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American Idol


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The girl ruining "Under Pressure" was nothing.

"Red" ruining "Bohemian Rhapsody" was 100 times worse.

A lot of autions this year scared me.

American Idol is really going downhill, seeing as how 90% of the people who tryout only want to make a fool of themselves on TV. And how many times, they make the absolute bad continue on. I hate Paula and Randy as judges. Simon is the only one who should be called a judge. The other 2 just let anyone through.

Either way, it's still a "Guilty Pleasure" of mine, and I try to watch every week.

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It's getting kind of stale, but I still watch it from time to time. Another notable audition was that Wizard of Oz chick who thought she sounded like The Lion, but really was doing a bad impersonation of Chewbacca.

Video: Wizard of Oz

I also found the BFF girl painful to watch:


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