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WWF 1997: The big turn around


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What you need to know

It's august 1997 and the WWF prepares for Summerslam. So far, things are not working. The WCW is still ahead in the ratings, drawing a whole point over Raw. The new characters that the WWF created like the fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, Salvatore Sincere, The Sultan , The Executioner....failures.

HBK and Bret Hart feud backstage for political power like Flair and Hogan. Undertaker refuses to do the job for the newcomers. Everyday, this looks more and more like a sinking ship.

This are the results from the last WWF PPV , In Your House: Cementery of Souls

The Undertaker d. Mankind in a Buried Alive Match

Shawn Michaels d. The Executioner to retain the WWF Title

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin went to a no contest

Hunter Hearst Helmsley d. Rocky Miavia with help from Chyna to win the WWF Intercontinental Title

British Bulldog & Owen Hart d. The New Rockers to retain the WWF Tag Team Titles

Billy Gunn d. Bart Gunn in a grudge match

The Can-Am Express & The Godwinns d. Diesel & Razor Ramon & Wolfie D & JC Ice to win the privlege to wrestle each other in a #1 contenders match for the tag team titles.

NOTE: The card was completly fictional. This is an alternate story diary that wont follow historical lines from PPV's in early 1997. (Not all of them, tough)

What you dont need to know, but will know anyway

Vince McMahon was frustrated. Nothing seemed right...their was no way to turn things around. At least not his way. Vince had a close "friend" , a net buddy who Vince didnt knew in person. It was just one of those net friends. However, Vince and this guy talked a lot about each other's problems and earned each other's trust. (Dont look at me like that, millionares can have internet friends too)

Right after the PPV went off the air, Vince logged on to the net. He always did after PPV's to check the reaction of the IWC and see if things where working. As soon as he logged on, his "friend" was online.

EWRFan: "Hey Vince. I just finished watching the PPV and it was pretty good....at least the main events. But the undercard was crap man. Sorry to say this , but you need to freshen up some of this guys."

Vince: "Listen , I dont want to talk about it ok."

EWRFan: "Alright Vince...sorry friend...I just had some ideas and I wanted to help that's it"

Vince: "Yeah. Everybody around here has ideas and wants to help, but none of them work"

EWRFan: " You see, you have a bunch of guys that can make an impact, like Steve Austin. I know you have seen the potential in him. But have you seen the potential of other guys? Flash Funk for example. Or Glen Jacobs? Rick Titan? Bob Holly? Leif Cassiddy? The gimmnicks they have dont work, but with something else they can do better"

Vince: "Listen, I said I dont want to talk about it. If you think you have better ideas than mine, why dont you..."

Vince: "That's it! Why dont you put them to use and see if they work? I mean, I have the best bookers in this sport and they suck...maybe a fan of the product can help me out. After all, your idea did made Linda forgive that little slip from a while back"

EWRFan: " You mean it? "

Vince: "Sure. You told me you would come to visit and meet me in person during Christmas time...so why not do it right now?"

EWRFan: " Shit man...I have a job , a wife..three kids... I cant just leave you know...gimme some time and I will see what I do"

Vince: "Forget the job, I will pay you three times as much. And you can bring your family too, I can get you a good place and I will even pay for it. Shit Armando, I am desperate to do this and I will do anything to turn things around...if you pull this off for me I will be eternally grateful..."

EWRFan: "OK...I will. But I dont want to get submerged in politics and arguments...If I am going to do this, I wont give face to the wrestlers and the staff. I will just give you the details and you do the rest"

Vince: " As you wish. I will tell everyone that whatever you write is my idea. I will hire you as a personal assistant. You will pretend to be my right hand man and will pass any of the shady stuff to me. I will handle the egos, you just handle the booking ok"

EWRFan: "Sounds fine to me. I will go get the tickets tomorrow morning"

Vince: No need to worry... I will use my private plane to get you man. Just be at the airport at 10 in the morning"

EWRFan: "Fine then. Thanks for the opportunity and see you tomorrow"

With this simple conversation, a new era began.

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*NOTE: The roster will be posted after the first week of shows*

Everything went according to plan in the plane ride. Vince and Linda personally picked Armando up at the airport and Vince introduced me as his new personal assistant and longtime friend (even tough he knew me for hardly a year and in internet only).

As my wife and Linda chatted on the plane and my kids where asleep like rocks, Vince and I went to a private meeting in the "plane office". I was getting paid $160,000 a year, three times what I earned in my regular job. Vince promesed that if the ratings went up and my plans worked out, I would receive a raise and become a millionare in no time.

I spend a good week in Connecticut learning some things and tricks of the trade as Vince handled all the bookings for the final Raw of July. I did the first Superstars of August and then we sat down to discuss the first Raw. Most of the guys backstage ignored me, I just got a handshake or a welcome aboard from guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They where quite nice, actually answering questions and such, but outside of that, I was no one there. They just went around their business like I didnt exist and that was a good thing. I overheard HBK talking to Nash and Hall constantly by cellphone and that wasnt good...I couldnt decipher what they where talking, but to me , WCW is the enemy and they are enemy soldiers, just like any war.

I was going to ask Shawn, but at that same moment, Vince called me into the office so we could sit down and watch my first Superstars.

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WWF Superstars

Announcers: Todd Petengill & Sunny

Todd: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another exciting edition of Superstars on the USA Network. I am Todd Petengill and at my side is the beutiful Sunny."

Sunny: "Thanks Todd. I know I am beutiful and sexy, no need to remind me"

Todd: " Ladies and gentlemen we have to go backstage as their seems to be an incident involving Diesel and Razor Ramon."

Fake no more

A camera takes us backstage where Razor Ramon and Diesel are standing by with Howard Finkel....and Bob Backlund? Finkel looks all scared as Diesel has his arm wrapped tighly around him. Ramon is not wearing his standard gear, instead having long leather pants and a leather jacket, while Diesel looks the same, but without the Diesel name in his chest.

Finkel: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with this two gentlemen, Razor Ramon and Diesel..."

Diesel: "Shut up Finkel!! What the hell did I just told you , eh? I said we are no longer Razor Ramon and Diesel. We are tired of Gorilla Monsoon's little games, trying to make a fool of us by having us dress like this. We have seen the light, the light of better things to come."

Ramon: "Thanks to Bob Backlund I can dish the stupid suave act and the latino ascent...hell, I dont even know what a latino is...are those the jackasses who take a boat and escape from Cuba? I was imitating a second rate character, a nobody who was not man enough to take the challenge of the WWF and went away running to other second rate companies. I am Rick Titan dammit and I am here to leave a message for Monsoon, we wont take this crap anymore. We will wrestle as ourselves, we dont need you now!"

Diesel: "Yeah, I am Glen Jacobs ...never forget that name..because that name will be headlining wrestlemanias and winning championships in no time."

Backlund: "Let's make this simple Monsoon... I have taken this two men, Glen Jacobs and Rick Titan under my wing. Welcome to the Backlund Empire! I couldnt be president of the United States, but I am going to be president of the World Wrestling Federation. I am going to take all those that you saddled with stupid names and stupid gimmnicks and they will be the ones to take you down. They will show you the mistakes you made. I am the manager of champions Monsoon...and soon, I will be the president of the WWF."

Finkel: "Strong words from this men...but coming up next you face the team of Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya"

Backlund: "Those two losers? Please Finkel..they will be the first victims of the Backlund Empire. Today a new era begins in the WWF, the era of my empire. Witness the greatness of Bob Backlund and his mighty empire!" (histerical laughter). (76%)

* Rick Titan gained overness from this segment* *Bob Backlund gained overness from this segment*

Todd: " Can you believe that Sunny? Rick Titan and Glen Jacobs have emerged from Razor Ramon and Diesel and they have joined Bob Backlund's new empire"

Sunny: "Emerged? They where always there you moron. Thank God they got rid of the stupid costumes, Ramon and Diesel where no one anyway and I bet Titan and Jacobs are much better"

Aldo Montoya & Bob Holly vs Glen Jacobs & Rick Titan (The Backlund Empire)

Aldo and Titan start. Aldo uses his speed to confuse Titan, but gets caught with a devastating clothesline. Titan proceeds to destroy Aldo with a nasty sequence of powerslams and backbreakers, before tagging in Jacobs.Jacobs comes in and allows Aldo to fight and stand up, only to boot him down seconds later.

Jacobs takes it easy on Montoya, oozing confidence as he slowly attacks and beats down Montoya, taking his time with each blow. Bob Holly is looking at Backlund on the outside constantly and then goes after him as Jacobs and Titan beat Aldo two on one. Not one to back down from a fight , Aldo fights back and makes the comeback, using a quick series of strikes and two drop toe holds to take the big men down. He rushes to the corner to tag Bob Holly....but he is nowhere to be found, chasing Backlund outside.

Holly finally notices Aldo is looking for the tag and climbs into the apron...only to give him a right hand to the face!!. Aldo recovers and looks at Holly with a "WTF?" look only to be attacked by Jacobs and Titan from behind. Jacobs gets the Jacknife Powerbomb and effortlessly pins Montoya 1-2-3.

Holly then comes into the ring and joins Jacobs and Titan in the 3-on-1 beatdown of Aldo Montoya. Titan gets the Titanic Powerbomb (Razor's edge), and then Holly hits something resembling an Alabama Slam. Holly then poses with Jacobs and Titan in the ring. Bob Backlund comes in and gets a mic:

Backlund: "Rick Titan, Glen Jacobs..welcome to the Backlund Empire, our newest member, Bob Holly!! Bob, you have made the greatest decision of your career. Prepare to be a superstar Bob, cause I am the manager of champions and the soon to be president of the WWF!!" (histerical laughter)

Winners: Jacobs & Titan

* Bob Holly completed his heel turn. Bob Holly gained overness from this turn. Bob Holly debuted his new gimmnick (Old School Heel) and gained a positive response*

Todd: " I cant believe my eyes. Bob Holy just turned his back on the fans in favor of that no good, evil , Bob Backlund...and poor Aldo Montoya has been destroyed by the Backlund Empire!"

Sunny: "Well deserved. Portuguese Man O War? What the hell is that anyway? Bob Holly made a great decision joining a smart man like Bob Backlund. You will see his career skyrocket from now on"

Todd: "I still cant believe my eyes. But the show has to go on. Ladies and gentlemen, lets head to the WWF headquarters where WWF President Gorilla Monsoon has a special announcement"

A new title belt to be decided at Summeslam!!

Gorilla Monsoon is sit on his desk with the WWF logo behind him and a new title belt on display.

Monsoon: "First of all, to address Bob Backlund and his empire. Bob, you want to be the WWF president? Well my friend, that is not possible. To be a president you cant barge in and cause havoc. You have to earn the support of the board of directors and I dont think they like you at all. I will have my eye on you and if behaviour like the one we witnessed now happens again, be prepared for repercusions.

Now, on to other matters. This title belt in front of me in the new WWF Lightweight Championship. It is a belt designed for wrestlers under 235 pounds and it will be up for grabs at Summerslam in a special over the top 20 man battle royale. I have personally sent invitations all over the world for the best lightweights and all of them will be in attendance at Summerslam. I hope you enjoy their fast paced brand of wrestling and....let's head inmediatly to the ring for a showcase match. One of my new signees, Jushin "Thunder" Liger will be in action aganist WWF veteran Barry Harowitz." (70%)

* Jushin Liger made his debut and gained overness*

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs Barry Harowitz

As we go straight to the ring, Barry Harowitz is standing in there as lightning falls from the ceiling and japaneese music plays, signaling the arrival of Jushin "thunder" Liger , who comes running out and into the ring.

Liger inmediatly gets a series of arm drags and dropkicks to diminate Harowitz, who bails. Liger runs out with a flip dive up and over the top, getting some ooh's from the crowd.

Back into the ring, Liger gets a Springboard Dropkick and then a Springboard Elbowdrop to a nice reaction. Harowitz looks really unmotivated here. Liger continues dominating with some nice moves, but Horowitz's selling is really bad...he barely moves at all. Liger then finishes the match with the Fisherman's Buster.

Winner: Jushin "Thunder" Liger (55,56,55)

* Jushin Liger gained overness from this match* *Barry Harowitz lost overness from this match* *Barry Harowitz no selling hurt the match rating*

Todd: "Wow, Jushin Liger made an amazing debut right here and this new WWF Lightweight Division looks like it's up to a good start"

Sunny: "Yes Todd. I must find a lightweight to represent in this division. I have a thing for gold you know? That title has to be mine"

Todd: "Well ladies and gentlemen, after the big brawl that broke out at In Your House: Cementery of Souls between Bret Hart and Steve Austin, leading to the no contest ruling by the referee, here are some taped comments from both workers right after the match ended"

The rattlesnake warns Bret

We head backstage at the end of IYH: Cementery of Souls where a busted open Steve Austin is kicking stuff all over the place

Austin: "Bret Hart, tonight you survived. Tonight you escaped the biggest can of ass whooping the world has ever seen. You are one lucky son of a bitch Bret Hart, but next time, and mark the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, their will be a next time Hitman, and next time Stone Cold Steve Austin will give you twice the beating he did today, next time Bret Hart, it will be your last match in the WWF, because Stone Cold Steve Austin will end your career with a Stunner..and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so..."

The camera man turns to leave, but gets turned around and stunnered by Austin.

Austin: "Hitman, learn your lesson from this stupid cameraman...never ever trust a rattlesnake, never ever turn your back on me Bret Hart. Keep your eyes open, watch your back, cause you wont see me coming, but you will feel my boot up your ass...and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold....said so."


The Hitman responds

Bret Hart is sitting on a chair in the locker room, looking serious as EMT's attend a huge gusher in his forehead.

Bret: "Stone Cold Steve Austin...tonight, you made the only thing no other man in the WWF has ever done. You made me hate you. You made me feel hatred and anger , the desire to destroy someone outside of a wrestling competition. I hope you understand that this is not wrestling anymore Austin, this is a war. Anytime, anywhere... I am The Hitman, Austin, and what does a Hitman do? They strike , without mercy, without remorse, without warning. I will break your legs, I will bust that bald head open, I will destroy Stone Cold Steve Austin. I want to be the WWF Champion again, and to do that, I need to take you out, I need to kill this demon that is burning inside me, this desire for vengeance and destruction. Austin, you may be one tough son of a bitch, but you are no Bret Hart, you are no Hitman, you are not the best their is, the best their was and the best their will ever be...I AM!!! I AM!!! I AM!!!!"

Hart gets up and stares at the camera menacingly:

Bret: "and their is nothing you can do about it."

Hitman shoves the cameraman away. He grabs his hair and bangs his head aganist the locker...

Bret: (murmuring) "What the hell is happening to me? What is this that I feel inside..."


Todd: "Wow....I cant believe two men hate each other this much.This is going beyond the control of the WWF. Someone has to do something about this...."

