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WWF 95


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1995 Review

June 5th 1995

We are in the 5th month of the calendar year, and in this article we will look back at the year so far, as well analyizing the wrestlers in the WWF. Obviously, the King of the Ring is upcoming and the focus is building up to that, but take a look back on a good year wrestling wise for the WWF, despite the huge advantage that has been gained by WCW.

Main Eventers:

Bret Hart - (Face, 100 Over, WWF World Champion)

Diesel - (Heel, 83)

Upper Midcarders:

British Bulldog - (Face, 83, WWF Tag Team Champion)

Lex Luger - (Face, 82, WWF Tag Team Champion)

Razor Ramon - (Face, 93)

Shawn Michaels - (Heel, 88)

Undertaker - (Face, 86)

Yokozuna - (Heel, 79, Number 1 Contender for the WWF World Title)


Bam Bam Bigelow - (Heel, 75)

Bart Gunn - (Face, 53)

Billy Gunn - (Face, 51)

Bob Backlund - (Heel, 79)

Chris Candido - (Face, 67)

Crush - (Heel, 76)

IRS - (Heel, 69)

Jerry Lawler - (Heel, 70)

Jimmy Del Ray - (Heel, 74)

Kama - (Heel, 66)

King Kong Bundy - (Heel, 64)

Mabel - (Face, 64)

Owen Hart - (Heel, 89)

Raven - (Face, 74)

Sean Waltman - (Heel, 84)

Tatanka - (Heel, 73)

Tom Pritchard - (Heel, 76)

Lower Midcarders:

Adam Bomb - (Face, 63)

Bushwacker Butch - (Face, 59)

Bushwacker Luke - (Face, 60)

Doink The Clown - (Face, 56)

Duke The Dumpster Droese - (Face, 42)

Eddie Guerrero - (Heel, 55)

Frankie Lancaster - (Heel, 55)

Glenn Jacobs - (Heel, 54)

Hakushi - (Face, 61)

Jean-Paul Dibease - (Heel, 63)

Johnny Swinger - (Face, 51)

Mo - (Face, 54)

Paul Roma - (Face, 57)

Sean Casey - (Heel, 47)

Steve Corino - (Heel, 47)


Bob Holly - (Face, 54)

Chris Hero - (Face, 47)

Doug Furnas - (Heel, 54)

Jeff Hardy - (Face, 33)

Matt Hardy - (Face, 37)

Phil Lafon - (Heel, 40)

Pierre Oulette - (Heel, 58)


Harvery Whippleman - (Heel, Manages Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon)

Jim Cornette - (Heel, Manages Camp Cornette)

Paul Bearer - (Face, Manages The Undertaker)

Ted Dibease - (Heel, Manages The Million Dollar Corperation)


Sgt. Slaughter - (Appears Only to Make Major Announcements)

Other Workers:

Jeff Jarrett - (Out until November with Ripped Bicep)

The Roadie - (Sent to Development due to Lack of Ideas)

Sid Vicious - (In Rehab for Cocaine)

Aldo Montoya - (Sent to Development to Improve)

Steven Dunn - (Sent to Development to Improve)

Timothy Well - (Sent to Development to Improve)

Kwang - (Sent to Development to Improve)

Henry Godwinn - (Sent to Development due to Stiffness and Selling)

WWF World Champion: Bret Hart

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart

WWF Tag Team Champions: The Allied Powers


Camp Cornette:

Jim Cornette

Sean Waltman


Jimmy Del Ray

Tom Pritchard

Million Dollar Corperation:

Ted Dibease




Bam Bam Bigelow

King Kong Bundy

Steve Corino

Paul Dibease

Tag Teams:

The Allied Powers - British Bulldog

The Heavenly Bodies - Jimmy Del Ray

The Bushwackers - Luke and Butch

The Smoking Gunns - Bart Gunn and Billy Gunn

Men on a Mission - Mo and Mabel

The Can-Am Express - Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon

The Hardy Boys - Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

The Uprising - Frankie Lancaster and Sean Casey

HBK and Jacobs - Shawn Michaels and Glenn Jacobs

Million Dollar Team - Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka

Well Dunn - Steven Dunn and Timothy Well

Headshrinkers - Fatu and Seone

PPV Recap

Royal Rumble:

WWF World Title Match

Diesel D. Lex Luger

Bret Hart wins the 30 Man Royal Rumble

WWF Tag Team Title Match

Bam Bam and Tatanka D. The Smoking Gunns

1-2-3 Kid D. Crush

Hakushi D. Pierre Oulette

Wrestlemania XI:

WWF World Title Match

Bret Hart D. Diesel

The Undertaker D. Shawn Michaels

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Owen Hart D. Razor Ramon

Clash of the Titans

Yokozuna D. Sid Vicious

Street Fight

Crush D. Adam Bomb

Tag Team Title Match

The Allied Powers D. Bam Bam and Tatanka

Raven D. Henry Godwinn

Kama, IRS and Ted Dibease D. Paul Roma, 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly

Number 1 Contendership for the Tag Titles

Jeff Jarrett and Roadie D. The Smoking Gunns, Men on a Mission, The Bushwackers, Well Dunn, Heavenly Bodies, Hakushi and Swinger, Backlund and Lawler, Furnas and LaFon and The Headshrinkers

In Your House I:

WWF World Title Steel Cage Match

Bret Hart D. Diesel

Shawn Michaels D. Sid Vicious

The Undertaker D. Crush

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Owen Hart D. Adam Bomb

Razor Ramon D. Kama

Paul Roma D. King Kong Bundy

Raven D. Jerry Lawler

Yokozuna D. Johnny Swinger

WWF Tag Team Title Match

The Allied Powers D. Jarrett and The Roadie

In Your House II:

WWF World Title Submission Match

Bret Hart D. Bob Backlund

Number 1 Contenders Match for the WWF World Title

Yokozuna D. Sid Vicious, Undertaker and Diesel

Ted Dibease D. Paul Roma

Sean Waltman D. Bob Holly

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Owen Hart D. Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon

No Holds Barred

Crush D. Raven

WWF Tag Team Title Match

The Allied Powers D. The Heavenly Bodies

Eddie Guerrero D. Mabel

The Smoking Gunns D. The Can-Am Express

Which leads us to now, and the current storylines:-

Bret Hart and Yokozuna are on a collision course for King of the Ring, this has turned into a verbal war, mainly between Hart and Cornette. Yokozuna assaulted Hart following his handicap match with The Heavenly Bodies

Sid Vicious has been ruled out of the KOTR tournament, and a mystery replacement will take his place. We are still unsure as to who this is, but we will find out on Raw.

