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Backstory: Ch.1

So there I was. In a stretch limo heading towards Titan Towers in Stamford,

Connecticut. The first time I had ever been anywhere farther east or north than Illinois. I arrived

the previous night in a private jet, the first time I had ever traveled so stylishly. Oh yeah, sorry,

why and how I got here. I forgot, my bad.

You see about 2 months ago I had just purchased a bottle of Cherry Coke from a soda machine,

I was thirsty as hell at first so I didn't look at the cap at all. After a few swigs, I forgot that WWE

was running a promotion with Coca Cola. I looked at the cap:


What the hell does that mean? So I looked on the label and apparently they had codes to tell you

what you won. I found "TTTT" promptly and read: Trip to Titan Towers. So I was like, "Kickass!"

I'd be going on a tour of Titan Towers with 20 other winners from across the country.

So here I am now. After day dreaming slightly I am awoken in the back of my limo by my


Chaffeur: "Mr. Garretson, we're here."

I simply replied, startled at first,

Me: "Oh, right."

After I stepped out I forgot I had a chaffeur and I went to close the door but then I realized

what I was doing. Wow I was going to be spoiled when I got back home.

I joined the other 19 winners of the promotion at the back as our tour guide introduced herself.

Her name was Jessica. I was getting really impatient as I just wanted to get inside, but FINALLY

we went inside Titan Towers.

We entered somewhat of a reception room, people with general appointments with certain

officials had a waiting area and there was a desk with a secretary. We even passed the writers

conference room and lots of company big shots' offices.

But then we came to the biggest of all big shots. The biggest of the kahunas. We weren't close

to the door, about 30 feet away down the hallway from the office for security reasons, but still.

Vince McMahon was a mere 30 feet away from me. Granted, I couldn't see him of course

because he was in the office...but it sent chills down my back.

As we prepared to enter the ending part of our tour and head back to a nearby elevator, I

noticed a sign by Vince's door. It read:




I saw a couple chairs a few feet away from Vince's door which was obviously the waiting line. But

there was only one person sitting there. It was fairly late in the day however, about 4:36, so

maybe this was the last person.

I then got an insane idea.

I looked at myself. I looked fairly professional, hell, you could pass me off as a worker here, I

was dressed up pretty nicely. Plus we were given nametags to clip on our clothes as momentos,

but they looked almost exactly like the real ones that the real staff wore around the place. I took

a deep breathe and walked over to the man waiting in line.

Me: "Um, sir?"

Man waiting: "Yes?'

The tone of his voice sounded like he recognized me as an employee, speaking up to me almost.

The plan was beginning to run its course, our at least the course that I hope it would run. I

looked back as my tour group was disappearing into the elevator. Had I not been at the back of

the group they would have easily noticed me. Perhaps being late today was a good thing, for


Me: "May I ask your name, sir?"

Man: "It's Gary. Gary Jones."

Me: "Are you in line for the job interviews, Mr. Jones?"

Jones: "Yes I am. Why?"

Me: "Well, I'm Mr. McMahon's assistant, and I was informed to tell anyone still waiting for

a job interview that something very important has come up in Mr. McMahon's schedule, and all

other interviews today would be cancelled and the person he is currently speaking with will be

the last one of the day. I'm sorry, Mr. Jones."

Jones: "Well, that's disappointing. Did he say anything about rescheduling?"

Me: "He just told me that he would contact you sometime."

Jones "Alright then, thanks for passing on the news. I suppose I should be going then.

Have a nice day..*looks at nametag*..Mr. Garretson."

Me: "You too, Mr. Jones."

I waited until the coast was clear and he disappeared completely into the nearby elevator before

discarding my name tag in the trash, and I sat down as non-chalant as I could in one of the

waiting chairs. Wow, what the hell did I get myself into. I could get thrown out by security if

they found out somehow. But then again...I could be a new creative writing team member. It

was a big risk reward but after thinking about it I decided it would be worth it.

I also thought of another thing.

I'm going to be talking with Vince McMahon. He'll probably find some questions to put me on the

hot seat and pick me part with them. Oh god. I calmed myself down though, barely in time as

I saw the previous interviewee emerge from McMahon's office with a grim look on his face, like he

was just demoralized. This didn't help my composure at all. Nonetheless, when I heard the voice,

I didn't hesitate to stand up and walk in.

