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WCW 1999, The Wrestling Suicide Way

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Think back to January 4, 1999...

Eddie Guerrero and the LWO were a failed experiment to further exploit the *world order* concept. Bret Hart was an average heel, semi-injured and the US Champion. Ric Flair lost to Eric Bischoff at StarrCade '98, but immediately came back the next day in Nitro to defeat Bischoff and earn himself the presidency of WCW. Kevin Nash was fresh off winning the World Title against Bill Goldberg at StarrCade. Through the help of Scott Hall and a taser, Goldberg's winning streak was broken. A returning Hollywood Hogan, leader of the nWo black and white faction wanted first dibs on the title, and Kevin Nash accepted his challenge. And so, on that fateful evening, what many people expected would be one of the biggest matches on free TV to begin '99, would turn out to be the beginning of the end for WCW. With a lethal fingerpoke, Hogan pins Nash to win the title, reunify the nWo AND cast the dye on WCW's inevitable doom.

Now, you can just forget about that horrific moment, sit back and relax, because I'm going to be re-writing history...


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WCW Headquarters

Atlanta, Georgia

January 2, 1999

A general meeting of the booking staff is called by WCW President of Operations Eric Bischoff. Present with Bischoff are head booker Kevin Nash, JJ Dillon, Bill Busch, Rick Suicide, Dick Croft, Benton Fraser, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Johnny Ace. Also in the room are four unfamiliar individuals. Bischoff begins the meeting by addressing Kevin Nash.

"Kevin, I gave you free reign to handle things backstage, and after a few weeks, I frankly am not impressed. I've done a lot of thinking during the past week, and a little bit of scouting... and I've hired four new people to oversee booking duties effective today."

Kevin Nash is obviously upset about this, and argues with Bischoff. Hogan sides with Nash, but Bischoff's mind is made up. As a compromise, Bischoff offers Nash creative control, along Scott Hall. Nash reluctantly accepts. At this point, Bischoff introduces the four people perviously unknown: Joe Flanders, Trina Pullman, Vincent Silence and Rick Suicide. Bischoff goes on to speak again.

"Gentlemen..." then glances to Trina Pullman "...and ladies, we're scrapping everything that we've planned during the past few weeks. We need a fresh new start, a fresh new storyline...Rick?"

Rick Suicide stands up, and addresses the crowd.

"Well, I think, first and foremost... we need to salvage this Goldberg situation, since you practically killed the single most over character that the entire company had..."

And that's how things began...

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January 4, 1999

Atlanta, Georgia

The fireworks start, and the familiar Monday Nitro music starts blaring as the show gets started. Ric Flair's unmistakable music plays and out walks the NEW WCW President alongside his longtime friend Arn Anderson. The fans cheer the living legend, and Flair reciprocates by strutting inside the ring in his brand new suit, and giving out a couple of 'whoos'. Flair is handed a microphone by Arn.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dubya-See-Dubya Monday Nitro... and I am your Dubya-See-Dubya President, Ric Flair... WHOO! Eric Bischoff, wherever you are, I want you to hear the sentiments coming deep down from the bottom of the heart of every superstar in the back... YOU'RE FIRED! WHOO!"

The fans start cheering as soon as they hear this news. Flair smiles, and starts prancing around the ring. Anderson stoically stands there like nothing's happening.

"Starting tonight... changes are going to be made! Starting tonight, everything is going to go down the way it should be... the right way, the Ric Flair way! WHOO! Two weeks ago, I saw Kevin Nash win the World Title with the help of Scott Hall! Bill Goldberg, you deserve a rematch, brotha, and you ain't gonna get it at this month's pay-per-view... no, no, no... Bill Goldberg you're going to get your rematch TONIGHT, here on Monday Nitro in Atlanta, Georgia!!! WHOO! Have a great evening!"

The entire arena erupts as the match is announced. Tony Schiavone nearly implodes in pure ecstacy. Flair struts a bit more, and we go into commercial.


[::#1 Contendership Match for the Cruiserweight Title:: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Eddie Guerrero]

Good overall cruiserweight match. Guerrera is obviously helping Eddie to win, even though this is a triangle match. Late into the fight, Juvy manages to hit the Juvy Driver on Rey, and goes for the cover. Eddie pulls Juvy off, and says that as leader of the LWO it's his pin... Juvy backs off. They don't notice Rey standing up and climbing the ropes... who delivers a nice plancha on the both of them. Juvy is knocked off, while Eddie uses Rey's momentum to turn things around and cradle Rey into a pin while holding Rey's tights! The ref counts to three, and Eddie gets out of the ring with a grin on his face. Rey is livid, while Juvy decides to follow his leader outside. Rey is pissed, and rips his LWO shirt apart.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***1/4


Scott Steiner's backstage, hanging out with Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig. Steiner's bad-mouthing Ric Flair in front of the two, and they all laugh about the new President. Unbeknownst to Steiner, Flair's standing right behind him. Bagwell and Hennig shut up, while Steiner slowly turns around to face a smiling Ric Flair, who starts talking.

"Buff, Curt... I can appreciate a good laugh... and I'm not a spoilsport... so tell you what... I'm giving you a shot at the vacant WCW Tag Team Titles... TONIGHT!"

Bagwell and Hennig are bewildered, but at the same time delighted by this little piece of news. Flair goes on.

"Steiner, I do believe that that belt you have over your shoulder is the WCW TV Title. And I believe that it should be defended ON TV. So you're going to defend that TV Title tonight. And you know what? That match is up next... WHOO!"

Steiner is PISSED. And Flair struts his way towards his new office.


[::TV Title Match:: Scott Steiner vs. Norman Smiley]

Smiley goes through his comedy routine... but is esentially squashed by Scott Steiner after a couple of suplexes and the Steiner Recliner. Steiner taunts the crowd with his poses, and berates Flair a little bit more.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Submission

Match Rating: 3/4


The Wolfpac theme blazes, the fans cheer, and out come the nWo Wolfpac... Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Konnan and Disco Inferno... Sting and Randy Savage are nowhere to be found (Savage has been off WCW TV for quite some time). Nash has the World Title around his waist, and he wears it with pride. Konnan whips out a microphone.

"ORALE! WOLFPAC IN DA..." The crowd screams the prefunctory reply "...HOUSEEE!"

Konnan hands the microphone to Kevin Nash.

"Listen up, I'm going to try and keep things short and sweet... I've got a match to prepare for! First things first... Scott Hall, I know that you're back there... I know that you're listening... I owe you nothing. I never asked for your help, I never needed your help, and brother, don't expect me to owe you jack squat! Now, Goldberg... seems like we won't have to wait a couple more weeks, bruda'. Would you have won at StarrCade if Scott Hall didn't stick his nose into our business? We'll never know. But Goldberg, I'm making it very clear... I will not back down against you, or any man. Make no mistake about it, I'm ready for you. I intend on keeping this piece of gold right where it belongs... around my waist! Wolfpac's OUTTA HERE."

Fans cheer, the WolfPac poses, and they leave.


[Raven vs. Chavo Guerrero]

Chavo's playing the clean-cut babyface, while Raven's just coming off a wierd 1998. Chavo extends his hand before the match for a shake, and Raven just looks at it. It's an average bout, as Raven gets the better of Chavo and hits the Evenflow DDT. After the match, Chavo wants a handshake as a sign of sportsmanship, but Raven just turns around and walks away.

Winner: Raven via Pinfall

Match Rating: **1/2


Booker T's backstage with Mike Tenay, he starts talking about the new administration and how he thinks the people in the back are going to benefit from Flair leading the way for WCW. He says that too many suckaz have been given free-reign in WCW, and that's about to change with Ric Flair as the new president. Chris Jericho suddenly appears and start taunting Booker.

"Hey Booker T, how's Mr. T? Perhaps you'd like some Iced Tea? Wearin' a t-back right now, huh Book? Haha. Listen, you've got a lot of things to be thankful for because you've never tasted what it's like to be a superstar like ME. You've never had a show named after you... me, I've got Monday Night Jericho! The best you'd probably do is some two-cent rat-infested show out of a public tv station!"

Booker T goes nose to nose with Jericho.

"Oh yeah, SUCKA? How about you and me settle things RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!"

It seems as if both men are about to come to blows. It's at this point that Ric Flair shows up, sees the two scuffling and goes in between both men.

"Hold on... hold on! See, this is what I like... fighting spirit! I like the way you two guys are ready to go at it like two studs, whoo! Tell you what... I'm going to give the both of you a chance of a lifetime... I'm going to give the both of you a chance for... WHOO... GOLD! As of right now, the WCW Tag Team Titles are vacant... and I suggest that you two get ready because tonight, it's going to be you, Jericho, and you, Booker... against the team of Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig... and it's coming up... next! WHOO!"