Glenn Jacobs was brought in by Shawn Michaels to protect him from unfair incidents, in the way Diesel first did when he entered the WWF

Speaking of Michaels, due to the controversal finish to the match at IYH II, Sgt. Slaughter has announced that a rematch will take place at the King of the Ring between HBK, Razor Ramon and Owen Hart for the Intercontinental Title, but this will be a ladder match

The Undertaker and Diesel have started a rivalry as of late, they both want to prove that they are better than the other. They are set to meet at KOTR

One of the big stories of the year was Paul Romas surprise return at the Royal Rumble. Since being assaulted the night after by Dibease's Corperation, Roma has made it his mission to run the group out of town. After beating Bam Bam, Tatanka, Kama, IRS and then King Kong Bundy at In Your House I, Roma earned a shot at Dibease for IYH II, and just when Roma thought he had won, Steve Corino made his debut and helped Dibease. Roma has promised revenge on Corino, but first he makes his attempt to become King of the Ring

On the Million Dollar Corperation position, last night in the first ever 2 hour edition of Superstars, Ted Dibease introduced his nephew, Paul Dibease who one day will earn a healthy estate from his uncle.

On the same episode of Superstars, two young tag teams made their debut. The Uprising defeated the Hardy Boys in a very entertaining match. Both teams have impressed officals at house shows and may receive a push up the card

Raven has been dominant this year, since interupting Henry Godwinns interview before Wrestlemania. Since then, Raven went undefeated until he lost to Crush at IYH II. Raven has impressed though, and is one of the favorites for the King of the Ring

If you do mention dominant forces, you can't miss out Crush. Crush has been virtually unbeatable this year and has not stepped down from a fight. He is also in the quarter finals of the King of the Ring following a huge victory over Lex Luger

Eddie Guerrero is another man who has been impressing. He was used as a jobber to the stars for the first 3 months, but following a surprise victory over Mo, albeit tainted, he gained confidence. He then defeated Mabel, and has moved on to beat the likes of Duke Droese and Bob Holly

And that leads us to the King of the Ring, the card stands like this:

WWF World Title Match

Bret Hart Vs Yokozuna

Diesel Vs The Undertaker

WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

Owen Hart Vs Razor Ramon Vs Shawn Michaels

Plus the Finals and Semi Finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

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Nice backstory, but there are a few holes I think you should fill:

How did Triple H get in the Corporation? What is Waltaman's current gimmick?

Two more things:

1) It is usually not a good idea to debut two wrestlers/tag teams in matches against each other because

a. It will get a very low crowd reaction.

b. It doesn't cause impact as a debut for the winning team.

Oh, and the ladder match should be off the hook.

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Nice backstory, but there are a few holes I think you should fill:

How did Triple H get in the Corporation? What is Waltaman's current gimmick?

Two more things:

1) It is usually not a good idea to debut two wrestlers/tag teams in matches against each other because

a. It will get a very low crowd reaction.

b. It doesn't cause impact as a debut for the winning team.

Oh, and the ladder match should be off the hook.

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Wrestlezine Raw Report - 5th June 95

We open up with Vinnie Mac and JR hyping up the KOTR just under 3 weeks away. Bret and Yokozuna meet in what will hopefully be an epic encounter, like their previous one at Mania X. They then build up to the KOTR 1st round matches tonight, which leads us to...

Bam Bam Bigelow taking on the unique Raven. Scotty Flamengo has come a long way and developed into an interesting character, and may be one seen to take the next step up sometime in the near future. Back and forth match up between two big brawlers, who would probably be better suited to the ECW way of life. Raven signalled for the Evenflow to end the match, but Bam Bam pushed him away. Bam Bam went for the Irish whip, but countered into Tatanka, who for some reason was on the apron. The heels collide allowing Raven to hit the Evenflow for the win. A two on one beatdown occured until The Smoking Gunns ran in to save Raven. Decent match, and pushes Raven as a threat for the tournament

The Allied Powers are backstage, and Luger in particular ripped into Crush for cheating in their KOTR match last week. Never mind Lex, you wouldn't of won the thing anyway. They promise revenge on Crush, and say that the Bulldog will win the tournament to go with the tag team titles. I wonder if one day, the USA and the UK will ever be as close as Lex and Davey Boy make them out to be

Back in the ring and we are set up for a special edition of the Heartbreak Hotel. HBK and Glenn Jacobs walk out to major heat from the crowd. Jacobs is so similar to Diesel when he first entered, the looks, the size, his role and the fact that he is there purely to boost Shawn Michaels career. Razor Ramon comes out next and gets in the face of Michaels, then the IC champ comes out, and gets in the face of both men.