Sunny: "Why? Let them destroy each other. That is the perfect solution. Plus, it is really amusing"

Todd: "Whatever. Let's go backstage for an interview with Rocky Maivia , the man who lost his Intercontinental Championship to Hunter Heast Helmsley last week and who will face Billy Gunn in the main event tonight"

Rocky's new ideals

Backstage, Howard Finkel talks to Rocky Maivia.

Finkel: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with former Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia, the man who will face Billy Gunn in the main event tonight"

Rocky: "Thanks Howard. I want to talk a little about last week, when Hunter Hearst Helmsley stole the WWF Intercontinental Title from me...and you know why he did that Howard? Because I let him. It is my fault. I am tired of being the stupid, trusting rookie who thinks everyone plays by the rules. I am tired of the Rocky Sucks chants. I know that I deserve those chants, because I suck. Look at me, I am nothing but a loser. But that will change tonight Howard, tonight is a new start for Rocky Maivia.No more trusting, no more nice guy, this is the new Rocky Maivia. This is my time to cement my position in the WWF and become a main player, this is the time of Rocky Maivia , and I will make all my family proud."

Rocky leaves as the crowd continues the Rocky sucks chant. (88%)

*Rocky Maivia gained overness*

Rocky Maivia vs Billy Gunn

Gunn cheapshots Maivia to start...and gets cheered? Billy uses some wicked right hands and other strike attacks to kick Maivia up and over the place. Gunn gets a near fall out of a swinging neckbreaker and a legdrop.

Rocky starts making the comeback as the crowd starts the Rocky Sucks chants. The comeback is cut off as Gunn kicks him low and the crowd cheers! Gunn sets Rocky up for a Sidewinder, but Rocky escapes and rolls Gunn up with a handful of tights for the win!!. Rocky has won the match in less than 3 minutes, his fastest win ever...and he cheated?

Winner: Rocky Maivia(72,71,72)

Overall: 70


Vince: "The show came up really good Armando. But what in the world are you doing with Dwayne?"

Armando: "You will see...give me until Summerslam and you will see Vince. If the fans hate him, let him be hated"

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Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ross: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! I am Jim Ross with my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler and what a night this is going to be"

Lawler: "Yes, it's the night when The British Bulldog destroys WWF Champion Shawn Michaels and the night when The Executioner ends the career of Bret "The Hitman" Hart"

Ross: "That is indeed our double main event tonight, in addition to WWF Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley defending his newly won title aganist Jake "The Snake" Roberts"

Lawler: "Yeah JR, but dont forget that tonight The Can-Am Express face off with The Godwins and the winners will be granted a tag team title shot next week here on Raw aganist British Bulldog & Owen Hart...not that I care for either team , they simply cant touch the champs."

JR: "Fans, let's head straight to the ring for a special showcase match involving four men that will be in the WWF Lightweight Title Battle Royale at Summerslam"

Lawler: "Not that I care. We have two mutants from Philadelphia who think they are cool and two japaneese men who think they are in some sort of mafia organization"

Lightweight Showcase match:

Rob Van Dam & Mickey Whipwreck vs Kai En Tai

JR quickly tells some story about the four men involved, detailing Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki's history in Japan as well as Rob Van Dam and Whipwreck's ECW careers.

Funaki and Whipwreck start. Whipwreck, with red hair and crazy antics , starts acting all crazy and that freaks out Funaki a little. They lock up and Whipwreck gets Funaki down with an arm drag. They exchange arm drags and dropkicks, then Funaki gets a headlock takedown into an arm bar, but Whipwreck gets to the ropes. Both men keep exchanging moves, as RVD riles up the crowd.

Funaki cheapshots Whipwreck out of a headlock and he is YOUR FACE IN PERIL. Tag to Taka and the heels get a double jawbreaker, followed by Funaki holding Whipwreck on a seated position and then Taka comes running with a dropkick right on the chin. Taka continues in control for two more minutes, but when he goes for the Michinoku Driver, Whipwreck gets loose and gets a quick neckbreaker and both men are down.

We have heard some ECW chants trough the match , but the announcers have ignored them. However, they acknoledge the RVD chant that starts as soon as Whipwreck makes the tag and tell us that RVD is a former ECW Tag Team Champion and Television Champion. RVD springs in with a Spinning Kick to knock down Taka as Funaki comes in and is met by a series of kicks that end with a hard one to the jaw. RVD fights both heels off until Whipwreck is ready and we have a four men brawl. The fans are actually getting into the match, even with 4 new guys in there.

Funaki gets dumped by Whipwreck, who then proceeds to nail Taka with a move famous to ECW fans: Spike Dudley's Dudley Dog (called the Whippersnapper by JR) and then RVD comes from the top with the Five Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Mickey Whipwreck (65,55,92)

* Taka Michinoku debuted his new gimmnick (Evil Foreigner) and gained a positive response* *Sho Funaki debuted his new gimmnick (Evil Foreigner) and gained a positive response.*

Ross: "What a debut for Rob Van Dam and Mickey Whipwreck here on Raw. I am sure the Lightweight Title Battle Royale will be one of a kind"

Lawler: "Those two posers are lucky, next time they mess with Japaneese mafia they will be on for a rude awakening"

Ross: "Let's go backstage with Howard Finkel who is standing by with the Backlund Empire."

Backlund makes a promise

Backstage, Howard Finkel is standing in between Rick Titan and Glen Jacobs. The mic is in the hands of Bob Backlund and Bob Holly, dressed with long black pants and a black sleeveless shirt is next to him.

Backlund: "Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Gorilla Monsoon..you said that to be a president I need to win over the board of directors? You said that I cant take it by force? We'll see about that. You had the gut to threaten me? You will pay for that. I will be the president of the WWF , and I dont care how much pain I have to inflict....I dont care and this man next to me, The Revelation , Bob Holly cares less. Tonight, this man will defeat Bart Gunn and prove the world why he has to be taken seriously."

Holly: "Oh yeah Mr. Backlund. No more Sparky Plugg, no more "Hot rod", no more "The Racer"...that is stupid crap designed by the retarded mind of Gorilla Monsoon. That's why we need a new president, so great athletes like me dont get saddled with idiotic names and costumes. Tonight, I will prove the might of the Backlund Empire when I go one on one with Bart Gunn, the man with the mean right hand. Bob Holly has entered the winners circle and that's what everyone of the members of the Backlund Empire will do."


*Bob Backlund gained overness* *Bob Holly gained overness*

Bart Gunn vs Bob Holly

Holly comes out with Backlund, Jacobs and Titan.

Bart Gunn quickly overpowers Holly and takes him down after a series of punches and then a clothesline as Holly bails.

Gunn goes after him , but Titan distracts the ref long enough for Jacobs to attack Gunn from behind and send him into the steel steps. Holly comes back into the ring and waits for Gunn, who comes back in at 8.

Now Holly works over Gunn and taunts the fans constantly, proving he is in control. He signals for the Rulebreaker (Alabama Slam), but the music of Aldo Montoya plays!!! Backlund, Jacobs and Titan rush to the entrance to take care of him, but he comes from the crowd and attacks Holly behind the ref's back.(The ref is looking at the entrance) Montoya gives Holly the Implant DDT. Titan, Jacobs and Backlund finally see what's going on and head to the ring as Montoya bails trough the crowd. Bart Gunn recovers and pins the knocked out Holly as the ref counts the 1-2-3.

The Backlund Empire hit the ring and start the beatdown of Bart Gunn, as Montoya comes back into the ring and tries to make the save, but it's outnumbered. The Backlund Empire leave Gunn and Montoya laid out in the ring.

Winner: Bart Gunn (56,55,71)

*Bart Gunn gained overness from this match*

JR: " Aldo Montoya clearly has a score to settle with the Backlund Empire , but at what price?"

Lawler: "That Bob Backlund is a genius. He is smarter than Gorilla Monsoon and he deserves to be the president of the WWF"

JR: "Oh please King, how can you say that? Well fans , let's go backstage as Howard Finkel interviews The Can-Am Express"

The Can-Am Express are ready

Finkel: " Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon and tonight, they face The Godwins for a title shot at the WWF tag team championship next week here on Raw"

Furnas"That's right Howard. Henry and Phineas, this is nothing personal, but we are going to get that title shot. I just hope this is a friendly match and no such things as slop buckets get involved."

LaFon: " Yeah. A week ago we teamed up to get this match and now we have to win it. We want to be the WWF Tag Team Champions and we will do anything to get that chance. That means that we will beat the Godwins tonight and Bulldog and Owen next week."

Finkel: "Words of confidence from this men, back to you JR and King"


The Godwins vs The Can-Am Express

Phineas and LaFon start with the bigger man taking cotrol. The crowd is awfully quiet in this match since two face teams are wrestling each other and neither team is particulary over. LaFon is being ragdolled left and right by Phineas as he tags in Henry and they work Phil over some more.

Henry misses a blind charge into the corner and Phil uses this chance to tag in Furnas who comes in and outwrestles the big man in order to take him down. Furnas carries Henry trough a very basic mat sequence and then Henry catches Furnas with a clothesline out of nowhere.

At this point, the Backlund Empire comes down into the ring as Titan and Jacobs pull LaFon and Phineas from their respective corners and beat them down. The ref is busy dealing with them as Backlund comes into the ring with brass knucks and nails Furnas and Henry, knocking them down.

As the ref turns around , he see's both men down and starts the ten count. Outside, referees pull apart The Backlund Empire from LaFon and Phineas , but the damage is done. In the ring, Henry manages to get one arm over Furnas and the ref counts the pinfall 1-2-3

Winners: The Godwins (54,54,68)

JR: "I cant believe that the Backlund Empire would ruin a perfectly good match. I know that both, The Godwins and The Can-Am Express will be looking for retribution"

Lawler: "Whatever JR. The Backlund Empire is unstopable. I am going to start referencing Backlund to the board of directors. We need a new president JR"

JR: "Let's go backstage with Bret "The Hitman" Hart for an interview prior to his match aganist The Executioner"

The Hitman is.....paranoid?

Howard Finkel is standing with Bret Hart backstage. Hart is constantly looking around and looks ready for a fight.

Finkel: " Bret "The Hitman" Hart , tonight you face one of the most dangerous men in the WWF , The Executioner. But it seems something else is bothering you"

Hart: "Listen Howard, thier is absolutly nothing wrong with me ok... It's just that Steve Austin said anytime , anywhere and I am going to take his word and be ready for a fight. I know I have to deal with the Executioner tonight, I know he is big, strong and dangerous, but I can deal with him tonight the same way I have done in the past....and Steve Austin... I am more than ready for you...in fact, I am eager to have you face to face again...Austin, if you want me...come out tonight and play with The Hitman. You might be the rattlesnake, but I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be...and that's more than enough to deal with you"

Bret Hart leaves for the ring. Less than 10 seconds later, Howard Finkel turns around to leave and gets a Stunner from Austin. Austin then looks at the camera and laughs. He got a good pop for that...a heel pop?


Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs The Executioner

The Executioner comes out with Paul Bearer. The Hitman comes out , gives his glasses to a fan and gets into the ring, only to get attacked by The Executioner before the bell rings. The bell finally rings, but Executioner is all over The Hitman with stomps and knees to the back.

The Hitman is ragdolled all over the ring and Executioner gets several near falls with a Shoulderbreaker , a huge clothesline and a powerslam. The Executioner goes for a chokeslam, but The Hitman kicks the knee several times and breaks the grip. Now Bret attacks Executioner, making the comeback and working the knee. The Hitman gets a Jawbreaker and then a clothesline to take down the big man, but when he goes for the Sharpshooter, Executioner pushes him back. He tries to get to his feet, but the Hitman clips the leg and continues working the knee with rope-assisted stomps.

Now Bret locks the Sharpshooter and manages to hold it for almost two minutes as Executioner fights to get out. With no choice, he taps and The Hitman wins the match. The Hitman stands up to celebrate, but the music of Stone Cold plays to a nice reaction and more heel pops. No one comes out....but Stone Cold jumps The Hitman from behind!! Hart fights back and we have a brawl all over the place. Austin clotheslines Hart outside, but Hart lands on his feet and pulls Austin outside under the bottom rope. They continue the brawl until refs pull them apart.

Winner: Bret "The Hitman" Hart (69 , 75, 80)

JR: " Oh my goodness...how far will this two men go. They hate and despise each other so much. Something must be done to prevent any more pull apart brawls like this"

Lawler: "C'mon JR...I like seeing Bret Hart getting his ass kicked. If it where me, I would reward Stone Cold Steve Austin for his great contribution to society!"

JR: " Oh King please...let's go backstage with Howard Finkel and the WWF Intercontinental Champion , Hunter Hearst Helmsley"

Rocky Sucks

Howard Finkel is standing backstage with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna:

Finkel: " I am joined by the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Hunter Hearst Hemlsley and Chyna. Tonight, you face Jake "The Snake" Roberts in your first title defense"

HHH: "Yeah. Tonight I have to face a drunk , drug addict who thinks he can fool people with his speeches and his "I found the light" bullcrap. Jake, I am going to take you down with the Pedigree and get the 1-2-3, simple as that. Cause I am a symbol of perfection, not like that wannabe Rocky Maivia. That poor kid cant get the job done and when he does, the people still say he sucks. That is embarrasing. If I where him, I would retire and go home . But no..he is still around , with his new attitude. Yeah, bullshit. He even went as far as cheating to beat somebody last night....that is truly embarrasing kid. You should be like me, a real gentlemen who always wins clean...."

He is cut off by Finkel:

Finkel: "But didnt Chyna helped you defeat Rocky at In Your House?"

HHH: "Chyna? Help me? Oh , no , no...you are misunderstanding stuff Howard. You see, Rocky was going to cheat to me the same way he cheated to Billy Gunn last night and Chyna simply prevented it..that simple. That Rocky really sucks, I can beat him anyday. Before you make any stupid questions or other unrelated comments like those, this interview is over. Time to head to the ring"

( 78%)

WWF Intercontinental Title:

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley/with Chyna

Jake continues his preacher stuff as he offers a handshake to HHH, only to get kicked in the gut and beaten over. HHH practically controls the first five minutes of the match with knee strikes and simple takedowns. Jake makes several comeback attempts, but all of them are cut short.

Finally, after three times, Jake blocks the high knee and gets a desperation clothesline. Now Jake and HHH exchange blows in the center of the ring and Jake dominates. Jake gets a Gutbuster for two and then signals for the DDT. However, Chyna gets on the apron and distracts the ref as Jake rushes over and nails her with a right hand. This gives HHH enough time to recover and get the Pedigree for the win.

Rocky Maivia rushes in from backstage and brawls with HHH (with some Rocky Sucks chants starting), but Chyna comes in and nails him from behind. The 2 on 1 beatdown is cut short when Jake recovers and chases both of them off. Roberts and Rocky shake hands and Rocky challenges HHH and Chyna to a tag team match next week on Raw.

