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National Wrestling Alliance 1989


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The Year In Review

January: Clash of the Champions V

  • The Midnight Express d. The Russian Assassins (13:08, via Pinfall [Rocket Launcher])
  • Ricky Steamboat comments upon his upcoming match with Ric Flair at Chi-Town Rumble
  • 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed d. Steven Casey (17:34, via pinfall [shoulderblock])
  • Ric Flair (Plus his 10 female entourage) talks about Steamboat and their upcoming match at Chi-Town Rumble. Steamboat comes out to rebut, the two men end up brawl with Steamboat ripping Flair's tuxedo from his body.
  • Lex Luger d. The Blackmailer (12:51, via Pinfall [superplex])
  • Steve Williams and Mike Rotundo (Subbing for Kevin Sullivan) d. The Fantastics to retain the US Tag Team Titles (13:22, via Pinfall)
  • Ricky Steamboat d. Bob Bradley (6:23, via Pinfall [Crossbody Block])
  • Rick Steiner d. Rip Morgan (4:28, via Pinfall [belly to Belly Suplex])
  • Kevin Sullivan locks Sting, Junk Yard Dog and Michael Hayes in a cage
  • The Road Warriors & Tenryu draw with The Varsity Club (Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo and Steve Williams) after a Double Disqualification (5:56)

With the team of Sting, Junk Yard Dog and Michael Hayes locked in a cage backstage, The Varsity Club hit the ring to take on the reigning Six-Man Champions The Road Warriors and Tenryu.  The match itself is a short lived brawl which comes to an end at the six minute mark after the out of the ring brawling becomes too much for the referee to handle and causes the match to be called a Double Disqualification.  This would not be, however, the last time that the Road Warriors and the Varsity Club crossed each other’s paths.

February: Chi-Town Rumble

  • Michael Hayes d. The Russian Assassin (10:13, via Pinfall [DDT])

  • Sting d. 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed (19:56, via Pinfall [sunset Flip])

  • The Midnight Express (Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton) w/Jim Cornette d. The 'Original' Midnight Express (Randy Rose and Jack Victory [subbing for Dennis Condrey]) w/Paul E. Dangerously in a Loser-Leaves-NWA match (18:45, via Pinfall [Flapjack on Randy Rose])

  • Television Champion, Rick Steiner introduces his brother Scott Steiner to the world. Scott mentions the car crash that almost ended Rick's life as an explanation for Rick's goofiness.

  • Mike Rotundo d. Rick Steiner w/Scott Steiner for the Television Championship, when Rick trying to gain more leverage on a Sleeper hold lay on his back and was counted for the pin. (12:32, via Pinfall)

    Starrcade '88 saw Rick Steiner defeat Mike Rotundo to capture the World Television Championship, with this match being Rotundo's rematch.  The match itself was a straight up mat based technical affair with both men trying to out wrestle the other.  Towards the end of the match Varsity Club leader Kevin Sullivan came out and distracted Rick by saying that Rick had 'a very nice dog in the back', Rotundo took advantage of the distraction and hit a Back Suplex, Rick managed to come back with a Sleeperhold but in the ultimate demonstration of his stupidity lay on his back trying to get more leverage and gifted Rotundo the victory and the title.

  • Lex Luger d. Barry Windham for the United States Championship (15:56, via Pinfall [belly to Back Suplex Reversal])

    Almost a year in the making, as this match is the first meeting between Luger and Windham since Windham's heel turn and joining of The Four Horsemen, the match is all Luger early on, including Windham 'breaking' his hand after hitting the ringpost on the outside.  The end of the match sees Windham nail the Superplex for two and then a Belly to Back Suplex, Luger however manages to get a shoulder up, Barry Windham however does not and is counted out, giving Luger the win and the title belt.  This would also be Barry Windham's final match in the NWA, as he headed north after taking a few months off for injuries.

  • The Road Warriors d. The Varsity Club to retain the NWA World Tag Team Titles (9:01, Via Pinfall [Clothesline from the top rope])

  • Ricky Steamboat d. Ric Flair to win the NWA World Championship (42:35, via Pinfall [small Package])

    This was the first in ring meeting between Steamboat and Flair for the NWA World Title and the whole world was seemingly out in force to see it go down.  Steamboat had returned to the NWA as Eddie Gilbert's mystery partner in a scheduled tag team match against the team of Ric Flair and Barry Windham, Steamboat made an immediate impact pinning Ric Flair in the match up and shooting him into the number one contenders position.  The match itself was phenomenal, the match goes back and forth for more than forty minutes as the two men chop the tar out of each other and wrestle as only they can, the end of the match comes about as Ricky Steamboat goes for a Flying Bodypress but mistakenly hits Tommy Young, Flair takes advantage and tries to throw Steamboat over the top rope, Steamboat holds on and Springboards in with another Flying Bodypress, this one misses as well, Flair goes for the Figure Four as Teddy Long comes to the ring as the replacement referee, Steamboat cradles Flair for three and picks up his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

  • April: Clash of the Champions VI: Ragin Cajun

    • The Samoan Swat Team w/Paul E. Dangerously d. The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette (20:29, via Pinfall [Telephone shot to the head])

      Wrestlers are not the only ones who endure professional rivalry as managers Jim Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously demonstrated, this match was part two of their feud after Cornette's Midnight Express team of 'Sweet' Stan Lane and 'Beautiful# Bobby Eaton despatched the 'Original' Midnight Express, Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey the previous month.  The Samoan Swat Team were Dangerously's next plan of attack at destroying Cornette and his team and at Clash VI Dangerously seemingly got the advantage when Samu and Fatu defeated The Midnight Express following a shot from Dangerously's oversized mobile phone.

    • The Great Muta d. Steven Casey (8:09, via Pinfall [Moonsault])

    • Junk Yard Dog d. 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed (8:53, via Pinfall [Roll-Up])

    • 'Cowboy' Bob Orton d. Dick Murdoch (9:45, via Pinfall [Gary Hart Interference]

    • The Varsity Club (Steve Williams and Mike Rotundo) d. The Road Warriors to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles (11:56, via Pinfall [inside Cradle, fast count]

      The end of the NWA World Tag Team Title match between The Road Warriors and The Varsity Club saw Road Warrior Animal knock down referee Teddy Long before going on to hit the Doomsday Device, Teddy Long however refused to count the pinfall, in the confusion Steve Williams cradled Animal and Long delivered a fast count that granted The Varsity Club the World Tag Team Titles.

    • The Ranger Ross draws with The Iron Sheik following a Double Disqualification due to interference from Rip Morgan and JYD (1:57)

    • Rick Steiner and Eddie Gilbert d. The Varsity Club (Kevin Sullivan and Dan Spivey) to win the US Tag Team Titles (3:49, via Pinfall [Loaded Purse shot])

    • Ricky Steamboat d. Ric Flair two falls to one to retain the NWA World Championship (55:19, 1st Fall: Flair, via Pinfall [inside Cradle] 2nd Fall: Steamboat, via Submission [Double Chickenwing] 3rd Fall: Steamboat, via Pinfall [Double Chickenwing Pin]

      Two out of three falls with a sixty-minute time limit for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair against the Champion, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat in what many people claim to be the greatest match of all time.  The first fall sees the two men unload more brutal chops, more scientific wrestling and more awesomeness than any other match taking place on April 2nd 1989, with Ric Flair picking up the victory after reversing the Inside Cradle of Steamboat's after Flair himself had gone for the Figure Four Leglock, 1-0 to Flair.  The second fall sees the reigning champion let it all hang out dropping sixteen elbows in a row to Flair's left knee which dramatically lessens Flair's mobility, Steamboat mixes it up working over both Flair's knee and his back to keep Flair guessing and on the defence, Flair manages to take control on the outside, slamming Steamboat into the steel railing, but Flair loses control after getting caught on the top rope and Superplexed off.  Steamboat applies a Double Arm Chickenwing to take the second fall and indeed get the first ever submission from 'The Nature Boy'. 1-1.  The third and final fall sees Flair go after the Steamboat's knee straight away nailing an early Kneebreaker and applying the Figure Four, Steamboat manages to fight back, but the tide once again turns in the challengers favour as Steamboat misses a High Knee into the corner and slams his knee into the turnbuckle, however he can't make Steamboat submit.  The finish comes as Steamboat once again applies the Double Arm Chickenwing, Flair with nowhere to go falls backwards in an attempt to break the hold, but lands on his shoulders, Tommy Young counts the three but does not see Ric Flair's foot underneath the ropes, which would lead to Ric Flair threatening to sue the NWA unless he got another rematch at WrestleWar 89.

