petey and took a shot by letting go the hold on Lethal and charging Petey from behind. Somehow Petey saw it coming though and ducked the charge. He then broke the Sharpshooter and kicked Delirious in the gut and followed up with an amazing Canadian Destroyer. Petey hooked the leg of the masked maniac and got the victory and now will be getting a shot at the TNA X Division Championship at Destination-X.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match Two

The James Gang (BG James and Kip James) vs. The Paparazzi (Alex Shelley and Austin Starr) w/Kevin Nash

The Paparazzi of Alex Shelley and Austin Starr have really had troubles in the past, but one month ago at Final Resolution, they showed everyone including their boss, Kevin Nash, that they can work together as The Paparazzi. They defeated Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt in easy fashion it seemed, but now the question is would things continue after not teaming in a match in about a month. This is also The James Gang first match in a long time as for a while they were involved in a war with VKM as VKM. Overall, both teams needed a win to prove their place in the Tag Division. The James Gang came out on fire as Shelley and Starr didn’t look good from the start. They first got in an argument with Kevin Nash early on which later turned into an argument between the two of them. Halfway through the match though, after BG and Kip were totally dominated, Nash called for a meeting on the outside of the ring. The James Gang stood in the ring confused, but they made a mistake by not staying in control and attacking The Paparazzi. This allowed Shelley and Starr to calm down and take a breather.

Both men rolled back into the ring and they acted as if it was a new match. They had a new wind and the control totally changed into the hands of Shelley and Starr. They started acting like an actual team again and The James Gang seemed as if they were on the downfall. Shelley and Starr hit double team moves on each man back and forth nonstop. Finally, Nash got on the apron and called for the finish. Nash just grabbed BG James from the back of the neck and took him out of the ring. The referee told Nash to let BG go, but Nash was just playing around. This made Kip distracted who walked right into the double team move of the Double Cross Legged Brainbuster which they call the Picture Perfect Finish. Starr then rolled on top of Kip and the ref made the count. Nash let BG back in the ring, but it was too late to help Kip out as The Paparazzi were already declared the winners.

Winners: The Paparazzi

Match Three

Chris Harris vs. James Storm w/Gail Kim

Chris Harris was looking for revenge on his former longtime best friend and tag team partner, James Storm after he turned on him two months ago. Storm left Harris out with an eye injury, but now Harris is fully recovered and trying to take back a kidnapped Gail Kim. Storm came down to the ring with Gail Kim chained in shackles by her ankles and handcuffs around her wrists. Storm then unlocked one hand, but wound up cuffing the empty slot in the handcuffs to the guard rail so Gail couldn’t help out in anyway in the match. Wildcat saw enough early as Storm kept on teasing Gail with the key, so Harris came to the outside and attacked Storm from behind. Harris put a beating on Storm early on throwing him around ringside into the barrier, ring steps and the ring poles. The match finally got underway when Harris took Storm into the ring after the two brawled on the outside for about five minutes.

Harris had the upper hand early on as he basically brutalized Storm during the pre-match on the outside. Harris continued a nonstop beating on Storm as he really wanted his revenge and save Gail Kim. Many times through out the match though, Harris was distracted by Kim and tried to grab the keys near the turnbuckle and toss them to Gail, but Storm would always get there in time and prevent Harris in doing so. Harris made a huge mistake halfway through the match though as he just nailed a Spear and could have tried finishing off Storm with the Catatonic, but instead, Harris heard Gail’s scream and took a look at her. He went for the keys again, but this was another time that Storm was able to recover and knock the keys out of the hands of Harris.

This gave Storm the advantage at this time, but Harris still battled his way through as he didn’t want to give up. The match was coming to its final minutes and Gail and the crowd was really starting to get behind Harris. Storm shut them all up though as he nailed Harris with the Lumberjack Kick almost taking Harris’ head off. Storm thought he had the match won, but Harris was able to somehow power his way out. Storm showed a face of frustration, but stayed on top. He picked up Harris and continued up with hitting the Eye of the Storm leaving Harris down on the mat almost motionless. Storm went to his knees and crawled his way over to Harris and just draped his body over his, but Storm made a mistake by not hooking the legs as at the last possible tenth of a second, Harris got his foot on the bottom rope. The Tennessee Cowboy couldn’t believe what just happened, but then at the corner of his eye saw the beer bottle. Storm went over and picked the bottle up with the ref trying to fight the bottle away from Storm. Storm of course overpowered the ref, but either way it didn’t matter as when Harris got up and Storm charged at him with the Beer Bottle, Harris quickly charged back and connected with a huge Spear again. Both men were down and the first to move was Harris. He took a glance at Gail and then to the keys. He had the keys in his hands while he was bent over against the ropes. He tossed the keys to Gail, but at that same time, Storm crawled up behind Harris and snuck a cheap rollup pin with a grab of the tights as well as having his feet on the ropes. Harris was caught by surprise and was left with a cheap lose and Storm getting the steal and the victory. Storm then quickly rolled to the outside and stepped right on the keys before Gail could grab them and just laughed. Storm quickly left the ring with Gail over his shoulder laughing like a madman.