[::WCW Tag Team Title Match:: Buff Bagwell & Curt Hennig vs. Chris Jericho & Booker T]

Bagwell and Hennig work like an efficient unit, while Booker and Jericho have an uneasy alliance all throughout the match. Towards the end, Hennig hits the Perfect Plex on Booker, but is unable to get the three count while Jericho distracts the referee. Bagwell doesn't like it, and goes for Jericho as they tumble out of the ring. The ref goes over to attend Booker T, and doesn't see Jericho grab a chair from beside the ring and smack Bagwell in the head with it. With the ref's back turned to Booker T, Jericho gets in and hits Hennig with the chair as well! Jericho throws the chair outside, and leaps out. Booker T regains his senses and crawls over for the three-count. Jericho grabs the titles, while Booker T celebrates inside the ring. Jericho then hands one of the belts to Booker in an uneasy moment that diffuses as both men go to opposite corners and raise their belts.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Booker T

Match Rating: **1/2


The camera shot shows Ric Flair sitting behind his new desk with a brand new nameplate. Ric Flair - President. Arn Anderson is standing behind Flair, poker-faced. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko step in, wearing civilian clothes. He and Flair hug, as Flair welcomes him warmly into the room. Flair smiles at Benoit.

"Brotha, we've come a long way. During the past few years, you have paid your dues, Chris... and I believe that it is time for you to step up onto the plate. It's time for your shot at greatness. I'm not doing this because I'm your friend... I'm doing this because you deserve it... Chris, at January 17th, you're penned in as the number one contender to the United States Title. It's going to be YOU, against Bret Hart for the United States Championship around his waist!"

Benoit's face is filled with joy at this. He shakes Flair's hand, as Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko pat him on the back.

"Believe you me, Ric... you won't be disappointed!"


Shots of Nash and Goldberg are shown, and specially the StarrCade match in which Scott Hall used a tazer to interfere and cost Goldberg the match.

[::World Heavyweight Title Match:: Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg]

This was a see-saw match, as Nash effectively counters Goldberg's strength with his bulk. Nash sees an opening, however, and manages to get Goldberg into a position for the JackKnife... but Goldberg backdrops Nash! He sets him up for the big one... the SPEAR! Nash is down and out! Goldberg is signalling for the JackHammer! Hold on... Scott Hall is on the entrance ramp, and Goldberg sees him! Goldberg doesn't notice Hollywood Hogan coming up from behind him, who's got a TASER in his hand! Hogan electrocutes Goldberg! The ref calls for the bell... Goldberg is down and out! Nash gets up, and is confused about Hogan being in the ring. Hogan offers a handshake to Nash... and Nash spits on it! Hogan jabs the TASER on NASH as well!!! Nash crumples down into a heap. Hall is laughing, Hogan is laughing. Hollywood Hogan has returned to WCW in a very big way! He grabs the World Title and poses with it as the fans start throwing trash into the ring. Hogan throws the belt at the fallen Nash and starts jabbing the taser on both Nash and Goldberg. Schiavone is having an anneurism as the show closes.

Winner: Draw

Match Rating: **1/2

Nitro TV Rating: 5.06

RAW TV Rating: 7.32

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January 11, 1999

Atlanta, Georgia

Nitro opens with Kevin Nash standing in the middle of the ring. He's extremely pissed off, and judging by the look on his face, he really looks like he's about to kill someone. Nash throws the World Title down on the mat, and starts talking.

"Three years ago, I came here to WCW with my best friend. I came here to do what I did the best, and that was to DOMINATE! Three years ago, I was one of the three men who formed the biggest, baddest stables to terrorize the WCW. I was the hottest thing on the shelf... and I still am. Scott, I don't know what's running through your mind... but I want to tell you that I loved you like a brother. I want you to know that... because after what you did last week, I'm going to be after your ass, Scott! I will be after you with a vengeance!"

The fans boo at Scott Hall's name.

"As for you, Hogan... you've got the balls to shock me with a TASER? Hogan when we came in three years ago, you asked to be let in to our little club. 'Oh please, Kevin, I'm going to be such a big factor... I'll help you all along the way' So we let you in... and what the hell did you do... you stuck us in the TAG TEAM DIVISION!? Take a look at me Hogan, I was a BIG MAN up north, and I'm still a BIG MAN here! I've had it with you trying to keep up with the YOUNG BLOOD. You've been coming out to Hendrix, running around with guys half your age, you should take a look at yourself and realize how much of a joke you are! You're a dying breed, Hogan... you along with your so-called BIG-BOYS. I DECIMATED the BIG BOYS of WCW! Savage, Flair, Andersen, Hogan... it didn't matter, I DECIMATED YOU ALL! Now, you want to take me on, Hogan? Screw the factions... forget about the nWo... forget about the WolfPac... be a man, Hogan... Why don't you come out here and how me how BIG you are, tough guy..."

Hendrix fills the entire arena, the crowd boos, and Hollywood Hogan walks out with a microphone. Hogan keeps his distance and stays on the entrance ramp.

"Nash, brotha... you know what I want... I want what's rightfully mine BROTHER. I want the one thing that's been stolen from me by that rat, Bill Goldberg! Last week, I took care of him... and I offered you my hand in friendship, Brotha... but you... YOU SPIT ON THAT HAND! You needed to be taught a lesson, Nash, you need to know the pecking order around here... see, I'm Hollywood Hogan, brotha, and you're just Kevin Nash!"

"I don't need your friendship, Hogan... I see you for the lying, kniving, backstabbing sack of crap that you are!" Nash picks up the World Title with one hand and raises it to Hogan. "See this, Hogan? Screw your pecking order... this says I'm NUMBER ONE. I'm the CHAMP. You want this? Come and get it!"

Hogan thinks twice, and anxiously walks towards the ring. Before he makes it, though, Ric Flair's familiar music starts playing, and the fans start cheering. Flair walks out with Arn Anderson behind him.

"HOLD ON, HOLD ON! Nash, YOU don't make the matches, I DO! And Hogan, I'd suggest that you back off, because first and foremost, you ruined my main event last week... and by God, you won't ruin tonight's main event... because YOU are going to be in it, WHOO! The match has already been approved, and it is going to be a match... for the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP TO THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! The winner goes on to fight Kevin Nash at Souled Out!"

Hogan looks at Flair, mouthing the words 'Who?'

"Hogan... you're going to have to go face to face with BILL GOLDBERG... inside a STEEL CAGE !"

Nash is smiling, and he's pointing at Hogan, giving the throat-cutting sign. Hogan looks like he's seen a ghost. Flair and Anderson get out of there.

[Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera]

Good cruiserweight match to start the show. Rey is upset about Eddie's attitude for the past couple of weeks. Juvy is just brown-nosing to Eddie, while Eddie's complacent about his match with Billy Kidman at Souled Out. This was a fast-paced match, which saw Rey take advantage of Juventud and hit the HurricanRana for the three-count. Big brawl errupts as Rey and Kidman go up against Eddie and Juvy. In run the rest of the LWO, but they start fighting themselves as this turns out to be one big cruiserweight free-for-all.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***


Ric Flair's inside his office, with Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko. Scott Steiner walks in, obviously distressed, waving a piece of paper.

"Flair, what the hell is this?"

"Steiner, I'm spicing things up for Nitro... WHOO! You're going to have to defend the TV Title against two men in a triangle match! Have fun!"

Steiner storms out of the office quite angry.


Backstage, Konnan and Disco Inferno are hanging out with Lex Luger. Konnan talks to Disco.

"Orale, may the best man win, Disco. That TV Title, it's going to switch hands from the Black and White to the WolfPac!"

"Hold on Konnan... I want you to know that I'm going to fight hard for that TV Title too, so don't expect a bed of roses in the ring!"

"You do what you have to do, and I'll do what I want, esse... you dig? Now let's go get some!"


[::TV Title Match:: Scott Steiner w/ Buff Bagwell & Curt Hennig vs. Disco Inferno vs. Konnan]

Steiner has Bagwell and Hennig with him during this one, as Disco and Konnan come out at the same time. Evenly fought match, good workrate. Finish came when Hennig distracted Konnan and the ref, while Bagwell nails Disco with a steel chair. Steiner rolls Disco up for the pinfall victory. Konnan is then ganged-up on by all three heels, they take turns putting their boots into the fallen Konnan and Disco.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Pinfall

Match Rating: **1/4


Chris Jericho is seen entering the arena wearing casual clothes, carrying one of the WCW Tag Team titles with him. He's all smiles as he walks cockily down the corridor. Booker T shows up, and stops Jericho in his tracks.

"Where the hell have you been, sucka? We've got a title defense up next, and you ain't even dressed to go!"

"Hold on there Booker T. First of all... you don't tell me what to do... after all, this is MONDAY NIGHT JERICHO! I'm the star of this show, and I'm the star of this team. I'm lone ranger and you're Tonto. I'm Batman, and you're Robin. I'm the Green Hornet and you're Kato. You weren't my choice as a partner, so don't expect me to adjust for YOUR convenience. I come and go as I please. Now get out of my face, I'm going to be there when I want to be there, you dig, 'sucker'?