    • May: WrestleWar '89

      • The Great Muta d. Doug Gilbert (3:16, via Pinfall [Moonsault])

      • Butch Reed d. Ranger Ross (4:59, via Pinfall [shoulderblock])

      • Dick Murdoch d. 'Cowboy' Bob Orton in a Texas Bullrope Match (14:15, via pinfall [Elbow Drop])

      • The Dynamic Dudes d. The Samoan Swat Team w/Paul E. Dangerously (8:14, via Pinfall [Dropkick/Body Slam Reversal])

      • Michael PS Hayes d. Lex Luger to win the United States Championship (12:48, via Pinfall)

        Perhaps the biggest shock of the year happened here at WrestleWar '89 as Michael PS Hayes downed Lex Luger and captured the United States Championship.  Hayes' run as champion would not last long however as Luger destroyed the Freebird in a rematch two weeks later and went on a path of destruction that left many in its wake.

      • Sting d. The Iron Sheik to retain the Television Championship (4:13, via Submission [scorpion Deathlock])

      • Ric Flair d. Ricky Steamboat to win the NWA World Championship (34:56, via Pinfall [inside Cradle])

        The final match in the Spring Series of matches between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat took place at WrestleWar and it was perhaps the best of all the encounters.  A one fall 60 minute time limit match was set up so that there would be a winner once and for all, as at ringside sat three judges, Pat O'Connor, Lou Thesz and Terry Funk, who would render a result on points if the match itself went to a time limit draw.  The match itself saw Steamboat focusing on the arms and back of Flair, as Steamboat had made 'The Nature Boy' submit in their last encounter via a Double Chickenwing hold, Flair manages to fight back time and again but can not gain an advantage against the champion, Steamboat manages to hook on the Double Chickenwing but Flair manages to escape, Steamboat carries on the attack and looks for a top rope Crossbody Block, Flair however stumbles to his feet and crashes into the ropes, sending Steamboat to the floor, badly injuring his knee.  Flair attacks the knee like a sadist and applies the Figure Four, but Steamboat will not give it up; Steamboat manages to battle back to his feet and begins to attack the challenge, however as Steamboat goes for a Bodyslam his knee gives out him allowing 'The Nature Boy' to cradle Steamboat for the three count and his sixth World Title reign.

        As the match ends, Jim Ross climbs into the ring to have an interview with the new NWA World Champion, Ric Flair.  Terry Funk climbs into the ring as well and ends up asking for a title shot, Flair rejects claiming that Funk's not in the Top 10 anymore because he's been off in Hollywood making movies instead of doing what he's been doing, wrestling the best the world has to offer.  Funk apologises to Flair and as Flair goes to continue the interview, he gets blindsided by Funk who beats him all around the ring before throwing him to the outside and Piledriving him on a table, which would put Flair out of action with a neck injury.  Funk screams and shouts at Flair until he runs off through the crowd when paramedics come to Flair's aid.

      • The Road Warriors d. The Varsity Club (Steve Williams and Mike Rotundo) by Disqualification when Dan Spivey attacked special guest referee Nikita Koloff

        Following the conclusion of the show the NWA Committee decided to strip The Varsity Club of the NWA World Tag Team Titles because of their recent conduct and the way in which they had been keeping a hold of the titles.  With the titles vacated the NWA Committee decided to hold a Tag Team Tournament that would come to a conclusion at the next major show, Clash VII: Guts and Glory!

      • Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner d. The Varsity Club (Dan Spivey and Kevin Sullivan) to retain the US Tag Team Championships (6:05, via Pinfall [steiner-Line])

      June: Clash of the Champions VII: Guts and Glory!

      • The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael PS Hayes and Jimmy Garvin) d. The Dynamic Dudes in the NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals (7:14, via Pinfall [DDT])

      • Ranger Ross d. The Terrorist (1:56, via Pinfall [Combat Kick])

      • Eddie Gilbert answers The Great Muta's call out (Through manager Gary Hart) but Gilbert's attempted Fireball misses Muta

      • The Ding-Dongs d. Cougar Jay and George South (3:26, via Pinfall [Flying Elbow and Flying Knee Drop combo])

      • The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette d. The Samoan Swat Team w/Paul E. Dangerously in the NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals (6:12, via Pinfall [Road Warriors Interference])

      • Steve Williams draws with Terry Gordy due to a Double Countout (6:28)

      • Norman The Lunatic d. Mike Justice (0:42, via Pinfall [Karachi Krunch])

      • The Varsity Club (Mike Rotundo and Kevin Sullivan) d. The Steiner Brothers (8:17, via Pinfall [suplex onto Steel Chair])

      • Sting d. 'Wild' Bill Irwin to retain the Television Title (3:14, via Pinfall [stinger Splash])

      • Ric Flair interview about his injuries sustained at the hands of Terry Funk

      • The Fabulous Freebirds d. The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette to win the vacant NWA World Tag Team Titles (9:02, via Pinfall [Outside Interference from Terry Gordy])

      • Ricky Steamboat d. Terry Funk (12:16, via Disqualification [Microphone shot])

        Funk was climbing the ladder in the NWA to earn a shot at Ric Flair and his World Title, Steamboat however was still the Number One Contender for the Flair's title, this match came about to see who would take on 'The Nature Boy' once he returned from injury.  The match itself was a very back and forth affair with neither man really getting an advantage early on, Funk however managed to cheat his way into the dominate position and tried numerous times to put 'The Dragon' away, but no matter what Funk tried Steamboat would not stay down, in the end the frustrated Funkster clocked Steamboat with the microphone and drew a disqualification.  Funk continued his assault on Steamboat until Lex Luger came to make the save, but to the shock off everyone in attendance, Luger turned on Steamboat and began to beat him down alongside Terry Funk, by the time Sting made his presence felt, Luger and Funk had already left 'The Dragon' down and out.

      July: Great American Bash

      • Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey share the prize money after winning their respective rings in the 'King of the Ring' Battle Royales

      • Brian Pillman d. 'Wild' Bill Irwin (2:42, via Pinfall [Flying Crossbody])

      • The Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey) d. The Dynamic Dudes (3:11, via Pinfall [Powerbomb])

      • Jim Cornette d. Paul E. Dangerously in a Tuxedo Match (3:54)

      • The Steiner Brothers d. The Varsity Club (4:44, via Pinfall [steiner Bulldog])

      • Sting d. The Great Muta to retain the Television Title (8:06, via Pinfall [back Suplex])

        Muta seemingly had the match and the title when he went to unleash the Red Mist, however Sting managed to move out of the way and the Mist hit the referee blinding him.  In the confusion Sting looked for the Stinger Splash but hit nothing but turnbuckle, Muta followed up by hitting a beautiful Moonsault as Tommy Young entered the ring, Muta however only got two to the shock and delight of the crowd.  A frustrated Muta threw a High Kick that Sting easily moved out of the way of, Sting capitalised on this by scoring with a Back Suplex for the three count; however a video replay would reveal both men lifting a shoulder off of the canvas at two leading to the title being vacated.

