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The new OTEP player featuring the song & video for Warhead is now up on OTEP's site.

Also on the player, is:

House Of Secrets

Hooks & Splinters

I like it, but I doubt any of you will. The metalheads will say it's not hard enough or something, and the rest just won't like it.

I'm hoping I'm wrong. :smug:

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You can definately tell Joey Jordison had a hand in the matter. The drums sounds are nearly identical. The first part to "House of Secrets" is damn good and caught me completely by surpise. Never expected a band like Otep to go bluesy...which makes it all the better.

For those curious, their video for "Warhead" is also featured on the site and on Launch (as well as the new Lamb Of God & Kittie videos.)

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