"Look, I don't like this setup either. But you'd better get your act together, SUCKA... because I expect to hold on to MY half of the Tag Titles for a looong time. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT?"

Booker storms off, while Jericho is left shaking his head.


[::WCW Tag Team Title Match: Booker T & Chris Jericho vs. Faces of Fear]

The big men really slowed down the pace on this one. Textbook match that showed some love-hate relationship between Jericho and Booker T. Booker T hits the Harlem Hangover for the pinfall and the title retention. Jericho and Booker T celebrate on their own opposite sides of the ring, while eyeing each other with distrust.

Winner: Booker T & Chris Jericho via Pinfall

Match Rating: **


[Chris Benoit vs. Lex Luger]

Luger is way out of shape... and Benoit tried hard to carry him all throughout the match. Luger seemed like he was about to win this one, he sets Benoit up for the torture rack, but Benoit manages to squirm out of the hold and roll Luger for the cradle pinfall win! Luger is shocked, but decides to shake hands with Benoit. The two men show mutual respect for each other, as Benoit raises his hands towards the crowd.

Winner: Chris Benoit via Pinfall

Match Rating: *


Bret Hart shows up on the ramp, with the US Title on his shoulder. He looks at Benoit with disgust.

"Chris Benoit. I bet that you're really glad that you're getting a shot at MY United States Title. I bet that you're thankful that Ric Flair won the Presidency of WCW. I'll tell you what, Chris, don't think for a moment that you stand a chance against me inside the ring. Make no mistake about it, Benoit, I AM the excellence of execution. I AM the best there is, I AM the best there was, and I AM the best that there ever will be. I remember back in the day... you walked into my father's dungeon... you were a scrawny punk. I hated you on sight. Night in and night out, I schooled you in the dungeon, and you always kept coming back for more. Well, at Souled Out, Benoit... I'm going to make sure that you don't EVER get back up. I'm making sure that you're staying DOWN. You will know what it's like to lie face down in the middle of the mat, submitting to my SHARPSHOOTER!"

Benoit just stares a hole into Hart, while Hart sneers at him.


[::#1 Contendership for the World Title - Cage Match:: Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg]

BIG staredown to start the match. The rules are stated, first man to leave the cage with both feet touching the ground will earn the #1 Contendership to the World Title. Hogan tries his usual routine, but it barely fazes Goldberg. Goldberg goes nuts on Hogan, and destroys him for about two minutes. He hits the Spear and follow up with a JackHammer! The fans go nuts as Goldberg looks like he's going to Souled Out! He decides to go out by the door... but wait, Scott Hall comes out from the crowd!!! Hall slams the door on Goldberg's head!!! Goldberg is DOWN and OUT! Hogan manages to crawl outside through the door, past Goldberg...and Hogan wins!!! Hogan and Hall now enter the ring... and they're taking their turns on Goldberg!!! Nash runs out and heads for the cage, he enters through the door... Hogan and Hall now double-team Nash!!! nWo Wolfpack runs out... (Sting and Savage are not there) So do nWo Black and White... it's a MELEE INSIDE THE RING, AND OUTSIDE THE RING!!! Goldberg manages to come to his senses... SPEAR ON HALL!!! SPEAR ON HOGAN!!! Nash and Goldberg have an uneasy truce inside the cage!!! Hogan and Hall go out!!! nWo WolfPack (Luger, Konnan, Disco) enter the ring and protect their leader. Nash points at Hogan, Goldberg wants Hall!

Winner: Hulk Hogan via escape

Match Rating: 1/4*


With the chaos inside and around the ring, Ric Flair comes out, livid.

"Hall, you want to ruin MY main event? You want to disrespect MY presidency? Bill Goldberg, you want Hall? You've GOT Hall! At SOULED OUT this Sunday, it'll be Goldberg versus Scott Hall NO-HOLDS BARRED! And Hogan... Nash... I am going to make sure that NOBODY sticks their nose into the title match... because I will be the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE... AND IF ANYONE SO MUCH AS POPS THEIR HEAD OUT OF THESE CURTAINS DURING THE MATCH... THEY'RE GOING TO BE FIRED! GOOD NIGHT GENTLEMEN, AND I WILL SEE YOU ALL AT SOULED OUT! WHOO!"

Nitro TV Rating: 5.09

RAW TV Rating: 7.35

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January 17, 1999

Complete Card:

[::Cruiserweight Title Match:: Billy Kidman © vs. Eddie Guerrero]

[::WCW Tag Team Title Match:: Chris Jericho & Booker T © vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & Kanyon]

[nWo Black and White (Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner) vs. nWo WolfPac (Lex Luger, Disco Inferno, Konnan)]

[::United States Title Match:: Bret Hart © vs. Chris Benoit]

[::No Holds Barred Match:: Bill Goldberg vs. Scott Hall]

[::World Heavyweight Title Match:: Kevin Nash © vs. Hollywood Hogan - Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair]

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January 17, 1999

Orlando, Florida

The fireworks go off... and WCW SOULED OUT IS NOW UNDERWAY!!!


[::Cruiserweight Title Match:: Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero]

This is for the Cruiserweight Title, says the announcer.

Eddie Guerrero comes out wearing his LWO shirt, taunting the crowd as he makes his way down the aisle. Guerrero rips apart a Billy Kidman sign being held up by a fan. He enters the ring, and starts taunting the crowd a bit more.

Billy Kidman walks out, proudly wearing the Cruiserweight Title. The fans cheer, as Kidman plays to the crowd, slapping hands with the fans as he runs down the aisle into the ring. He rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd.

Good opening match, as both men were acquainted enough with each other's style of wrestling. The finish came when Kidman hits a NASTY powerbomb on Eddie. Kidman signals for the 450 SPLASH! He goes up top, but Juventud Guerrera comes out from the crowd! He shoves Kidman off the top rope while the referee was checking on Eddie! Eddie capitalizes, climbs to the top rope... FROG SPLASH! ONE... TWO... THREE!!! Eddie Guerrero wins the Cruiserweight Title with the help of Juvy! Juvy jumps into the ring and celebrates with his boss... they then start putting the boots on Billy Kidman! Rey Mysterio comes out, though, and quickly disperses the assault. Guerrero sneers at the two men inside the ring as he holds the Cruiserweight Title in the air.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***1/2


[::WCW Tag Team Title Match:: Chris Jericho & Booker T vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & Kanyon]

The announcer informs us that this match is for the WCW Tag Team Titles.

Out first are Bam Bam and Kanyon, who seem to have found a loose alliance as of late. Schiavone informs us that both men hail from New Jersey and that they have been friends for quite a long time. Thank you Tony. This match was put together by Ric Flair on a last-minute basis. Kanyon is out wearing a US Flag style shirt. The fans are booing both men, who have come to be known as heels in WCW during the past year.

Up next are Chris Jericho and Booker T, who get separate introductions. Booker T is first out, and the fans cheer him on. He does his little dance, and spineroonies inside the ring. Jericho came in next, to a somewhat warm crowd, liking the idea of the mismatched pair. Jericho has a microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen... intrrrroducing... one half of the WCW Tag Team Champions... CHRRRRRISSSSSSS JERICHOOOOOOOOO!" Jericho poses, and then points towards the ring. "And that's my sidekick right there inside the ring... Booker whatshisname..." The fans boo at this remark from Jericho. Booker T doesn't appreciate the remarks.

"Tonight, me and my trusty sidekick... are going to face THE BEAST WHO EATS YEAST, and THE FAG WITH THE FLAG!" Crowd laughs "Kanyon, I suggest you step back from your partner right there, because he just might get hungry and decide to eat you. As for you, FATSIE... I suggest that you enroll into one of those TAE-BO work out regiments, because you, BAM BAM BIGGELSWORTH, are out of shape! Now let's get this party started!"

Jericho runs to the ring, and the BRAWL is on. Bam Bam makes Jericho pay for his earlier comments by pracically annihilating him during the early stages of this match. Kanyon and Bam Bam then do a number on Jericho, who is hard-pressed to get the tag. Jericho gets the hot tag, however, and Booker T proceeds to clean house. Booker T goes for the Harlem Hangover, but Kanyon jumps in and stops him. Kanyon inadvertedly distracts the referee, while Jericho lowblows Bam Bam. Booker T then hits the Harlem Hangover, and rolls Bam Bam up for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho & Booker T via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***1/4


[nWo Black and White (Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner) vs. nWo Wolfpac (Lex Luger, Konnan, Disco Inferno)]

The match was a pure mess, as it just featured a Steiner-Luger showdown during the entire length of the fight. Konnan, Disco, Hennig and Bagwell all took their shots in during the match, but it ended with less fanfare than the way it started, with Luger hitting a massive forearm on Steiner, making the pin, while Konnan and Disco stopped Hennig and Bagwell. Average-ish match, that saw the strengths of each wrestler put to good use.