      • Lex Luger d. Ricky Steamboat (10:26, via Disqualification [Chairshot])

      • Stan Lane, Bobby Eaton, Steve Williams, Hawk & Animal d. Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, Terry Gordy, Samu & Fatu in a War Games match (22:22, via Submission [Hangman's Submission, Hawk on Garvin])

      • Ric Flair d. Terry Funk to retain the NWA World Championship

        This was the first time the two men met in the ring since Ric Flair's post-match interview at WrestleWar '89 and the two men went at it tooth and nail, Funk went after Flair's recently injured neck but it was 'The Nature Boy' that would draw first blood in those stakes scoring with two huge Kneedrops to the back of Funk's neck and then following up with two big time Piledrivers.  The two men continued to brawl both in and out of the ring, which eventually ends with Flair applying the Figure Four Leglock, Funk manages to escape by using the branding iron as a weapon, Funk follows up with a Piledriver of his own but it only gets two, while complaining to everyone Flair nails Funk with the branding iron busting the challenger as wide open as the champion.  Flair batters Funk into the corner and then charges in, he misses and hurts his knee, Funk puts on the Spinning Toe Hold, Flair counters into the Figure Four, which Funk counters into an Inside Cradle, which Flair himself counts into a Cradle of his own for the three count and the victory.  Funk does not take the loss lying down however as he and, fellow Gary Hart client, The Great Muta beat down the World Champion as the show goes off the air.

      The Roster

      Main Eventers

      • 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair (Face, Suave, 100)

      • Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat (Face, Old School Face, 90)

      • Sting (Face, Old School Face, 85)

      • Lex Luger (Heel, Old School Heel, 89)

      • Terry Funk (Heel, Crazy, 89)

      Upper Midcarders

      • 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton (Face, Old School Face, 85)

      • Rick Steiner (Face, All-American, 85)

      • Road Warrior Animal (Face, Power and Paint, 85)

      • Road Warrior Hawk (Face, Power and Paint, 85)

      • 'Sweet' Stan Lane (Face, Old School Face, 80)

      • 'Dirty' Dick Slater (Heel, Cowboy, 82)

      • Michael 'PS' Hayes (Heel, Cocky, 82)

      • Ole Anderson (Heel, Grizzled Veteran, 80)

      • Ron Simmons (Heel, Angry Minority, 80)

      • The Great Muta (Heel, Foreign Star, 85)

      • The Iron Sheik (Heel, Anti-USA, 79)


      • Bobby Fulton (Face, Teen Idol, 65)

      • Eddie Gilbert (Face, Old School Face, 70)

      • Johnny Ace (Face, Dude, 60)

      • Junkyard Dog (Face, Unique, 80)

      • Mike Rotundo (Face, None, 65)

      • Scott Steiner (Face, All-American, 75)

      • 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams (Face, Legitimate Athlete, 70)

      • 'Wildfire' Tommy Rich (Face, Old School Face, 50)

      • Tommy Rogers (Face, Old School Face, 65)

      • 'Cowboy' Bob Orton (Heel, Cowboy, 75)

      • Brian Knobbs (Heel, Punk, 75)

      • 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed (Heel, Angry Minority, 75)

      • Dan Spivey (Heel, Monster, 70)

      • Jack Victory (Heel, None, 60)

      • 'Gorgeous' Jimmy Garvin (Heel, Arrogant, 69)

      • Kevin Sullivan (Heel, Occult, 75)

      • Rip Morgan (Heel, Old School Heel, 70)

      • Sid Vicious (Heel, Monster, 65)

      • Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy (Heel, Arrogant, 70)

      Lower Midcarders

      • Shane Douglas (Face, Dude, 35)

      • Tom Zenk (Face, Fun Babyface, 58)

      • Bam Bam Bigelow (Heel, Monster, 45)

      • Dennis Condrey (Heel, Old School Heel, 60)

      • Jerry Saggs (Heel, Punk, 55)

      • Russian Assassin I (Heel, Evil Foreigner, 40)

      • Russian Assassin II (Heel, Evil Foreigner, 40)


      • 'Flyin' Brian Pillman (Face, Fun Babyface, 35)

      • Ranger Ross (Face, Armed Forces, 21)

      • Sean Casey (Face, None, 25)

      • Steven Casey (Face, None, 23)

      • Norman The Lunatic (Heel, Psycho, 14)


      • Dale Aparuche

      • Joe Cruz

      • Lantern

      • Mike Boyette

      • Pez Whatley

      • Don Miller

      • The Quebecer

      • The Sabretooth

      • Tommy Emerald

      Tag Teams

      • Dynamic Dudes (Johnny Ace and Shane Douglas)

      • Midnight Express ('Beautiful' Bobby Eaton and 'Sweet' Stan Lane)

      • Road Warriors (Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior Hawk)

      • Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner)

      • The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers)

      • Doom ('Hacksaw' Butch Reed and Ron Simmons)

      • Freebirds ('Gorgeous' Jimmy Garvin and Michael 'PS' Hayes)

      • Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs)

      • Russian Assassins (Russian Assassin I and Russian Assassin II)

      • Skyscrapers (Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious)


      • Jim Cornette (Face, Old School Face, 85 - 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton, 'Sweet' Stan Lane)

      • Gary Hart (Heel, The Brain, 80 - Terry Funk, The Great Muta)

      • JJ Dillon (Heel, Sports Agent, 70 - Ole Anderson)

      • Paul E. Dangerously (Heel, Obnoxious, 86 - N/A)

      • Woman (Heel, Seductress, 45 - 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed, Ron Simmons)


        • NWA World Heavyweight Champion: 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair

        • NWA United States Heavyweight Champion: Lex Luger

        • NWA World Television Champion: Vacant

        • NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Freebirds (Michael 'PS' Hayes and 'Gorgeous' Jimmy Garvin)

        • NWA United States Tag Team Champions: Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner **Titles Currently Inactive**

      The Main Guys

      user posted image

      'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair

      NWA World Heavyweight Champion

      To be the man, woooooo, you gotta beat the man! 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair has proved once again that he is indeed the man by having a tremendous year, starting off with some classic battles against Ricky Steamboat, 'The Nature Boy' is currently at odds with the crazy Texan, Terry Funk. These two titans have been at each other's necks ever since Terry blindsided Flair following The Nature Boy's sixth World Title win at WrestleWar '89. 'The Nature Boy' gained some measure of revenge by beating Terry Funk at last month's Great American Bash event, however while Flair has won the first battle, Funk has declared that the war is far from over.

      user posted image

      Terry Funk

      Terry Funk made an immediate impact upon his return to the NWA by taking out Ric Flair in a devastating attack at WrestleWar '89, Funk attacked the new World's Champion and proceeded to piledrive him on a table in one of the most shocking scenes the NWA has ever witnessed. Since then the crazy Texan has been on a rollercoaster ride in the NWA, gaining the managerial services of Gary Hart and teaming up with Japanese sensation, The Great Muta. Many claim that Funk is losing steam following his disqualification lost against Ricky Steamboat at Clash VII and his lost to 'The Nature Boy' at the Great American Bash, Funk however is promising the best, and most dangerous, stuff is still to come.

      user posted image

      Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

      Many would rightly claim that this is Ricky Steamboat's benchmark year in his career, 1989 has seen 'The Dragon' claim the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, as well as participate in some of the greatest matches witnessed in the NWA. Having traded the World Title with Ric Flair in their now infamous Spring Series, 'The Dragon's summer has seen him lock horns with Terry Funk and Steamboat new enemy, Lex Luger, both of which have seen Steamboat come out victorious; his battles with Luger however seem far from over.