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley(63, 72, 72)

* The WWF Intercontinental Title has lost image*

JR: " Wow. It will be Rocky Maivia and Jake "The Snake" Roberts aganist Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna next week on Raw!"

Lawler: " What a crybaby this Rocky kid is...now he is forcing a woman to fight in Hunter's side."

JR: "I say that if she is good enough to get involved in a match, she is good enough to wrestle. Now it's time to go backstage for an interview with the WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels and then straight to the main event"

HBK is fired up

HBK is sitting alone in his dressing room, looking straight at the camera.

HBK: " You know something...no one said being the WWF Champion was easy. All over this months, I have faced the best of the best and I have survived. From January to February, it was Sid. Once he was done and taken out, it was supposed to be the Royal Rumble winner , The Undertaker....but other people got involved and I was forced to defend the title aganist three men at Wrestlemania, being the Undertaker, his nemesis Mankind and the runner up in the Royal Rumble, Steve Austin...and I survived. Then in June, it was Bob Backlund, making a run coming out of retirement, and I gladly retired him again. Then last month it was The Executioner. Who is it going to be this month? I heard that Jim Cornette and his camp have their eyes on my title. I face the British Bulldog tonight, but I have beaten him before and will gladly beat him again. Then, their is Owen Hart, or Vader. I have beaten them and I will do so again. Perphaps The Undertaker, or Mankind will want another shot. Or maybe someone from The Backlund Empire. Or even Bret Hart, but I think he is a little busy with something else. Whoever it is, I am here. I am the champ, I defend the belt aganist anyone. I havent backed down from any challenge and I wont back down anytime soon. Tonight, British Bulldog , The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels will play some Sweet Chin Music and will drop you out like a ton of bricks for the one, two , three. And after that....I am open to any challenge. This title belt is my pride, my joy and I wont, and I repeat, I wont loose it to anyone, not now, not anytime soon. But when the time comes and I loose this title, my legacy will be over. That's right. I have made a promess to my wife and kids, that when I loose this title , it's over. But if you are an HBK fan...and who isnt?.. Dont worry , because that wont happen today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month. I am in the best shape of my life and I will topple any challenge...that is a promess"


Shawn Michaels vs British Bulldog/with Jim Cornette

Bulldog comes charging out of the gates, but HBK dodges and takes control with a series of punches , kicks and chops. He gets a quick two count out of a side backbreaker and then tries a DDT, only to have it blocked by Bulldog, who counters with an Inverted Atomic Drop and takes control. He demolishes HBK for the best part of 4 minutes with power move after power move. He gets a near fall out of the Hanging Vertical Suplex, but after that HBK makes the comeback and gets two out of the Flying Forearm. He goes up top for the Flying Elbowdrop, but none other than Syco Sid runs out from the crowd and shoves him down. The ref calls for the bell signaling the DQ. Sid then demolishes HBK with three straight Powerbombs as ref's and EMT's rush to ringside and attend to Shawn. Sid leaves with Bulldog and Cornette as he yells " I will end your career Shawn!!".

With the psycotic look of Sid , Raw comes off the air.

Winner by DQ: Shawn Michaels (66,77,68)

Overall: 69%

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WWF Shotgun

Todd Pettengil "Welcome to another edition of WWF Shotgun. I am Todd Petengill and my broadcast partner Brian Pillman"

Brian Pillman: "That's right Todd and what a show this is going to be...and you know why? Because Brian Pillman is sitting next to you buddy"

Todd: "Well...love him or hate him , I have to admit that you are a great entertainer and know how to party"

Brian: " Too bad you aint coming to any party of mine Todd. Not in a million years"

Todd: "Well...if that's so..anyway, let's head to the ring for a special showcase match. This two men will be in the WWF Lightweight Battle Royale at Summerslam."

Brian: "That's right. Mr. Aguila is a great mexican high flier, former champion in both, AAA and CMLL , while Yosohiro Tajiri, the leader of the Japaneese Cool Group Kai En Tai is a master of the kick game...his kicks sure hurt. But no worries Todd. I am going to be the winner of that Battle Royale , that's the Pillman guarantee baby"

Showcase Match:

Mr. Aguila vs Yosohiro Tajiri

Tajiri comes with a Kai En Tai shirt and is introduced as the leader of the group , even tough he was not in the group in Japan.

Tajiri comes kicking out of the gates, but Aguila holds his ground and then speeds off using a quick series of arm drags and dropkicks, followed by several weird mexican roll-up variants for close falls. Aguila is using a half-mask with eagle head shape and it almost comes off during the last sequence.

Aguila whips Tajiri , but he does some flips and springs from the ropes with an elbow. Aguila stumbles into the corner and Tajiri locks a weird submission hold called The Tarantula by Pillman, but the ref orders the break , since it is touching the ropes. After that, Tajiri misses a blind charge and Aguila makes a short lived comeback. He goes up top for a Flying Crossbody, but Tajiri moves out of the way and Aguila lands on the mat. Tajiri simply waits for Aguila to get up and delivers the Kick of Death for the win.

Winner: Yosohiro Tajiri (54% Overall)

Todd: " Impressive win for Tajiri here on Shotgun"

Pillman: "Yeah, that was good...but it was no Brian Pillman. I am going to win that thing, is that simple."

Todd: "Let's go backstage for a special interview with Phil LaFon , one half of the Can-Am Express and their new manager!"

A McMahon takes over

We head backstage as Shane McMahon is standing by with Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas.

Shane: "Hello ladies and gentlemen, fans of the WWF. My name is Shane McMahon and I am the son of WWF Chairman VinceMcMahon , who was also a former announcer for WWF Superstars. I have been watching the WWF since I was a little kid and I always wanted to get involved in some way with the product. But, contrary to my father, who decided to be an announcer, I have decided to get a little more close to the action and that's why I got a manager's license. But a manager needs clients and that's why , last night, I called and contacted this two men at my side, Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon , the Can-Am Express and offered them my services. After extensive contract negotiantions , we have reached an agreement and starting tonight, I will guide this team to the top. You see, they are more than capable to fend off any opponent in the ring, but , after the problems they have been encoutering with the Backlund Empire, they realised they needed someone to watch their interests and make their matches fair and competitive. Our first goal as a team is to get revenge on the Backlund Empire and that will start tonight. Tonight in this very ring, Phil LaFon , one of my clients will step in the ring with Glen Jacobs. Jacobs, I we know you are big, strong and tough, but guess what? This guy is an amazing technical wrestler and he will find the weaknesses of your brutality and exploit them for his benefit and the eventual win. And Mr. Backlund, dont expect me to allow any interference or chicanery from you, I will personally deal with you , physicallly if need be. That's all."(72%)

* Shane McMahon debuted his new gimmnick (The Brain) and gained a positive response* * Shane McMahon gained overness from this segment* *Phil LaFon gained overness from this segment*

{ Personal Note: We believe that The Can-Am Express, at least LaFon , is better suited to nodding in the background. However, Furnas will be alllowed his own mic time. Let's see how Shane does it as a manager, as we will gradually correct and modify his character. He is the boss's son and this is the least I can do for him.}

Phil LaFon/with Shane McMahon vs Glen Jacobs/ with Bob Backlund

Power vs technique. Jacobs tries to fool LaFon into a handshake early on and Phil accepts, only to get pulled into a clothesline attempt from Jacobs, but he ducks and drop toe holds Jacobs down into a reverse arm bar.Jacobs fights it to his feet and manages to escape and reverse into a whip , but Phil dodges a Big Boot attempt and drop toe holds Jacobs again, this time into a leglock.

Jacobs escapes by nailing LaFon in the face with the other leg. LaFon goes to the ropes for momentum, but gets booted down and now Jacobs uses his methodical offense on him. A combination of Sideslam , Backbreaker and Snake Eyes is enough to get a long two on LaFon. LaFon starts making the comeback and ducks a clothesline from Jacobs and then starts kicking the leg.

At this moment, Rick Titan comes out from the dressing room, but is quickly attacked from behind by Doug Furnas. The two men brawl and the distraction gets the attention of LaFon. When he turns around , Jacobs levels him with a Big Boot and then sets him up and drops him with the Jacknife Powerbomb for the win.

The two teams brawl around the arena after the match and even Shane and Backlund get involved as we head to a commercial break.

Winner: Glen Jacobs (61%)

Aldo and....Shane?

As we return from the break , we are met backstage with Howard Finkel and Aldo Montoya:

Howard: " I am standing by with the Portugueese Man O War, Aldo Montoya and tonight in the Shotgun main event, he faces Barry Harowitz"

As Aldo prepares to speak , maybe for the first time on TV, A furious Shane McMahon interrups.

Shane: "Aldo Montoya. My name is Shane McMahon and you just witnessed how the Backlund Empire ruined my first managerial assigment here in the WWF! I know this is your time, but you are another man who has been having issues with the Backlund Empire and I am here to offer you my services. I want to be your manager, I want to help you get revenge on Bob Holly and the rest of the Backlund Empire. I want to help you and at the same time you will be helping me."

Shane extends his hand and Montoya looks at it...and shakes it.

Shane: "Yeah , that's what I wanted to see. Bob Backlund...this thing is far from over."

They leave and completly ignore the fact that Montoya has a match with Harowitz.


Aldo Montoya/with Shane McMahon vs Barry Harowitz

Montoya comes into the ring more focused than ever. Harowitz jumps him before the bell rings and tries to take the win with several roll-up variants , but on the last try, he gets dropkicked out of his boots.

Without wasting anytime, Montoya gets Harowitz into a sequence of arm drags and then a neckbreaker. He helps Harowitz up to his feet and then plants him down with the Implant DDT for the win.

Aldo then stares at Harowitz....you can see in his eyes that he wants revenge and he is a totally changed man. The man behind the mask is slowly emerging..

He turns around and shakes Shane's hand one more time before the show goes off the air.

Winner: Aldo Montoya (44%)

Overall: 56%

{ Not a bad show at all. I need to get my undercard over and I will use this chance to create new stars. I have high hopes for Holly, Montoya , Jacobs , Titan, The Can Ams and others/}

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

New WWF signees for the USWA

The WWF's developmental territory sure is an interesting one. This is their current roster:

Adam Copeland

Andrew Martin

Brian Christopher

Christian Cage

D'lo Brown

Erin O'Grady


Jeff Hardy

Joe E Legend


Mark Henry

Matt Hardy


Scott Borders

Scott Taylor

Shawn Stasiak

Steve Blackman

Steve Bradley


Vic Grimes

But this is not all. Over the past week, the WWF have been hiring new talents , mostly lightweights to train and bring in to their new Lightweight Divsion. Some of the new hirings are:

AJ Styles

Chris Chetti (from ECW)

Chris Kanyon

Christopher Daniels

Devon Storm (released by WCW)

EZ Money (from ECW)

Gran Apolo

Jerry Lynn (from ECW)

Kaz Hayashi

Little Guido (from ECW)

Psychosis (released by WCW)

Super Calo (released by WCW)

The Colorado Kid , Mike Rapada

Tony Mamaluke

Yin Yang

It seems the WWF is serious about their lightweight division and it might rival the WCW cruiserweight division sooner than later. Some of this names and others from USWA are expected to debut on WWF TV over the next 5 months.

The Can-Ams to expand

The WWF is seriously considering the Can-Am Express as a stable and is planning on expanding them soon. It is rumored that former WWF Intercontinental Champion , Rick Martel has signed a new deal to work with the promotion as a face and as part of the Can-Am Express. Martel's good friend and tag team partner in the independent scene and former WCW Lightweight Champion(when that belt existed) as well as former WCW TV Champion Tom Zenk has also agreed to a deal with the WWF.

Hart/Austin feud to involve other people

It is rumored that Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart has agreed to a new WWF contract with the purpose of coming in and helping Bret aganist Austin. Former Hollywood Blonde tag team partner Brian Pillman will back up Austin and this might turn out into a tag team feud. The rumor has it that the WWF is unlikely to turn Austin into a babyface at least for the reminder of the year and are trying to capture their minds into cheering Bret Hart.

Mike Awesome leaves ECW for the WWF?

Big rumors circulating that Mike Awesome, who has been working mostly in Japan , but has made some apperances stateside for ECW has signed with the WWF. Wether he will head to USWA or come in directly into the WWF is unknown.

Plans for Summerslam:

- The WWF is going to promote the "HBK will retire if he loses the title" storyline heavily for the reminder of the year. It is rumored that he will drop the title and take some time off after The Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania next year and then come back for the Summer. HBK is expected to headline Summerslam aganist Syco Sid.  Since their feud never ended because of a freak injury to Sid back in February , this is supposed to be the blowoff. Sid has joined forces with the Cornette Camp with the purpose of having him have issues with Vader in time for a face turn for either man and a feud between them in the road to Survivor Series.

- The Rocky Maivia/ Hunter Helmsley feud is expected to conclude at Summerslam. It is rumored that Maivia is walking off with the belt, while hinting a heel turn. He is expected to turn soon after that and feud with an up and coming babyface.

- The WWF is considering taking the costume and gimmnick off Aldo Montoya and push him as a more serious character. How will this be done is unknown, but expected to be before Summerslam or soon after. He is expected to have a gimmnick match of sorts with Bob Holly.

- The rivalry between the Can-Am Express and The Backlund Empire is expected to last beyond Summerslam. Rumor has it that Furnas and LaFon will get a shot at Bulldog and Owen at Summerslam , but the finish to the match is not decided yet. Expect Jacobs and Titan to wrestle either, the new Can-Ams in Martel and Zenk , or the Godwinns at Summerslam. They could also go for a 6 man tag team match involving their respective managers as well.

- The Nation of Domination will take a bigger role in the company after Summerslam.

- The Undertaker is taking some time off , but will be back in time for Survivor Series.

- Gorilla Monsoon is expected to transfer all the heat of his war of words with Backlund to Shane McMahon , who is expected to take a bigger role on air than being another simple manager.

- Austin and Hart are expected to feud well beyond Survivor Series...maybe even as far as The Royal Rumble.

- The winner of the 20 man over the top battle royale for the WWF lightweight title has not been decided. Rumor has it that Rob Van Dam will walk off with the belt to try and get it over,  other rumors insist in someone from the Backlund Empire walking off with the title. Aldo Montoya is going to be pushed as the sure-fire winner, but the idea is for him to move into bigger things and he wont walk out the champ.

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WWF Superstars preview:

Ahmed Johnson vs Syco Sid

Marty Jeannetty vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Rocky Maivia vs Farooq

Aldo Montoya & Doug Furnas vs Bob Holly & Rick Titan

Raw preview:

Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Mankind

WWF Tag Team Titles:

The Godwinns vs Bulldog & Owen©

Rocky Maivia & Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Chyna

Plus" Shawn Michaels , The Backlund Empire and more in action.!