Winner: James Storm

Backstage standing alone is a big name in TNA who was left off the Pay-Per-View, ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles and he stood next to a white board with a projector to the side of him. AJ Styles started things off saying that three days ago it seems as if he ended the career of the so called War Machine. Styles went off saying that there will be no more Rhino in TNA as he ended his life as a professional wrestler. Styles told everyone that when Rhino fell off the stage, he landed awkwardly breaking just about every bone in his body. Styles said that he even had proof and he would show it. Styles turns the projector on and it projects the video of Rhino falling off stage after Styles flew threw the air nailing him with a flying Forearm. The fall and landing was shown over and over again nonstop, but it did stop when the ‘War Machine’ Rhino showed up on screen nailing Styles with a huge Gore into the white board breaking it in half. Rhino then grabbed the projector and lifted it over his head and slammed it down onto the back of AJ Styles. Rhino then held his neck which had a neck brace wrapped around it and kneeled down towards AJ. Rhino said no bones are broken in his body, just a few scraps and bruises and it seems he is already better.

Match Four

Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper and Ron Killings) w/Simon Diamond vs. Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt

Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings seemed to be the best of friends and were teaming together on a regular basis, but something went through The Truth’s mind, and that was a spot to join the Diamonds in the Rough. Killings had the chance and made the best of it kicking David Young out of the group and letting himself join with a win over Young. Hoyt went out to get revenge on Killings and that was to find a new partner in Chase Stevens and now Hoyt along with Stevens are trying to take down Diamonds in the Rough. This is all happening while the new formation of the Diamonds in the Rough are trying to secure a main spot in the Tag Division. The Diamonds in the Rough seemed to be on there way to cementing their spot as early on in the match they made the team of Lance Hoyt and Chase Stevens to look foolish. Simon Diamond liked what he was seeing, but things would soon change as Lance Hoyt kicked it up a notch and really wanted revenge on Killings. Hoyt nailed Killings with a Big Boot and then Skipper, but then Simon Diamond got on the apron and distracted the Texan. This gave the time for Skipper and Killings to recover and get a sneak attack beat down on Hoyt. Hoyt called for help, but like last week on iMPACT!, Chase Stevens stayed away from the disadvantage.

Once the referee broke the brawl up and Hoyt was able to get to his feet, he couldn’t believe Stevens was doing it again. Hoyt then tagged in Stevens with a hard slap to the chest as if Hoyt didn’t want anymore of the match. Chase Stevens got in the ring as Hoyt left ringside and starting backing his way up the ramp watching the rest of the match. Stevens held his own for a while, but after getting pushed off the top turnbuckle by Simon Diamond when looking for a Shooting Star Press, it seemed as if Stevens' energy ran out. Killings and Skipper continued a beat down on the lonesome Stevens until back down to the ring came Lance Hoyt. Hoyt quickly got in the ring and backed Skipper and Killings away. He went to help up Stevens and seem to apologize, but instead Hoyt lifted Stevens up and slammed him down with a Texas Tower Bomb for no reason at all. Hoyt screamed in anger showing that he really is a Ticked Off Texan. The big man then left the ring with Killings and Skipper looking very confused in the ring. They both kneeled down and just covered Stevens and got the cheap victory, but the question was, what was the deal with Lance Hoyt?

Winners: Diamonds in the Rough

Down to the ring came Samoa Joe with a pissed off look on his face. He charged down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. Joe told Raven that he was ready for his mystery man right now and was ready to kick his ass. There was no response from Raven at first though, and Joe didn’t look happy. Joe told Raven to come down once again and there was again no response at first which got the crowd all rallied up, but finally out stepped Raven with his arms thrown to the side of him. Raven slowly made his way down to the ring and rolled into the ring and sat in the corner of the turnbuckle. Joe screamed asking for his opponent, but Raven said he wouldn’t let Joe know until he became quite. Joe settled down as Raven began to speak. He told Joe that he doesn’t want to get involved with the man he is facing. Raven told him that he is a scary, homeless man, who doesn’t stop scratching himself. Raven went on saying that he loved to do drugs, especially heroin, but the slow crowd in the iMPACT! Zone still didn’t know who it was. Joe asked for Raven to show his opponent’s face, but Raven said he is……right behind him. All of a sudden, Billy Kidman jumps off the apron and springboards into the ring taking down Joe with a Crossbody as he turns around. Kidman starts pounding away on Joe as a referee comes running down to the ring ready to start the match.

Match Five

Billy Kidman w/Raven vs. Samoa Joe

Billy Kidman had the chance of his life in his debut in TNA as he had a shot to try and defeat a man who has only been pinned by Kurt Angle in TNA. Kidman tried not to blow his chance by staying on Joe every single second possible. With Joe being on the mat as the match started, Kidman wouldn’t let Joe breath as Kidman just nailed Joe with continuous shots to the head and midsection. The ref tired getting in-between the two, but Kidman just pushed him away and continuing beating away at Joe. Finally the monster in Joe started to move and was getting up. This didn’t stop Kidman though, but for a brief second a huge push away which landed Kidman a seat on the mat did. Kidman got right back up though and continued pounding away at Joe. Joe pushed Kidman down to the mat again, but again, Kidman wanted more. This time though, he was met with a boot right to the face, which sent Kidman crashing to the mat hard. Joe basically took over from here and didn’t look back.