A very entertaining segment followed, with Michaels going over the best of the three. Every time he asked Owen or Razor a question, he would cut them off. There was even a point when Razor's mic was turned off as punishment for 'sucking the charisma out of the ring'. Razor then changed mics and reminded Michaels who won last time they were in a ladder match for that belt. Owen then reminders him who won the last time the three were in a triple threat match, and HBK reminders Owen who the whiny little bitch in his family was. Ouch. Razor warns Jacobs about getting involved, before turning to Owen. Jacobs clocks Razor from behind with a mic, and then chokeslams him. Owen begins putting boots in but has his head taken off with a Superkick from Shawn Michaels. Michaels stands over both men with the Intercontinental title, with Jacobs behind him with his arm in the air. Very good segment and hopefully the match will be this good

Back to the action, and Tatanka takes on Chris Candido in another King of the Ring match. Even better than the earlier one which says something. Candido looks so more natural in the ring since returning from the Ohio Valley company in April. Candido signals for the powerbomb, but Bam Bam Bigelow takes him out with a clothesline to prompt a DQ. Another double team begins, with The Smoking Gunns again running in for the save and to chase off their rivals. I can now see a match between the two teams almost certain for King of the Ring and it should be a dandy, and Candido could be a dark horse to win a shot for the WWF Title at Summerslam

Wrestlemania XI is now available on Colliseum home video. Relive Owen Hart capturing the Intercontinental title from Razor Ramon, The Allied Powers winning the Tag Team titles, Shawn Michaels and Undertakers classic encounter and of course, Bret Hart's historic World Title win over Diesel.

The music of Bret Hart plays throughout the arena, and champ has something to say which is fine by me. He puts himself over as a fighting champion, which he is. He then brings up his usual catchphrases, you know, Excellence of Execution, Best there is, was and will be, etc. He says that Yokozuna is nothing and will not leave KOTR as the champion, before calling him out. Instead, Jim Cornette comes out and stands in the entrance way. He calls Bret a phony, which is rich from a man who stands around waving a tennis racket, in the wrestling industry. Cornette says that he has more cards up his sleeve than Bret can guess, and one of them is the sneak attack by the Heavenly Bodies, who came from nowhere and laid out the Hitman. Double superkick and Bret is out. They follow it up with a spike powerbomb. Cornette calls that a preview of things to come for Bret.

Back from the break, and we are shown footage of Bret being carried to the back by road agents

We are now ready for tag team action as The Smoking Gunns emerge for only the 3rd time tonight to take on King Kong Bundy and Paul Dibease. Bundy is without doubt the weakest wheel in the match, which of course means that the WWF makes him do the majority of the work. The bits involving Dibease were good though, and he showed his methodical side, similar to Uncle Teddy. The finish was a shambles though. As Bundy was thrown over the top rope, Billy and Bart set Paul up for the sidewinder. Steve Corino, Bam Bam and Tatanka all ran in and hit a 3 on 2 beat down on the Gunns but there was no bell. The cameras showed Uncle Ted on the apron distracting the ref. Way to protect his investment. Paul Dibease locked in the Million Dollar Dream on Bart for a submission win, before a 6 on 2 beat down began, with IRS now involved. Paul Roma then came running from the back with a steel chair in hand to chase off the Corperation. He then helped the Gunns up as they stared down their rivals. Roma/Corino and Bam Bam/Tatanka/Gunns are seriously being pushed into overdrive here. Paul Dibease also looked good, but Bundy seriously lets the Corperation down big time.

We can't get enough of the Corperation tonight, as Kama is next in action taking on Bob Holly. Ted Dibease is still at ringside due to his managerial licence. I can only see this going one way. Kama showed off his impressive side, by laying a beating on Holly, who sold the injures well. Holly fought back with some stiff looking shots, which staggered Kama. Holly then took him down with a dropkick before bouncing off the ropes, but Ted Dibease grabs his leg. Holly argues with him, but Kama nails a German suplex with Hollys back turned. Kama lifted Holly up, and dropped him with the Supreme Driver for the academic three count. Though so.

Raven is sat backstage on some boxes, watching the events on a monitor. He says something about Kama being just another block as Raven gains his place in the sun and he finally gets acceptance, the one thing he has never been given by anyone. Bob Backlund walks past and says that Raven isn't going to win the King of the Ring because he is. The usual verbal banter continues as each man claims they are going to win. Maybe this is a hint as to the final. They both walk off, promising revenge on the other.

Sean Waltman is in the ring with Jim Cornette as we await the mystery opponent to fill in from Sid Vicious. This had better be good. Some generic yet slightly familar music plays, and Virgil comes out to groans of disappointment, and rightfully so. Virgil now as white short with red trim around the top, similar to that of a boxer. The crowd, who seemed dead during his entrance soon get into the match as he gets the momentum against the cocky Waltman. Virgil hits some big moves, and then a huge body slam to a half decent pop. He makes the cover, but Cornettes on the apron before the three. Virgil don't care as he takes him out with a right hand, before turning into a small package by Waltman, with the hook of the tights for the cheap victory. The crowd soon turn to jeers as Waltman suddenly becomes arrogant and poses for the crowd. He turns around into a huge spinebuster by Virgil. He may have lost his return match, but he seems as if he has a big part to play in the WWF

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer get interviewed by Todd Pettingal. Taker hypes the match at the King of the Ring between him and Diesel. Taker does his usual mannerisms, including my favorite in that Diesel will Rest in Peace. Diesel takes exception to this and clotheslines the Undertaker from behind, before throwing him through the walls. "THE UNDERTAKERS DEAD AGAIN" screams McMahon who sounds like he's going to pass out. Diesel simply grins at the Taker before walking over

JR and McMahon discuss the heinous actions by Big Daddy Cool Diesel, and question whether the Undertaker will actually make it to the King of the Ring. We now have the main event.

The Hardy Boys are already in the ring as Yokozuna makes his way out alone, following Virgils vicious assault on Cornette. That's Ok with JR and Vince, but Diesel attacking Undertaker isn't? Whatever. Yokozuna makes short work out of the Hardys. Samoan drops, side kicks, running butt bumps before Yokozuna piles the Hardys up and Banzais both of them at the same time. Three count is made and Yokozuna stands tall, doing the 'I want the belt' motion as we go off the air.

My Thoughts: A good Raw this week with the standard build for the upcoming PPV. No new matches were made, but we are building towards Bam Bam and Tatanka Vs The Smoking Gunns, Steve Corino Vs Paul Roma, Lex Luger Vs Crush and Bob Backlund Vs Raven. We also have the King of the Ring semis and the final to look forward too.