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WWF Superstars

Announcers: Todd Pettengil & Sunny

Pettengil: "Welcome to another exciting edition of Superstars..I am Todd Pettengill and you might be wondering where my broadcast partner Sunny is...well..she is in the ring...for whatever reason. Let's go straight to her"

Sunny's new client

Sunny: "Last week, during the broadcast of Superstars, I said I was very interested in this little Lightweight Title Battle Royale..and that I would find someone to be my client. I was not kidding. I spend the whole week looking all over the United States and beyond, but I finally found someone who can fit my needs. That is , talent and good looks. Here it is the man that will walk away the Lightweight Champion at Summerslam, the man that will change the face of wrestling in this company, "The Phoenix, Jody Fleisch"

Jody Fleisch comes out with red pants and boots, with flaming wings painted on the sides of the pants and the numbers 720 in the butt.

Sunny: " on behalf of my client, I am making an open challenge to any WWF Lightweight to come out and face him in a one on one match"

The music of the New Rockers play and out comes Leif Cassiddy. It looks like we have a match. (73%)

Leif Cassiddy vs "The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch

Cassiddy offers a handshake to start , but Fleisch ignores him and poses. He looks to be using the same Chris Candido arrogant atttitude. They lock up and Fleisch gets armdragged out of his boots , prompting him to argue with the ref about Cassiddy using the tights. They lock up again and Fleisch gets a hammerlock, but Cassiddy revereses and takes him down to the floor into a headlock. Fleisch gets up and breaks the hold with a backdrop and now we speed off as Fleisch gets a springboard legdrop to wow the crowd and gets two. Cassiddy blocks a DDT attempt and turns it into a Nothern Lights Suplex and then drops his own version of the springboard legdrop for two.

Arm drags and hip tosses are traded and then Fleisch blocks a clothesline and turns it into a falling neckbreaker for two. Cassiddy back bodydrops an incoming Fleisch to the outside, but he hangs to the ropes and slings in with a dropkick from the apron for two. Cassiddy makes the comeback with right hands and pushes Fleisch into the corner and gets a monkey flip. Then he dropkicks Fleisch , who bails. Cassiddy takes a lot of risk when he springs outside with a plancha, but Fleisch moves out of the way and then uses this opportunity to throw Cassiddy into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Fleisch locks horns with Cassiddy and plants him with the Phoenix 720 DDT for the win.

Winner: "The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch (64%)

* Jody Fleisch debuted his new gimmnick (Arrogant) and gained a positive response* *Leif Cassiddy lost overness from this match* *Jody Fleisch gained overness from this match*

{ Nice little match to get Fleisch over. Leif Cassiddy will get pushed sooner than later as well , but I need to get the new guys over and draw the fans into the division}

Backlund Empire is ready

Howard Finkel is standing by with Bob Backlund, Rick Titan and Bob Holly.

Finkel: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with The Backlund Empire and tonight , Bob Holly and Rick Titan will face Aldo Montoya and Doug Furnas in tag team action. Yesterday , Glan Jacobs defeated Phil La Fon in singles competition...do you think your boys will be able to keep their winning streak rolling tonight?"

Backlund: "Of course we will Finkel. Aldo Montoya and Doug Furnas are nothing compared to the mighty of the Backlund Empire. Shane McMahon , you are getting yourself in deep waters by sticking your nose into my business , but I will make you and your second rate jobbers pay , I started yesterday with LaFon and I will finish tonight with Furnas and Montoya. My path of destruction will continue until I become the president of the WWF and mark my words...all this men around me are the future champions of this company, Backlund Security , Glen Jacobs and Rick Titan and of course, The Revelation Bob Holly and more men to come. But I want to talk about a disgrace that's happening here in the WWF. last week, two teams that dont deserve to lick the boots of my men where given a chance to become #1 contenders at the Tag Team Titles..The Godwins and The Can-Am Express. Tomorrow night , The Godwins are getting that title shot. I have already proven that my men are superior to them and I demand Gorilla Monsoon to stop that match from happening and award my boys the #1 contendership at the tag team titles. If he does not , their will be hell to pay, take that word from the future president of the WWF , Bob Backlund."


Aldo Montoya & Doug Furnas/with Shane McMahon vs Bob Holly & Rick Titan/with Bob Backlund

Shane and Backlund argue outside before the bell rings and Montoya locks horns with Holly.Montoya controls the initial lock-up with an arm drag and they repeat the spot several times until Holly bails. He is intercepted in the outside by Furnas who dumps him back in as Montoya lands several stomps on him. The camera focuses on the cold stare that comes from Montoya's eyes and is visible trough the mask , which they keep referring to as the man behind the mask is emerging. Montoya gets a short powerbomb on Holly and then lands a sitting dropkick to the back of his neck for a close fall.He gets a Majistral Cradle for another two count as Holly gets a low blow in plain view of the ref and is warned by him. Holly makes the tag to Rick Titan who hammers the back of Montoya without mercy.

He gets a quick sideslam and then a backbreaker for a near fall. More hammering from Titan and then he drops Montoya with a swinging neckbreaker for antoher two.Now Titan confidently sets Montoya for the Fallaway Slam, but Montoya lands on his feet and clotheslines Titan down to a good pop.He struggles to the corner and makes the tag to Furnas who storms into the ring with clotheslines for both heels and then dropkicks.Montoya recovers and we have a 4 men brawl in the ring, with Montoya dumping Holly and then flying outside with a Quebrada. In the ring Furnas misses a clothesline and gets manhandled by Titan. Titan gets Snake Eyes for two and then he drops Furnas from behind with a bulldog.Fallaway Slam gets two as Montoya makes the save. Backlund gets on the apron to protests, but Shane pulls his feet and he lands face first on the apron , then Montoya gets a baseball slide to drop him to the canvas.

Back in the ring Furnas fights back , but gets cut off by Titan with a kick to the gut , he tries the Titanic Powerbomb , but Furnas backdrops out and tags Montoya back in , who comes in from the top rope with a double axhandle.Montoya quickly sets up Titan for the Implant DDT , but Holly runs in and breaks. Titan now gets a short arm clothesline and tags in Holly who rushes in and drops Montoya from behind with a Reverse DDT for a close fall. Holly is cocky and confident, choosing to taunt the fans and Furnas instead of capitalizing , which is a costly mistake as Montoya recovers and bulldogs him for two. Then Montoya dropkicks Titan off the apron , blocks Holly's Rulebreaker(Alabama Slam) and counters into the Implant DDT for the win. Once again , Montoya stays on top of Holly with a cold ice stare and Shane pulls him away.

Winners: Aldo Montoya & Doug Furnas (58%)

{ Match was better than expected. I hope people start digging Montoya and The Can-Ams as serious contenders because that is where I am going with them}

Stone Cold/Hart video

A video plays on the screen , going trough the whole Austin/Hart feud. At the end of this it ends with "want to see more?" Tune in to Raw! (88%)

Rocky is ready for tonight

Howard: " I am standing by with Rocky Maivia , who goes one on one with the leader of the Nation of Domination , Farooq tonight. However Rocky , if I might ask you a question , last week you pinned Billy Gunn and used your feet on the ropes for leverage. That is a violation of the rules in the WWF and I want to know why you did such a thing?"

Rocky: " I should have guessed you would come with a question like that.. It's simple Howard , guys like Billy Gunn and Hunter Hearst Helmsley do that all the time to win their matches and I felt I should do the same to them. Something that you dont understand and something the fans dont understand is how difficult things are once you get inside that ring. To win , you not only need to be strong , but you need to be smart. Smart is seeing an opportunity and taking advantage. I saw that opportunity and I took advantage. That is how Rocky Maivia wrestles now , I am smarter and more calculating in that ring , it's time to be aggresive and seize the opportunities. I am tired of being the young lad that always makes things right. Nice guys finish last Howard , and the crowd knows it. They chant Rocky Sucks at me because I was such a loser , such a geek for God's sake. I am no longer that kid , I am a new guy and that new guy will run wild over Farooq tonight."

Rock leaves with a big smile and some Rocky Sucks chants can be heard trough the arena. (85%)

Rocky Maivia vs Farooq/with Savio Vega

Rocky takes the upper hand as the bell rings with several well timed right hands and then a short clothesline to floor the big man. They go into a chinlock , which Farooq escapes off and whips Rocky to the ropes , but he ducks and gets a shoulderblock from the ropes that staggers Farooq. Rocky goes back to the ropes , but Savio pulls his foot and distracts him , leading to Farooq attacking from behind. Farooq gets the upper hand and desmolishes Rocky with blows , clotheslines and a powerslam for a near fall. He gets a chokeslam variant for another near fall and then Snake Eyes for yet another near fall. What is it with WWF big guys all using the Snake Eyes? Call it the Nash effect.

Rocky starts making the comeback (to some cheers and some Rocky Sucks chants) and gets a desperation DDT out of nowhere for the Double KO.Farooq starts getting up , but Rocky nips up and attacks him. He goes for the Shoulderbreaker , but Savio pulls him and breaks the move , leading to a distraction to the ref. This allows Farooq to pull out some knucks , but Rocky kicks them away and drops Farooq with a chinbreaker and a clothesline. Rocky picks the knucks for himself and is about to use them , but out of nowhere Hunter Hearst Helmsley jumps the security barrier from the crowd and attacks Rocky from behind , ending on a Pedigree. He leaves with a smirk as the ref tosses Savio from ringside , but it's too late , the damage is done. Farooq then recovers , hoists Rocky up and drops him with the Dominator for the win.

Winner: Farooq(72%)

{ Match was done to promote Rocky's new "take advantage" attitude and to continue his feud with HHH. Funny , Farooq reveived some pops for that win.}

Austin has more words for Bret

We are supposed to go backstage with Howard Finkel , but instead , Steve Austin appears on screen.

Austin: "You might be wondering where is Howard Finkel...well , little old Howard is taking a nap after this Son of a B*tch gave him a stunner. That's your problem Bret...I can be anywhere , anytime and I can kick your ass right then and there. I am not going to stop until I destroy your legacy Bret. People wonder why I hate you so much and I have the definite answer right now. You are nothing but a good kid , the type of kid bullies beat up at school and I am this school's bully Bret. Everything you do , I do better because I am not afraid of the consequences , if I want to kick the crap out of somebody I do. If I want to drink beer and give anyone the bird I do Bret. Face it , you are from a different school , you are from the old school , the good guys that always shake hands and act right. Those times are over Bret , like your time will be over when we step into the ring. You say you are the Hitman? Then prove it. Hunt me down. Let's play cat and mouse and let's see who is the cat and who is the mouse in the WWF. As for Marty Jeannetty tonight....well , I am going to open up a can of ass whooping the size of the Empire State Building....and that's the bottom line , cause Stone Cold said so." (87%)

{OK>..I tried insulting Bret , but the crowd popped anyway. I want Austin to be a heel and he is going to be a heel. I will do something to make sure people hate him , but I dont know what}

Marty Jeannetty vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Marty starts with the right foot as he catches Austin off guard with a drop toe hold into a headlock that Austin escapes , but then Marty connects a dropkick as soon as Austin was of the floor.

Marty gets a couple of arm drags , but then Austin blocks one and counters with a hip toss. This is the end of Marty as Austin pummels him up and down the ring using all his trademark spots , including the Thesz Press to a nice pop.Austin then gives Marty the middle finger and the Stunner to end the match in less than four minutes. Bret Hart runs out behind Austin and drops him down with a Bulldog , he then attacks the leg and prepares to lock the Sharpshooter , but Austin bails with a smirk on his face as Bret plays to the crowd and gets a nice pop.Austin then gives Bret the middle finger , but Bret answers right back with one of his own and gets a pop.

Winner: Steve Austin(63%)

{ I am going to try and make Bret more edgy and make him look good in order for the crowd to accept him as the face in the feud}

It's Syco Time

Jim Cornette stands by with Howard Finkel and Syco Sid:

Howard: "Syco Sid , you made your return to the WWF last week on Raw and tonight you face Ahmed Johnson , one of the strongest men in the WWF. But the question is this....we all know that you hate Shawn Michaels with a passion and that you want the WWF Title. Are you going to challenge the champ?"

Cornette: "Are you...."

He is interrupted by Sid

Sid: "That challenge has already been made Howard. The moment I came out of the locker room and demolished Shawn Michaels , that moment I threw my challenge. I will retire Shawn Michaels , I will win the WWF Title and I will reign supreme over this company and their is no man big enough to stop me. Because the moment I came back , that moment began the era of Syco Sid...Howard , It's Syco time!!" (77%)

{Subtle hints drop down to possibly start the Vader/Sid program after Summerslam}

Ahmed Johnson vs Syco Sid/with Jim Cornette

Let the stiffs begin!!! This match looked like a legit fight with two stiff guys nailing each other. The match was boring with their basic brawling all over the place and simple moves , but the crowd seemed to love it. Ahmed took control after 3 minutes of stalemate brawling when he reversed a chokeslam attempt into a single arm DDT and then got a quick powerslam for two. That was all he would get as Sid blocked the Pearl River Plunge and backdropped Ahmed out , followed by a Big Boot , Snake Eyes and then the Powerbomb for the three count. Sid then repeated 5 powerbombs on Ahmed, three on top of a chair for good measure. Shawn Michaels came out and made the save to a loud pop , but Sid kept staring him down and telling him that he was next in line.Ahmed was taken out on a stretcher as the show came to a close.

Winner: Syco Sid(65%)

{Simply done to continue the feud and build Sid as a monster. Ahmed's injury angle is an excuse to get him off-camera for a while for a gimmnick change.}

Overall: 72%

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I must say, this is impressive. I really like everything you're doing, down to the formatting of all the entries. Nice work, I look forward to seeing what Summerslam's gonna be like.

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Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Raw opens up with Shawn Michaels already in the ring ready to speak as JR and The King make their way to the announcers table.

HBK ready for Syco Time

HBK: " Last week right here on Raw , I was having a little match with The British Bulldog when none other than my good friend Syco Sid came out and destroyed me in the middle of the ring. I have to admit that Sid is one of the biggest men in wrestling today and when someone like him tears you appart , it god damn hurts!. But HBK aint afraid of the big fella. No hell no...Sid I have beaten you before , I have beaten Vader , and Mankind , and Undertaker , Bret Hart , Diesel ...or Kevin Nash as he calls himself now in that rat hole he is now...I have beaten them and I have never backed down from a challenge. If you wanted a shot at my title , if you wanted to hurt me that bad , then you should have been a man and called me out instead of attacking me from behind. Big fella , you are nothing but a coward , you bark a lot and you bite only when my back is turned. Sid , I am going to give you a chance to end my career like you want to. I am going to give you a chance to step in the ring with HBK Shawn Michaels , the WWF World Champion. But....I cant give you a title shot yet Sid. Gorilla Monsoon told me that you have been inactive far too long and the only way to give you the shot is if you beat me in the ring....TONIGHT!!! That's right Sid , HBK , Syco Sid , tonight in the main event of Monday Night Raw! And when the night is over Sid , you will be feeling some sweet chin music!"