Voice from inside office: "Last applicant..Mr. Jones, please come in."

This was it. My big chance. Probably my only chance.

I had to make it count.


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Interesting story. So its the usual "I became a booker of this fed" diary but hey atleast this thing has something I like. And its the "screw someone out of something". That whole interaction with your character and that job applicant was funny. Well since I never got to see your previous work, uhm....I'll be readin I guess. (WWE diary mark, your in luck :D )

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Thanks for all the feedback, guys!

To ell- I guess I never thought about some of you guys maybe thinking it was that simple before the actual prize is revealed...I should of put a ton of spaces before revealing what it actually was, lol.

I don't consider myself to be among the best of the diary writers, and I never have, but I think I float around the 7/8 out of 10 range, the tier before the elite. I like to entertain people with writing, and it seems like I almost need to keep track of every thing I do like these things, like EWR diaries, sports video game dynasties, etc.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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Backstory Ch.2

We continue the story later that day, Tuesday, July 27th, 4:54 p.m.

So I entered his office and Vince told me to shut the door, so I did so. The back of his chair was

facing me and he told me to take a seat across from him in front of his desk, so once again, I did.

He turned around in his chair to face me, I gulped as his did so. I was somewhat intimidated, who

wouldn't be, though?

Vince: "So Mr...*Looking at some papers*..Jones?"

Me: "Um-actuall-Er..Yes sir."

I almost forgot I wasn't Jordan Garretson anymore. I was Gary Jones. I barely saved myself,

though.He gave me a weird look but I guess by the way the day had been going he was almost

exhausted in disappointment so far, so he didn't really care or notice too much.

Vince: "Alright Mr. Jones, I'm going to be honest with you. Today's applicants have been

disappointing...to say the least. They just haven't had what I've been looking for. They just had

bland, old ideas like there already is in the WWE. I need a new head writer for Raw that has

pizazz...some new, fresh ideas."

Me: "I understand sir."

Vince: "So...lets hear some of your ideas, Gary."

What was I going to do? Wait....I also carried a small piece of notepad sized paper and pen in

my pocket. I would sometimes write down storylines and ideas for a wrestling promoter simulator

called Extreme Warfare Revenge. If I remember correctly I had jotted down some ideas last

night at the hotel before I went to bed after watching RAW.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, yes I did have it! I glanced at it

quickly so that Vince would maybe not notice me checking, and to my relief it did have my ideas

that I brainstormed last night for my EWR game.

Me: "Well I this piece of paper here...I write down ideas and storylines on it when I'm

inspired...Would you like to see it?"

Vince: "Great, I like a person who is prepared to brainstorm ideas 24/7 like you are. Let's

see it!"

I handed him the piece of paper and he took it, putting on his reading glasses. He read over it as

I twiddled my fingers and looked around his luxurious office, glancing from time to time to see if

he was almost done, as I had quite a few ideas written on it.

Finally, about 3 or 4 minutes after I had given the paper to him, he was done looking over it,

both front and back. He handed it back as I stuffed it back into my pocket. I gulped again as I

waited for his opinion. He left me in suspense for a few seconds for saying anything. I was

almost certain he was going to laugh at me and have me kicked out of the building immediately.

To my relief, and suprise, he voice was in all seriousness when he voiced his thoughts of my


Vince: "Your ideas are absolutely fantastic! They're just the kind of ideas I've been looking

for. These are ideas that can really spice up the product! I usually don't immediately hire people

as head writers right away, only as lower ranking writers..but I have a feeling about you. I'm

confident that you can improve my product with your ideas. Consider yourself the new head

writer of RAW! You can begin tomorrow, we'll have your office ready in morning. We'll pay your

hotel fees until you can find a permant place to stay here in the area as well, Mr. Jones."

Wow. I was overwhelemed. This is simply awesome, too good to be true! I stood up as he did

and shook his hand. I was snapped out of it by the firm, steady grip he gave on the handshake,

my hand was almost aching when he let go.

Me: "Wow...I don't kno- I mean..thank you Mr. McMahon! Thank you very much!"