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Superstars Recap

McMahon and Pettingal are at ringside and begin discussing what a week its been in the WWF, but we'll have more of that later. So lets open with some action

Raven is in action against a young man introduced as Scott Borders. This is a basic squash match with Raven dominating Borders from start to finish, before ending the match with the Evenflow DDT. After the match, Bob Backlund ran in and attacked Raven from behind, locking on the crossface chickenwing as Raven tapped frantically

A video of the Undertaker and Diesel rivalry is played, ending in the scenes of Diesel putting Taker through the wall on Raw. Will The Undertaker be at Raw this week, and will he be able to wrestle at the King of the Ring

Next is an interview with Virgil, who claims he left the WWF for personal reasons but is back better than ever, and he plans on taking out anyone who gets on his bad side, like Sean Waltman. Waltman better watch himself because Virgil is angry

McMahon announces the main event for Raw this coming week, Yokozuna and Sean Waltman take on Bret Hart and Virgil in a huge tag team match

Bob Holly is now set to take on the impressive Eddie Guerrero. Eddie is a man who has unlimited potential, but will probably never get past Intercontinental title level. Guerrero took the win here, following the frog splash from the top rope, and then putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. Guerrero then celebrated to some heat from the crowd.

We cut now to some pre-recorded comments from Owen Hart. He says he isn't at Superstars this week because he's preparing for his match at King of the Ring. He promises HBK and Ramon that no matter what, he will do all he can to regain his belt. He also states although HBK and Ramon are more experienced in the ladder match, he's smarter than the two of the them put together, and with all his family heritage theres nothing he can't overcome. Maybe a possible face turn for Owen here, and the possibility of him and Michaels in the future

The Bushwackers are already in the ring as we come back. Wonder who they're jobbing too tonight. Oh, it's The Uprising. Lancaster and Casey looked impressive last week in their debut, let's see what they can do with these two pillocks. In fact, it's actually quite a good match. Back and forth, but the Bushwackers let the younger duo look better in every move. The finish saw Butch and Luke hit the Battering Ram to Casey, but Luke got hit with a German Suplex into a bridge by Lancaster for the three count. See, I knew they'd job

Shawn Michaels is in action next, and he's taking on Johnny Lazarus. Michaels lays a straight beating on to Lazarus, who gets in minimum offence. Michaels ends the match with a Sweet Chin Music to score the 3 count. Following the squash, Michaels invites Glenn Jacobs in to chokeslam Lazarus. However, when Jacobs has him in the air, Razor Ramon came running out and cleaned house. He's not forgotten the ambush on Raw

The Million Dollar Corperation were now backstage as Ted Dibease hyped up all the members. The taxman IRS, the biggest and baddest man in WWF history King Kong Bundy, the best tag team in WWF history Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka, the most sound mat wrestler in the world today Steve Corino, his nephew, the methodical, tactical and smartest person in the company (apart from Ted) Paul Dibease and the supreme fighting machine and the next King of the Ring Kama. Dibease then insulted The Smoking Gunns, calling them a pair of Cowboy wannabes. Ouch. Paul Roma was the next to receive a verbal assault by Dibease, claiming that Roma was nothing compared to Corino and that he will taken out on Raw by Kama. He then says that we will now see a preview of Raw

And it's Kama taking on Mabel. Mabel refused to sell much of Kama's offence, so Kama went to the knees instead. From there, he applied knee wrenches, leg grapevines and got the submission victory with the figure four leglock. Ted Dibease then got into the ring and raised Kama's hand, proclaiming him the next King

We're now taken to a special video for the upcoming match between Bret Hart and Yokozuna. The video was nothing special, but I think the match will.

The main event for tonight saw The Allied Powers defending the tag team championship against The Can-Am Express. A basic tag match, where Bulldog was double teamed for most of the match, before getting the hot tag to Luger who cleaned house. Luger picked up the win with the torture rack to Furnas, prompting the tap out. Crush then came running to the ring and threw Luger out of the ring. He lifted Davey Boy Smith up and smashed him with a Heart Punch. The show ended with Crush stood over the Bulldog

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Good show, The diary looks good imo man. The only thing I wish you could have done is explain how/why Diesel turned or whatever. Anyways keep it up.


Bob Backlund


Chris Candido




Though I'm seriously hoping Crush gets the crown or Waltman

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Wrestlezine Raw Report - 12th June 95

Just under 2 weeks to go until the King of the Ring takes place and it will be huge, or so Vince McMahon tells us. Mind you, he said Virgil was highly talented last week. JR tells us our first match is between two brawlers...

Enter Raven and Crush. The monkeys being paid to announce remind us of their street fight last month at In Your House II as one of the brutal matches he's ever seen. Then again, he is from Oklahoma. Crush lays a beating on Raven, who suddenly goes old school and elbows out of a sleeper. When was the last time anyone actually went to sleep with that hold. Raven then looks to have the match won, signalling for the Evenflow DDT, when Bob Backlund emerged from the back. The distraction was enough for Crush to turn Raven around and KO him with the Heart Punch, and Crush is in the Semis.

After the bell, Backlund runs to the ring and locks in the Crossface Chickenwing as Crush just stands there, raising his arms.