HBK throws down the mic looking serious as we go to commercial break. (88%)

Backlund's new Old School member

When we return , Bob Backlund is standing in the ring and he is about to speak:

Backlund: "You know , trying to be the president of the WWF consumes much of my time , but not all of it. I am aware that their is a little battle royale at Summerslam with the winner becoming the new WWF Lightweight Champion and I want that belt for my Backlund Empire. Therefore , I have made a couple of phone calls all over the states , trying to find a good friend of mine , one of my pupils and a master of the technical game...the new member of the Backlund Empire , Steve Corino!!"

Corino comes out to some guitar riffs that sound a little too much like Jeff Jarret's old theme music and steps into the ring.

Corino: Thanks Bob. It's a new era in the WWF , the era of the Backlund Empire and the era of the King of Old School , Steve Corino. Come Summerslam , I will be the new WWF Lightweight Champion and I will return the WWF to it's Old School Glory. Now, let my scheduled opponent come out so I can get this done with" (88%)

*Steve Corino gained overness from this segment*

Leif Cassiddy vs Steve Corino

Yep...Cassiddy jobs again. He needs a gimmnick change and a push...plese WWF, listen to me.

This is basically a squash to put Corino over as he locks horns with Cassiddy and they exchange some amateur takedowns and holds to get the Old School gimmnick over. I love Cassiddy, he adapts to any style. Corino looses his patience and drops Cassiddy with a single arm DDT and keeps the arm locked into a reverse arm bar. Cassiddy makes the ropes and Corino viciously stomps the arm for good measure. Cassiddy ducks a clothesline and tries a crossbody , but gets caught and turned into a modified Exploider Suplex , called the Old School Explosion by JR for the Corino win. All that arm work and it didnt pay off in the finish. Corino then locks Backlund's Chicken Wing Crossface on Cassiddy to mad heel heat and to establish him as one of Backlund's "pupils"

Winner: Steve Corino(71%)

The Hillbillies are ready

We go backstage after the break with Hillbilly Jim and The Godwins.

Howard: "Hillbilly Jim and The Godwinns , tonight you have the chance of winning the WWF Tag Team Titles again when you face the team of British Bulldog and Owen Hart."

Hillbilly Jim: "OOOH Yeah Howard , my boys are more than ready to deal with the Bulldog and Owen , the chickens are clucking , the pigs are ectasic and that is because we will walk out the champs tonight and we will have one heck of a celebration. I already called some of our lady cousins that are fine meat and grandma is already milking the cows because when we arrive tonight , it's going to be one hell of a party , southern style."


{You just had to see the expression on Henry and Phineas faces when Jim said lady cousins that are fine meat. I hope that talking a funny side to their gimmnick gets them over , otherwise they will become jobbers in no time}

WWF Tag Team Titles:

The Godwins/with Hillbilly Jim vs British Bulldog & Owen Hart©/with Jim Cornette

Phineas and Bulldog start with the British Bulldog overpowering the big man and driving him down with a knee to the belly and several hammer shots to the back. Bulldog continues his assault and then drops him with a short arm clothesline and tags in Owen , who comes in from the top with a missile dropkick.

Owen works the big man's legs as Cornette runs away from Jim outside. Owen tries to lock the Sharpshooter , but Phienas powers out and tags in Henry , who comes in and clotheslines the hell out of Owen and then Bulldog. We have a four men brawl in the ring and Cornette uses this chance to nail Henry with the racket , behind the ref's back. Jim runs in and attacks Cornette , clotheslining him over the top to a good pop , but Bulldog then does the same to Jim.

Bulldog then helps Owen and they dump Phineas outside and Owen locks the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring on the knockout Henry , who has no choice but to tap out and give the heels the win.

Winners and still champions: Bulldog & Owen

Helmsley and Chyna are ready

Howard Finkel stands backstage with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna:

Howard: "Hunter and Chyna , tonight you face none other than Rocky Maivia and Jake Roberts in tag team action. Hunter , last night on Superstars you costed young Rocky a match aganist Farooq. I know Rocky has vengeance on his mind and I also know that Jake has a grudge with you. I know that Chyna is really strong , but can she handle herself in the ring aganist two of the best athletes in the WWF?"

Chyna grabs Howard by the neck and pinches him aganist the wall.

HHH: "I think that answers your question Howard. Rocky Maivia , Jake Roberts , tonight Chyna and I will put you down for the count and finally Rocky , I will prove you wrong yet again. I understand that next week here on Raw , their will be a 4 men elimination match to determine the #1 contender at my Intercontinental Title and I know you are one of those four men. Dont get your hopes up , because tonight we will hurt you so bad , that you wont be able to step foot in the ring next week. I will cripple you , I will end your career Rocky. Get it boy , you suck!!"

Surprisingly , some rocky sucks chants start after the heel promo.(81%)

*Chyna gained overness from this segment*

{HHH got the point across. This feud needs to end at Summerslam since both guys are getting heel reactions. Rocky gets popped sometimes , but most of the time is the Rocky sucks chant}

Rocky Maivia & Jake Roberts vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Chyna

Two tag team matches in a row?

Jake and HHH start with Jake getting some momentum with his 70's offense before HHH brings him down with a knee to the face and takes control. Hunter uses the knee 700 million times more and taunts Rocky after every blow to his partner. Hunter pushes Jake to the heel corner and lands some blows before getting a short arm clothesline and tagging Chyna into the match. Chyna imposes herself over Jake with stomps and drops an elbow for a near fall.

Now Chyna gets Jake up and back down with a botched Gorilla Press Slam and some clotheslines. Jake seems less than happy to sell for her and cuts the attack with a surprise right hand to the gut and drives Chyna down with a clothesline. Jake crawls over and tags Rocky , who actually gets a decent pop when he knocks Chyna down with right hands and a clothesline. He gets a DDT for two as HHH breaks the count. The 4 men/women in the ring and a brawl ensues as HHH is dumped and so is Jake Roberts. Chyna then decapitates Rocky with a clothesline and manages to tag HHH in. Hunter comes in cocky and shit and stomps Rocky several times before trying to go for the Pedigree. This backfires as Ricky escapes and monkey flips HHH into the corner and gets a roll-up with a bunch of tights for the win.

Rocky: "How is that Hunter. You like doing that to people , well, I just did it to you and to tell you the truth, I liked it. If I need to do that to take your belt away, I will. I wont rest until I get my Intercontinental Title back."

Rocky tosses down the mic to a mixed reaction.(65%)

Winners: Rocky Maivia & Jake Roberts

The Hitman is ready for Mankind

Howard Finkel interviews Bret Hart backstage:

Howard: "Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Tonight you face Mankind in one on one action. Do you think Steve Austin will play a factor in the outcome?"

Bret: "To tell you the truth Howard , I dont know and I dont care. I dont care about beating Mankind tonight, the only thing I care about is destroying Steve Austin and finally ending this grudge. What is it Steve Austin? Why do you hate me that much? Is it because I have touched the WWF Championship 4 times and you failed on your only chance? Is it because I am the best wrestler in the world today? Is it because the fans like me? I dont know what it is and I dont care either. I want to thank you Austin , for returning my competitive spirit back , for once again igniting the flame that lived in my heart. Now Austin, I wont stop. I wont stop until you are defeated and I wont stop until I get the WWF Championship once more. Because I am the best their is , the best their was and the best their will ever be" (83%)

{"getting my competitive spirit back". This is what I want to portray in Hart's return to the top saga. Maybe that will get him the crowds support once more}

Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Mankind

Hart starts in control wearing down Mankind with his technical approach. Mankind tries to retaliate with brawling and brute force , but Hart always comes up with a counter or hold that allows him to dominate. This changes when Mankind evades the Hart Attack clothesline and Bret lands on his ass. Mankind pummels Bret down with everything he's got and even gets a near fall out of the Double Arm DDT , but Bret gets his foot on the ropes.

Bret blocks a second attempt at the Double Arm DDT and counters into a Nothern Lights Suplex for two. Bret then gets the Five Moves of Doom , in this case , vertical suplex , backbreaker , kneecrusher , second rope elbow and the Sharpshooter as Mankind winces in pain.

Suddenly , Brian Pillman comes out and distracts the ref , which also gets Bret's attention and he releases the hold. Steve Austin comes in and attacks Bret from behind and delivers the Stunner behind the ref's back. Pillman then hops down from the apron and leaves , as Austin jumps the barrier and escapes. This allows Mankind to recover , surprise a staggering Bret with the Double Arm DDT and get the pinfall win.


{The point was to establish the Pillman/Austin alliance. I think we will have an entertaining Raw next week}

Bret is busted open

When we return from the break , we see a pissed off Bret Hart heading backstage where he gets into Pillman's locker room.

Bret: "You son of a bitch"

Bret jumps Pillman and attacks him with everything he's got. He rams Pillman's knee aganist a bench that was near by and then locks the Sharpshooter as Pillman screams for help. Suddenly....BAM!! Austin arrives on the scene with a chairshot on Bret. Austin and Pillman attack Bret , including several chairshots from Austin as Pillman holds Bret. Bret is left layed out in a pool of blood and EMT's rush to the scene.(91%)

Shawn Michaels vs Syco Sid

Not even a match since as soon as HBK comes out , Sid attacks him from behind and sends him into the turnbuckle, busting him open. HBK also gets sent into the stairs, the railing and the side of the ring , before he is javelined face first into the ring post. HBK is bleeding profously and then Syco powerbombs him in the announcers table twice before it finally breaks. Syco then proceeds to choke him with the camera cables and finally breaks a monitor over his head.

Raw comes off the air with Syco standing tall over HBK, who is bleeding gushers.


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WWF Shotgun

Announcers: Todd Pettengil & Brian Pillman

The show starts with Pettengil and Pillman arguing over Pillman joining Steve Austin as we proceed to the first match

Rob Van Dam & Mickey Whipwreck vs PG 13 (Wolfie D & JC Ice)/with Crush

Crush is there to remember us that indeed , PG 13 are part of the Nation of Domination. This is basically a showcase match since all four competitors will be part of the 20 man over the top battle royale for the WWF Lightweight Title at Summerslam. Yeah , like nobody figures that Aldo Montoya will walk off with the belt.

Whipwreck and Wolfie D start with Whipwreck doing some typical cruiserweight stuff to control on the early going. This changes when he goes to the ropes for momentum and Crush pulls his feet. Wolfie takes over with equally amazing stuff, something they havent shown since entering the WWF , the speed and quickness of cruisers.

Wolfie tags in JC Ice and they get a double DDT for a close fall as RVD makes the save. JC then gets his own DDT and climbs to the top , dropping a legdrop for another near fall. JC goes for a Death Valley Driver , but Whipwreck falls back with a roll-up for a close fall , however , all momentum he had going stops when JC clotheslines him off his boots and Whipwreck does the 360 oversell from Marty Jeannetty!!! Long time no see that. Wolfie is tagged in and he drops an elbow from the top for a near fall as RVD makes the save again. Crush argues with RVD as PG 13 double team Whipwreck and deliver a nasty looking double frontfall suplex , but RVD makes the save barely in time.

JC hooks Whipwreck off for his own single Frontfall Suplex , but Whipreck flips out and catches JC with a neckbreaker mid-flip!!! AWESOME!!

Whipwreck struggles to make the tag and he does!! RVD comes in with spin kicks galore!! RVD gets a good pop when he kicks Wolfie in the gut and then splits and punches him in the face. He then turns and avoids a JC clothesline and gets a sidekick variant.Whipwreck gets into the match as he spears Wolfie out of the ring and then makes a suicide plancha to the outside on Crush!!! GREAT!! RVD tries a whip on JC , but he reverses , only for RVD to spring off the corner with a Flying Kick!! RVD makes the thumb pose (to some Rob Van Dam chorus , but very small) and goes up top....Five Star Frog Splash gets the three!! This is awesome stuff. If Shotgun is going to be the showcase show, then sign me in!!

Winners: RVD & Mickey Whipwreck(73%)

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Dr. X

So...Tom Pritchard dons the mask of Dr.Jobber again. Why dont they put Liger in with a natural lightweight? Are they afraid of him outclassing everyone and leaving them in the dust?

Still , Liger works a watchable match. He starts using his quickness to dominate X , until he is practically gassed out(good selling by Pritchard). X bails to recuperate , but this means one thing....YES!! Suicide Plancha and then Liger dumps X back into the ring. However , X catches Liger off guard when he comes in and starts to beat him down with knees to the gut.Now he does a jumping high knee to knock down Liger and then drops a running kneedrop for two. What's this? Is Helmsley under the mask tonight?

Dr. X then gets a simple vertical suplex into a cover for two. Frustrated , he goes up top for a double axhandle , but Liger dropkicks him down mid-air and then goes up top for a Missile Dropkick. Liger goes back up top and does a beutiful moonsault and only gets two as X puts his foot on the ropes.SACRILEGE!!! Liger then helps X to his feet and calmly puts him in position for the Fisherman's Buster , does the move and wins the match. Not bad at all, but I want to see Liger aganist a natural lightweight next week ok?? Todd Pettengill says that Liger is his pick for WWF Lightweight Champion, yeah like we trust Pettengill. Pillman says that his pick is himself. Good Brian.

Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger(67%)

Flash Funk vs Yosohiro Tajiri

Yeah , this has to be good. Tajiri stiffs Funk to start and gets a near fall out of a spinning kick. Tajiri backs Funk into the corner and chops him a couple of times before he springs from the bottom rope and nails a knee to the face of Funk in a cool visual. Tajiri now goes to the opposite corner and tries the flip elbow thing(that Chyna did in her WWF stint. If someone knows the name of the move, tell me) but Funk moves out of the way , only to see Tajiri land in the corner and spring back with an elbow anyway!! COOL!!

Tajiri now looks for the Kick of Death , but Funk rolls underneath it and dropkicks Tajiri from behind in a cool visual. They exchange arm drags and dropkicks for a while , then Tajiri hip tosses Funk to the apron , but he lands on his feet and headbutts Tajiri in the gut , then springs with a sunset flip for two. Funk gets some momentum with right hands and drops Tajiri with a spin kick , then springs from the ropes with a Lionsault(a la WCW Jericho) for a near fall. Funk then ducks a Tajiri kick and gets a chinbreaker and clothesline , then a top rope legdrop for another near fall. Tajiri catches Funk off guard with a nasty kick that sounds all over the arena and goes up top....fatal mistake as Funk moves out of the way of a Frog Splash and the goes up top...The 450 Splash (called Flash and Funky by Pettengill) gets the duke for Flash Funk. For the first time since he came to the WWF , Scorpio looked motivated.

Winner: Flash Funk(75%)

Titan and Jacobs warn the Can Am Express

Howard Finkel interviews Glen Jacobs and Rick Titan or should I say Bob Backlund?

Howard: " Titan and Jacobs , tonight you face the team of Marty Jeannetty and Leif Cassiddy , the new Rockers."