I left with a confident smile on my face as I took the elevator back down to the original reception

room. I had to almost escape James Bond like, trying not to make noise, because when I entered

the building originally I was almost poisitive the secretary glanced at me and she would get

suspicious if she saw me leaving so late after the rest of the group. I did manage to get out of

there successfully though, but barely.

My chaffeur was waiting outside the limo when I got outside. He opened the door for me as I

stepped into the back of the limo.

Chaffeur: "What took you so long, Mr. Garretson? Why didn't you leave with the rest of

the group?"

I struggled to think of some excuse, but I managed to find one.

Me: "Well you see..er..I couldn't decide on what thing to get from the gift shop."

He closed the door and walked around and got in, then lowered the window so we could continue

our conversation as he began to drive to my hotel.

Chaffeur: "There's a gift shop in there?"

Me: "Umm..Yeah. Of course. Why wouldn't there be?"

Chaffeur: "Well do you mind me asking what you got? I don't see anything."

Me: "Well you see, they didn't have price tags on their items, you find out when the

cashier scans it. And the price was so insane I decided against it."

He gave me a weird look that I saw in the mirror, but it looked like he just shrugged and close the

window. Part of me wanted to punch him or something. He's a damn chaffeur for someone who

won a contest. Why the hell does he need to know every damn thing I did in there? After all..I

was sort of a big shot now right..?

Wait. Holy shit.

I hadn't thought about any of this. This was unlike me, I usually thought about everything. But

my dreams and desires took over me today as I did lots of things on impulse. And now I was in a


I was in charge of the whole RAW brand now. I decided what mainly would make up the RAW

brand shows and pay-per-views and accepted and denied other writers ideas. If there was

even..one bad show...maybe just one really bad segment..I probably would be almost instantly

fired because he sounded so confident I would put out good work.

Not to mention if I was fired, I would have to put that on my past jobs list on future job

applications..my potential employer would maybe contact Vince..and he would never give me a

good recommendation, ever. I would probably never get a decent job again. It was all or

nothing, I had to do a good job, at least sufficient as the head writer..or it may be no job ever


For yet another time again today I was snapped out of spacing off by my Chaffeur as we had

arrived, I wasn't even paying attention as he had opened my door.

Chaffeur: "Sir? Sir? Are you okay?"

Me: "Umm..yes...sorry. I'm fine."

I stepped out of the limo as he shut the door behind me and went to leave.

Chaffuer: "Good day, Mr. Garretson."

Me: "Yeah..su-I mean..you too."

I walked through the hotel lobby and headed up to my room, all the thoughts circling around in

my head. As I stepped into my room and settled down, I begin to calm down as well. I laid down

on my bed as I tossed my keycard and wallet on the nightstand by me.

Wait. Yet another thing I hadn't thought about, at all? Yes.

I grabbed my wallet, doing a double take, as I saw a glance of my ID in my wallet when it was in

mid air going towards the night stand.

I looked at my ID.

Jordan Garretson

I had to almost..partially live by another persona now. Half and half. It was going to be hell

balancing it out. As I toyed with this thought over and over in my head, somehow, for some

reason, I made some really stupid, pointless connection when I was thinking about someone so


Jordan Garretson

Gary Jones



I knew I couldn't waste my time over stupid things like this if I was going to keep my job, not to

mention balance my two..identities if you will. I was going to have to get started, right away,

too. I grabbed my paper and pen from my pocket and laid on my stomach writing down more nad

more ideas...this time not some innocent ideas for a fantasy world known as EWR. This time...its

the real thing. I fell asleep after a few hours, pen and papper filled with cross outs and dozens

of thoughts, concepts, and ideas.

Perhaps it was my inner child, crazed WWF/WWE fan inside me that made all these stupid

impulse decisions today.

Nonentheless...this experience was going to be something...something for sure, but I don't

know quite what, except for one thing.

Something that I'll never...ever...forget.

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Sunday Night Heat - Sunday 8/1/04

Attendance: 7,518

Tyson Tomko vs Val Venis

Tomko pinned Val Venis cleanly after a monster powerslam by Tyson. After the match Tomko issued an open challenge for RAW tomorrow night.