Chris Candido is backstage and says that he can care less about who wins tonight, but like Sean Waltman will find out next week, he will go on and become King Candido. Well, he's certainly a darkhorse. I wouldn't bet against him winning this

We're now somewhere else in the arena, and several jobbers, referees, EMTs and road agents are in a circle around someone. The British Bulldog comes into the picture asking what happened, and we see that Lex Luger has been beaten and bloodied. There's also a steel chair next to Lugers head

The commentators question who could be behind that assault, yet they can only think of Crush due to the rivalry developing between him and The Allied Powers

But we are back to the action as Glenn Jacobs goes one on one with Razor Ramon. Shawn Michaels is at ringside to back up Jacobs, while the Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart is doing commentry. Owen says some great lines about Jacobs making a great baggage carrier, and Razor being in great need of a scrub. Jacobs demonstrated his strength in this one, mainly by no selling the majority of Ramons attacks, and then taking him down with bodyslams, clotheslines and a big powerbomb. Michaels was barking orders out, 'much like when Marty Jannety told him what to do' claimed Owen. Glenn Jacobs lifted Ramon up in a Gorilla Press Slam position, but Ramon jumped out and kicked Jacobs into the ribs. He signals for the Razor's edge, but Shawn Michaels takes his head off with the Sweet Chin Music, and we end with a DQ. A double team continues, as Owen heads slowly to ringside. Chokeslam to Razor. Owen has a sudden change of heart and heads off backstage, leaving a double team to continue

The Smoking Gunns are walking backstage, presumably for their tag team match when they bump into Paul Roma. Roma tells them that he may not be a cowboy, but they have something in common and that's their hatred for the Corperation. Great line about the cowboys hating the native American in there someone. Roma tells them he has their back tonight

The Smoking Gunns make their way to the ring for their upcoming grudge match against Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka. The match goes back and forth, with Billy ending up taking a beating. Much like last week though, he gets a hot tag to Bart who cleans house. We have a side winder attempt, but again Dibease is on the apron. Bart decks IRS, who has made a run-in but that allows Kama to use the taxmans briefcase over Barts head. Tatanka holds Billy back as Bam Bam makes the 3 count. 6 on 2 attack commences with only Steve Corino not at ringside. The music of Paul Roma plays and...nothing. The Million Dollar Man laughs in the ring, as we are shown on the screen Corino doing a beating on Roma backstage with a pipe. A shot of Roma's face and he is busted wide open. Corino tells him that regardless of whether or not he's in the KOTR tournament that night, he's going to team with The Smoking Gunns to take on Bam Bam, Tatanka and Corino in a 6 man tag. Should be Ok I guess

Video hyping the next Wrestlemania, from the Arrowhead Pond in California I believe. Get your tickets now.

Diesel is in the ring as we return, and the announcers berate him for his attack of The Undertaker last week. We are led to wonder whether or not Taker will make it to KOTR. Chris Hero is the opponent tonight for the squash match. Diesel uses the majority of his arsenal in this one, just because he can. We saw the big boots, sidewalk slams, headbutts, everything Diesel is capable off. He finished it off mercifully with the JackKnife Powerbomb. It weren't over there though. Diesel lifted Hero up, and dropped him again with the JackKnife. He signaled again but the lights went and...

GONG! The lights suddenly turn purple and the arena fills with smoke. Over the arena we then hear the booming voice of The Undertaker. He tells Diesel that he can not kill what's already dead, and at King of the Ring Diesel shall rest in peace. Damn, that was an entertaining segment, and Diesel looks concerned

Bob Backlund is out next for the second quarter final match in the King of the Ring tournament. The British Bulldog then runs out and tackles Backlund, clearly irrate at the assault on Luger earlier tonight. Bulldog doesn't switch gears as he dominates Backlund, before setting him up for the Running Powerslam. Crush comes running out and slides in. Davey Boy Smith meets him and the two exchange shots. The referee calls for the disqualification as the two big men go at it. Backlund joins in the assault to make it two on one, but Raven comes running from the back and cleans house of Backlund and Crush. He then helps Bulldog up, who looks seriously ticked off.

The announcers then put over Bulldogs mean streak tonight, saying that he is a very tough and vicious wrestler

Camp Cornette are in the back and basically told The Hitman that there wasn't a chance in hell that he would walk out of King of the Ring as the champ. Waltman then had a few choice words for Virgil, but he isn't scared of him

McMahon tells us that due to them failing to make the semi finals of the King of the Ring tournament, Bob Backlund will meet Raven at King of the Ring

Virgil now in the ring and is joined by the champion Bret Hart. The opponents are Waltman and Yokozuna for this tag team war, and straight after his choice words, Waltman wants no part of Virgil. Virgil and Yokozuna starts, and surprisingly, it's Virgil who goes to school on Yokozuna. It's not until the thumb to the eye by Yokozuna that Virgil gets double teamed. Cornette kept distracting the ref, allowing Yoko and Waltman to use several dirty tactics. The end came as Waltman took Yokozuna down with a lightening kick, and Yokozuna flattened him with the Banzai. Cornette held Bret's foot so he couldn't run in for the save and that was that. Bret never got into the match. Yokozuna tried doing a number on Virgil, but Bret finally got into the ring and clotheslined Yokozuna over the top rope and the two stared down. HARD SELL FOR KOTR I TELL YA.

My Thoughts: Slightly better than last week, but not much. The build up was evident, and we found out about 2 more big matches. The Diesel and Taker feud stepped up, and Bret and Yoko should be big. But the one that's going to steal the show is the ladder match. Peace up til Sunday

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Virgil main eventing? Interesting... being a Bret Hart mark, I hate the fact he lost to Yokozuna and Sean Waltman. This is an interesting diary, with a lot of things happening. At parts, it is confusing, but I seem to be able to make it through and read the entire thing. Keep it up, the diary is good.