Backlund: "Howard Finkel...when you are going to learn that you dont talk to them , you talk to me!!. The New Rockers are going to end up battered and beaten and that's all. I want to inform all my followers in the crowd that I have been meeting with important members of the WWF Board of Directors and they are going to allow me to run aganist Gorilla Monsoon this coming November at the Survivor Series. I will inform you on the details as time progresses. Now Finkel , I declare this interview over." (80%)

The New Rockers vs Glen Jacobs & Rick Titan

Man , when is the job Cassiddy and Jeannetty campaign end?

Total squash as Cassiddy starts with Titan and gets mauled , he tags Jacobs and he mauls him some more. Then he tosses Cassiddy into the corner and tells Marty to tag in. He does and get mauled. 3 minutes later , Titan dumps Cassiddy in a 4 men brawl and then Jacobs pins Marty after the Jacknife.

Winners: Titan & Jacobs(69%)

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  • 2 weeks later...

WWF Superstars

Announcers: Todd Pettengil & Sunny

The announcers open the show hyping up tomorrow's Monday Night Raw where we will have a word on the condition of Shawn Michaels and who is the #1 contender , since the match never officially started. Also Bret Hart will be in attendance and a card that features Doug Furnas & Phil laFon vs Titan & Jacobs and the winner gets a tag team title shot at Summerslam. Also Rocky Maivia , Farooq , Mankind & Jake "The Snake" Roberts will compete in a four corners elimination match for a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam.

The Can-Ams numbers increase

Shane McMahon Interrupts the commentary and comes out with a mic in hand , he stands in the ring and waits for the cue.

McMahon:" When I decided to become a manager and I took over the contracts of the Can-Am Express , Phil LaFon and Doug Funas I did it because I saw potential , potential to win titles. I was not wrong and tomorrow night my boys will defeat Titan and Jacobs and then Bulldog and Owen at Summerslam and that will prove my theory. But , one week ago I was on a business trip with them scouting new talents and I discovered two men that have also untold potential. One of them is a former WWF Intercontinental Champion , the other is one of the best wrestlers in the United States. With this , I saw the potential to expand my Can-Am Express with a second version of them , The Can-Am Connection!! and here they are , The Can-Am Connection , Rick Martel and Tom Zenk!."

A small number of cheers are heard and Shane proceeds talking.

McMahon" Just to prove my theory once again , I have scheduled my protegees a match with the New Blackjacks right now!!"


{Pretty above average reaction to the new team and the booking team already has plenty of ideas of what to do with them...long term ideas , but ideas none the less.}

The Can-Am Connection(Martel & Zenk) vs The New Blackjacks (Bradshaw & Windham)

Whoever had this idea needs to be shot in the head. Barry Windham and Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw are the worst sellers in the company and they are supposed to make two gifted lightweights look good?

Windham starts with Zenk , who uses his speed to run circles around him and come up with the advantage. Zenk uses basic offense to control and Windham barely sells.Zenk drops Windham to the floor with a neckbreaker and climbs to the top rope to deliver a Missile Dropkick that Windham sells like a push and then falls down in a horrible selling job.Zenk then gets a Double Underhook Suplex for two as Bradshaw makes the save.Now Windham gets an eye gouge and controls the match with basic punching , kicking and choking. He tags in Bradshaw who cleans Zenk's clock with a devastating running clothesline and gets a near fall.

Bradshaw gets a powerbomb on Zenk for two as Martel makes the save. Bradshaw with the CLUBBERING FOREARMS and then drops Zenk with a clothesline to the back of the head. That gets two. Bradshaw gets frustrated and tags in Windham who delivers a second rope axhandle and that gets two again. Zenk then dodges a charge from Windham and gets a bulldog , as we hit the Double KO. Hot Tag Martel and he drops the incoming Bradshaw with a dropkick and then does the same to Windham(who barely sells). Zenk recovers and they attack the heels. They send the heels into each other and then dropkick both of them on the back. Bradshaw gets dumped by Martel and the Can-Ams catch Windham with a Spike Piledriver for the win.

The Can-Am Connection(57%)

Montoya is ready for his mistery opponent

Backstage , Howard Finkel interviews Shane McMahon on behalf of Aldo Montoya.

Finkel:" Shane McMahon , Aldo Montoya has a match tonight aganist the new member of the Backlund Empire , whoever that may be. Are you worried of the fact that you dont know who your opponent is?"

Shane: "Not in the least Howard. Aldo is more than ready to take on any challenge and we wont stop now. Aldo and the rest of my boys will get rid of the Backlund Empire and we will preserve Gorilla Monsoon's role as president of the WWF. Backlund , it doesnt matter how big or strong your new guy might be , this man , Aldo Montoya will beat him. I have never seen Aldo like this , so determined , so intense and it is because of you Backlund. This man wont stop at anything until you and more specifically Bob Holly , are out of the WWF."(74%)

*Shane McMahon gained overness* *Aldo Montoya gained overness*

Aldo Montoya/with Shane McMahon vs Tom Brandi/with Bob Backlund

The mistery opponent turns out to be Tom Brandi , who comes out with his Salvatore Sincere gear and then destroys it , claiming to be another stupid creation of Gorilla Monsoon.

Brandi was looking furious , but as soon as the bell rings , Montoya pounces on him and takes him to the floor with right hands.He then helps Brandi to his feet and whips him to the ropes , followed by a clothesline and a standing moonsault for two. Montoya with an arm drag and a crossbody for two. Now Brandi cheats by pulling Montoya by the mask and dropping him to the mat with a stiff clothesline. Brandi then punches and kicks for a while, then drops Montoya with a jawbreaker and gets a quick two count.Brandi goes for a Spinebuster , but Montoya flips out and goes to the ropes , scoring a Flying Forearm to drop down Brandi and then a series of dropkicks as Brandi bails. Montoya follows with a dive to the outside and then he punches Brandi in the floor. Backlund tries to get close , but Shane McMahon runs in and clotheslines(botched) Backlund into the floor. Montoya keeps pummeling Brandi , as Shane goes to attack Backlund, but gets tripped face first into the railing by Backlund. Backlund now attacks Montoya from behind and he and Brandi whip Montoya into the railing and then back into the ring. Brandi sneaks into the ring and attacks Montoya with forearms to the lower back.He goes for a Backdrop Suplex , but Montoya escapes , kicks Brandi in the gut and gets the Implant DDT for the win.

Backlund sneaks into the ring and attacks Montoya from behind. Now the rest of the Backlund Empire run out and block the entrance as Bob Holly gets into the ring. Brandi goes outside to help block the entrance. Holly and Backlund attack Montoya and hold him down as Holly tries to pull the mask off!!! The 4 members of the Can-Am Express(Furnas, LaFon, Martel and Zenk) run out and make the save just in time as half of Montoya's mask was ripped off . Zenk covers Montoya's face with his jacket and they return to the back.

Winner:Aldo Montoya(63%)

The Can-Am Express is furious

As we return from the break we go backstage with Shane and his group. Montoya is irate as he kicks the lockers and looks to be a man possesed. Martel and Zenk calm him down as Shane is ready to handle and interview on behalf of Furnas and LaFon.

Finkel " Shane McMahon , we meet again as your team of Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas will face The Sultan and Curtis Hughes in tag team action"

Shane: "Listen up Howard , I am not in a good mood right now so this will be quick. Sultan , Mr.Huges , you two guys are huge...you two guys are over 300 pounds. But my boys are more than ready to take you down and out. And Bob Backlund...I dare you and your boys to come out to this match also. Because we will be waiting"(80%)

The Can-Am Express/with Shane McMahon vs The Sultan & Curtis (Mr.) Hughes/with Clerance Mason

LaFon and Hughes start. Phil uses his speed advantage to escape some early attacks from Hughes, then trips Hughes up on a charge and goes straight into a headlock , but Hughes powers out. LaFon is taken to the ropes , but he ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Hughes twice , who staggers , then drops him down with a clothesline. That gets two , but Hughes breaks the pin by powering LaFon out. That reminds us that he is indeed , big , black and strong.

Hughes now catches LaFon with a clothesline and then drops a legdrop for two. Hughes powerslams LaFon and tags in The Sultan who drops a legdrop for two. Wow , and to think that Hulk Hogan finishes with that. The Sultan helps LaFon to his feet and then superkicks him down as Pettengil talks about Sultan's amazing agility for a big man. Sultan goes to the ropes and drops Death from Above on LaFon , but Furnas breaks up the count. Sultan locks LaFon in THE NERVE PINCH OF DOOM , but LaFon manages to break free and tag in Furnas. HE IS ON FIRE as he drops both big men with right hands , clotheslines Hughes over the top and then clotheslines Sultan down twice. Furnas punches Sultan some more and finally LaFon gets into the ring and they drop the big man down with a Double DDT for the win.

Glen Jacobs and Rick Titan come out with Backlund and they brawl , Brandi and Holly run in to take number advantage and the Can-Ams are in the floor. Martel and Zenk even the odds , but Backlund gets out some brass knucks and starts nailing people over the head. Aldo Montoya runs out and gets a chair , cleans house and poses. I cant freaking believe I am marking out for Aldo Montoya!!

Winners: The Can-Am Express(70%)

Goldust video

Weird Goldust video airs. Goldust is the WWF European Champion and as so , he appears on screen doing several skits that represent European countries. Downright funny as Marlena is dressed like a cow(complete with gigantic pink boobs to go with her boobs) and Goldust is dressed like a spanish matador , complete with plastic saber and he "kills" the cow by thusting the saber trough the side and it ends up looking like it went trough Marlena's ass.(81%)

WWF European Championship:

Goldust© vs Savio Vega

Well, this match is here to remind us that the European Title exists. Is it me or does Savio looked better when he was the carribbean legend instead of this NOD crap?

Savio starts by offering a handshake and of course , Goldust accepts and gets leveled by a right hand. Savio gets some more punches and backs Goldust aganist the corner , where he does his "Kwang" chops and then a throat trust. Goldust staggers out of the corner and gets leveled by a leg lariat for two. Savio backs Goldie in the corner and unloads more chops , but Goldust "freaks up" and reverses with chops of his own and then poses. He punches Savio some more and then sets him up for the "Shattered Dreams" , but Savio escapes trough the ropes.

Goldust follows him outside and he hammers Savio in the back , connects some right hands and tries to whip him back into the ring , which Savio reverses and sends Goldust aganist the edge of the apron and then into the ring. Goldust sells the back and Savio wisely connects on the lower back with stiff kicks. He gets a side backbreaker and gets a close two count.Savio gets a series of Atomic Drops and then another backbreaker for another two. Savio changes his approach as he chops Goldust and whips him , as he tries the NOD Sidekick(the former Carribbean Sidekick) , but Goldust ducks and Savio lands on his ass.

Goldust makes the comeback with right hands and then gets a bulldog for two. Goldust gets up selling the back and Savio uses this chance to go to the Cobra Clutch , but Goldust escapes that and gets the Curtain Call out of nowhere for the three count and the win. Solid match , but it was all Savio.

Winner: Goldust(78%)

The Hitman busted open : Austin and Pillman allies?

They repeat the segment from Monday Night Raw in which Bret Hart was attacked and busted open by Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. Pettengill asks the question "Are Austin and Pillman allies?" (83%)

The Hollywood Blondes reunite?

Backstage , Howard Finkel is with Steve Austin and Brian Pillman.

Howard: "I am standing by with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman who are warming up for their upcoming tag team match...which seems to indicate that Austin and Pillman are in cahoots. Gentlemen, you two set up Bret Hart last monday night and left him bloodied. Is it true that Stone Cold Steve Austin , the man that said Dont Trust Anyone really trusts somebody?"

Austin: "Howard Finkel....you ask too many questions...Havent you learned from the Stunnner I gave ya?. You see , back when I started my career , I had one man at my side , one man that earned my trust and one man that allowed me to get gold. That man is Brian Pillman and we used to be called the Hollywood Blondes. As a team we kicked more ass in one night than any other team in history. When Brian showed up on the WWF after such a long time of not seeing him , I was a little skeptical , but after spending some time with him , I have realised that he has not changed one bit , he is the same ass kicking mother fucker he has always been and I like that. That's why I am with Brian Pillman and I dont give a rat's ass what you and this people think about that. Bret Hart , things have gotten a little out of hand for you now and I have the advantage in this game. I wont rest until Bret Hart is retired and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!!"

Pillman just calls for the mic, smiles and turns around. Austin then turns around and KICK WHAM STUNNER!! on Finkel!!! (85%)

Bart Gunn & Marc Mero vs Stone Cold Steve Austin & Brian Pillman

Bart and Pillman start. Pillman tries to lure Bart into the handshake trick , but he must have been watching the previous match and refuses , connecting a big right hand that knocks down Pillman. Bart UNLOADS more punches on Pillman who pinballs around the ring a little bit. Bart then sets Pillman up and gets the Fallaway Slam for a very close two count. Bart tags in Mero and he continues the punishment , but Austin distracts the ref and Pillman gets a low blow and makes the comeback. Pillman wrestles circles around Mero and brings him down several times with headscissors , bodyscissors , drop toe holds and arm drags , which frustrates the Wildman. Pillman gets cocky , however, and this allows Mero time to recover , who then nails the unsuspecting Pillman with a HUGE right hand and a lariat .Tag in to Bart Gunn and he keeps the punching and kicking. He goes for a Pumphandle Slam , but Pillman eye gouges him and makes the tag to Austin( to a pop). He comes in and dominates Bart with right hands and kicks , he backs Gunn into the corner and does the mudhole stumping , then brings Mero in with a hip toss from the apron and attacks him as well.

Austin gets a neckbreaker and the FU Elbow on Mero , then proceeds to help him to his feet and dump him over the top. Pillman then flies into Mero with a suicide dive and Austin stays alone in the ring with Bart Gunn , KICK WHAM STUNNER and the fat lady sings after that. The crowd is actually cheering for Austin and Pillman and this has to change the plans the WWF has right now.Bret Hart comes out with a chair ( and a bandaged head) and attacks Austin and the crowd boo's!!!! He nails Pillman also and leaves both men down to end the show.

Winners: Austin & Pillman(81%)

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Austin and Pillman likely to turn face afterall

After the reaction that they got last night at Superstars , Stone Cold and Brian Pillman are rumored to be turned face in the next couple of shows in the road to Summerslam , with Bret and the debuting Anvil going heel. It doest affect WWF at much since Austin was getting face pops and Hart heel reactions all the time.

Awesome to debut after Summerslam

The plan for Mike Awesome's WWF debut is to bring him in as a member of the Backlund Empire after Summerslam. It is rumored that the feud between Shane McMahon's group and The Backlund Empire will continue until the Survivor Series in November. Awesome is expected to face Aldo Montoya at that show.