      user posted image

      Lex Luger

      NWA United States Heavyweight Champion

      Luger became the United States Champion at the Chi-Town Rumble beating and running out of town, the former Horseman, Barry Windham. From there Luger's year gathered momentum as he defeated challenger after challenger in impression fashion, at WrestleWar '89 however Luger slipped up and lost the title to Michael 'PS' Hayes in what many call a huge upset. Something inside Luger snapped and we began to see a vicious side hitherto seen, Luger destroyed Hayes in a rematch and then began to belittle opponents in the ring, the biggest surprise of all however came at Clash VII when Lex Luger attacked Ricky Steamboat. These two men met at the Great American Bash in a normal match after Luger refused to face Steamboat in a No Disqualification match, Luger lost the match by disqualification following a Chairshot to Steamboat's head and left with a smirk on his face, he may not be smirking the next time he meets 'The Dragon'.

      user posted image

      The Great Muta

      This mysterious man from Japan has been a sensation since coming to the NWA displaying moves that have wowed the crowds and struck fear into the hearts of opponents. The man that spews the deadly mist has quickly risen through the ranks here and under the guidance of Gary Hart he is seemingly bound for the top, one man however seems to stand in his way, the man known as Sting, as the two men have traded blows and the now vacant Television Title on numerous occasions.

      user posted image


      Perhaps the most recognisable man in the NWA, Sting is man who firmly has the fans behind him. Sting has had an incredible year chalking up victories over The Iron Sheik, 'Wild' Bill Irwin, 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed as well as many, many more, one man however is the proverbial thorn in the Stinger's side, that man being The Great Muta. Neither man has really had a clear advantage in their series of matches, however many feel The Stinger may be out to show who the better man is once and for all very soon.

      user posted image

      The Fabulous Freebirds

      NWA World Tag Team Champions

      The Freebirds (Michael 'PS' Hayes and 'Gorgeous' Jimmy Garvin) won the NWA World Tag Team Championships at Clash VII following a victory over the Midnight Express in the tournament final. The Freebirds in the eyes of many have finally backed up their cocky attitudes by proving themselves to be among the elite here in the NWA, the question now is how long can they stay there?

      user posted image

      The Steiner Brothers

      The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott, have been a sensation since arriving in the NWA. Rick started out as a singles competitor here in the NWA and won the Television Title at Starrcade '88 by beating Mike Rotundo, the arrival of brother Scott earlier this year however has seen the two men focus on the tag team division, where they have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, is it only a matter of time until they reach the top of the mountain? Many people believe so.

      user posted image


      A brand new team in the NWA and one that has made an immediate impact. Under the guidance of former Rick Steiner valet Robin Green, now going by the name Woman, Butch Reed and Ron Simmons have announced their presence in the tag team ranks by destroying a number of teams in impressive fashion. It would seem that Doom have their eyes locked on taking out The Steiners, but they as of yet are to make a move.

      user posted image

      The Midnight Express

      Under the managerial experience of Jim Cornette, The Midnight Express, 'Sweet' Stan Lane and 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton have had a fairly successful year. Being the victims of Paul E. Dangerously's fiendish schemes, The Midnight Express have had their handfuls with teams such as The 'Real' Midnight Express and The Samoan SWAT Team, however no matter what Dangerously has thrown their way the Midnight Express have proved themselves more than capable of handling. Will The Express finally head towards the titles? Or will Dangerously throw another obstacle in their path?

      user posted image

      The Road Warriors

      The Road Warriors have spent the majority of the year wrestling in Six-Man matches with their fellow 'Power Warrior' Tenryu, as well as dealing with the now seeming defunct Varsity Club. However with many of the distractions out of the way of the Road Warriors, many fans are clambering for them to go and get the titles from The Freebirds.

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      Television Shows

      user posted image

      Coming to you every Monday night, World Championship Wrestling, is the NWA's biggest show of the week. Right here you can see all your favourite NWA superstars including 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat and the man known as Sting. With all the top names on the show and the greatest two commentators in the business, Jim Ross and Gordon Solie, calling the shots World Championship Wrestling is one show you do not want to miss!

      user posted image

      NWA Saturday Night airs each and every week on a Saturday and showcases all of the up and coming talent in the National Wrestling Alliance, right here on Saturday Night you can see the stars of tomorrow as well as the men fighting to work their way up the ladder. Saturday Night promises action from bell to bell and with Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone calling the action it certainly does that.

      user posted image

      NWA Reload! is yet to hit the airwaves but will make its national debut on Sunday 1st August, Reload! will go over the previous week's action as well as show a few never before seen matches of its own. The show will also feature numerous interviews with the NWA's top stars, just who will show up? You'll have to tune in to find out!

      Major Shows

      user posted image

      The month of August will see an as of yet unnamed event go ahead in Greensboro, North Carolina live on TBS. The show will last for three hours, however no matches have been announced for the show at this time.

      user posted image

      This year's Fall Brawl will come live from Columbia, South Carolina, all the stars of the NWA will be in attendance including the legendary and reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

      user posted image

      The first ever Halloween Havoc will come from Philadelphia, PA on Sunday 31st October and is scheduled to be a night full of action packed matches.

      user posted image

      Clash of the Champions IX will come direct from Troy, New York in what should be another thrilling Clash.

      user posted image

      The biggest show of the NWA year is scheduled to come from Atlanta, Georgia and will feature all of the top wrestlers of the National Wrestling Alliance in what should surely be a memorable night of in-ring action.




      The Wrestling Observer

      Sunday 1st August 1989




      user posted image

      Scotty The Body joins the National Wrestling Alliance

      The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) today announced the signing of Independent wrestler Scotty The Body (Real Name: Scott Levy) and released the above publicity shot to the wrestling press.  It is currently believed that Levy, a mainstay in the Portland area until recently, will serve as a character commentator on the NWA's new Sunday night show, NWA Reload!  This comes as no surprise to many behind the scenes in the NWA, as during his recent time off from the company, Gordon Solie worked with Levy on commentary for Big Time Wrestling in Portland and reported back favourably on Levy's commentary attributes.  Whether Levy's in ring talents will be used by the NWA is unknown at this time, as is what sort of character and indeed name Levy will be introduced to NWA fans under; however from the press release photo it would appear that it is far removed from his previous Scotty The Body persona.

      Mike Tenay signs written contract with the National Wrestling Alliance

      In another shake-up to the National Wrestling Alliance's commentary line-up Mike Tenay was today announced as the newest permanent member of the NWA's staff.  Mike Tenay, known within the industry as 'The Professor', a name which coincidentally the NWA have recently copyrighted, had been working freelance for the National Wrestling Alliance in particular NWA: Florida, but it would now seem as if 'The Professor' is going to be given a large commentary role on one of the NWA three nationally syndicated television shows.  Early guesses would indicate that Tenay will be lining up alongside Scott Levy on NWA Reload! as the National Wrestling Alliance try to present a new image for that show.  How Tenay's signing will affect the other commentary staff including Jim Ross, Gordon Solie, Tony Schiavone and especially Bob Caudle, who has fallen out of favour with NWA higher-ups is as of yet, unknown.

      NWA World Television Title Tournament to be announced?

      Many sources close to the National Wrestling Alliance believe that this coming Monday Night on World Championship Wrestling, the NWA will announce a tournament to crown a new World Television champion following the belt being held up after the double pin result in the match between The Great Muta and the former champion Sting at the Great American Bash.  It is as of yet unknown who will be participating in the tournament however Sting and The Great Muta should be certainties due to them being the last two men to fight for the title.  Many are guessing the title tournament will take place at the end of the month as the NWA recently had their request granted by TBS for a three-hour time slot for Sunday 29th August.

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      I am loving this already NBT, I wish that you made Saturday Night the main show, I remember back in the day, I would kill to see it.