Winner: nWo Wolfpac via Pinfall

Match Rating: **


[::US Title Match:: Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit]

The announcer tells everyone that the UNITED STATES TITLE is up for grabs next!

Making his way to the ring, to the tune of the Four Horsemen, is Chris Benoit. He's got that steely look on his face that spells determination. He's hungry for the title tonight, and he wants to win. Benoit nonchalantly enters the ring and awaits his opponent, the champ.

Bret's makeshift music similar to his WWF days starts playing. Bret emerges from behind the curtains, with the US Title on his shoulder. Hart taunts some of the fans ringside, and climbs up the steel steps into the ring. He stops in front of Chris Benoit, and immediately starts bad-mouthing his countryman. Hart just keeps on going, he's berating Benoit for being a punk hotshot with the right connections. Hart tosses the US Title to the ref, who raises it for the fans to know what this match is all about. The bell is rung and Hart strikes first with a solid fist to Benoit's jaw.

The match goes on well, with both men executing their styles remarkably. Benoit and hart feed off each other's technical expertise and this fuels the crowd's participation into the match. Move after move, counter after counter, this was what a wrestling match was supposed to be all about. The dubious finish comes when Hart has Benoit locked onto the sharpshooter. Benoit doesn't quit... instead, he inches his way towards the ropes, and he manges to breaks the hold by hanging on to the ropes. Hart is very frustrated, and goes over to pick up Benoit, Benoit counters with a cradle!!! ONE... TWO... and Hart kicks out! Hart gets up and kicks Benoit on the head! He then jumps out of the ring, and picks up a chair! He climbs back into the ring, shoves the referee and PLANTS THE CHAIR onto Benoit's forehead! Benoit colapses onto the mat.

The referee calls for the bell, Benoit wins this one via DQ, but the title remains with Hart. Hart grabs his belt and makes for a quick exit!

Winner: Chris Benoit via DQ

Match Rating: ****3/4


Benoit is backstage, being attended by some medics. It seems as if the chair shot has busted him open.

Ric Flair, Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson walk up to Benoit. Flair takes a look at the injury.

"You alright, sport? Tell you what, why dont you take the rest of the night off? Seems like you'll need it. Don't worry... you're going to get a rematch, brotha, whoo!"

Benoit nods his head in approval.


[::No Holds Barred:: Bill Goldberg vs. Scott Hall]

The announcer informs the arena that the next match is a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH.

Introduced first, who comes out to his own generic music, is Scott Hall. Hall has a cocky smile on his face as he walks towards the ring... he's also holding what seems to be a TASER! Hall cockily struts his way inside the ring and raises the taser for the crowd to see. Big jeers coming from the crowd.

The war drums start playing, and the crowd goes into a frenzy. A big 'GOLDBERG' chant is started by the crowd. The video screen shows Goldberg's dressing room, outside are about fifteen security guys. One of them knocks on the door, and it opens... it's GOLDBERG! The entourage makes it way through the corridors, and assists Goldberg towards the entranceway. Goldberg poses, does his usual routine with the fireworks and makes the arena go wild.

Goldberg enters the ring, and Hall immediately lunges with the taser. Goldberg ducks, kicks Hall in the gut, and throws him outside! The match goes on with less fanfare as both men try to introduce weapons into the match. Goldberg finally capitalizes when he catches Hall unaware and hits the SPEAR! Goldberg is signalling for the Jackhammer! Hall manages to get a hold of the taser. Goldberg grabs Hall, and Hall attempts to jab Goldberg with the taser, but Goldberg avoids it! He rips it from Halls' hands, and TASERS HALL!!! Hall is convulsing on the mat as Goldberg taunts him by jabbing the taser a bit more at Hall!!! Goldberg then picks Hall up... JACKHAMMER!!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! Goldberg is victorious!!!

Winner: Goldberg via Pinfall

Match Rating: *1/2


[::World Heavyweight Title Match:: Kevin Nash vs. Hulk Hogan - Guest Referee: Ric Flair]

You can sense the anticipation inside the arena, as the show goes into its final match.

Ric Flair's music starts playing... and the crowd goes nuts. Flair walks out with Arn Anderson by his side. He's got a regal red robe on him, and he goes for his traditional entrance. He struts his way to the ring, poses for the crowd and gives a long and hearty 'WHOO!' Flair disrobes, revealing a referee's outfit underneath the robes.

The familiar guitar riffs of Hendrix fills the arena, and the crowd knows that Hollywood is about to make his entrance. Hogan walks out full of bravado, clad in his usual black outfit, with a black feather boa wrapped around his neck. He walks with confidence to the ring, bad-mouthing some of the fans in front. Hogan steps into the ring, and stands in front of Flair. Flair just stares into Hogan's eyes, refusing to be intimidated. Arn Anderson is behind Flair, his arms folded, definitely like an enforcer.

The situation is diffused, however, when the Wolfpac music hits. The arena erupts, as Kevin Nash walks out with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Nash slowly walks to the ring, his eyes never leaving Hogan. Nash gets into the ring, and stands in front of Flair and Hogan. Nash unbuckles the title belt, kisses it, and hands it over to Ric Flair. Nash and Hogan have a very serious staredown. Hogan's mouthing some words at Nash, all of them inaudible. Arn hands flair a microphone.

"Gentlemen... this is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! I will repeat what I said last Monday Night... if anyone from your camp (points to Nash) or your camp (points to Hogan) or anyone else other than Arn Anderson and myself decides to sashay his butt into this ring, I will personally FIRE them! Do you understand Nash? (Nash nods) Hogan? (Hogan nods as well) You will follow my commands at all times, this is a one-fall bout, and there will be NO time limit... now let's get his show on the road... WHOOOO!"

The match itself is quite uneventful. Hogan and Nash go through their usual routines. Flair was quite impartial throughout the match. Nash has Hogan reeling with a very impressive boot after Hogan bounced off the ropes. Nash gives out the sign for the JackKnife Powerbomb, he picks Hogan up, but Hogan shoves Nash into Flair. Flair is pissed, he starts admonishing Hogan, Hogan backs off into a corner. Nash doesn't see Arn Anderson step into the ring with a steel chair... and Arn SMASHES THE CHAIR INTO THE BACK OF NASH'S HEAD!!! Nash falls down into a heap. Arn quickly dives outside, then goes around the ring and calls Flair's attention. Arn Anderson keeps Flair busy as Hogan immediately runs to the ropes and delivers the LEGDROP on the unconscious Nash. Hogan covers, Flair looks at the situation, and counts... ONE... TWO... THREE! Hogan wins the World Heavyweight Title! Hogan is celebrating in the ring! The fans are booing, they're starting to throw trash inside the ring! Schiavone is having FITS! Flair grabs the microphone.

"Security, please escort Mr. Nash backstage, I don't want any extra-curricular fistfights happening tonight..."

Security comes out and takes the dazed Nash backstage. Ric Flair raises Hogan's hands, while Arn Anderson is behind him, grinning. It seems as if Flair is oblivious to the fact that Anderson whacked Nash with the steel chair.


Winner: Hollywood Hogan via Pinfall

Match Rating: *1/4


Dean Malenko walks out with a concerned look on his face. Ric Flair sees Malenko and immediately his face also turns to concern. Malenko picks up the steel chair outside, steps into the ring and starts talking to Flair... it seems like he's explain what happened. Anderson just looks at Flair with a worried look on his face. Flair asks for a microphone from the announcer.

"You're telling me that Arn Anderson hit Kevin Nash with that chair?"

Malenko nods his head. And Anderson shakes his. Flair doesn't know who to believe. Hogan is pacing around looking worried as well. Flair starts talking to the production guys.

"Tell the guys in the back to roll that replay!"

The replay is shown on the monitor. Hogan distracting Flair, Anderson hitting Nash with the chair, and Hogan pinning Nash. Flair has a look of disappointment on his face, and he turns towards Arn Anderson... Anderson looks like a deer caught in front of headlights. Flair then turns to Malenko and takes the chair from his hands.

"You're right Dean... Arn did hit Nash with this chair..."

Malenko then walks over to Arn, asking 'what's going on?'. Suprisingly, Flair SMASHES the chair into Malenko's FACE!!! Malenko goes down!!! Flair is relentless, he just keeps on bashing Malenko in the head with the steel chair!!! Hogan is laughing, Flair is laughing, Anderson is laughing!!! The fans can't believe it, neither can Schiavone who's simply going insane in the announcer's chair. Hogan and Flair shake hands!!! Flair takes the microphone.

"Dean... since you decided to walk out here... and show your face here tonight... when I explicitly said that NOBODY other than me and Arn could... YOU'RE FIRED! WHOOO!"

The PPV closes with Hogan, Flair and Anderson in the ring hands raised, Schiavone screaming that this was all a set-up, and the fans exremely angry, surprised and shocked!

