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The Mask of Norro

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This weekend. Me. You. Soldat. 1v1 CTF... best of three, first to five caps wins the round and we move to the next map.

I just read the old thread where you introduced me to the game (your recent thread reminded me of it), and I want to see how you'll fair against me now that I've gotten better.

Do you prefer Realistic Mode on or off? Default maps or custom? Let's do this.

Oh, and I didn't PM this because I wish to make Basha's humiliation PUBLIC. I'll even take screenshots of my glory once the game is done >_>

I should be okay to play Friday night, if you'd like.

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Oh, I'm still game Basha, I was just giving you enough time to write your last will and testament.

Because the shame you shall feel from being so badly cockslapped in Soldat by me shall drive you to emo suicidal lengths.

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If I lose I might cry, because lately I've been on a roll in Soldat. Just tonight I took out half of the enemy team on my own with a socom and a few well placed grenades :D

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