      Either way, I think you definitely will be ok with this. I think the hardest part is having such great tag teams and having a hard time pushing them all, I would also like to see Ace and Douglas get some love as well.

      Good Luck.

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      Guest Red Devil

      A very good start here NBT. The history given gives us a chance to get into all the feuds that we haven't seen or forgotten so the detail there was great. I'm looking forward to the opening show to see how you progress the current storylines. Good luck.

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      I hate to reply like this for numerous reasons, especially as Reload is not ready, but I feel I should say a few things.

      Firstly, thanks for all the kind words and praise it's much appreciated, hopefully you'll find the rest of the diary as good as the beginning

      Drake, the point you brought up is actually mentioned in the first show so your answer can be found there once I've posted it

      MV, the first show is pretty much finished bar the shouting. I've had to re-write parts of it because I'm trying to capture the right atmosphere for the show and the right sort of character for Scott Levy, both of which are a bit more work that I initially believed they would be. But once they are up to my satisfaction I'll post the show, so it could be today (Sunday) or tomorrow.

      As for the scenario, I believe I got it from EWB3's Scenario section, I'm not sure on that. I wouldn't really recommend it anyway, I've had to do a bit of work on it to get it to something I'd call halfway decent.


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      user posted image

      A fast-paced beat signals the start of the NWA Reload! intro video, we quickly see a few shots of NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair, walking the aisle and 'wooooo'ing then chopping Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, we quickly flick through a profile shots of Brian Pillman, Junkyard Dog, Ricky Steamboat and Sting before Mike Tenay's shrill voice can be heard over the top of the video, Wrestling fans, welcome to the first ever NWA Reload!, the video slowly ends and we fade into a studio. There is a blue based, silver topped number eight shaped desk which two men stand behind, to the left of the two men is a large video wall which currently shows the NWA Reload! logo. The man on the left, dressed in a black t-shirt with an NWA logo over the left breast and dark blue jeans, speaks first.

      Mike Tenay: Fans, I'm Mike Tenay here on the first ever NWA Reload! and alongside me is...

      The man to Mike's right, dressed in a black suit with tails, white shirt open at the top button and a black top hat raises his right hand causing Tenay to stop speaking

      Well Dressed Man: I can introduce myself, idiot. My name is Scott Turner.

      Mike Tenay: Indeed Scott and what an amazing show we have lined up tonight, the Junkyard Dog will be action, we have a special interview with Paul E. Dangerously, 'The Doctor of Death' Steve Williams as well as The Fantastics also have matches right here on Reload!

      Scott Turner: And of course don't forget the debut of the most important man in the history of the NWA

      Mike Tenay: Who?

      Scott Turner: Me, idiot! Do you know who I am? Who my father is? You had better start showing the right sort of respect to me or you'll be singing castrato

      Mike Tenay visibly gulps while Scott Turner smirks to himself, after a brief pause Mike Tenay starts speaking.

      Mike Tenay: Fans right now we'll take you to the first ever match shown here on Reload! As the Junkyard Dog takes on Mike Boyette

      The camera moves pans left from Tenay and Turner to the video wall, which morphs from the Reload! logo to a shot of a ring where the Junkyard Dog and his opponent are already in their respective corners.

      Junkyard Dog Vs. Mike Boyette

      Junkyard Dog: African-American, 42, short black hair, full black bear, a bit overweight, white wrestling trousers (full length), white boots, bare chest

      Mike Boyette; White Caucasian, 37, curly shoulder length black hair, not defined/not overweight, black trunks, black boots.

      The bell rings and the crowd audibly get behind the Junkyard Dog with a large 'JYD' chant, who responds by barking like a dog into the air and then chasing Mike Boyette around the ring, the two men lock up and JYD quickly takes the advantage with a Headlock, Boyette pushes his opponent off into the ropes but JYD comes off of the ropes with a big time Shoulderblock that sends Boyette crashing to the mat hard to the cheers of the fans. JYD bounces off of the ropes and then drops down with a Falling Headbutt that hits Boyette around the heart/shoulder area, Boyette grabs his shoulder and rolls out of the ring as JYD gets up onto all fours and begins to walk around the ring while barking like a dog once again. Boyette starts complaining to the referee to the boos and jeers of the fans at ringside, JYD slides out of the ring and runs around the ring to where Boyette is stood on the apron, Boyette sees him coming and quickly climbs into the ring, JYD slides in and Boyette stomps on the back of JYD's head to stop him in his tracks, Boyette picks up JYD and whips him across the ring and looks for a Backbody Drop, but he telegraphs the move and JYD easily scores with a Forearm to the back, Boyette slowly stands up and JYD scores with three quick Headbutts in succession to the cheers of the audience, Boyette stumbles around the ring holding his head as JYD barks to the crowd, Boyette walks over to JYD and is picked up quickly, JYD Powerslams him down, as the crowd cheer the delivery of The Thump, JYD makes the cover and gets the academic three count.

      Winner: Junkyard Dog


      Mike Tenay: An impressive victory there for the Junkyard Dog, much to the delight of the NWA fans in attendance

      Scott Turner: You call that impressive? He was acting like an animal! How exactly does that make him impressive?

      Mike Tenay: He picked up the victory did he not? Anyway fans, moving on from the Junkyard Dog, next up is a new feature for any NWA show and is called 'Ask The Professor', simply it gives you, the fans of the National Wrestling Alliance, the opportunity to ask me any questions you have on anything to do with the NWA, simply send your questions to the address shown at the bottom of your screen and maybe the questions you ask will be the ones I answer in the upcoming months.

      A small graphic comes up onto the screen in a wipe effect from the left hand side across the to the right with the words 'Ask The Professor' written on it in a light green colour, as it clears the screen Mike Tenay begins to speak once again

      Mike Tenay: Our first question comes from Drake Chapman of Anderson, SC, who asks about the changing shape of NWA programming. As long time fans will already know, NWA Saturday Night has for a long time been the mainstay show of Mid-Atlantic territory and has been home to some of the greatest television matches of the last few years including the classic match last year between the teams of Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Steamboat against Ric Flair and Barry Windham. However, recently World Championship Wrestling, which airs on a Monday night at 8pm Eastern time on WTBS, check your local listings for more information, has become the main show of the National Wrestling Alliance. Why? Simple, as many of you will be aware the NWA is expanding worldwide and WCW on a Monday night is the show that is shown worldwide, so fans if you want to see all of the stars of the NWA tune in to watch WCW every Monday.

      Scott Turner: You could say Mike that World Championship Wrestling is the future of the NWA

      Mike Tenay: That would be one of looking at it.

      Scott Turner: I mean, I know the plans for this place. Worldwide expansion, the ability to bring the Turner product not just to the great fans throughout America but further a field as well, showcasing this companies talents to the biggest and greatest audiences possible, covering all demographics, increasing profits, showcasing everything this company is each and every week on a Monday night. Don't get me wrong, Saturday Night is a great show but I personally believe that World Championship Wrestling is the future.

      Mike Tenay: And I'm sure there are many who agree with you, Drake I hope that explanation has solved any queries you had. So fans remember, if you want your questions about the NWA to be answered, send them in to the address shown at the bottom of your screen and you to could be like Drake Chapman and have your question read out right here on NWA Reload!

      Scott Turner: Can we move on now? I'm bored of listening to you drone on and on, especially when we have a man like Paul E. waiting to speak

      Mike Tenay: How could I guess that you'd be a Paul. E Dangerously fan?

      Scott Turner: Well you can keep the Junkyard Dog and his animal antics while I talk to Paul. Paul, Paul are you there?

