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System Shock 2 Owned me big time


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I woke up this morning bored as hell so I dug out my system shock 2 disk , decided to play it again. I'm relaxed in my chair volume up pretty loud . I start progressing through rather quickly then I come up on the monkeys for the first time. It's been years since I last played and I forgot about the fucking monkeys . Needless to say the little fucker came out of nowhere sacred me shitless I fell out of my chair breaking the back of it completely off.

I'm glad no one was around to see me cause I felt like a pussy lol .

This game is still awesome after all these years . hard as hell but awesome

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I've got a copy of it lying around that I never even bothered to finish. Might dig it back out and give it a burl in the near future. I loved the first, but had a little trouble getting into the second.

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damnit I'm stuck in the radiated tunnels area . I'm lost and I don't have a radiation suit. anyone know if I can backtrack and find one ? I picked up a broken Shotgun , luckily I had enough skills to fix it. Nothing like blasting hybrids at close range with it

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