Souled Out PPV Buyrate: 1.06

Souled Out PPV Attendance: 12,181

Royal Rumble PPV Buyrate: 1.91

Royal Rumble PPV Attendance: 20,127

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January 18, 1999

Atlanta, Georgia

Before the show begins, a video montage of the Main Event of Souled Out and the shocking conclusion to the show. From Arn Anderson hitting Nash behind the head with the chair, to Ric Flair's subsequent betrayal of Dean Malenko. Tony Schiavone tells how how shocked he was, and how shocked the fans were when Ric Flair appeared to have turned his back on WCW.

Schiavone then informs us that Dean Malenko is in the hospital due to severe fractures on his face.

The show opens with Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan and Arn Anderson inside the middle of the ring. Flair's wearing a sharp business suit, with Anderson standing behind Flair. Hogan has the WCW World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Flair's holding the microphone.


The fans start booing. Flair hands the microphon to Hogan.

"Last night... last night was the beginning of a new era, brotha. See, The nWo had run its course! The nWo wasn't FOR LIFE... the nWo was coughing and wheezing and it died last night. Yes, last night was the beginning of a new era! See, Kevin Nash, what you fail to realize is that I never asked to join you... you NEEDED ME. You needed my clout... you needed my popularity... you needed who I was... because you knew back then that nobody cared about you. You needed a name and a face that everyone would listen to! You needed HOLLYWOOD HOGAN, BROTHA! And last night... the unthinkable happened... last night the two BIGGEST NAMES IN THE HISTORY OF WRESTLING... HOLLYWOOD HOGAN and RIC FLAIR, joined forces!"

Hogan hands the microphone to Flair.

"I know what you're all thinking... Ric Flair, why did you join Hogan? Ric Flair, why did you turn your back on WCW? Ric Flair, why did you sell out? I'll tell you what... I didn't sell out to nobody! The way I see things... the FANS sold Ric Flair out! YOU sold ME out, not the other way around! Last week... Kevin Nash said that he DECIMATED the BIG BOYS of WCW! He named names... he said that he decimated me, the nature boy! I've had it up to here with Kevin Nash. I've had it up to here with him and his kind! Kevin Nash didn't know about the amount of time... the amount of dedication... the sacrifices that we made for our careers and our families! Kevin Nash had it easy! When we walked this road, it was made out of dirt... when Kevin Nash walked this road, it was already paved with gold! It was paved with gold through OUR SWEAT, OUR TEARS AND OUR BLOOD! And I won't have Kevin Nash spitting on all that! I won't have men like Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg trample on the OUR LEGACY!"

The fans boo.

"Shut up! Kevin Nash... you are hereby BANNED from the arena tonight!" Hogan and Flair laugh at this. "And as for you... Goldberg... I've got bigger plans for you...You're going to make ME... US... A WHOLE LOT OF DOUGH, WHOO! Because if you want to keep on wrestling... Goldberg, you will have to beat... not one... not two... but THREE MEN INSIDE THE RING TONIGHT! You're going to have to face... BUFF BAGWELL... CURT HENNIG... AND SCOTT HALL!!! If you lose, Goldberg... I will personally SUSPEND YOU, TONIGHT! And as an added incentive to our three participants... WHOMEVER DEFEATS GOLDBERG WILL EARN A WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE SHOT NEXT WEEK ON NITRO!!! WHOO!"

Hogan nods with approval, while Flair continues on.

"I know men... backstage... who have given their life to this business! WHOO! I know men who deserve a lot more than they're getting! And tonight is the beginning of a NEW ERA! Tonight is the birth of something BIG. Bigger than WCW... Bigger than the nWo... WHOO! Last night, I called you people up... I talked to you... I told you what was up... and at the end of this show... I want to know... If YOU want to be part of THIS! I want to know if YOU want to be acknowledged for the TALENT that you are... for EVERY DROP OF SWEAT that you have poured into this business... for EVERY DROP OF BLOOD that you have bled! WHOO! You see this man beside me? He was PACKING ARENAS back when Kevin Nash was a nobody... this man was, and still is the BIGGEST DRAW in ALL OF WRESTLING, WHOO! AND TOGETHER WITH THE NATURE BOY, WHOO, WE'RE TAKING THE WRESTLING WORLD BY STORM!"


At this point, Chris Benoit comes out to the Four Horsemen's music. The fans start cheering. Benoit eyes Flair with mistrust, not quite sure of what to do. He enters the ring, and stands face-to-face with Flair, Hogan and Arn.

"Whoo! Chris Benoit! Just the man I wanted! Di-"

Benoit grabs the microphone from Flair.

"Hold on Ric. I want some answers. I want to know WHY you and Arn are with THIS PIECE OF SLIME." Benoit points at Hogan.

"Look Chris... this... he... we are the BEST THING IN WRESTLING. We are the BEST OF THE BEST... the CREAM OF THE CROP... and I'm asking you right now to join us... I'm asking you to walk with me, with us... side-by-side... because I know that you've worked your ass off your entire life to get where you are right now... so, now, are you in? WHOO!"

"Ric... I joined the Four Horsemen because I wanted to be part of THE BEST OF THE BEST. I don't want this... I don't want to be associated with HIM." Benoit glares at Hogan "And after what you did to Dean last night... Ric, how could you? How could you turn your back on everyone? How could you turn your back on this?" Benoit then holds the four horsemen sign, four fingers pointed upward.

Flair's face turns to disappointment.

"Chris... I wanted to give you what nobody gave me. I wanted to give you a CHANCE TO MAKE IT TO THE TOP. I never had that... I had to claw and fight and bleed my way to be who I am today. I wanted to give you what you deserve... that's why I gave you the US Title shot last week..."

"This way? With him? I don't need your help.... thanks, but no thanks..." Benoit turns around to leave.

"I'm sorry to hear you say that..."

Flair the smashes the microphone into Benoit's temple. Benoit falls down. Arn Anderson and Hollywood Hogan start putting the boots on Benoit, while Flair walks away with a disappointed look on his face. He shakes his head, walks over to Benoit and kicks him hard in the gut.


The fans start booing as Flair struts around the fallen Benoit.

"Benoit, you made the wrong decision... tonight, you're going to have to go one-on-one with a man who made the right decision... the very first member of the ALLIANCE, Diamond Dallas Page!!! Dubya See Dubya is going to be a whole new playing field...WHOO!"

The fans are shocked, has Page really joined this unholy alliance? Flair hands the microphone to Hogan.

"Forget the nWo... forget the Wolfpack... forget everything else... because only one question remains, WHATCHA GONNA DO, WHEN THE NAITCH AND HOLLYWOOD ALLIANCE RUN WILD ON YOU, BROTHA!?"


[Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.]

Nicely run opening match by both men. Mysterio obviously having the upper hand during the entire match, as Juvi struggles to keep up. Mysterio hit the springboard 'rana to grab the quick pinfall win. Eddie Guerrero then runs in, while Mysterio was celebrating, and nails Rey Mysterio with the Cruiserweight Title. Guerrero then asks for a microphone.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***1/4


Guerrero stands in the middle of the ring, holding the Cruiserweight Title in the middle of the ring.

"Orale... last night, I got a phone call... I got a phone call from the Nature Boy Ric Flair... and he offered me a chance to be part of something big! He offered me a chance to be a SOMEBODY! Orale, he offered me the chance to KEEP THIS GOLD BELT WRAPPED AROUND MY WAIST, ESSE! Eddie Guerrero is part of the Alliance, and is the REIGNING WCW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!"

Guerrero drops the microphone, while the crowd boos.


[::TV Title Match:: Scott Steiner vs. Lex Luger]

Schiavone informs us that this match was made by Ric Flair only moments ago. Luger and Steiner are obviously miffed that they weren't informed of this match earlier in the show. Basic slugfest that you would expect from these two... they pummel each other trading blows and moves, until the action spills out of the ring. The ref counts both menout, and calls the draw. The fans are disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm shown by either man.

Winner: Draw via count out

Match Rating: 3/4*


[::Tag Team Title Match:: Chris Jericho & Booker T vs. Psycosis & La Parka]

Nice match between the four guys. Jericho and Booker go through their routine, while Psycosis and La Parka are the perfect hit dummies. Jericho finishes things off with the Lion Tamer, and Psycosis taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho & Booker T via Submission

Match Rating: **3/4


After the match, Chris Jericho grabs a microphone.

"Seeing as how Mr. Flair has given CHRIS JERICHO the opportunity to win these tag team titles, I feel that it's up to ME to repay him. Mr. Flair, this with regards to the offer that you sent me and Booker T last night... and we gladly accept!"

Booker T walks over to Jericho, and shoves him.

"What the hell are you talking about, Sucka? I didn't agree to nothin'! Sure, Flair gave us the opportunity to win these belts, but it was the two of us, you and me, sucka... that went through all the hard work to get these belts. I ain't gonna be nobody's lackey!"

Jericho looks surprised, and then grins.

"Fair enough, sidekick... you don't want to join up, suit yourself... I'm taking MY HALF of the Belts and I'm going with PRESIDENT RIC FLAIR! You can stay here and rot for all I care."