Montoya is rumored to face Bob Holly is a mask vs hair match at Summerslam. They are expected to have a rematch in the September PPV. Then Montoya might feud with Bob Backlund himself or with Steve Corino , the man that is expected to walk out WWF Lightweight Champion at Summerslam. After that , he will move on to Awesome.

Rumored Vader face turn

This is likely to happen after Summerslam as well. It is rumored that Bret Hart and Anvil will join Cornette Camp as part of their heel turn. Vader will be dumped from the group soon after. He might take sides with Austin and Pillman.

Scott Keith to rant WWF shows

Starting tonight with Raw , Scott Keith will do the rants for the WWF shows

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The Smark Rant for Monday Night Raw

*Disclaimer: The following rant and any other rants in this diary where written by the EWB Battleground member EWRFan and they are not sponsored or approved by Scott Keith*

- Live from Dallas , Texas

- Your announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

- 4 vs 4 Tag Team Match:

Jushin "THUNDER" Liger & Flash Funk & Leif Cassiddy & Mr. Aguila vs "The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch & Kai En Tai (Funaki , Tajiri and TAKA)

- We start with YOUR SHOWCASE MATCH of the night. Hey , 7 good wrestlers(and Aguila) in the ring at once , count me in!. Leif Cassiddy and TAKA start and Cassiddy is your face in peril. TAKA dominates with chops in the early going and then dropkicks the knee , setting up a kneebar. Leif makes it to the ropes as TAKA pounds the leg some more and drags Leif to the corner. Tag to Fleisch and he gets a second rope stomp to the leg and hooks another kneebar. Pretty slow pace for a lightweight match. Leif quickly escapes that with kicks to the head and scissors Fleish to the mat. Leif tags in Aguila and he springs in with a nasty legdrop from the apron as Leif holded Fleish down and then runs to the ropes , delivering a Lionsault for two. Aguila gets a swift kick to the jaw of Fleisch and tags in Funk who drops a legdrop from the top for two as Funaki makes the save.

Funk hooks up Fleisch with a Backdrop Suplex for another two count. Funk goes up top for the Flash and Funky , but Fleisch moves out of the way and Scorpio(Funk) meets the mat. Fleisch rolls to the corner and tags in Tajiri who inmediatly gets a seated dropkick to the jaw of Funk. Tajiri gets a couple of stiff kicks and then whips Funk , who reverses , but eats Tajiri's Springboard Elbow on the rebound. Tajiri sets up for the Kick of Death , but Funk rolls underneath and tags in Cassiddy. Leif drops a top rope Double Axhandle on Tajiri and covers for two. He goes to the ropes and gets a Flying Forearm and then drops a nice springboard legdrop for two. Leif goes for a neckbreaker , but Tajiri shoves him into the heel corner where he eats a swift kick over the top by Fleish(in a cool visual) and then another stiff kick , this time to the back of the head by Tajiri and falls face first. Tag to Funaki and he covers for two.

Funaki gets a neckbreaker and sits up Leif , then delivers a seated dropkick to the back of the head and covers for two as Funk makes the save just in time. Funaki takes Leif to a neutral corner and signals for the Tornado DDT , but Leif shoves him down and then clotheslines him for a double KO. Hot tag LIGER and he cleans Funaki's clock with a Kawada Kick!! The heels come in and so do the faces and we have a PIER 6 BRAWL!!! They kick it into high gear with spots as Fleisch dumps Leif with a clothesline , but gets dumped by Funk from behind and then Funk flies out with a Quebrada!! Tajiri and TAKA attack Liger , but Aguila evens the odds and dumps Tajiri with a dropkick as Liger then catapults TAKA over the top and on top of Tajiri!!! Aguila then goes outside with a Torpedo when the heels where getting up and knocks them back down. In the ring , Funaki catches Liger off guard with a toe kick and signals for the Tornado DDT(from the ring floor , not the corner) , but Liger counters that with an Inverted Atomic Drop !! He kicks Funaki and sets him up for the Fisherman's Buster and that gets the three at 14:25. Good , spotty opener ***. JR puts Liger over as a veteran of the ring and picks him to win the gold at Summerslam. (71%)

- The Hitman feels betrayed

- Bret "The Hitman" Hart comes out to a mixed reaction and calls for the mic.

Bret: "Last week , Brian Pillman joined forces with Steve Austin and they demolished me , they busted me open and gave me a concussion. I spent the night in the hospital with my wife crying at my side , but I had one thing in my mind and that was revenge. So , Sunday morning I catch the first plane I could and went to Superstars , where I came out to get my revenge. Roll the footage please"

Footage is shown as Pillman and Austin celebrate their win and Bret Hart comes out with a chair and kills both men with chairshots to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Bret: "I think I did what any man would have done , what Steve Austin and Brian Pillman would have done. But what do I get? YOU , The crowd , the people I am here to entertain and the people I give my all every night turn on me!! You start jeering at me because I did what a man was supposed to do. I did the right thing and I tought you would appreciate that , but you didnt. Then I realised you have never appreciated what I have done. I have worked for this company for over a decade , I come out here and bust my ass each and every night for you and what do I get? You turn on me the first chance you get , you rather cheer a bald , drunken , foul mouthed texas redneck and his pretty boy gay friend instead of me , the excellence of the execution!! You dumb texans are like the rest of the dumb americans , you have an asshole for a brain!! You know what? F*ck this , cause I am not taken this shit anymore. I dont have to be here for you if you dont want me here. But you know why I am standing here tonight? Because I am the very best at what I do and I dont give shit if you like it or not , I am still going to do it and I am going to break the legs of all those you cheer! Of all those incompetent fools that should be kissing my feet!! I am going to start with your little bald headed piece of shit and his gay friend and then I am going to take everyone else down!! Austin , Pillman , HBK , Undertaker...everyone. You cheer for them and I will destroy them! If you cant appreciate me , I wont let you appreciate anyone else motherf*ckers. At least I know that back in Canada we do have a brain and we know what a superstar is , that's why they love me. As for you dumb americans , take a hearty F*CK YOU from Bret Hart and Canada. Now , do you like that? Oh , and Austin. You havent arrived to the arena yet , but when you do , be sure to bring your gay friend with you because I have asked Gorilla Monsoon for a tag team match tonight."

Bret throws down the mic and heads backstage to a chorus of boos.(100%) Great emotional promo that turns Bret heel....in America.

* Bret Hart's turn has completed and he is now a heel. Bret Hart gained overness from this turn. Bret Hart gained overness from this segment*

- Backlund and Holly challenge Montoya

- Bob Backlund and Bob Holly are backstage , flanked by Jacobs , Titan and Brandi.

Backlund: "Good evening fans of the WWF , I am your future president , Bob Backlund with an important announcement to make. I am sure you witnessed my client Bob Holly in his attempt to rip Aldo Montoya's mask off. Well , this is because we feel that true athletes have no need to hide their faces from the fans and that's why we did it. But our mission failed. That's why my client wants to challenege Aldo Montoya to put his mask on the line in a match at Summerslam. If Aldo accepts , Mr. Holly is even willing to put his hair on the line. But watch out Aldo , because this man wont take it easy on you. Bob Holly is the best pure athlete in the WWF and he will tear you apart. As a little demostration of his skill , he will have a one on one contest with another WWF superstar right now."

Well , this was expected ,let's see how this one turns out.(71%)

*Bob Holly gained overness*

-Marty Jeannetty vs Bob Holly

Marty continues his role as jobber.Match starts with Holly domintating the collar and elbow tie-up with a headlock and taking Marty to the ropes , but he dodges the DROPKICK OF DOOM and catches Holly with a big right hand. Marty gets some jobber offense , but Holly counters out of a suplex attempt and eye gougues Marty to establish heeldom. Holly gets a couple of simple suplexes and arm drags , then nails Marty in the chin with a beutiful dropkick.That gets two. Holly then helps Marty to his feet and pummels him some more , before dropping him with The Rulebreaker (Alabama Slam) for the clean pin at 5:35. *1/2 for not being too bad. Aldo Montoya then attacks Holly from behind and (surprise surprise) has scissors in his hands , which Holly see's and bails out of the ring quite fast.

Winner: Bob Holly(61%)

- The #1 contender situation

- We are taken backstage with Gorilla Monsoon who is sitting in his desk in front of a WWF logo. He begins to address the fans:

Gorilla: "Good night fans of the World Wrestling Federation. I am your WWF President , Gorilla Monsoon and I am here to address the whole #1 contender situation. After the events of last week's match between champion Shawn Michaels and Syco Sid , in which Sid was going to be granted a shot at the title if he defeated Michaels , I have decided that Sid cannot be named the #1 contender at the title. He did not won the match and therefore , he is not the #1 contender. But I had a meeting with Shawn Michaels this week and we managed to reach an agreement. Sid will be named the #1 contender if he defeats the current #2 contender at the title , The Undertaker...TONIGHT!!!.

Changing the subject ,I believe Bob Backlund has already spilled the beans , but he has challenged me to an election for the presidency of the WWF. The elections will start right after Summerslam and will go on until the Survivor Series PPV , in which a winner will be declared. I dont need to spend a lot of time in this subject ,since I know that you ,the fans, are more than aware of my integrity as president and you will make the right decision. I know that I have made the best job I can and I have no need to be afraid of a Joe Somebody who steps up and makes a challenge ,specially the way he has treated you ,the fans, and all the personnel here in the WWF. I am not taking anything away from Backlund, a former world champion and a very accomplished athlete , but he has proven that he lacks the moral values and the seriousness that a rank as highly respected as President of the WWF requires. I think I have made a statement ,and now I will allow you to go back and enjoy the rest of Monday Night Raw."

So we have the main event for tonight as THE UNDERSELLER and Sid square off in a trainwreck that will suck....and they seem to be going ahead with the elections angle...you know how those things always end.(86%)

- Hunter is ready for the winner

- Backstage , Howard Finkel is standing by with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and CHYMAN...er...Chyna.

Finkel: " I am standing by with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley and his bodyguard Chyna. Tonight 4 men square off for the chance to meet you at Summerslam for the Intercontienental Title. Do you have a favorite to win?"

HHH: " Well Howard , to me , it doesnt matter who wins. It's simple, Jake Roberts ,he is an old has been and I can kick his ass anyday of the week. Farooq ,please, dont get me started on him.Big ,angry,and brainless. Mankind,he is a freak,he is even more brainless than Farooq...and Rocky..Yes , Rocky Maivia, that cheating no good piece of crap ,he is a snot nosed kid and he aint half the man I am.He is going to end up losing to me again Howard.You might as well retire the Intercontinental Championship because their is no one in the WWF that can take it away from me."

Crowd was enraged by the promo and got on HHH's ass , but to me it was bland and boring.(76%)

-4 man survival match: Winner will receive a shot at the Intercontinental Title at Summerslam:

Rocky Maivia vs Jake "The Snake"Roberts vs Farooq vs Mankind

Two men start the match and they can tag out at anytime. Pinfalls , submissions , countouts and Disqualifications count.

Rocky starts with Mankind and a "Rocky Sucks" chant starts inmediatly. Hope they listen....

Rocky attacks Mankind with rights and lefts , but gets a big knee to the gut from Mankind and becomes your HEATLESS FACE IN PERIL. Mankind hammers him with stiff shots and clotheslines him from the top to the outside. Farooq gets down from the apron and whips Rocky into the barrier and then back into the ring as Mankind covers for two.Mankind with hammer blows to the back and a side backbreaker for two. Mankind locks the ABDOMINAL STRETCH OF DISCOMFORT , but Farooq slaps Mankind in the back of the head to tag in and the ref forces Mankind to break the hold and get out.Farooq whips a hurt Maivia to the ropes (where Jake makes the blind tag) and powerslams him , but the ref doesnt count since Jake tagged in and Jake attacks(read: punches and kicks) Farooq by surprise.

Jake gets a snapmare on Farooq and locks the CHINLOCK OF DEATH , but Farooq escapes that and breaks in with elbows to the gut , he whips Jake and nails a big boot for two. Farooq helps Jake to his feet and KILLS him with a short arm clothesline for two. Farooq drops Jake with another clothesline but then Jake nails Farooq with a low blow(ref was conveniently looking elsewhere) and gets in position for the DDT , but Rocky Maivia blindly tags Farooq and runs in with a surprise roll-up for the 1-2-3 on Jake Roberts!!! The crowd just boo's Rocky mercilessly as we take a break.

When we return Rocky is getting mauled by Farooq and Mankind , who act like tag team partners beating the snot of him and tagging in and out confortably. This changes when Rocky is trapped in a bear hug from Farooq and he manages to reach out and slap Mankind , forcing them to face each other.Farooq and Mankind trade powershots , stiffly working on each other. Farooq gets a near fall sequence after a Powerbomb , a chokeslam and a Full Nelson Slam , but Mankind keeps kicking out at two.Farooq gets INTENSIVELY ANGRY and gets the Dominator!!! But Rocky tags himself in and the ref forces Farooq outside as Rocky covers Mankind for the one-two-three!!. We go to break again.

When we return Farooq is pounding Rocky all over the place and he looks like your typical pinball.The crowd is actually cheering Farooq. He sets up for the Dominator , but Rocky slips out and attacks with VANILLA OFFENSE.He whips Farooq and gets what looks like an Uranage for a close fall. Now Rocky gets three straight dropkicks and a clothesline to down the big man. He goes up top for whatever , but Farooq recovers and they battle up top.Farooq wins it and tries a Superplex , but things change in mid-air where Rocky ends up on top and gets the pinfall win at 15:35. Too much time for this match **1/2. Rocky celebrates like if he just won the Superbowl and the crowd turns on him(they have turned on him since day one , but the WWF seem to be deaf).

Winner: Rocky Maivia(82%)

- Austin and Pillman to open up a can of whoop-ass

- Howard Finkel is standing by with Brian Pillman and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin:

Finkel: " I am standing by with..."

Austin rips the mic off his hands.

Austin: "Thank you very much Howard , but you are not needed anymore. We will handle this"

Finkel leaves in a rush as Austin hands the mic to Pillman:

Pillman: "Well...what do you know? We arrive at the arena just in time to catch Bret Hart bitching about the fans and about how he felt betrayed.He even went as far as to insult them , claiming that he was the excellence of the execution and that all those who the fans cheer will pay the consequences.Bad news Bret , you just dont realize that the fans saw trough your little goody boy scheme , they saw the real you , the Bret Hart that Steve Austin and myself have seen all along. You dared to challenge us to a tag team match tonight and we accepted , and that match is next. I dont care who your partner is , we will beat him, we will beat you and we will make you eat your words Bret...it's time for the new blood to rise and the washed up losers like yourself to step aside.It all started back when Austin ran over you and it will continue tonight until finally it's over"

Austin: "Bret Hart showed the world what a wimpy little bitch he really is tonight...what was it Bret? Why couldnt you stand the fact that the Texas Rattlesnake , the beer drinking ,ass whooping , middle finger showing bad ass was better than you , why couldnt you step aside and let the fans cheer who they wanted to cheer in the first place.Austin 3:16 says you and your partner will get a serious ass whooping at the hands of The Rattlesnake and The Superstar and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!"

