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Let's strategy game.

MalaCloudy Black

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Someone reccomend me some, preferably for the PC. I lean more towards games set in fantasy worlds (high fantasy, usually - LOTR and the such) or during the middle ages. Is LOTR: Battle For Middle-Earth any good? What about Disciples II? Are there any games based on Warhammer (not 40k)?

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Yes Cloudy there are Warhammer strategy games, Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen but both of those are properly aged nowadays - you could probably find them online somewhere. Then there's Battle March for 360 (maybe PC too?) it seems pretty good so far but the controls are ridiculously complicated for a console so on the PC it should be good.

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I know this thread is a month old, but pfft...

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. The soundtrack is by Jeremy Soule, which is usually reason enough to buy a game. :shifty: Like Dawn of War, it pretty much does away with all that "base building" shenanigans, and focuses on killing shit. You get gold and rewards from your battles and optional side-quests, which you can use to upgrade and personalise your units (you don't 'build' units at the battle, you recruit them as you go along between battles, then fight any enemies you encounter with the troops you have available). So it's more of a tactical game than a traditional "build two bases, build lots of units and fight" type of game.

Badass game. They released an expansion for it too: Battle March that Trips mentioned. Battle March was the name of the 360 release two years after the PC version, with lots of new stuff , then they released an expansion for the PC, also called Battle March. Bit confusing.

Shadow of the Horned Rat is great, but showing it's age like Trips said, it was released in 1995, bless. Dark Omen was the sequel, and has (slightly) better graphics, and a crap storyline. ¬_¬

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