      The video wall morphs once again from the Reload! logo to a shot of Paul E. Dangerously who is standing in front of a plain white wall talking into his huge oversized mobile phone, Paul turns around to the screen and realises he is on camera and quickly turns his phone off, he wipes the wrinkles from his gray suit and smiles as he speaks

      Paul E. Dangerously: Scott! Always a pleasure to speak to such a fine member of the society

      Scott Turner: The feeling is mutual Paul E. Did we catch you at a bad moment?

      Paul E. Dangerously: You should know by now Scott, there are never any bad moments for Paul E. I may get knocked down, but I always bounce back

      Scott Turner: And rumour has it that you're about to bounce back bigger than ever

      Paul E. Dangerously: Bigger being the optimum word Scott. You see for far to long I've been looking for clients that can actually deliver what I expect of them. I've suffered too many set backs this year because of inept wrestlers, well no longer! I've scouted the NWA, I've looked every wrestler up and down and I've finally, finally found some wrestlers that are worthy of having Paul E. Dangerously as their manager and tonight right here on NWA Reload! I introduce to you the first member of the Monstars! Bam Bam Bigelow!

      Bam Bam Bigelow, in his black bodysuit with yellow, orange and blue flames up each leg to the stomach, walks on from Dangerously's right and stands menacingly behind his manager, he crosses his arms and snarls at the camera

      Paul E. Dangerously Bam Bam Bigelow, 'The Beast', look at him Scott he's huge, he's dangerous and he's the first member of the Monstars. Now Scott, I know you got that video I sent you of Bam Bam in action, so roll VT and I'll speak to you later.

      Scott Turner: Thanks for your time Paul E.

      Paul E. Dangerously: Not a problem Scott, the pleasure as always, was all theirs.

      The feed cuts from the video screen, which morphs back into the Reload! logo as the camera pans back to Mike Tenay and Scott Turner.

      Scott Turner: You see why I like him now? Nothing keeps that man down and with Bam Bam Bigelow at his side, Paul E. is as dangerous now as I've ever known him

      Mike Tenay: I'd have to agree with you there Scott, the scary thing is though, he said Bam Bam Bigelow is the first member of these, these...

      Scott Turner: Monstars

      Mike Tenay: Yes, Monstars. I can't imagine who else Paul E. has in mind to join that group

      Scott Turner: It'll sure be fun to find out and speaking of fun, as Paul E. mentioned we have a video of Bam Bam in action coming up right now, roll VT.

      Bam Bam Bigelow w/Paul E. Dangerously Vs. Dale Aparuche

      Bam Bam Bigelow: White Caucasian, black bodysuit, orange, yellow and blue flames from the bottom of the legs to the stomach, black boots, bald head with flame tattoos around both temples to the base of the neck.

      Paul E Dangerously: White Caucasian, slightly overweight, black suit, blue shirt, long brown hair in a ponytail.

      Dale Aparuche: White Caucasian, short blonde hair, white trunks, black boots.

      We see Bam Bam Bigelow entering the ring by climbing over the top rope, while Paul. E Dangerously on the outside of the ring applauds his latest client. The bell rings and the match begins, Bam Bam easily overpowers the smaller Aparuche throwing him down into the corner of the ring, the two men lock up once again and once again Bam Bam easily throws his smaller opponent down to the mat. Paul E. cheers on the outside while the audience behind jeer, Bam Bam picks up Aparuche and whips him hard across the ring, Aparuche slams into the turnbuckle with a load thud, Bam Bam quickly follows in with a huge Avalanche Press in the corner, literally squashing his opponent against the turnbuckle. Aparuche falls out of the through the middle and top rope to the floor, Bam Bam turns around and complains to the referee as Paul E. boots his client's opponent hard in the ribs with the point of his wingtip shoes, Paul E. then rolls Aparuche back into the ring to the heckles of the ringside crowd. Bam Bam picks up his opponent and whips him across the ring, Bam Bam scores with a stiff Clothesline that sends Aparuche down to the mat with velocity, Bam Bam picks his opponent up once again and then lifts him high above his head in the Gorilla Press Slam position, Bam Bam easily walks around the ring for almost twenty seconds with Aparuche high in the air, before slamming him down hard onto the mat from a good seven feet in the air. The first member of the Monstars climbs the turnbuckles with ease and then flies through the air delivering a devastating Headbutt to the head and neck area of his opponent, Bam Bam quickly makes a cover and picks up the victory.

      Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

      Ratings: 41%/31%/52%

      Scott Turner: A big time win there for Bam Bam Bigelow, Paul E. seems to have struck gold there if you ask me

      Mike Tenay: On that evidence it would be hard to argue otherwise, Bam Bam Bigelow was truly dominant in that match. It is scary to think just how powerful Paul E's Monstars could become if he gets more wrestlers on board with him

      Scott Turner: If? More a question of when. Paul E is a proven genius, any wrestler would be foolish to turn down a chance at having him as their manager and his group of Monstars

      Mike Tenay: Groups, factions, stables whatever you want to call them though Scott do not always go smoothly, take the Varsity Club for example who recently split up in a major way

      The video wall changes once again from the Reload! logo to in-ring action, we see different clips of the Varsity Club and its members Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams and Dan Spivey. Mike Tenay does a voice over as the video shows clips of the action he speaks about.

      Mike Tenay: The Varsity Club was originally formed by Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotundo and was based around the fact that both men had both wrestled at an amateur level during College and believed it gave them an advantage in the ring. The group was soon joined by 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams who has wrestled at an amateur level at numerous times during his life, these three men wrestled a series of six-man tag team matches with The Road Warriors and The Power Warrior Tenryu during the winter of '88 and spring of '89, a time that also saw Mike Rotundo gain the Television Title, before losing it at Starrcade '88 to Rick Steiner; the man who Rotundo would go on to win back from again in February before losing it to Sting in March. The team of Rotundo and Williams, often seen as the 'A-Team' of the Varsity Club, won the NWA World Tag Team Titles against the Road Warriors at Clash VI: Ragin Cajun, while at the same show Sullivan and Spivey lost the United States Tag Team Titles to Rick Steiner and Eddie Gilbert, causing tensions to rise within the group and cementing the gap between the two teams. Things went from bad to worse for the Varsity Club at WrestleWar '89 as Sullivan and Spivey lost their rematch for the United States Tag Team Titles, while Williams and Rotundo were stripped of the NWA World Tag Team Titles following their tainted victory over The Road Warriors. Clash VII saw a tournament take place for the vacant NWA World Tag Team Titles, no members of the Varsity Club however were allowed to take place, instead Williams and Rotundo stepped into the ring with The Steiner Brothers and although they came out victorious, the writing was already on the wall for the demise of the group. Jealous that Williams and Rotundo had firmly cemented themselves as the number one team in the group, Kevin Sullivan persuaded Rotundo to start teaming with him on a regular basis instead. This split the group in half, Dan Spivey left the Varsity Club to reunite the Skyscrapers tag team with the now returned Sid Vicious, while Steve Williams went out on his own and surprised many by joining the Road Warriors team for the War Games match at the Great American Bash. Speaking of the Bash, it was here that the final match of the Varsity Club took place as Rotundo and Sullivan took on The Steiner Brothers in an all out brawl that saw the Varsity Club lose, when Sullivan was beaten following the Steiner Bulldog. Rotundo and Sullivan decided to go their separate ways after the match completing the complete breakdown of the group and the end of the Varsity Club.

      The video clip comes to an end and the camera pans away from the video board back to the eight-shaped table where Mike Tenay and Scott Turner stand

      Mike Tenay: The Varsity Club there Scott, one of the more noticeable groups of the past few months. Speaking of the Varsity Club, up next we have former member 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams in action

      Scott Turner: For me Williams needs to show more aggression, he's strong and he's a great wrestler but he really has never shown a willingness to go above and beyond the rules to get the victory

      Mike Tenay: Be that as it may, its never stopped him from being successful here in the NWA, we join Williams' match from last week's Saturday Night show, already in progress

      'Dr. Death' Steve Williams Vs. The Quebecer

      Steve Williams: White Caucasian, mid-length black hair, short beard, red wrestling singlet, red kneepads, red boots with white trim.