Chuck Palumbo vs The Hurricane

The Hurricane defeated Palumbo cleanly following a devastating shining wizard.

Batista vs Tajiri

Batista had trouble with the speedy Tajiri at first, but eventually overpowered him, and pinned him cleanly following a huge powerbomb.

(Future Heat results will follow this concise format as well. Expect RAW to be more in-depth.)

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RAW preview - August 2nd, 2004

RAW kicks off at 9 eastern, 8 central this Monday on Spike TV to bring you the first edition of RAW of August 2004, LIVE!

Eric Bischoff has scheduled an intriguing main event for Monday night, featuring the man who perhaps shattered Triple H's title hopes last week in the iron man match, Eugene, against Evolution's own monster, Batista. Will Triple H speak out regarding last week's events, as well?

Speaking of Eric Bischoff, Bischoff has also made it clear that he has a huge announcement to make Monday night regarding the RAW brand.

Also in singles action, the intercontinental champion Edge will defend his title against the big red machine, Kane.

Last night on Sunday Night Heat, Tyson Tomko issued an open challenge for Monday night. Will someone answer it? If so, who? Tune in to find out.

All this and much, much more, live at 9, 8 central on Spike TV!

(Please note that I'll be going out of town tomorrow, and won't be back 'till Sunday. RAW will probably not be posted untill late Sunday or Monday.)

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hahahah! Oh man now that was mean! You stole someone's identity. You do know someday he might come back and uhm..ya know. Anyways, RAW seems to be interesting. Eugene vs Batista sounds nice.

Though if your idea had a hoss jobbing, I dont think Vince is gonna say "EXCELLENT" at all. But hey, thats Vince, he loves his hosses.

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Monday Night Raw - Monday 8/2/04

Attendance: 7,506

Evolution segment

To kick off the show, Evolution comes out to many boos from the jam-packed crowd. Triple H talked about how Eugene will pay for what he did last week, and he will regret he was ever born, if he even makes it out alive after his match with Batista tonight. Randy Orton also told Triple H that he will take care of Benoit come Summerslam, and return the World Heavyweight Title to Evolution, where it belongs.

Rob Conway vs The Hurricane

Rosey stood in Hurricane's corner and Grenier in Conway's corner. While Conway got off to a quick start when he attacked Hurricane before the bell, Hurricane began to gain momentum, and Rosey made sure that he would keep it, chasing after Grenier whenever he tried to assist Conway. Eventually it escalated to a fight between Rosey and Grenier on the outside, Conway attempted a back body drop but Hurricane rolled over into a sunset flip, however Conway had enough momentum to reverse it, and grabbed the tights of Hurricane which the referee wasn't able to see. Neither was Rosey, as he was still fighting with Grenier on the outside, which allowed Conway to steal the victory. La Resistance got the hell out of there immediately, though.

Result: Rob Conway d. The Hurricane via pinfall

Bischoff's huge announcement.

We see Eric Bischoff backstage in his office on the 'tron. He talks about how he is always trying to improve the RAW brand and make it better, and he's always on the job as GM. He says he has made a big move to ensure the RAW brand remains supreme and has made a "huge" signing, and while he doesn't know the exact time that his debut will be, he guarantees it will be by the end of this month, and he guarantees the signee will rock the RAW brand.

Tomko's open challenge

We see a video package of Tomko's victory last night on Sunday Night Heat, and afterwards where he made an open challenge for tonight on RAW. He comes out accompanied by Trish and awaits a challenger from the back. Tommy Dreamer's music hits and the crowd goes fairly bezerk seeing as Tomko may regret making this challenge. Dreamer comes out holding a trash can full of weapons and a mic. He asks Tomko if he thinks he's so tough, why not go through with a hardcore match? Tomko is pretty suprised and overwhelmed, not expecting Dreamer to come out, but eventually accepts, wanting to prove himself.

Hardcore match

Tyson Tomko vs Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer takes advantage of overwhelming Tomko and gets the early advantage, using weapons such as the trash can he brought all of his weapons to the ring in, to frying pans, to kendo sticks, to steel chairs. Tomko turns the tide of the match when Dreamer attempts a chair shot but Tomko hits a devastating bicycle kick on the chair into Dreamer's face. tomko continued to simply punish Dreamer from then on, overpowering him for the most part. To finish him off Tomko destroyed Dreamer with a massive powerslam that send Dreamer crashing through a table, where afterwards Tomko pinned Dreamer to get the hard fought victory after the brutal hardcore match.

