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I bought a gamecube the other week and have played the hell out of the games I bought with it (Ninja Turtles, Batman & Rayman 3). I really liked Ninja Turtles and Batman, but Rayman blew. Anyway, just want to get some recommendations for my next purchase? I'll rent whatever before hand to check if I like it, so recommend anything regardless of genre. I just want to get another badass game.

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It depends.

I'm playing a lot of Wind Waker lately. Originally I didn't like it, but it is just frustrating enough to say "I can beat this fucking game" without being OOT frustrating "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! Okay GameFAQs time". That said it's furstratingly random and pointless at times. Not a game to play in the afternoon.

If you like to play at night, like I so, like 2 am or so, play half an hour or so of Animal Crossing. The game grows on you like testicular mold. If ou play for a couple of hours it gets boring fast, but if you don't try and pull a nighters with it it's fun. If it's a weekly rental give it a turn.

I just play Super Smash Brothers last night and it sucks. I hate it. If it's just you it's a horrible game, but bring a friend or two and it's a fucking blast.

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First off that's where I get the majority of my games. If where you live is anywhere like where I live you will know how hard it is to find GC games.

I use http://www.getonce.com.au/index.htm as a back up, it searches a number of online shops and gives you the one with the cheapest price.

Onto the reccommendations:

Get Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life over Animal Crossing. Both are great games but Animal Crossing has inverted season due to a shoddy conversion as such Christmas is winter etc. It was enough to give me the shits. That and it's the same thing everyday.

Metroid Prime- Get this it's only $50 plus it's one hell of a game. Although don't expect a FPS in the traditional sense as it's more a puzzle shooter.

F-Zero GX- If you can find it under $80 pick it up, it truly is brown stains in your underpants fast plus the difficulty means you wont be finishing it in a hurry.

I like the LOZ game for GC a lot more than the N64 versions. Having said that make sure you learn the tune thingo to teleport ASAP. Never has getting somewhere been quite so infuriating.

Viewtiful Joe is meant to be great however I have never played it. Same with the resident evil games.

You can get Spiderman 2 for $62 plus delivery from dvdcrave. From what people have been saying it's probably worth it.

Finally if you are unsure of a game may I suggest http://www.gamerankings.com/

which collects ratings for games from all of the major websites and then averages out the score for you.

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Viewtiful Joe is a good ol' fashion side scroling beat 'em up. I love it even tho I haven't played it for more than 20 minutes.

Other games I reccomend, especially for multi-player: Bond: Nightfire, Super Monkey Ball 2, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Def Jam and some others that I forget

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First off that's where I get the majority of my games. If where you live is anywhere like where I live you will know how hard it is to find GC games.

Yeah, most computer speciality shops carry less than 10 games and department stores have even less. Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'm going to rent Animal Crossing tonight as I know that's at the video shop... if I see any others you guys mentioned I'll grab them too. Cheers.

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Quom has it right....

Here's some other games I'd recommend, other then the above stated:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

NFL 2004(If your into sports)

Super Mario Sunshine- Great Game, still haven't found all 120 shines, very hard to do.

Resident Evil Re-make: Amazing visuals, controls are hard to get used to, but when you do, its a great game.

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