With that, Jericho walks out, with his half of the tag-belts. Booker T remains in the ring, just staring at Jericho.


[Chris Benoit vs. Diamond Dallas Page]

Benoit, despite the apparent beatdown earlier tonight, manages to go toe for toe against Page, whose defection towards Flair and Hogan's Alliance is still in question. This was a brutal ten-minute contest, that saw Benoit refusing to get himself pinned by DDP. Page gradually shows signs of frustration as he hits two Diamond Cutters, and still Benoit kicks out. Page finally snaps, jumps out of the ring, grabs a steel chair, and PLOWS BENOIT WITH IT! The ref immediately calls for the DQ. Page then motions for people from behind the back, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Kanyon come running into the ring. Bam Bam lifts Benoit up, and delivers a solid POWERBOMB into the chair. Kanyon then hits the FLATLINER into the chair. DDP seals things with a Diamond Cutter on the steel chair. Benoit is bleeding profusely and unconscious... suddenly his body starts convulsing. The referee calls for medics to rush into the ring.

Winner: Chris Benoit via DQ

Match Rating: **1/2


Benoit is being stretchered out of the ring, as medics and EMTs are frantically trying to rush him into the ambulance waiting outside. DDP, Bam Bam and Kanyon are inside the ring, DDP seems to be the main guy among the three of them. Page asks for a microphone and gets one.

"I've had it with you punks. I've had it with you fans. The past few years... I tried everything to please you bitches, and what did I get from it? NADA. It's time that DDP thought about DDP for a change. Last night, Ric Flair called me up, he asked me if I wanted the PROPER RESPECT THAT I DESERVE... with Bam Bam and Kanyon, we are now one of the nastiest, baddest, meanest teams in WCW today.... and by joining the Alliance... we're going to be UNSTOPPABLE! Screw the fans, I want gold...." DDP does his 'diamond' hand signal "CAN YOU FEEL THA' BANG!!!"

Everyone starts booing as DDP, Bigelow and Kanyon raise their hands in the middle of the ring, aware of the destruction they wrecked on Chris Benoit.


[Goldberg vs. Buff Bagwell / Curt Hennig / Scott Hall]

Goldberg eyes all three men inside the ring, each of them looking to get a piece of Goldberg, Hall even moreso, after Goldberg beat him last night. This was a big match that didn't seem to phase Goldberg at all. 'Berg disposes of Bagwell first, after clearing the ring of both Hennig and Hall. Goldberg hit a BIG SPEAR on Bagwell and pins him. Hennig was next to fall after another BIG SPEAR. Hall was left in the ring, still not 100% after last night, and was dismantled by Goldberg to the delight of the crowd. A Spear and a Jackhammer later, Goldberg remains victorious in the ring.

Winner: Goldberg via Pinfall

Match Rating: **


Flair then chooses this moment to walk out. He looks at Goldberg and the three men in the middle of the ring, crippled by the massive force that is Goldberg. Flair looks pissed.

"Bagwell... Hennig... Hall... as punishment for not getting the job done... I will have to say that the three of you are hereby FIRED from WCW! I don't need slackers like you... and I will not tolerate FAILURE! And as for you Goldberg... don't you worry your ass...whoo... I'm going to give you ample reward... because next week... it is going to be YOU against Kevin Nash.... for the chance to wrestle Hollywood Hogan for the World Heavyweight Title... in fact, you and Nash are going to go through a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! WHOOO!"

Goldberg just eyes Flair with a steely look, Flair replies in kind. Schiavone is selling this like it's the end of the world. And the show closes.

Nitro TV Rating: 5.22

RAW TV Rating: 7.36

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January 25, 1999 / AP, Atlanta - World Championship Wrestling, a company under Tuner Sports Inc. has recently announced a change in the direction that the company is headed. Two shows, WCW Thunder and WCW Saturday Night have been scrapped from TBS' programming. In line with this, WCW has also unveiled their new logo seen below.

user posted image

"WCW has the fan's best interests in mind. We feel that we need to take this company into another direction... and introduce it to a fresh new audience while retaining our existing fanbase." said Eric Bischoff, President of Wrestling Operations.

Expect the WCW to also unveil a new Monday Nitro logo in the January 25 edition of the show.

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January 25, 1999

Miami, Florida

The show opens with a pan view of the entire arena... and a the new Nitro set and logo. Tony Schiavone informs us that tonight, Kevin Nash and Golberg will be fighting in the middle of the ring in a LAST MAN STANDING BOUT. He then details what happened last week, the Unholy Alliance between Ric Flair and Hollywood Hogan, and the pledging of allegiance by several WCW stars... including DDP, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and Bam Bam Bigelow. Reports come in that Chris Benoit is in stable condition, and is recovering from the vicious attack he suffered against DDP, Bigelow and Kanyon. Schiavone then says that Flair fired Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Scott Hall last week after failing to defeat Goldberg.

Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, Arn Anderson, Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Jericho, Chris Kanyon and Eddie Guerrero are all inside the ring. Flair's got a fresh new suit on him, and he has a microphone.

"MIAMI! WHOO! FLORIDA! Tonight, is the beginning of a new WCW! Tonight is the beginning of a new NITRO! WHOOO! Check out that BRAND NEW LOGO! WHOOO! You are now looking at the SELECT FEW... the SELECT FEW that are destined to GREATER THINGS! WHOO! This ALLIANCE of wrestlers... WHOO! Cruiserweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero! One-Half of the Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho! The Enforcer, Arn Anderson! Chris Kanyon! The Beast From The East, Bam Bam Bigelow! Diamond Dallas Page! And the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, HOLLYWOOD HOGAN! WHOO!"

As Flair calls out each name, he points at them.

"Bring it on... the nWo... the Wolfpack... the LwO... it won't matter... because I have, right here the cream of the crop! WHOO! And the crown jewel... ladies and gentlemen... the crown jewel of this remarkable collection of athletes... the BIGGEST NAME IN THIS BUSINESS... Hollywood Hogan!"

Flair hands the microphon to Hogan.

"You know what, Flair, brotha? You've assembled this UNBELIEVABLE group of talent... and with me at the top... we're taking the WCW to new heights, brotha! I've had enough of the nWo... the nWo made me sick... it was a dying fad... and it ran its course through the past three years, brotha! It's time for something new... and Hollywood Hogan is once again, on top of the wrestling world, brotha! I did it back when I was in the WWF... I did it when I went here to the WCW... I did it when the nWo took the wrestling world by storm... and I'm doing it right NOW, BROTHA!"

Hogan returns the mic to Naitch.

"WHOO! And tonight... is going to be a night to remember, WHOO! Tonight, Goldberg and Kevin Nash, the two symbols of what's wrong with WCW today... are going to BATTER, BASH AND DESTROY EACH OTHER IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! WHOO! And they're going to do it because I SAID SO! WHOO! And because the winner will face this man" points to Hogan "for the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!"

The fans cheer a bit, because they would actually love to see Nash and Goldberg to fight each other tonight. And of course, the obvious beat-down Hogan would receive.

"And the loser... will receive his walking papers here... TONIGHT! WHOOO!!!"

The fans then boo at this.

"Tonight... we're going to get rid of DEAD WEIGHT! Tonight, we're going to pick the competition off ONE... by... ONE... WHOO!!! Tonight, Scott Steiner... you will have to defend the TV Title against... THE BEAST FROM THE EAST... BAM BAM BIGELOW!!! And tonight... two of the men who have been actively helping Kevin Nash in the WolfPac during the past month are going to go down...Konnan and Lex Luger, you will be facing... Diamond Dallas Page... Chris Kanyon... and the World Heavyweight Champion... whoooo... HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN in a 3 on 2 handicap match, WHOO!!!"

Schiavone hypes up all the matches, and includes that Bret Hart will be defending his US Title against Perry Saturn TONIGHT!


[:: Cruiserweight Title Match:: Eddie Guerrero vs. La Parka]

This was a good squash match, with La Parka doing his comedy routine early on. Nobody really expected La Parka to win, though, and Guerrero finishes thing off quickly with a series of grapples and the Frog Splash to retain his title.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall

Match Rating: **


As Eddie celebrates his victory, Chavo Guerrero's music starts playing. Chavo walks out wearing casual clothes, and climbs into the ring. Eddie immediately has a look of concern on his face. Chavo paces around the ring, and stops in front of Eddie.

"Eddie... what the hell are you doing? Why are you siding with... Ric Flair... and of all people, Hollywood Hogan? Don't you remember, they always kept us DOWN. they were always the reason why people with our skills could never make it to the top... and now you're siding with them?"

"Hold on... hold on, Chavo... puto... Ric Flair IS giving me the opportunity to be part of WRESTLING'S ELITE... Ric Flair is giving me the opportunity to earn MORE MONEY than you could ever dream of... Ric Flair is giving me a chance to become THE BEST CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION THAT WCW HAS EVER SEEN!"