Through out the match, Joe told Raven to get in the ring as well so he can kick his ass too, but Raven simply just shook his head no which made Joe continue a harder beat down on Kidman. Joe was soon ready to finish off Kidman, the once homeless kid starting fighting back. Joe went for a charge, but Kidman ducked. He charged again, but this time Kidman tripped up Joe smacking his face into the turnbuckle. Kidman then got on the apron and springboarded back into the ring and dropping Joe down with a Springboard Bulldog. Kidman headed back on the apron once more and springboarded this time into the ring with a Springboard Leg Drop. For a brief second, Kidman thought he had the win, but Joe was able to toss Kidman off his chest before the three. Kidman wouldn’t give up though and charged at Joe, but Joe picked him up and spun Kidman around. Kidman with great resilience though, planted Joe with an amazing Tornado DDT.

Kidman jumped to his feet and pointed at Raven saying this was for him. He went up high calling for the Shooting Star Press, but Joe started to get up. Kidman changed his plans and nailed Joe with a huge Dropkick right to the back. Joe went flying towards the turnbuckle and backed right up into a rollup from Kidman. Kidman grabbed the tights and put his feet on the rope behind the referee’s back, but Joe still kicked out with ease. Kidman couldn’t believe it even though he was wrestling a monster. Kidman bounced off the ropes as Joe was starting to get up and came back jumping up and kicking Joe in the back of the head. Kidman went up high again looking for a Shooting Star Press again, but once more Joe started getting up. Kidman said screw it anyway and went for the Shooting Star Press. Joe was on his feet ready for Kidman as he jumped. When Kidman came close to nailing Joe, the monster backed up and just kicked Kidman right in the face almost making his head fly off. The crowd went nuts from the huge stiff kick as Joe went and picked the lifeless Kidman up. Joe went to the turnbuckle and got on the second rope while sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Joe lifted Kidman up and was looking for a Second Rope Muscle Buster. He jumped off and nailed Kidman with it with the crowd still going crazy. Joe put his arms on the chest of Kidman as the ref counted three. Joe destroyed Raven’s Mystery Man and now next was Raven.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match concluded though and Samoa Joe sat on one knee holding up his arm with his pinkie and thumb up, in slid Raven going to attack Joe from behind. Raven smacked Joe with a Kendo Stick to the back of the head three times until Joe finally made a move. Joe got up and turned to Raven, but was hit with a huge shot right to the head. Joe seemed a bit dazed there and Raven dropped the Kendo Stick and kicked Joe in the gut. He looked for the Raven Effect DDT, but Joe punched Raven in the gut to get out of it. Joe backed away and bounced off the ropes come charging back and almost beheading Raven with a sick Lariat. Raven and Billy Kidman were down in the ring as Samoa Joe stood tall.

Match Six (TNA X Division Championship)

Chris Sabin © vs. Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn returned to the ring in TNA for one reason and one reason only and that was to teach Chris Sabin on what respect really is. Lynn’s reason’s changed though, when Sabin continued his cocky ways and kept defeating his opponents by cheap rollups. This is Lynn’s first time back since his long injury that he is getting a chance one on one to win back the title he made so popular in TNA, the X Division Championship. Lynn isn’t only looking for respect against Lynn, but he is also looking for gold and he went into this match thinking it is his night. Of course like always, Sabin was ready for the match looking cocky as always. When Lynn came down to the ring Sabin just laughed and made fun of him by throwing up the dio rock horns. Once the match got underway though, it seemed as if Sabin’s opinion towards Lynn was changing and he really didn’t want to be in a match on one on with Lynn himself. Sabin tried avoiding Lynn every single time and it worked at first, but soon enough; the veteran took ‘The Future’ to school.

Lynn totally had the upper hand the first half of the match and almost the whole match. Everything Sabin tried to do to escape; Lynn would keep on coming from different angles surprising the Champion. Things quickly turned for the worse for Lynn though as Sabin was going to rest on the ropes so Lynn couldn’t really grab him off. When Lynn came up behind Sabin, the referee tried to back away Lynn and didn’t see Sabin kick his leg back right in-between the legs of Lynn nailing him with a shot below the belt. Sabin was now in control because of his cheap ways. The referee wasn’t sure what happened so just continued the match. Sabin really took advantage of the low blow and it was his turn to teach Lynn what he has learned over the years. Sabin stayed on top of Lynn slowing things down, but Lynn kept on trying to get to his feet. So Sabin slowed Lynn down for sure when Lynn was getting up from his knees, Sabin charged and nailed with a huge Enzuigiri.