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Superstars Recap

The usual banter from Pettingal and McMahon about how great the previous week was, and we are underway with the first match, as Chris Candido makes his entrance

And for the opener, Chris Candido takes some local talent introduced as Lodi. He seems fairly bland, sort of like Candido. Candido dominates and gives Lodi very little offence. Chris Candido ends the match off relatively quickly with the Blonde Bombshell for the win. After the bell, Sean Waltman runs in and hits a standing spin kick to Candido, before standing over him laying down a verbal beatdown

Raven is the next person out and he tells us that he ain't happy due to Bob Backlund costing him his rightful place in the sun. However he has a chance for retribution against Backlund at the event. He tells Backlund that he need not wait for the King of the Ring, and they can get it on now. Raven waits, but nothing. He then heads of backstage. Nothing more than a filler segment that destroyed Backlunds psycho heat

We cut to some comments by the one man jobbing machine Virgil who is still out for revenge over Waltman. He can't hide behind a tennis racket forever. No, just like you couldn't hide behind Dibease forever

The announcers hype up the debut of Jerry Lynn who is in action next. Pettingal claims that Lynn has toured the world, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Africa and now he is here in the WWF

Hakushi appears to be in the bad books of management, as he is sent out to job to Jerry Lynn. Lynn has long blonde hair with sort of a goatee. He's wearing black tights with Lynn wrote across in white, and has a towel over his shoulder ala Mr Perfect. He soon draws heel heat by ignoring the fans and cheap shotting Hakushi before the bell. Very good match followed, in fact, I'd say its the best one in weeks. Lynn displayed a very wide range of moves, varying from the mat based submission ones like figure four and arm bars, to impact slams like German suplexes and swinging neckbreakers, to taking it to the top rope with a range of splashes. Lynn eventually got the victory when Hakushi missed a missile dropkick, and Lynn locked in the Camel Clutch for the debut win

McMahon and Pettingal then hype up what a fantastic prospect Jerry Lynn is. For once, I agree with them.

The Smoking Gunns and Paul Roma are backstage, discussing the match next week at the King of the Ring against The Million Dollar Corperation. Paul Dibease then confronts them, and slaps Bart gunn in the face. The 3 faces then give chase, but they turn the corner into the ambush. A 7 on 2 beatdown occurs, and Kama ends it by hitting the Supreme Driver on to the concrete. Ted Dibease calls it a preview of things to come.

The Hardy Boys are out next, and they are soon joined by The Can-Am Express. We are treated to another sound match between the two teams which goes back and forth. Matt Hardy gets double teamed by the very sound Can-Am Express, with Harvey Whippleman allowing double team cheating. Matt finally got the hot tag and Jeff is a house of fire as HE GRABS THE POLISH AND CLEANS HOUSE! Furnas gets taken to the outside by a standing dropkick. Jeff grabs LaFon and hits a spinning DDT. He begins going to the top rope as Harvey Whippleman yells at the ref, but from out of nowhere Frankie Lancaster pushes Jeff off the top rope. Sean Casey throws Matt into the steel barrier. The Uprising slide in and hit the double DDT to Jeff, and put Furnas on top. The academic three count is made and The Can-Am Express are victorious. The bell sounds and The Uprising continue the beatdown of the Hardys, as the Can-Am Express head backstage

Straight into the next match, and Romeo Valentine is against Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero dominates the match, and ends it around 2 minutes with the Frog Splash from the top rope. Guerrero then grabs the mic and says he's tired of beating talentless losers night after night and he is heading for the top. If he weren't so small, I'd agree with him

A recap video of Monday Night, when The Undertaker told Diesel that he would Rest in Peace at the King of the Ring

Pierre Oulette is the next one out and he is taking on British Bulldog who is alone, following the mystery assault of Lex Luger on Monday Night Raw. Just like Raw, Bulldog was relentless. He gave Oulette very little room to display his moves, and Bulldog rounded up the beatdown with the Running Powerslam. After the bell, Crush came running out, but he was met by rights and lefts from the Bulldog, who clotheslined Crush to the outside. Bulldog means business going into King of the Ring.

Another video plays, this time concerning the upcoming Bret Hart and Yokozuna match for the WWF World Title

Time for the main event, and its a Wrestlemania X rematch as Shawn Michaels without Glenn Jacobs (who McMahon tells us is suspended from the arena tonight) takes on Razor Ramon. Definately not their greatest match, but then again, it is only Superstars. Ramon and Michaels did put on a good display however, that went backwards and forwards. The big moves were hit, and Michaels set up the finish with the Sweet Chin Music. Razor grabbed the foot and spun Michaels around. He set him up for the Razors Edge, but Owen Hart ran in with the belt, and it's all Bonzo Gonzo for the double DQ finish. Superstars ends with Owen Hart nailling both men with the Intercontinental Title Belt.

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The King of the Ring card is looking good - keep the gold on the Harts though!

For some odd reason I'm rooting for Candido for KOTR - don't ask me why, I just am. I can dream!

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Wrestlezine Raw Report - 19th June 95

And the King of the Ring countdown begins here. Just 6 days away and the final card will be made tonight. JR and VM hype the matches tonight, as well as Bret Hart taking on Jimmy Del Ray in the main event, and the tag team match between Owen/Razor and HBK/Jacobs

Chris Candido and Sean Waltman kick things off for us in a technical mat-based showdown. Both displayed their impressive abilites and chain wrestled their way through, countering whatever the other had to throw at them. Waltman went up top for the moonsault, but Candido rolled out of the way. Waltman landed on his feet but was met with a German suplex. Candido went up top, but Cornette got on the apron. Candido yelled at him, but Waltman hit the low blow behind the referees back. He looked like he had it won when Virgil came out and pulled Cornette off the apron. This distracted Waltman, and he turned around into a small package by Candido, who won and advanced to the semis.

Virgil then got into the ring and took Waltman down with a clothesline, Waltman fled as Virgil picked up the mic. He told Waltman that he and Slaughter had discussed the possibility of Waltman losing and not being at King of the Ring. He had a backup plan though, and the match had been made. Waltman and Virgil one on one at the King of the Ring. No Holds Barred. They jobbed Waltman out of the tournament to have him face Virgil? As long as Waltman wins I suppose

The Uprising are backstage with Pettingal, as he asks them why they assaulted The Hardy Boys last week. It's simple, we entered together and promised to be friends, they let the fame and fans go to their head and thought they were better than everyone. They proved on Superstars that the Hardys are nothing, and challenge any team to a match now.