The crowd starts booing. Chavo just stares into Eddie's eyes.

"Eddie... you do know that by siding with them... you're siding with the ENEMY. You're turning your back on all the hard work that you... I... we... everyone backstage has gone through. You sure you want to do that?"

"Chavito... you have a lot to learn... you won't ever go anywhere by being honest... you'll NEVER learn what it means to be a Guerrero... do you know why? Because you're too much of a goody two-shoes... you're too much of a do-gooder. As far as I'm concerned, Chavo, you're nothing but ANOTHER TARGET for me to mow down!"

A big staredown between uncle and nephew, as Eddie leaves the ring with the Cruiserweight Title.


[::Tag Team Title Match:: Chris Jericho & Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman]

Good match, with nice psychology. Jericho and Booker T were edgy for the entire match, showing that they weren't trusting each other. Rey and Billy worked like a very cohesive unit compared to their opponents. This wasn't enough to unseat Jericho and Booker as champions, however, as Jericho ingeniously used a handful of tights to roll-over an unsuspecting Kidman to reatin the titles.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Booker T via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***3/4


Steiner walks out, before his match against Bam Bam begins. He takes the microphone from the announcer and starts ranting.

"Flair... you sack of shit... you think you're going to put Big Poppa Pump out of this business? You think you're going to take my TV Title away from me? I'd like to see you try, you old geezer. I'm the SUPERSTAR, Flair, and I don't take shit from anyone, not from Hogan, and not from you. Bring that bald bitch down to this ring, right now... after I'm through with him, the Big Bad Booty Daddy is going to take all you bitches down!"

Some fans start cheering, obviously, they think Steiner has a good plan and they agree with him...most of the others don't trust Steiner.


[:: TV Title Match:: Scott Steiner vs. Bam Bam Bigelow]

Brutal match for both men. A decent display of power from each individual. Bigelow decided to use a steel chair in plain sight of the referee, which immediately was grounds for disqualification. Bigelow smashes the chair a couple more times across Steiner's back. Bigelow then spits at the fallen TV Champ, and raises his hands to the fans...who start booing.

Winner: Scott Steiner via DQ

Match Rating: **1/4


The cameras go backstage, where Kevin Nash is walking down a corridor, obviously pissed off about this entire Ric Flair situation. At the same moment, Goldberg decides to enter the scene. A big staredown occurs.

"Look Goldberg..."

Goldberg stares a hole into Nash.

"Save it for the match... because YOU'RE NEXT!!!"


[:non-Title Match: Bret Hart vs. Saturn]

Beautiful match. Saturn, fresh off his feud with Raven, is still hot with the fans. He definitely impressed some of the management bigwigs with this performance, going toe-to-toe and hold-for-hold with Bret Hart. Considering this is not a Title Match, the crowd loved it just the same. Good finish when Bret reverses a boston crab into the Sharpshooter for the submission win.

Winner: Bret Hart via Submssion

Match Rating: ****


Flair's music starts playing, and Bret immediately turns his head towards the rampway. Flair's got a very big smile on his face, and a microphone in his hand.

"WHOO! That's what I like... the Excellence of Execution, in action! You know what, Bret... back when we were working up north... I loved the way you caried yourself... how you WORKED HARD... year after year... to get to the top. Now, here in WCW, I'm willing to give you THAT opportunity... whooo! I'm willing to give you a chance to be part of A BIGGER THING THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. WHOO! I want the United States Champion on my side... I want you, Bret Hart, by the Nature Boy's side... whaddya say?"

Bret shows no emotion. Instead, he takes the microphone from the announcer.

"I'll think about it..."

And Bret drops the mic on the mat. He and Flair just look at each other as Flair nods his head and walks off while Bret remains in the ring with his US Title.


[Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon & Hollywood Hogan vs. Lex Luger & Konnan]

A valiant effort put forth by both Luger and Konnan, but it... as they say... is not enough. Hogan and DDP constantly double-teamed their opponents. Luger managed to fire up a big rally late into the match, but the numbers game caught up with him. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter to win this one. Hogan then grabs the microphone from the announcer.

"BRUTHA, we've just made a statement... you don't mess with the Alliance... because you CAN'T CONTAIN THE ALLIANCE! Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair are going to RUN WILD ON WCW, BROTHA... Luger... Konnan... YOU'RE NOT THE FIRST... AND YOU'RE DEFINITELY NOT THE LAST! WHATCHA GONNA DO..."

Page grabs the mic from Hogan.

"... when we give you THA' BANG!!!!"

A lot of boos from the crowd. Great heel heat.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon & Hollywood Hogan via Pinfall

Match Rating: *3/4


[::#1 Contendership Match, Last Man Standing:: Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg]

The fans eagerly anticipate this match... Goldberg makes it into the ring first. The fans just explode when they hear his music and he comes out. He waits in the ring for his opponent. Kevin Nash's music hits... and out walks Big Sexy to the delight of the fans in the arena. As he walks down the aisle, Arn Anderson runs at him from behind with a steel chair! Nash goes down! Anderson starts hammering Nash over, and over, and over!!! Goldberg is confused, but decides to to do nothing. Nash is now bleeding from the forehead, and Arn Anderson is grinning at him. Flair walks out.

"Ring the bell! Ring the bell, damnit... or I'll fire your ass!"

The referee asks for the bell to be rung. Flair barks orders again.


The ref, with no other choice, counts to ten... and declares Bill Goldberg as the winner of this match. The fans start booing, and they're peppering the ring with garbage. Flair is smiling, pleased at what he has done. He points at Goldberg.

"Goldberg... congratulations... you're the number one contender..."

Flair then walks over to Nash and kicks him hard in the gut.

"As for you... YOU'RE FIRED! WHOOOOOOO!"

Schiavone is having fits... calling this the greatest moment in the history of wrestling. Goldberg just stares at Flair, Anderson and Nash by the ramp. Flair is laughing. Nash is out cold. The garbage throwing doesn't stop... and the show closes with Goldberg's confused face transfixed on Flair.

Winner: Goldberg

Match Rating: DUD

Nitro TV Rating: 5.23

RAW TV Rating: 7.30

Has Goldberg joined with the Flair-Hogan Alliance? Will Bret Hart join? WATCH IT ALL NEXT WEEK, ON MONDAY NITRO!

On a lighter note... any feedback would be appreciated... :)

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Guest Menace

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far and back in those days I was a fan of WCW as well so that makes this even better. And as far as what you said about being a rookie and not getting many replies, it's the same with my diary so far, so don't feel bad.

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Has WCW raided the WWF talent pool AGAIN? Rumors abound that three WWF Superstars have signed with WCW for an undisclosed amount of money. The rumored Superstars are said to be making their debut in 2-3 months, when their no-compete clause with the WWF comes to an end. WCW and WWF officials have denied any of this, and are refusing to talk to the press. WCW has been very careful of leaking out any new talent signings, which they believe might affect viewership of their flagship program WCW Monday Nitro.

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user posted image


February 1, 1999

Jacksonville, Florida


The show begins with a pan view of the crowd in Jacksonville tonight. Tony Schiavone recalls what transpired last week at Nitro, how Nash was literally SCREWED out of a title shot and his job by Ric Flair and the Flair-Hogan Alliance. Schiavone then tells everyone that Ric Flair is currently back-stage with a message for the WCW fans.

Cut to a shot backstage inside the president's office. Sitting down behind a desk is Ric Flair wearing a very shart suit, standing behind him is Arn Anderson. Flair has a wide smile on his face, more like a knowing leer intended to aggravate the fans.... which it does.

"Jacksonville, WHOO, Flordia! I would like to inform everyone that the World Heavyweight Champion will not be in the arena for the duration of the evening. Mr. Hogan has decided to take the week off... and being that he is the Heavyweight Champion of the World... I have granted him that privelege. I would like everyone to know, that as a result of Goldberg's resoudning victory against Kevin Nash in that hard-fought battle last week... he has earned a shot at the World Title. As president of WCW, I am here to announce that at February 28th... at Los Angeles, WHOO, California... SUPERBRAWL NINE... the BIGGEST REMATCH in the HISTORY of this sport will take place... The Greatest Wrestler Who Ever Lived... HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN will defend the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE against GOLDBERG!!! WHOOO!!! Have a great evening!!!"

The fans reaction is mixed, hatred towards Flair, but joy with regards to the match just announced. Schiavone is having another one of his fits... and it's just the opening segment.


[Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.]

Good opening match for the evening, showcasing why cruiserweight action is a very nice part of WCW. Chavo and Rey hit their usual spot-moves to the delight of all the fans in the arena. Guerrero grabs the victory with a timely-hit DDT on Rey Mysterio.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr. via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***3/4


Backstage, inside the Presdent's office, Lex Luger and Disco Inferno are standing in front of Flair. Luger's face is full of represed anger, while Disco's a bit confused. Flair just smiles at them, and Arn Anderson keeps watch.