Sabin did a little laugh and said that he knew Lynn didn’t have a chance from the beginning. Sabin lifted Lynn up and nailed him with a German Suplex followed by a Tiger Suplex with a bridge, but Lynn was able to muscle out of it surprising the Champion a bit. Sabin then picked up Lynn and placed him upside down in the corner in the tree of woe. Sabin backed up and came charging and jumped into the air and crushed Lynn with a Hesitation Dropkick. Sabin thought he had it all there, but again Lynn powered out. Sabin calmed himself down and picked Lynn up into a Crucifix Powerbomb Position. He ran from one corner to the other tossing Lynn right into the turnbuckle with the challenger’s neck snapping back a bit. Sabin continued to laugh as he lifted Lynn onto the turnbuckle sitting him down. Sabin played with the crowd a bit though instead of staying on Lynn and it was a mistake as when Sabin turned back, Lynn leaped from the turnbuckle and caught Sabin with a Tornado DDT!

Lynn slowly got to his feet as did Sabin, but Lynn got into the action first taking down Sabin with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors. Lynn begged Sabin to get up and when he did he planted Sabin quickly with a Brainbuster. Lynn begged once more looking for the finish and Cradle Piledriver. Lynn grabbed Sabin as he started to get up and lifted Sabin up turning him upside down. He locked his hands together and was ready to plant Sabin, but somehow, Sabin fell forward making Lynn fall on his back. Sabin was in position for a rollup, but Lynn wouldn’t let it happen and kicked out. Both men were on their feet and Lynn charged at Sabin, but Sabin dodged it and caught Lynn with another rollup and this time Lynn wasn’t expecting it and picked up another cheap loss against Chris Sabin. Lynn couldn’t believe it, but Sabin felt he was on top of the world smiling and laughing at the veteran.

Winner: Chris Sabin

A video played showing all the destruction on what The Latin American Exchange has done since coming into TNA. It showed clips of matches against many different tag teams, but finished with a staredown with Team 3D making it unknown if The LAX could finally defeat them for real, once and for all. All of a sudden, on the video appeared Konnan and he was there to hype up the match. He said that he will be back this coming iMPACT! and he better be there with The LAX NWA World Tag Team Champions. He went on saying that he knows things have changed since he left, but when he comes back he will have a big surprise that will make The LAX even bigger and stronger and even more unstoppable. Konnan reminded everyone once again that “you can stop a revolutionary, but you can’t stop a revolution and that is what The LAX is!”

Match Seven (Tag Team Elimination Match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship)

The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide) vs. Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray)

The LAX and Team 3D have had been having problems dating back to right after Turning Point. Final Resolution didn’t settle it as all it did was make things more confusing with the tag belts becoming vacant. The feud would heat up with the titles being vacant, but things are looking to cool down as there in the ring once again, but this time in a Tag Team Elimination Match. The Latin American Exchange got of to the early start really giving Team 3D a beating. They stayed on top of the two men nonstop as the referee lost control of the action real early on. It was basically a Tornado Tag Match with no tags as the ref really didn’t want to step in-between these two dangerous teams. Hernandez and Homicide tried eliminating both men early on, but it wouldn’t work as in order for Team 3D to give up their shot at becoming the Tag Champions, they would basically need to stop breathing. The LAX worked on that early though and it soon ensued into a brawl on the outside with no team getting a distinct advantage.

Brother Ray and Hernandez seemed to getting really pissed at each other as they were brawling all around the iMPACT! Zone from near the announcers table to all the way in the crowd. Meanwhile, Homicide took Brother Devon back in the ring and tried laying a beating on him. Homicide worked on Devon for a while, but soon back came Ray as Ray took Hernandez out in the crowd hitting a Clothesline on him near a bar rail, flipping him over it and making him crash down onto the concrete. It was now a double team on Homicide in the ring, but he put up a good fight for a while. It didn’t last long though, even though the ref tried to break the three men up. The ref would just get sent flying back onto his behind knowing not to call anything except pinfalls and submissions in this one. Out of nowhere then when the beat down was occurring, down to the ring ran Brother Runt and he had a slapjack in his hand. Runt got on the apron distracting Homicide who came near him, but he wound up getting smacked with the slapjack not knowing Runt had it. Homicide fell back into the ring as the ref looked on in amazement making sure not to piss anyone off.

Brother Ray held Homicide’s legs open as Brother Devon went up high. At the same time, Brother Runt was bringing in a table. Devon dove off and gave a Headbutt right in the spot it hurts. Runt then set up the table as Brother Ray directed Devon what to do. Brother Ray sat on the turnbuckle on the second rope as Brother Devon picked up Homicide. Hernandez was coming back to the ring though, but Brother Runt sacrificed himself trying to distract him for long enough. Runt did his job as Devon was able to get Homicide up on the shoulders of Brother Ray and let Ray slam down Homicide threw the table with a Second Rope Powerbomb. Brother Ray quickly jumped on top as the ref, very scared, counted a three to make Homicide, shockingly, the first eliminated. Homicide has been Eliminated.

