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Troma Films

MalaCloudy Black

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Recommend me some. I've already decided I'm going to check out Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD and possibly Tromeo & Juliet, but aside from that I have no idea what else to look for.

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If you're going for the Kaufman-directed ones, I'd suggest Terror Firmer. It's probably my favorite, mostly because it's about a killer going around offing people on the set of a Troma movie. I've really only seen Toxic Avengers 1 and 4, TF, Tromeo and Sgt. Kabukiman. I was really tempted to pick up Poultrygeist after seeing it at Best Buy last weekend.

As for the other movies, I can't suggest Cannibal: The Musical enough. Not only is the movie awesome, but it has one of the best DVD commentaries as well. One I can't really recommend in good conscience is Killer Condom. It sounds a lot better than it actually is. Another one I'd probably stay away from is Unspeakable, unless you're a fan of sick films that border on snuff. Stick with Bloodsucking Freaks if that's your kinda thing. I've been pretty out of the loop with Troma recently, but I have taken up re-reading Kaufman's books whenever I'm on the crapper.

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