Crowd cheered the whole segment and I suppse this turns Austin and Pillman face.(100%)

* Stone Cold Steve Austin turn has completed and he is now a face. Austin gained overness from this turn.Brian Pillman's turn was completed and he is now a face. Pillman gained overness from this turn*

-Stone Cold Steve Austin & Brian Pillman vs The Hart Foundation

- No surprise here as Bret comes out and waves his hand , with Jim Neidhart coming behind him to a loud chorus of boo's. How could the WWF waste money on Neidhart? Austin and Pillman make their entrance to Austin's music to a loud pop and the crowd is on their feet.

Austin wants to start with Bret , but he inmediatly bails and Neidhart starts.Austin and Neidhart trade blows and Austin gets the upperhand as the crowd cheers. He whips Neidhart in for a hip toss and a clothesline as Neidhart bails. Austin takes the time to gesture a middle finger towards Bret in the apron.

Neidhart rolls back in and Austin receives him with stiomps. He helps Neidhart to his feet and chops him hard, then punches and kicks him some more eventually pushing him to the face corner and Austin makes the tag to Pillman.Pillman comes in with an axehandle from the top rope and Neidhart drops like a brick for two. Pillman gets a head scissor takedown and dropkicks Neidhart into the corner , then monkey flips him out for two. Pillman goes to the ropes for a crossbody and this proves to be a mistake as Neidhart catches him and powerslams him down for two. Neidhart whips Pillman into the corner and kills him with a clothesline , tag to Bret.

Bret acts all cocky as he comes in and starts working on Pillman's leg.He gets a couple of kneedrops into the leg and locks a basic leglock. Pillman struggles to get out , but now Bret turns the move into a spinning toe hold , but Austin runs in and breaks it up. This leads to the illegal beatdown on Pillman and the switch. Neidhart keeps attacking the leg as well with another basic leglock , as Pillman struggles to break free, he elbowdrops the leg and drags Pillman to the heel corner where he tags Bret. Bret sets Pillman's legs between the ringpost outside and hammers the leg aganist the post twice.

Back in the ring , Pillman gets to his feet and hobbles towards Austin in an attempt to make the tag , but Bret simply grins and tackles the leg from behind. He drags Pillman back to the center of the ring and sends a middle finger to Austin as the crowd boo's.He drops two more knee's and locks the Sharpshooter, but Austin breaks it up quite fast.Bret keeps hold of the leg , but Pillman manages to get an enziguri out of nowhere and Bret is down and out!! HOT TAG AUSTIN and he is your BALD AND ANGRY REDNECK ON FIRE!!

He fights off both heels with punches and kicks , knocks down Bret with a clothesline and then gets the FU Elbow as Bret rolls outside.He trades blows with Neidhart as Jim Cornette starts to walk down from backstage.KICK WHAM STUNNER on Neidhart and covers , but the ref refuses to count since he is the illegal man.Cornette smacks his racket several times on Pillman's head in the apron and Austin(and the ref) rush to the scene as Austin drops Cornette with a big right hand...but he turns straight into a chairshot from Bret!!! Bret tosses the chair outside and covers...1-2-3!!! The Hart Foundation win the match and Bret and Anvil leave with Cornette to a loud chorus of boo's.****1/4 for a great match. Maybe Neidhart aint useless afterall.

Winners: The Hart Foundation(92%)

-Syco Time

- Why couldnt this end with that great match. Now we have to suffer trough Sid and Taker.

Cornette: "Yes!! This is the best night of my life. Bret Hart and "The Anvil" Jim Neidhart are with Cornette Camp baby!! But that's not all , coming up next is Syco Time baby. Syco Sid will defeat The Undertaker and go out to defeat Shawn Michaels at Summerslam to win the WWF Title and retire HBK. It's Syco time baby"

Sid: "Undertaker, you and I know each other really well. You think you are scary , but you are not. I know how to beat you Taker, I know how to make you feel pain...and that pain will lead to my victory Taker. It's Syco Time!!"

Vader: "Syco Time!! Syco Time!! Sid , you better win this match. I am tired of this Syco Time crap, everybody wants to see Vader Time!! And if you loose , I will go out there , beat Taker, beat HBK and show you how a real man does the job!!."

Sid and Vader staredown as Cornette splits them up.I suppose this plants the seeds for the rumored post-Summerslam turn.(83%)

-#1 Contender's Match at the WWF Title:

The Undertaker vs Syco Sid/with Jim Cornette

OH MY GOD WHY!!! TONS of stalling to start. They finally start to exchange slow haymakers and punches and neither man goes down. They have a staredown and they lock up , Sid gets a knee to the gut and CLUBERIN' FOREARMS , but Taker no sells.

Taker ducks a clothesline and hits a huge haymaker that shakens Sid, then a clothesline puts him down. Taker slowly helps Sid up and continues the methodical offense.SCREW THIS , this is too boring for a full-recap. The slow-molasses match continues for eight more minutes and Sid escapes the Chokeslam with a low blow , then gets the Jacknife Powerbomb for two!!! Sid attacks Taker and gets a second Jacknife for another two. Frustrated, Sid gets a THIRD Jacknife and uses the ropes for leverage and finally the ref counts 1-2 -3 and Sid wins this thing. HBK runs out to no one' surpise and brawls with Sid as Raw goes off the air.1/2*

Winner: Syco Sid (83%)

FINAL TOUGHTS: One more Raw to go before Summerslam and the card looks interesting so far. I have to admit that the lower midcard and the upper midcard are more interesting than the main event , but that only means that new stars are being made. Thumbs Up.

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The Smark Rant for WWF Shotgun

- Hey, I know that you are asking yourselves what I am doing ranting a B show. Well, a friend of mine sent me a tape of last week's show and the wrestling was good enough to drag me into this show as well. But....I should have read the spoilers first because this time things where not as good.

- Taped from Dallas, Texas

- Your hosts are Todd Pettengill & Brian Pillman

- Pillman and Pettengil talk a little about last week's events and pimp the card for tomorrow night's Superstars with LaFon & Furnas vs Jacobs and Titan in a #1 Contender's match for the WWF Tag Team Titles , Goldust vs The Executioner for the WWF European Title and Vader will be in action.

- The Godwinns/with Hillbilly Jim vs Jacobs & Titan/with Bob Backlund

- Yep , this is your opening bout. Henry and Jacobs start as HOG gets some quick right hands and pushes Jacobs into the face corner for more right hands. I have a feeling this will be a long night. This sets up a charge into the corner, but Jacobs moves out of the way and boots HOG down for two. Rights and lefts from Jacobs and a haymaker almost drops HOG. A clothesline does the trick and a legdrop gets two, brother. Jacobs with the CLUBERRIN FOREARMS and pushes HOG into the heel corner. He tags Titan and he gets a pop? Weird crowd tonight. Titan continues the methodical offense and gets a neckbreaker for two. MORE PUNCHING and Titan now whips HOG into the corner and connects with the corner clothesline. HOG staggers into a side backbreaker for two.

Titan tries for the Fallaway Slam , but the POWER OF THE GIRTH is too much and HOG lands on top for two.HOG now gets the HOT TAG(yeah right) to PIG and he is your HILLBILLY FARMER ON FIRE. He drops both heels with rights, lefts, clotheslines and belly blocks.He gets a Belly to Belly Suplex on Titan for two as Jacobs breaks the count.We have the usual Pier 6 brawl and in the caos of it all , Backlund distracts HOG long enough for Jacobs to dump him outside. Now Hillbilly Jim clotheslines Backlund and they scuffle out of the ring.This gives Jacobs and Titan enough time to lift PIG into a neat Double Powerbomb for the win at 6:34. Damn, that felt like 3 years. 1/2* for putting over the right team.

Winners: Jacobs & Titan(67%)

-Marty Jeannetty vs Steve Corino/with Bob Backlund

-As we return from the commercial we get this match. I dont know, but Marty aint a lightweight. Backlund is actually selling the Hillbilly Jim clothesline from earlier on. Talk about dedication to your craft.

Marty offers a handshake to start and Corino accepts...only to level him with a right hand.Corino gets a rake to the eyes and gets some stiff sounding right hands. He whips Marty to the ropes and catapults him down for two. They trade arm drags and Corino is smart enough to keep the arm hooked in one and take him to the mat with an armbar. Marty escapes that and sends Corino to the ropes, with a dropkick to follow and Corino bails.

Marty goes after him and Corino cheapshots him and sends him to the barricade. Back into the ring Corino resumes control and gets a swinging neckbreaker for two.Is it me or is this match slow and boring?Marty makes a short comeback with right hands and whips Corino in for a clothesline. He goes to the ropes for the Flying Forearm, but Corino dropkicks him in mid-air, drawing oooh's from the crowd. Marty staggers up and Corino catches him with the OLD SCHOOL XPLOSION for the 1-2-3. After the match ended , Corino locks Backlund's Crossface Chicken Wing on Marty until Leif Cassiddy makes the save and Corino challenges Cassiddy to a match tomorrow night on Superstars.*1/2

Winner: Steve Corino)69%)

*Steve Corino gained overness from this match* *Marty Jeannetty lost overness from this match*

-Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs Wolfie D/with JC Ice

- This ought to be good. Wolfie cheapshots to start and pulls Liger by the mask and into the corner, where he gets some chops and a knee to the face.Wolfie now snapmares Liger out of the corner and dropkicks him in the back of the head for two. Now he gets a sitting neckbreaker for another two.Wolfie helps Liger to his feet , but Liger rolls forward for two!!

Liger now gets two straight dropkicks, goes to the ropes and gets a crossbody for two.Liger gets a sitdown jawbreaker and catches the legs on the way down for two in a cool visual.Wolfie staggers up and LIGER GETS THE TIGER SUPLEX '91!!!!!! Long time I havent seen that move. That gets the win in this short contest.* for the Tiger Suplex.

Winner: Jushin "Thunder" Liger(69%)

- Rocky guarantee's a victory

- Rocky Maivia is standing by in his locker room. Colors of choice? Sky blue trunks, kneepads and boots.

Rocky: "Last Monday on Raw, I overcame 3 other men to earn my shot at Hunter's Intercontinental Title. It was not because I was the strongest, clearly Farooq was stronger. It was not because I was the most psycotic, clearly Mankind was that. It was not because I was the most experienced....Jake was that. It was because I was the smartest!! Because I took chances!! Every opportunity I had, I used...and that led to my victory. We are one week away from Summerslam and guess what? That means that one week from tonight I will win the WWF Intercontinental Title for the third time.It means that love me or hate me, Rocky Maivia will use his brain, will take every chance he gets and will win gold once more. I will do that for my dad and my granpa and for all the fans that dont think I suck. For them I stand"

Oh course Rocky got a shower of Rocky sucks chants.(91%)

-Rocky Maivia vs Savio Vega/with Crush

- This is your main event. Savio turns his back on Rocky to give his black hat to Crush and Rocky attacks Savio from behind...I guess to sell his "take every chance" attitude.

Savio gets pounded into the corner and Rocky delivers some chops, then the 10 count punches in the corner. He whips Savio into the opposite corner and kills him dead with a clothesline.Rocky goes to the ropes, but Crush pulls his foot(to a pop...that tells you how much they hate Rocky) and this distracts Rocky long enough for Savio to attack from behind. Now the crowd starts a NOD chant!!! Good God, they despise Rocky with a passion.

Savio takes Rocky to the corner and connects the "Kwang" chops, then gets a throat thrust and whips Rocky to the opposite corner, getting a big leg lariat and then a Monkey Flip out of the corner. Savio plays the crowd and signals for the Cobra Clutch(good thinking, he is getting cheered, so play the crowd and reverse the roles in the match). He locks the Cobra Clutch and Rocky is fading....but gets a mule kick low blow to escape!!! He takes Savio to the ropes and then gets the Uranage thing(Rock Bottom *wink wink*) and then the Shoulder Breaker to win the match. Good God...he is using Papa Shango's Finisher!!! The Uranage looks cool..that should be his finisher. *1/2 for not being too bad.

Winner: Rocky Maivia(78%)

THE BOTTOM LINE: Not a good show wrestling wise. But this is a B show and that's how B shows usually are. THUMBS DOWN

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Big Insider issue!!!

Our expert analist Dave Meltzer reveals some very good SECRETS of the WWF booking team

The Austin vs Bret Hart program to continue until Wrestlemania!!

- According to our insider source, the WWF plans to headline Wrestlemania next year with a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart WWF Title match entitled "The Final Battle". But....how will the WWF keep interest for so long? Here are some insider secrets in their plans.

* Bret and Austin will face off in a Texas Deathmatch at Summerslam, a match billed as Austin's speciality.

* Austin will likely win and Bret will make a fuss about how Austin cant beat him at his own speciality match, which will lead to a Hart Dungeon match at the September PPV in which the stipulation is that if Bret wins Austin will never have another match aganist him, which will lead to a Bret win and that will keep theese guys apart. How will the feud progress after that is still unknwon.

The HBK retirement angle

* HBK is expected to feud with either, Farooq or Mankind and have a title match with them at the September PPV.

* HBK will drop the title and retire in October, more than likely after a match with Bret Hart, who the WWF plans to build as a long term champion until Wrestlemania.

* HBK will return in January for the Royal Rumble.

The Backlund Empire angle

* The WWF expects this to become the focus of the WWF after Survivor Series and the so called elections.

* Aldo Montoya is expected to loose his mask and start fresh with a new character. It is rumored that the WWF has been working on Montoya's new chatacter backstage, with Montoya himself practicing a big promo and his new attitude in the training rings. The WWF is so high is his work that he is expected to be a top name player come Wrestlemania.

* Mike Awesome will debut as part of the Backlund Empire at some point after Summerslam and several other names from the USWA will be called up to continue expanding the group.

* The Nation of Domination is expected to receive a big influx of wrestlers and have a stable war with the Backlund Empire. It is unknown wether they will turn face or if this will simply be a war to see who is in control of the WWF

We have more info...but we feel it will be spoiling too much. Remember, all this plans are almost guaranteed to happen unless injuries and other situations rise up....and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE WWF, so plans are subject to change.

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I like. No Kane as Taker's evil bro, which is good. Bob Backlund leading a group has a good idea.

Still a trips, which is annoying. Ah, whatever. Keep it up. I like the write-ups.

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WWF Superstars Preview

In the main event, Shawn Michaels battles The Executioner with Paul Bearer!!


Rob Van Dam vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley/with Chyna

WWF European Championship:

Goldust© vs The Sultan

#1 Contender's at the WWF Tag Team Titles:

The Can-Am Express vs Glen Jacobs & Rick Titan

The Godwinns vs PG-13

and the debut of an international superstar!!!

Tune in at 8pm EST for WWF Superstars, hosted by Todd Pettengil & Sunny!!

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