In the meantime, Hernandez worked his way back to the ring as he slammed Runt down with the Cracker Jack on the concrete! Hernandez got in the ring only to be harassed quickly by two animals in Team 3D. Hernandez held his own though and was able to fight off Team 3D for the time being. Hernandez nailed Brother Devon with a Cracker Jack in the ring, but before he could go for the pin, Brother Ray stepped in, but at least he took out Devon for a little while. Hernandez and Brother Ray started to get really stiff in the ring slapping each other back and forth and hitting each other with full force. Then back in the ring rolled a struggling Homicide, but he wasn’t done with Team 3D yet. He battled to get to his feet and when he did, he took the slapjack Brother Runt used and slap Brother Ray in the back of the head. This set up Hernandez putting Brother Ray on the second rope allowing Homicide to take him down with a huge Ace Crusher. Hernandez went for the elimination, but Brother Devon got to his feet and break it up. It was once again a two on two, but Brother Runt recovered on the outside and took out Homicide making the two brawl around the iMPACT! Zone.

While the two brawled, Team 3D finally took total control of Hernandez. Brother Runt soon escaped from Homicide as he nailed a huge Tornado DDT on the concrete followed up with going onto a bar rail and jumping off nailing Homicide with a Double Stomp. Brother Runt returned back to the ring and brother another table into the ring. At the same time, Brother Ray called for a table telling Brother Devon to do so. Brother Devon set up one table as Brother Runt slid another one in the ring. Runt got on the apron when Hernandez got up. Runt distracted Hernandez just like he did to Homicide and nailed him with the slapjack. Hernandez dazed and confused, turned around to get greeted with a 3D right threw a table! Team 3D wasn’t done though; they wanted it one more time. Runt set up the table he brought in and the three men nailed Hernandez with a three man 3D after Hernandez finally got up. Homicide trying come running for the save, but Runt was able to stop him nailing him with a slapjack to the back of the head. Hernandez has been Eliminated. Team 3D finally did it and won the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Brother Ray and Brother Devon stood tall in the ring holding up the title belts while Brother Runt stood next to them holding up the slapjack. Team 3D this time outsmarted The Latin American Exchange with no Konnan at their side.

Winners (New Champions): Team 3D

Match Eight

Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

Christopher Daniels has definitely changed in the past month as not that long ago he stated himself as the self-proclaimed Mr. TNA, but now he is showing that he will become the real Mr. TNA. Daniels told everyone that it is his turn to shine and wants his chance to be at the top of the company. Daniels didn’t want to start from bottom to top though, he wanted to start with the biggest name in the company though, Kurt Angle. After Angle took out Daniels and his opponent, Chris Sabin on an episode of iMPACT!, Daniels has been wanting to get revenge ever since. No one thinks Daniels has a chance against Angle, but Daniels is trying to prove him wrong. Early on, like everyone thought, the Olympic Gold Medalist took it to Daniels quick and hard. Angle jumped out like an animal right from the start and it seemed as if no one was slowing him down. Angle stayed on top of Daniels not letting The Fallen Angel even to breathe. Daniels was finally able to hit Angle with a Leg Lariat though allowing himself to roll out of the ring and catch a breath.

Daniels wouldn’t come back into the ring so Angle went outside to get him, but Daniels played it smart rolling back into the ring having some sort of advantage. Right when Angle rolled into the ring, Daniels pounced on him like a dog not even letting him get up. Daniels didn’t act like an actual heel trying to slow things down locking in submission holds; he was just an absolute maniac not letting Angle do anything. Maybe Daniels really has changed it seemed at the time. Angle was finally able to get to his feet, but he would get planted right back onto the mat with a Sidewalk Slam. Daniels continued the beating and early on hit the Best Moonsault Ever after getting Angle on the ground with an STO. Daniels didn’t even go to pin Angle at the time though, he stayed on top knowing Angle wasn’t done yet.

Daniels continued acting like a maniac and wouldn’t give it up for most of the match, until Angle started to fight back a little later down slowing down The Fallen Angel a little bit more and more. Angle finally took the control back after he nailed Daniels with a solid German Suplex, but that wasn’t it, he held on and got up to his feet and hit another and then another finally letting Daniels go after a third. Daniels didn’t waste anytime staying down though and got back to his feet as quickly as possible and charged at Angle, but got stopped with a huge Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle gave a roar to the crowd as he picked Daniels up and threw him into the corner. He hit continuous European Uppercuts, but Daniels was able to stop the flow of them after a rake to the eyes and pushing Angle back. Daniels went to go up high, but Angle came charging right back jumping onto the top turnbuckle with Daniels and hitting Daniels with a Top Rope Belly to Belly Suplex to get him down.

Angle wasn’t done yet with Daniels though, he made it seem like he was just getting started. Soon enough Angle had enough and took of the straps around his shoulder and went for the Ankle Lock. Like Daniels has been doing, he quickly avoided it by rolling away. Angle didn’t seem happy so when Daniels got up, Angle attempted an Olympic Slam. Daniels left his feet, but landed back down and reversed it into a shot at the Angels Wings. Angle reversed that and quickly nailed Daniels with the Olympic Slam. Angle didn’t want the victory yet though and wanted to show Daniels that he will tap out. Angle went again to try and lock in the Ankle Lock and it seemed as if he had it locked in, but Daniels was somehow to quickly crawl over and grab the ropes before the hold could clearly be locked in. Angle was pissed, but let Daniels go looking to set up for another Olympic Slam. Daniels slowly got to his feet, but surprised Angle with a sudden charge and then hit the Last Rites out of nowhere. Daniels went for the cover, but it was only a two count. Daniels face soon showed some anger as he picked Angle back up. Daniels then called for it all and hit the Angels Wings surprising everyone even more, but somehow Angle kicked out again. Daniels face totally dropped showing that he has had enough.