Result: Tyson Tomko d. Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

Benoit backstage

We see Chris Benoit chatting with a stage hand before bidding farewell and walking off, only to be brutally attacked behind by the number 1 contendor, Randy Orton. Orton is badmouthing Benoit with each painful blow, stomping and punching away at him. Orton finishes him off and says if he needed help to win last week, he is going to need a hell of a lot more help to beat him at Summerslam, and to enjoy his title reign while it lasts.

Kane/Lita segment

We see Lita backstage drinking coffee, and Kane scares her from behind, almost making her spill her coffee. Kane asked how his baby was and Lita said that the baby was fine. Kane said that was good and he smelled her hair and patted her stomach before laughing and leaving, heading towards the ring.

Intercontinental title

Edge © vs Kane

Edge tries to go punch for punch against Kane to start off, which turns out to be a mistake and Kane dominates the match, devastating Edge's body with each powerful move, including powerslams, irish whips into the steps, and a huge back body drop. However it didn't get too far after that as Matt Hardy ran out and attacked Kane yet again, which calls for the ref to call for the bell, and he does calling a DQ awarding the victory to Kane, though Ede retains the title. Hardy wins the battle against Kane by what appears to be pure adrenaline, apparently seeing what just happened backstage. Hardy has to be torn away from Kane by officials from the back.

Result: Kane d. Edge via disqualification

Batista is WALKING!

We see Batista walking through a hallway backstage, apparently heading for the ring for tonight's main event against Eugene. Batista is pumped and has an intense look on his face.

Eugene vs Batista

Eugene is somewhat intimidated at first, but then again there isn't many who aren't against Batista. Eugene mainly dodges attacks by Batista to start until Batista finally lands a massive clothesline. Batista dominates Eugene and JR keeps rambling how the Ref should end the match and that this is ridiculous and sadastic. King constantly replies back with the "Eugene got himself into this" remark. Batista attempts a violent irish whip on Eugene which sends Eugene into the un-suspecting referee, knocking him out. Batista attempts a kick but Eugene catches it and spins Batista around and gives him a stunner! Eugene covers him but the ref is still out. Eugene tries to wake up the referee but it is to no avail. Randy Orton runs out with a chair and nails Eugene while he is trying to get the referee to come to consciousness. Batista grabs Eugene and holds him up for a free chair shot, but Benoit runs out and gives a german suplex to the unsuspecting Orton then picks up the chair and nails a charging Batista. Benoit throws the chair out of the ring and brawls with Orton on the outside of the ring. Eugene recovers and the ref is also stirring. Eugene drags Batista to the middle of the ring and gives him his own version of the People's Elbow! He then makes the cover and gets the 1-2-3 and earns the victory. Benoit drags Eugene out of the ring as the rest of Evolution comes down to the ring but Benoit andEugene leave through the crowd as an irate Evolution throw a collective tantrum in the ring to end the show.

Result: Eugene d. Batista via pinfall

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RAW preview - August 9th, 2004

Tune into RAW this Monday night as we continue the road to Summerslam, live at 9 eastern, only on Spike TV!

Randy Orton already thinks he is destined to become the World Champion at Summerslam, and now Eric Bischoff has given him the chance to become a double champion, giving him a shot at the man whom he lost the Intercontinental Championship to, Edge, in Monday's main event!

The Game will most likely be displeased when he arrives Monday night after what took place in last week's main event where Eugene walked away almost unscathed in the end. What will he and or Evolution do about Eugene? Not to mention he has been scheduled to wrestle Matt Hardy on Monday night in what should be a fantastic match.

Speaking of Evolution, Ric Flair will be in singles action this Monday night when he goes 1 on 1 with Y2J, Chris Jericho!

In addition to these matches Mark Henry and Garrison Cade will face the team of Hurricane and Rosey to determine the number 1 contendors to the tag team titles that La Resistance currently hold.

To see all of this and much, much more, tune into Spike TV Monday night at 9 eastern to catch RAW live!

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