Enter Mabel and Mo as The Uprising make their way to the ring. They quickly double teamed Mo, but Mabel flattened them both. They soon took him out of the match, when Casey led Mabel into a trap on the outside, and Lancaster dropkicked him into the ringpost. Lancaster than pulled out some handcuffed, and they handcuffed the big man to the post. Lancaster slapped Mabel around, but Mabel still managed to throw Lancaster back into the ring. Casey was beating on Mo, so the smaller Man on a Mission could do little. The heels put the boots in, and ended it with a double DDT to Mo, and then celebrated the win

The Million Dollar Corperation are backstage, and Ted Dibease let us know big time that Kama was going to take apart Paul Roma and there will be nothing left of him for King of the Ring. They then told The Smoking Gunns that they will never be champions in any division, as Bam Bam and Tatanka are going to regain what's rightfully theres. He also pointed out that he smelt a rat in the ranks of the faces. If you say so Ted.

Shawn Michaels and Glenn Jacobs come to the ring for tag team action. Razor Ramon comes out and then the Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart makes his way out. JR and Vinny Mac question if Owen and Ramon can get along. Jacobs and Razor start, and Jacobs dominates. He does the same to Owen as Michaels barks out orders, similar to last week. Razor looks to win early on, when he sets Jacobs up for the Razors Edge but he gets backdropped on to Owen, who was making his way into the ring to save The Bad Guy. Tag between

the heels as Owen and Razor argue. Jacobs clotheslines Owen over the top as Michaels nails Razor with the sound of Sweet Chin Music and we have a winner. After the bell, Owen gets in the ring with the belt over the shoulder and stares down Razor. Razor tells him that the belt will be his, and Owen gives it to him...Across the skull. Owen stands over Razor and holds the belt over the shoulder

Kama and Paul Roma followed, and they had a tough act to follow. The match sent a sharp message to the bookers, these two aren't over. The crowd was still recovering from the previous brawl and couldn't get into this. Paul Roma would not give into anything that Kama threw at him, and looked to have it won with the figure four. Bam Bam and Tatanka came out and tried getting into the ring. This distracted Roma and the referee, but from behind came Corino, who used IRS's briefcase over Roma's skull. Kama then hit the Supreme driver and the heels bailed out. Kama got the win and is in the semis. Roma is out. A 7 on 1 beatdown occured, as the announcers asked where Billy and Bart were

Raven is watching the show on a monitor backstage, when Bob Backlund attacks him from behind. He hit a piledriver onto the concrete and applies the Crossface Chickenwing as referees try to pull them apart

Johnny Swinger is in the ring and Diesel is the opponent. A short match, almost as short as the one when Diesel won the title from Backlund. Big boot, sidewalk slam and then a huge JackKnife Powerbomb and the match was over.

Diesel then signalled for another, when the lights went out. Purple smoke filled the arena and thunder could be heard. An organ played some eery music as Diesel freaked out in the ring

Time for the main event, and Jimmy Del Ray takes on Bret Hart for the belt. I wonder if they will put the belt on Ji... Nah. Bret goes on the offence, but Jimmy Del Ray sidesteps an attack and Bret hits a crossbody into the turnbuckle. Jimmy Del Ray then concentrates on the ribs of Bret, stomping away and hitting a backbreaker. Jimmy went to the top and went for a leg drop, but Bret rolled out of the way and locked in a Sharpshooter. Jimmy looked like tapping, but Yokozuna ran in for the DQ. He squashed Bret against the turnbuckles, and then hit a Banzai on to the injured ribs. The show ended with Yoko sat on Bret. A preview of King of the Ring?

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WWF World Title Match

Bret Hart © Vs Yokozuna - Going with Crush for KOTR so the winner gets the shot at SummerSlam, Yokozuna should not be winning this one unless Davey Boy wins KOTR and then wins the gold at SummerSlam. Though you could turn Davey heel even if Bret wins.

WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

Razor Ramon Vs Owen Hart © Vs Shawn Michaels - HBK has been looking too strong therefor imo he needs the win. Razor/Owen can feud after this and Michaels gets a strong challenger for the belt. Though you should really be pushing HBK towards the main event :smug:

WWF King of the Ring Final

British Bulldog or Crush Vs Chris Candido or Kama - Crush/Bret at SummerSlam

WWF King of the Ring Semi Final

British Bulldog Vs Crush - Davey doesn't really need this one. Plus I don't think you'd turn Davey heel just yet and I doubt Yokozuna's walking away with the gold.

WWF King of the Ring Semi Final

Kama Vs Chris Candido - Candido's a face and the finals can't be heel vs heel. Crush should make Candido his bitch :thumbsup:

Raven Vs Bob Backlund - Backlund has nothing to gain here.

Diesel Vs The Undertaker - DQ ending i think

6 Man Tag Team Match

Paul Roma and The Smoking Gunns Vs Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka and Steve Corino - I think someone might turn, Don't know yet.

No Holds Barred

Virgil Vs Sean Waltman - Virgil should not win here.

Tie Breakers:

1. What will be the First Match? Crush/Candido

2. Will anyone interfere in the Main Event? No

3. Will anyone turn? If so, Who? One of the Gunns maybe?

4. Will anyone return? If so, Who? no one

5. What will be the match before the Main Event? Ladder match

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WWF Announces PPV Arena Plan

The WWF will be returning to the WWF, as they have announced the arenas they are visiting for the PPV's in the last half of 1995. King of the Ring tomorrow night will be live from The Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The major announcement will be the event WWF: Redemption, being held at Wembley, England. It will be the first Pay Per View event in England since Summerslam in 1992.

Full line-up:

King of the Ring - The Spectrum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

In Your House III - Mecca Arena (Milwaukee, Winsconsin)

Summerslam 95 - Ocean Center (Daytona Beach, Florida)

WWF: Redemption - Wembley Arena (London, England)

In Your House IV - Gund Arena (Cleveland, Ohio)

Survivor Series - The United Center (Chicago, Illinois)

In Your House V - Hartford Civic Center (Hartford, Connecticut)

Wrestlemania XII - Arrowhead Pond (Anaheim, California)

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The different city thing is a bad idea. First if you have it in Japan, England, Canada it would have to be taped before hand. In this case WCW would give the results away for the biggest show of the year. I'd just hold it at MSG :D

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WWF King of the Ring

Live on Pay Per View, the King of the Ring is the WWF’s 5th biggest PPV of the year, and this one will not disappoint. JR and Vinny are the announcers, and they hype up the ladder match, Bret and Yoko, Diesel and Taker and the King of the Ring tournament. Who will win and face the champion at Summerslam?