Daniels rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Daniels rolled back in the ring ready to deck Angle with the chair. The ref tried to step in the way, but Daniels scared him out of the ring with the steel chair. Angle slowly got to his feet and when he did, Daniels clocked Angle with a huge chair shot right to the head. As Angle rolled over on the mat, it showed that he was busted open and bleeding pretty badly. Daniels then took the end of the chair and hit repeated shots to the skull of Angle while the bell continued to the ring. Angle was motionless as Daniels got him to his feet. Daniels took Angle and nailed him with a guillotine using the steel chair. Angle just fell backwards totally motionless on the mat. Referees and officials finally came running down to the ring to break of the madness. Daniels was left in the ring with Angle’s blood on his hands and chest with a sadistic grin on his face.

Winner (DQ): Kurt Angle

Main Event (First Ever Chained Fury Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship)

Abyss © w/James Mitchell vs. Christian Cage w/Tomko

This feud dates back to last April as at the time, Christian Cage was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion trying to fight off Abyss. Now it is basically the opposite with Abyss trying to fight off Christian Cage numerous time, but Cage won’t stop and it even lead to Cage revealing the secret of Abyss. Ever since the secret has been revealed, Abyss has been a different man, he has been a little weaker, but can be ready to unleash at anytime. The ring was all set up as the ring ropes were removed with steel chains replacing them. The ring pads were replaced with the steel being exposed and The Monster stood in the ring ready to defend his Championship. Christian Cage looked back at Tomko maybe regretting his decision on accepting this match. Right from the start, Abyss tried to make Cage’s life a living hell whole this whole match and that is what Abyss really did. The chains didn’t get involved right away, but when they did, it was nonstop pain for both competitors.

Abyss tried many times tossing Cage into the corners of exposed steel, but Cage was always able to come to a stop before ramming into the steel. James Mitchell finally told Abyss to forget about it and try to take Cage out naturally. That is what Abyss did at first and he wouldn’t let Cage get away. Abyss took Cage down with a Spear and starting pounding away not letting Cage get up. When Abyss finally rolled off of him and Cage got up slowly, Abyss backed up. When Cage was fully on his feet, The Monster charged, but it backfired. Cage caught Abyss with a Flapjack making Abyss crash down into the steel chains. Christian Cage then rolled to the outside to talk game plan with Tomko as Abyss was struggling to get air after taking such an impact to the midsection. Cage now had full advantage and wouldn’t look back from here.

Soon enough things turned around though, as Christian Cage charged at Abyss with a Spear, but Abyss ducked it and lifted Cage up with a gorilla press. Abyss then dropped Cage midsection first into the steel chains getting some revenge on what happened to him a little earlier. Abyss then picked Cage up with Christian struggling to get air. Abyss tossed Cage to the other side of the ring with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, but Abyss continued to stay on the challenger. He picked Cage back up and tossed him into the corner making Cage the first one to taste the exposed turnbuckle steel. Abyss wasn’t done with the turnbuckle yet though as he charged at Cage and crushed him with a Body Avalanche. That wasn’t enough though as Abyss backed up and did it again. Twice was enough though and three was asking for to much as the third time he tired, Cage got saved from Tomko making Abyss crash chest first into the exposed steel. Tomko calmed Cage down and got him back in the ring trying to get him to take back control.

Cage took the control back and stayed in control for a few minutes and soon enough became a madman. He called for Tomko to hand him a chair and that is what Tomko gave him. Cage charged right at Abyss and smacked him right in the head with the steel chair, making Abyss fall back leaning up against the steel chains. Cage then dropped the chair and dropped Abyss on it with a big DDT. Cage laid the head of Abyss right on the chair as Tomko handed a second chair to Cage. Cage swung it back and then crushed it over the skull of The Monster hitting a One Man Con-chair-to. To bad that wasn’t enough though, which Cage thought it was, but Abyss was able to power out. Abyss still laid on the mat though so Cage went up high looking for a Frog Splash, but that was a mistake as Abyss was able to roll out of the way making Cage come up with nothing. Abyss then picked Cage up by the throat and slammed him down with a huge Chokeslam, but Cage was able to kick his legs up to continue the match.