      The Quebecer: Red bodysuit, red and white mask, white boots.

      We join the match in progress with Williams having his opponent in a leg scissors lock in the middle of the ring, Williams reaches up and locks on a Headlock as well, as The Quebecer writhes in pain on the mat. 'Dr. Death' quickly breaks the hold and rolls to his feet, as The Quebecers gets to his feet Williams scores with a big time T-Bone Suplex that sends The Quebecer crashing to the mat. Williams waits on his opponent to get to his feet before unloading with a big time chop that forces The Quebecer into the corner, Williams whips The Quebecer hard across the ring, The Quebecer stumbles out of the corner from the force of the Irish Whip and is easy pickings for Williams to pick up and hoist onto his shoulder, Williams slams The Quebecer hard into the turnbuckle before turning around and delivering a big time Spinning Powerslam completing the Oklahoma Stampede and then picking up the three count.

      Winner: Steve Williams

      Ratings: 53%/43%/63%

      Mike Tenay: Scott, you'll have to agree with me in saying that was an impressive victory for the Doctor there

      Scott Turner: I never have to do anything you tell me to witnit, Williams got the duke and that is what really matters, but like I said he needs to be more aggressive for my liking

      Mike Tenay: Well whether you like it or not, many people are picking Williams as one of the early favourites for the now vacant World Television Title. Now fans, as those of you that saw the Great American Bash last month will already know, former Television Champion Sting, was stripped of the title following his match with The Great Muta due to Sting incorrectly being given the victory...

      Scott Turner: ... Despite Muta's shoulders clearly being off the mat...

      Mike Tenay: Ahem, yes, despite Muta escaping from a pinning predicament. Well fans I have been informed that tomorrow on World Championship Wrestling the entire situation will be cleared up, as of yet however we have not been informed

      Scott Turner: Another huge reason to tune into the show that is the future of the NWA, World Championship Wrestling. Personally I'd hand the title to The Great Muta, Sting has cheated his way to too many victories over him for my liking

      Mike Tenay: I'd love to know which matches you've been watching Scott, The Stinger is the epitome of everything that is good here in the NWA. Speaking of guys that stand up for the good of the NWA and the fans themselves, our main event tonight features The Fantastics, Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton taking on the masked tag team known as The Russian Assassins

      Scott Turner: Roll VT!

      The Fantastics Vs. The Russian Assassins

      Tommy Rogers: White Caucasian, well tanned, short black hair, red wrestling trunks, red boots.

      Bobby Fulton: White Caucasian, well tanned, long blonde hair, red wrestling trunks, red boots.

      Russian Assassins: White Caucasians, both muscular with well defined bodies, red masks, red wrestling singlets with black trim, red boots with black trim.

      The Fantastics come to the ring to a large cheer from the crowd, in particular the girls in attendance, Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers slide into the crowd and salute the crowd, raising their arms and climbing up on the turnbuckles to the delight of the audience. The Russian Assassins stand in their corner seemingly unfazed by the arrival of their opponents, the referee calls for the bell as The Fantastics calm down and face their opponents, Bobby Fulton starts the match off against Russian Assassin I, as their respective tag team partners make their way onto the apron. Fulton grabs a Headlock but is quickly pushed off into the ropes by Assassin I, who follows up with a Shoulderblock that sends Fulton down to the mat, Fulton is quickly up but a punch is blocked with a right arm from the Russian who scores with a quick boot to the stomach and a big forearm to the back that sends Fulton back down to the canvas. Assassin I stomps on Fulton three times before picking him and chopping him across the chest, Assassin I picks Fulton up with ease and slams him hard to the mat before walking over and tagging in Assassin II who comes in and stomps away on Fulton before picking him up and whipping him into the corner, Assassin II charges in and scores with a Clothesline that causes Fulton to stumble out of the corner and crash to the mat. Assassin II applies a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring as Fulton writhes in pain, on the outside Tommy Rogers begins to clap his hands together above his head in an attempt to get the crowd into the match, Fulton continues to struggle under the power of the muscular Assassin as the crowd slowly begin to clap their hands and stamp their feet in unison, Fulton slowly begins to nod his head to the thunderous clapping of the crowd as Tommy Rogers runs up and down his apron getting the crowd to continue, Fulton begins to fight the vice like grip of the Russian Assassin to the crowd's delight, he rolls to his left and then to his right in an attempt to get his opponent off of his back but to no avail, the crowd continue their clapping and stomping as Fulton slowly works his way onto all fours, the Russian Assassin slowly losing his grip on his Camel Clutch hold, the crowd go into a frenzy as Fulton gets to his feet, The Russian Assassin grabs a Side Headlock, Fulton elbows him in the stomach once, twice, three times! And manages to break the hold, Fulton charges to the ropes and ducks under an attempted Clothesline from Assassin II, Fulton comes off of the far side with a Flying Shoulderblock that knocks his opponent straight to the mat. The crowd cheer as both men slowly make their way toward their respective corners, Fulton is the first to reach his tagging in Rogers to the cheers of the audience, Assassin II also manages to make the tag, Assassin I charges in and looks for a Clothesline, it's ducked by Rogers who Dropkicks Assassin I in the knee as he turns around, causing him to fall to the mat, Rogers sits Assassin I up and then bounces off of the ropes behind before delivering a Neck Snap, Assassin I's neck and head slam into the mat in a whiplash like motion to the cheers of the crowd, the Assassin stumbles around the ring before getting hit with a Jawbreaker in the middle of the ring, Rogers climbs the turnbuckle to the second rope and jumps off, connecting with the Fantastic Flip (Senton Splash), Russian Assassin II runs into the ring but is stopped by a Dropkick to the face from Bobby Fulton, Tommy Rogers makes a cover on Russian Assassin I and gets the three count to the delight of the fans. The Fantastics stand in the ring celebrating as The Russian Assassins stumble up the entrance way, Assassin I holding his head in pain.

      Winner: The Fantastics

      Ratings: 47%/54%/34%

      As the camera focuses in on The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, Mike Tenay's voice can be heard over the top of the action say 'That's all we've got time for here on the first ever edition of NWA Reload! Be sure to join us right here on WBTS next Sunday for more NWA action! See you next week, wrestling fans!, the action slowly fades out as we head to commercial.


      NBT Comments:

      Not exactly the huge and big dramatic start I know a few were expecting, as I know a lot of diary writers like to try and drop something huge into the first show of a diary but Reload! isn't a show where something along those lines will normally happen, even if it is the debut of that particular show, and besides I prefer building things up instead of just dropping bombshells (One of the main reasons I prefer writing older diaries as the audience is usually less expectant of being swerved every other show). I think the show came off quite well, I'm trying to capture the sense that the show is a recap show, set in a studio, with nothing really being 'live' so to speak, hence the reason why the matches were written as they were; Reload will be the only show where the matches are written in that recap past-tense style, the main shows will be different and include commentary, another attempt of mine to show a clear divide between the shows, which I often feel is lacking from many people's diaries.

      Just a few questions for those that read the diary...

      - Did the feeling that this was a recap show come through in the writing? I mean I try to capture the essence of an old recap show but am not really sure if it worked or not, I mean having Scott say 'Roll VT' reminds people that its supposed to be a studio show but having him say that is supposed to blend in with the atmosphere and not be a reminder.