"Luger, Disco... I've got a doozy for you... Lex... if you thought last week was hard... tonight is going to be harder... this is the price you pay for associating yourselves with degenerates like Kevin Nash!"

Luger reacts.

"Look Flair... let's drop this stupid game. I don't like what you're doing to WCW, and frankly you're abusing your power!"

Flair then blows up, screaming at both men.

"ABUSING MY POWER!? WHOO! I'm the NATURE BOY, I'm the PRESIDENT OF WCW, I'm RIC FLAIR!!! ...and you CHUMP, are going to step in the ring tonight against GOLDBERG! WHOO! I will make sure that you never ever wrestle again, BUB! And as for you..." points at Disco Inferno "...how about a HANDICAP MATCH... against DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, AND CHRIS KANYON! NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE! WHOO!"

Schiavone's having another fit. Luger vs. Goldberg TONIGHT!


Elsewhere backstage, cameras catch up on Scott Steiner and Bam Bam Bigelow fighting near the buffet table. Food gets thrown around, and chars are flying as the two big men exchange lefts and rights. Staff members rush in to separate the two


[Disco Inferno vs. Diamond Dallas Page / Chris Kanyon]

DDP and Kanyon are introduced first. They wait in the ring for their opponent, Disco Inferno... who anxiously walks down the aisle, not really wanting any of this. Disco jumps into the ring only to be swarmed by Page and Kanyon. Like sharks, they destroy Disco Inferno in a span of three minutes, hitting every possible hard maneuver on him. A limp, uncosnscious Disco Inferno gets hit with the Kanyon-Cutter who grabs the quick pinfall victory. The fans were booing during the entire contest.

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon via Pinfall

Match Rating: ***


Backstage, Booker T is going nuts. He barges out of a door with his bags and walks away from the room. Chris Jericho walks out of the same door, obviously agitated. Schiavone specualtes that the tag team Champs are in very rough waters... with Jericho joining the Alliance and Booker T refusing... what will happen to the tag champs?


Schiavone then informs us that an attack has occured tonight, and Konnan has been ASSAULTED backstage. The cameras catch Konnan being carried on a stretcher into an ambulance. Schiavone specualtes as to who is responsible, and all fingers point to Ric Flair's Alliance.


[::United States Title Match:: Bret Hart vs. Saturn]

Tony Schiavone informs us that due to Saturn's performance last week, he has been given a shot at the US title by the championship commitee of WCW. This was a VERY, VERY well executed match and Saturn got a lot of near-falls in this one. Hart is taken back by the fact that Saturn is actually matching him move-for-move. Bret Hart, however lives up to his nickname as the Excellence of Execution as he reverses the same move Saturn did to him last week... and locks in the Sharpshooter!!! Saturn has learned his lesson however, able to grab the ropes and break the hold. Bret, frustrated, attempts to hit a piledriver on Saturn... who turns things around by backdropping the Hitman! Saturn goes up to the top rope... and hits a cross-body splash... but Bret rolls along with it and ends up with the pinfall victory!!! Saturn looks disappointed with himself... Bret, however, shows some sportsanship by offering a hand to Saturn, which the former accepts! The fans clap at the effort shown by both men, disregarding the fact that Bret was an absolute prick for the past 2-3 months.

Winner: Bret Hart via Submission

Match Rating: ****1/4


Following his win, Bret asks for a microphone from the announcer.

"Last week... I was approached in this ring by none other than WCW President Ric Flair. I bet you all heard it... Flair asked me to join his Alliance of wrestlers with Hollywood Hogan."

Big boos from the crowd.

"Flair, back when I was up north... Vince McMahon basically gave me the same deal... join him... sign a 20-year contract to work for him, and practically be there for life. See, I'm a man of honor... and McMahon... I was loyal to him... I was loyal to that company... and what happened in the end? He screwed me over. He threw away every ounce of loyalty that I offered him, and basically spat at my face. What did I do? I spat back... and I nearly broke the motherfucker's jaw."

The crowd is shocked, the 'F' word wasn't something that they were used to hear from a WCW star...specially with this broadcast on TNT. Schiavone is equally shocked as well.

"So, now Flair, you ask me to join you? You're asking me to trust you, President Flair? You're asking me to be part of your little master plan? Here's my answer. FUCK NO. Take your Alliance and SHOVE IT."

Big cheer from the crowd, as Bret has obviously shown where he stands with regards to the Alliance. Bret drops the mic on the mat, and raises the US Title for the entire crowd to see. Schiavone expresses suprise specially with Bret's vulgarity... but even moreso with Bret's delining Flair's offer. This was undoubtedly the hottest segment of the entire night. (Can anyone say 100 Rating?)


[Goldberg vs. Lex Luger]

The main event is up next... Lex Luger is the first man to walk out, to Wolfpac music. He's wearing a red-n-black Wolfpac shirt. The fans are cheering him on, since he at least tried to stand up to Ric Flair tonight. Luger's face is masked with a blank expression, he shows no fear or concern against his opponent. Goldberg's music then hits, and the entire arena bursts into cheer... a Goldberg chant starts and out walks the Number One Contender to the World Title! As Goldberg settles in the ring, he and Luger have a BIG staredown. Luger's mouthing the words "I ain't afraid of you, big man", Goldberg just stares at him. This was your typical WCW Main Event, high on star power, but low on technical moves. Luger held his own against Goldberg, preventing the man-monster from running him completely over. This entire match lasted 5 minutes before ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE as Alliance members ran into the ring. DDP, Bigelow, Kanyon, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho run in. They immediately hit Goldberg first... prompting the referee to call for the DQ win for Goldberg. Luger wasn't spared though, he got demolished as well. The beatdown continued... until Hollywood Hogan's music HIT! He walks out with a smug grin on his face, while Schiavone tells everyone that Hogan isn't even supposed to be here tonight! Hogan has a steel chair with him... he brings it into the ring and motions for the troops to hold Goldberg and Luger up... it seems like Hogan's about to ANNIHILATE both men with the Steel Chair.

Then, the lights go out! Something, or someone has just come down from the rafters! The lights go back on, and it's Sting!!! He's not wearing any facepaint, but it is indeed Sting, wearing a black trenchcoat and black shades! He's got a steel bat... and he swings it around, causing the Alliance to jump out of the ring. Hogan follows suit... Sting has just saved Goldberg and Luger!!!

Ric Flair walks out, pissed as ever...

Winner: Goldberg via DQ

Match Rating: 3/4*


Sting has a steel bat, and he is definitely not hesitating to use it! Goldberg and Luger are both hurt, but Sting is there! He finally points the bat toward Ric Flair's direction!!! STING IS BACK, AND HE IS BACK IN A BIG WAY! Flair is going nuts, he can't believe this is happening... his master plan for tonight ruined by the sudden appearance of Sting! Hollywood Hogan limps back, while Sting points the bat at HIM! Everyone's cheering, Sting has ARRIVED!!! Schiavone is pissing his pants in excitement as the show closes with a shot of new-look Sting pointing the bat at the Hogan and Flair.

Nitro TV Rating: 4.56

RAW TV Rating: 7.36

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Guest Kingofthuganomics45d

THIS FUCKING ROCKS! You manage to keep the momentom up with this Allicance angle and thats what WCW needed at the time. The Main Event Picture looks great and love Stings return! Keep it up!

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THIS FUCKING ROCKS! You manage to keep the momentom up with this Allicance angle and thats what WCW needed at the time. The Main Event Picture looks great and love Stings return! Keep it up!

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WCW Headquarters

Atlanta, Georgia

February 2, 1999

Eric Bischoff throws a folder on the desk. He is surrounded by the writing team for Nitro. No wrestlers were invited to this meeting, a new tactic by Bischoff to prevent 'pull' from being used by any of these guys.

"JESUS CHRIST! Bret Hart just gave one of the best adlib tirades in the history of wrestling, Sting returns to big fan reaction, and we LOSE ratings in the process? Someone tell me what's wrong... because I'm out of ideas..."

Brad Siegel, one of the writers, raises his hand.

"Yeah, Brad?"

"Well, sir... I think that we need to replot our entire direction... let's face it... we've been showing the same faces over and over... we need fresh faces... we need to get more young people on board... we need something revolutionary..."

"Like what?"

"Well... first of all, Goldberg's one of the BIGGEST NAMES we have... and we need to capitalize on his popularity... the Hulk Hogan train has left the station already, and as much as I like the guy, the title has to come off him..."

"I'd expected it to come to this... Terry won't like this..."

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Atlanta, Georgia

Sunday, February 7, 1999

AP - WCW Superstar Scott Hall was reportedly suspended from making any TV appearances due to him skipping several promotional activities for WCW. Management has kept a close watch on Hall's work ethics, which have been constantly deteriorating since the beginning of the last year. An inside source says that "Hall doesn't like the way his character is going, and everyday he feels like he's more detached to the entire company". Hall has been off WCW TV since an on-air 'suspension' storyline was given to him by 'acting WCW president' Ric Flair.

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