James Mitchell then yelled to Abyss showing him a black bag. Abyss went over and grabbed the bag. He emptied it out in the ring revealing thousands of thumbtacks. Abyss and Mitchell both laughed like crazy men as Abyss picked Cage up and hit a Powerbomb, but not onto the thumbtacks just yet, onto the steel chains! Cage somehow remained on his feet which was a bad sign as Abyss caught him with the Black Hole Slam spinning him around and crashing Cage down onto the thumbtacks. It was all over, but Mitchell screamed at Abyss not to cover Cage and just to continue the beat down. Abyss obeyed Mitchell at first and went for the pin, but at two he got off keeping the match going. All of a sudden though, down came Sting shaking his head in disappointment. Sting rolled into the ring trying to talk some sense into Abyss telling him what to do and just win the match. Abyss thought it over looking at both Sting and Mitchell allowing Cage to roll out of the ring at this time to try and recover. Abyss started marching towards the corner Mitchell was in scaring him to death, but all of a sudden, Abyss charged back at Sting almost beheading him with a Big Boot. Abyss then picked Sting up and crushed the back of The Icon’s with the Shock Treatment. Abyss screamed in anger as he picked Sting up. If you think the Powerbomb Abyss did to Cage was bad, the one on Sting was much worse as Sting didn’t get slammed into the steel chains he got slammed into the exposed steel ring post. Sting was motionless in deep pain as Mitchell just laughed showing that his plan was going his way. Tomko looked on in amazement trying to help Cage recover and take out all the thumbtacks from his back.

Mitchell then got in the ring and pointed at Christian Cage and told Abyss to finish him off. Then Mitchell turned around and waved down someone to come to the ring behind the back of Abyss. All of a sudden the lights went out and when they came back on a man of very similar size of Abyss was in the ring was a black and red mask on guarding the front of his face with the top and back part of his head showing baldness. Abyss turned around and saw the masked man and screamed in fear. Christian Cage then quickly rolled into the ring and rolled up Abyss from behind and somehow got the three count and got crowned new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner (New Champion): Christian Cage

After the match ended, Christian Cage quickly slipped out of the ring and Tomko handed the NWA World Heavyweight Title Belt to him to celebrate the victory. Back in the ring, ‘The Monster’ Abyss got up very angrily and went and struck the large masked man, but it had no effect. Abyss kept on trying, but the masked man kept still. The out of nowhere, ‘Father’ James Mitchell snuck up behind The Monster and gave him a huge low blow! Abyss fell to one knee, but got picked up right away all the way over the shoulders of the masked man. The man had Abyss in a similar hold of Abyss’ Shock Treatment, and like the Shock Treatment, the man dropped down almost breaking the back of Abyss in half. While this was going on, James Mitchell was getting a microphone. Mitchell screamed to get Abyss up and punish him some more and that is what the man did. He picked him up and grabbed him by the throat with both hands and slammed him down with a Double Hand Chokebomb. Mitchell started laughing as the man went to finish off Abyss with one more move. He lifted Abyss upside down and slammed his head down onto the mat with a Reverse Piledriver leaving Abyss down and out motionless in the ring. Mitchell kneeled down in the face of Abyss and told him welcome back Matthew Alexander or now known as Xander (Zan-der)! Mitchell told Abyss he is back to ruin his life now and get all the revenge he can. The night ended with both Abyss laid out in the ring and Sting laid out outside the ring with James Mitchell and Xander looking on very sadistically at the top of the ramp. The Pay-Per-View faded to black with Christian Cage in a crimson mask lying on the outside of the ring with Tomko holding the title belt up and confetti falling, but the crowd was speechless.

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Against All Odds Reports and Rumors


Against All Odds Results

  • Petey Williams defeated Delirious, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt
    • Petey Williams is Number One Contender for the TNA X Division Championship
  • The Paparazzi defeated The James Gang
  • James Storm defeated Chris Harris
  • Diamonds in the Rough defeated Chase Stevens and Lance Hoyt
    • Lance Hoyt turned on Chase Stevens
  • Samoa Joe defeated Billy Kidman
  • Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn
    • Chris Sabin retains the TNA X Division Championship
  • Team 3D defeated The Latin American Exchange
    • Team 3D wins the NWA World Tag Team Championship
  • Kurt Angle defeated Christopher Daniels
    • Kurt Angle won by Disqualification after Christopher Daniels used a steel chair
  • Christian Cage defeated Abyss
    • Christian Cage wins the NWA World Heavyweight Championship after help from Xander
Matthew ‘Xander’ Alexander

Many speculated on when this man would be brought in and who he would be and what he would look like. Well at Against All Odds, all the answers came about. Matthew Alexander who goes by Xander debuted at Against All Odds in the last few seconds of the Main Event Title Match. James Mitchell called Xander down which saw a turn for Mitchell on Abyss. Xander absolutely destroyed The Monster surprising pretty much everyone. The man behind the mask is a matter of fact, Matthew Bloom, also known as, Albert, A-Train and Giant Bernard. Bloom was working with NJPW, when TNA knew they needed to bring in some monster character. The main guys in the company pitched in their opinions, but TNA Management listed mainly to Kurt Angle and Christian Cage as Angle said he was pleased working with him in WWE and also Tomko has experience with him not to long ago in NJPW, which got Cage’s vote. Bloom only signed a six month deal really just to run this feud with Abyss and then soon disappear of screen. Either way, Xander is here and is ready to make an impact in TNA. Also, here is a picture of the masked man if you missed the Pay-Per-View last night.


What is Next for the New Champion?