      - Feelings on the Scott Turner character? Its an idea I've blantently lifted from Javert's old diary and I don't mind saying that because its an idea that I believe I can take in a completely different direction. The character is supposed to be one that mimics the Johnny Polo whiney character Levy had in the WWF, but with a few more ties to the corporate world. (As, if you haven't guessed, Scott is the on-screen Turnerite, the supposed son of Ted Turner, who acquired the NWA in 1989 from Jim Crockett Jnr) Oh, and before anyone asks 'Singing castrato' the line Scott uses to shut Tenay up at the start of the programme is a opera term that is used to indicate a male singer that has had their testicles removed to ensure their high voice, its a line I'll probably make into his catchphrase as it works as a threat (Once you understand it) and ties Scott into that higher class of people that he is a representive of.

      - Feelings on the show as a whole? Reading it the first few times I thought it was a little short, word count says its around four thousand, so its not too bad I guess. I was thinking of being a little more descriptive when describing the talking between Turner and Tenay, but there is a fine line between moving things on at a pace and bogging people down with description that is not often needed.

      - Feelings on the little line of bios before the matches? I think it helps people visual the wrestlers that are fighting, particularly as this era suffers from wide knowledge the further you head down the roster. I mean Flair is Flair and while everyone knows him and his main event peers, who remembers exactly how Tommy Rich looked in 1989? Or for that matter the jobbers he faced? Exactly.

      Hope you all enjoyed it, World Championship Wrestling should be up sometime in the week



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      user posted image


      Monday 2nd August 1989 - Sunday 8th August 1989


      Monday 2nd August (20:00 - 22:00 EST)

      World Championship Wrestling

      - The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) presents its two hour extravaganza, World Championship Wrestling from Atlanta, Georgia. This week's show will host a United States Heavyweight Championship match between Champion, Lex Luger and his opponent Johnny Ace, Ole Anderson will take on Ranger Ross and the World Television Title confusion will be explained. Also expected to be in attendance, The Great Muta, Sting, Doom and many, many more.

      Saturday 7th August (22:00-23:00 EST)

      NWA Saturday Night

      - NWA Saturday Night this week brings to you the titanic clash between 'Dirty' Dick Slater and Tom 'Z-Man' Zenk, who will come out victorious when these two men meet in the squared circle? Also in action on NWA Saturday Night, Scott Steiner, the Skyscrapers and Norman The Lunatic.

      Sunday 8th August (18:00 - 19:00 EST)

      NWA Reload!

      - Brought to you by Mike Tenay and Scott Turner, NWA Reload! will these reveal 'The mystery of The Great Muta's Mist'! As well as feature the popular 'Ask The Professor' feature. NWA Reload! will recap the week's action in the NWA, as well as bring you exclusive matches right to your television screens, be sure to tune in.

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      Having in mind what you explained (about the show being a recap one) I really liked it and in my opinion it did feel like a recap show.

      I really liked the altercation between Scott and Tenay.This typical face/heel announcer scenario is captured very well.As a matter of fact what I enjoyed most about the show were the announcers lol

      The introductions before the match are also a nice touch to the show as they indeed do help visualise the wreslters.

      I happen to like the pairing of Bam Bam and Paul E. and I`m actually looking forward to the Monstars getting more members.

      The history of the Varsity Club was great as well.

      All in all,as I said,pretty good structure of the show and the writing is superb as well.Well done.I`m reading this!

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      Scott Turner is looking to be a great character from that evidence, definitely. Although, I'm a mark for Scott Levy in all of his incarnations so you can't really trust my opinion on that one, methinks. The show was good, for a magazine/recap-style show, and I look forward to seeing what you can do with the real action.


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      Did the feeling that this was a recap show come through in the writing? I mean I try to capture the essence of an old recap show but am not really sure if it worked or not, I mean having Scott say 'Roll VT' reminds people that its supposed to be a studio show but having him say that is supposed to blend in with the atmosphere and not be a reminder.

      I am old enough to remember WCW Main Event(I think it was called) on saturday mornings, watching it in 1990, it would also come on sunday mornings at like 1 am in its waining days(1992, and 1994). Your show reminds me a lot of that, so I think it comes off perfectly, you have captured 1989 perfectly in that sense, and I am thoroughly impressed.

      Feelings on the Scott Turner character? Its an idea I've blantently lifted from Javert's old diary and I don't mind saying that because its an idea that I believe I can take in a completely different direction. The character is supposed to be one that mimics the Johnny Polo whiney character Levy had in the WWF, but with a few more ties to the corporate world. (As, if you haven't guessed, Scott is the on-screen Turnerite, the supposed son of Ted Turner, who acquired the NWA in 1989 from Jim Crockett Jnr) Oh, and before anyone asks 'Singing castrato' the line Scott uses to shut Tenay up at the start of the programme is a opera term that is used to indicate a male singer that has had their testicles removed to ensure their high voice, its a line I'll probably make into his catchphrase as it works as a threat (Once you understand it) and ties Scott into that higher class of people that he is a representive of.

      I like the Turner character for a number of reasons.

      1. I always like heel announcers that make me laugh, Heenan and Lawler in their primes are the best heel announcers, I guess I liek the old school heel announcers as oppose to the "tweeners" of today like Taz, and Lawler.

      2. You took "Raven" and didnt make him Raven(at least not yet) and also, you can do a lot with Turner, I think Erik Watts, and Dustin Rhodes may be in the scenario, and him brining himself up as the bosses son(even though people don't know it is really true, can be played very well there.

      3. I like the rich spoiled snob character that Raven just plays so well naturally.

      Feelings on the show as a whole? Reading it the first few times I thought it was a little short, word count says its around four thousand, so its not too bad I guess. I was thinking of being a little more descriptive when describing the talking between Turner and Tenay, but there is a fine line between moving things on at a pace and bogging people down with description that is not often needed.

      While reading the show, I was thinking it was short, however, I then realised that this show shouldnt be long at all. I thought all the matches were a good length, as back then on a studio show, more time was dedicated to the guys in said studio, rather than in the ring.

      Feelings on the little line of bios before the matches? I think it helps people visual the wrestlers that are fighting, particularly as this era suffers from wide knowledge the further you head down the roster. I mean Flair is Flair and while everyone knows him and his main event peers, who remembers exactly how Tommy Rich looked in 1989? Or for that matter the jobbers he faced? Exactly.

      The little bios are fine, I would just say that for PPV'S you should use entrances, not long ones, but something such as JYD comes down slapping hands with the fans, he is wearing white trunks with three blue stars on each side would be perfect.

      Good start NBT, it looks very promising. I personally love the Bam Bam/Paul E. relationship. Now not to stroke the ego too much, I kinda wish that it was a tag team that Heyman debuted, that way going directly at the Midnight Express, but I guess they are busy with a program against the Freebirds.

      I didnt know Dan Spivey was in the Varsity Club...thanks for the history lesson.

      Looking forward to WCW this week, the only other thing is I hope you find a way to elevate Muta and Sting without making the TV title look unimportant. ONly thing is I think the easiest way to elevate them and the title is to make their "feud" over the tv title very prestigious.

      I talked too much, like the diary NBT, keep it up.

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      Scott Turner came off really well. I think he is the right type of heel commentator that a wrestling company needs, but few have. He's arrogant, powerful and better yet he knows it. Nice touch.

      The introductions at the beginning of matches are great. I was 4 years old in 1989 so to say the least I don't remember too much about the NWA or wrestling as a whole from that year so the bios are very helpful. After a few months (game time) you can probably drop them with the main players and use them only to describe new characters, gimmicks or debuting wrestlers.

      As stated above, I really like Paul E. with Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow, in my mind, can make it to the upper mid-card easily with the right mouth piece, and Paul E. is that guy.

      The show definitely came off as a studio show and certainly felt like the old "WWF Live Wire" and the really old studio show the WWF put on, the name escapes me right now.

      Great job thus far, here's hoping for a good WCW and a long run with this diary.

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