Christian Cage was crowned new NWA World Heavyweight Champion at Against All Odds defeating Abyss, but the question is what will be next for him. It seems as of now that basically the whole top part of the roster is caught up in feuds. All it leaves is Sting. So we might get the conclusion of Sting and Christian Cage, but it is always possible for Cage being dragged into a feud along with the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Either way, you will have to keep up with TNA to see what Cage will be doing as NWA World Champion.

Jeff Jarrett Return?

Everyone is wondering on when and if Jeff Jarrett will come back to work as an active wrestler. Jarrett hasn’t appeared since last October at Bound For Glory when he lost the NWA World Heavyweight Title to Sting. Well it seems as if Jarrett feels comfortable on how the company is running right now and him as an active worker isn’t really necessary. There are rumors though that Jarrett will be back in time for Bound For Glory this year or maybe even as early as Slammiversary. Either way expect TNA without Jeff Jarrett for a few more months.

Upcoming Pay-Per-View

Nothing has been announced as of yet for the next TNA Pay-Per-View, Destination X except that it will be on March 11th, 2007 and will be held outside of the iMPACT! Zone. TNA will return to Huntsville, Alabama at the Von Braun Center. Right now nothing has been announced for the card, but the big match expected to return is the Ultimate X Match pitting Chris Sabin and Petey Williams of course and most likely Jerry Lynn with maybe a fourth competitor. Also looking pretty possible are rematches with Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle, Team 3D vs. The Latin American Exchange and James Storm vs. Chris Harris. Also very possible is Samoa Joe facing off finally against Raven and Abyss and Xander stepping into the ring. Nothing is set as these are just predictions, but these do seem the most likely to happen.

Prediction Contest Winner

The results are in for the Against All Odds Prediction Contest. Some guys entered a little bit late which didn’t help their score and some entered without reasoning which as well didn’t work in well. Congratulations to the winner hailing from parts unknown apart of Corporation-X, zigon! He scored a total of 14 out of 15 points which is amazing. With winning this contest you have won two tickets to Destination X as well as two backstage passes to meet the stars of TNA. Enjoy the trip. And here are the final tallies of everyone score just to let you all know what you received. And also, thanks for participating and hopefully you will next month as well.

12. RandomHero (EWB): 4 ¼

11. AddictIX (EWB): 7

10. Panni1 (CX): 7 ¼

9. Chris Hero II (CX): 8

8. The Rabbitman (CX): 8 ¼

-. B-unit (CX): 8 ¼

6. MACCA (EWB): 9 ¼

5. Irish Curse (CX): 10 ¾

4. RKOwnage (CX): 11 ¼

-. Thatz (CX): 11 ¼

2. smackdownrocks (CX): 12 ¾

1. zigon (CX): 14

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This Thursday night at 9pm ET on Spike TV, the wrestling world will witness a TNA Invitational Battle Royal to any man on the roster with the winner facing Christian Cage at Destination X with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on the line – the following is a preview of the huge broadcast!


Against All Odds is now in the past and it saw a new Champion be crowned as Christian Cage defeated Abyss to achieve his second reign as Champion after Xander appeared taking Abyss out. For Cage’s first opponent, that will be determined in this TNA Invitational Battle Royal. It is open to all members of the roster and is possible to have every man in the roster if they get the chance to speak to Jim Cornette about it. No one is announced for the Battle Royal yet, but the question is will Abyss be able to receive his rematch against Cage after being cheated out by James Mitchell and Xander or will he have to try and earn it through this Battle Royal?


Kurt Angle got brutally assaulted at Against All Odds by the madman, Christopher Daniels. Angle did win the match, but earned many stitches in his head because of the amount of blood loss. Daniels is still looking for more of Angle, but the problem is Angle won’t be at iMPACT! so what does this mean for Daniels. Will he go find Angle or put his eyes on something else, the NWA World Heavyweight Title?


At Against All Odds, Jerry Lynn faced Chris Sabin in a one on one match with the TNA X Division Title on the line. Sabin walked away victorious as he caught Lynn by surprise with a roll up school boy getting the victory. Lynn is tired of Sabin’s ways of winning and still wants a shot at him and won’t give up until Sabin pins Lynn like a man. The Number One Contender, Petey Williams, told Lynn that he will be fair and face Lynn on iMPACT! and if Lynn wins he is added to the match at Destination X. Lynn gets one last chance to succeed, see if he can on iMPACT!, only on Spike TV!


The Latin American Exchange have been in a huge slump ever since Konnan has been taken out by Team 3D. The new NWA World Tag Team Champions, Team 3D have been bullying around The LAX for the past month and it showed at Against All Odds as Team 3D stood tall eliminating both Homicide and Hernandez whereas The LAX couldn’t get one elimination. Now Konnan returns, but not alone, he has another ingredient to be added into the group that will help The Latin American Exchange stand tall after everything is set and done with Team 3D. Check out Konnan’s return and the addition of a new member to The LAX on iMPACT!, only on Spike TV!

All this and much more this Thursday on iMPACT! – witness a TNA Invitational Battle Royal with the winner facing Christian Cage at Destination X with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on the line!

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