British Bulldog is the first man out tonight, which means we are preparing for his one on one semi final match with Crush. Both men are eager to impress here and lock up to the death, I mean, until Bulldog pushes Crush into the ropes. Bulldog has his way with Crush early on, and JR comments on Crush seemingly getting frustrated. Crush gets back into the match with a POWERFUL thumb to the eye. Crush begins to use his amazing strength to lay a beatdown on to Bulldog, and then the almighty sleeper. Bulldog revitalizes through the clapping of the crowd, and elbows Crush in the ribs. Why doesn’t anyone ever go to sleep in that hold anymore? Bulldog begins the fight back and scoops Crush up for the Running Powerslam. Crush holds on to the ropes though and slips over the top of Bulldog. Davey Boy Smith spins around, straight into the heart punch. Crush makes the cover and advances to the finals. He isn’t satisfied though, and begins to stomp away at Bulldog while he’s down. He lifted the British Bulldog up, and sets him up for another punch, when Lex Luger runs out and cleans house of Crush. Luger helps Bulldog back up as they staredown Crush.

Good opener, but it had nothing special in it. Luger’s comeback was expected, and the Crush continues to get elevated to the dizzy heights in the WWF. I’ll give it **. Yes, I’m giving out star ratings for the PPV

We cut backstage where Ted Dibease is giving the old fashioned prep talk about why it’s important to win and teach lessons, yadda yadda yadda. He then put over again the mole in the ranks of Roma and the Gunns

Ted Dibease then leads the Supreme Fighting Machine Kama out for his semi final match against Chris Candido. Kama gets straight into the hotseat by stomping Candido while he slides in and the match is underway. Unlawful choke from Kama to Candido while Dibease distracts the ref. What’s the difference between illegal and unlawful? Illegal is a sick bird. Sorry, back to the action and Candido has fought back and hits a dropkick to Kama. Kama staggers back to his feet and gets the boot to the ribs. Candido sets him up for a tiger bomb and hits it, with authority. JR calls the move the Candid Drop, I call it the tiger bomb, either way, it puts Candido in the final. Candido climbs the ropes in celebration, but Crush runs in and clotheslines Candido to the mat. He lifts him up and hits a powerbomb of his own.

Another sound match, probably better than the first. Candido is now set up big time as the underdog due to the assault from Crush. Either way, this one scores a **1/2

Again we are backstage and the Smoking Gunns are warming up, when Paul Roma approaches them. He asks them where they were on Raw when he got beatdown, and they said that they couldn’t trust him, in case he’s the mole. Roma adds more fuel to the fire by suggesting they may both be moles, or maybe even one of them could be. He walks off as Billy and Bart laugh, before looking at each other suspiciously.

Ted Dibease never even left the ringside area, and he is now joined by Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka and Steve Corino for 6 man tag team action. Paul Roma comes out first, and is followed by the Smoking Gunns as we kick off a pier 6 brawl. Bart and Tatanka start the match out, and we have the typical brawl to start. Bart and Billy make frequent tags between themselves but ignore Roma who wants in badly. Bam Bam manages to get the advantage and Billy is kept in the ring, and the triple team begins. Dibease manages to cause distractions and the old fashioned change with no tags occurs between the heels. Billy gets back into the match when Bam Bam goes up high and misses the sault. Tatanka runs in but Billy avoids his elbow drop and the race is on. Bigelow tags in Corino and Billy makes the tag and Roma is finally in the match. Roma and Corino hammer away as everyone fills in and we lose control. A brawl on the outside between Bart Gunn and Tatanka distracts the referee, and Paul Dibease slides in and begins hammering away at Billy Gunn. Paul Roma attempts the clothesline, but Dibease ducks and Roma takes out Billy. Dibease swings Roma around and knocks him out with one shot. Steve Corino slides over and makes the over, as Ted Dibease urges the ref to count the 3. The heels quickly flock as the Gunns tend to Paul Roma. A replay then shows that Paul Dibease took some brass knuckles out of his pocket and used them to knock out Roma with.

Another decent match, and we are setting up for Paul Roma and Steve Corino to have their eventual match at Summerslam, with Roma taking on Paul Dibease at IYH III. **1/2 for the finish.

JR and Vince discuss the cheating by the corporation, and then discuss the upcoming Redemption PPV from Wembley. Also, if you go to www.wwf.com you can have your say regarding Wrestlemania XII and if it should come from multiple arenas. Bring it to Birmingham England I say.

Sean Waltman is now here alongside Jim Cornette for his match against Virgil. Please make this quick. Waltman tries the cheap shot but Virgil wins it and we are off with an exchange of punches. Virgil gets the better by backing Waltman into the corner and giving the clean break. Tie up again and Waltman backs Virgil into the corner, but he ain’t one to play fair is he. Referee pulls Waltman away to allow Corny the opportunity to drop Virgil throat first over the ropes. The kid, sorry, Sean Waltman brings Virge into the middle of the ring and begins working the throat with neckbreakers and leg drops to the throat, you know, that sort of thing. He lifts Virgil up and begins slapping him around. He sets him up for a face crusher type move, but Virgil counters in to the powerbomb. One, two, thr… thank God Waltman kicked out of that one. Virgil begins powering back, AND VIRGILMANIA RUNS WILD. He hits 3 right hands and then a body slam. He grabs Waltman by the arm and signals for his cross arm bar. He notices Cornette on the apron and clocks him with a right hand. The referee tends to Cornette and Waltman low blows Virgil, and follows it up with a Piledriver. The referee turns around and counts the 3.

**3/4 for being fairly enjoyable. The 3/4s of a star is for Virgil jobbing

Bret Hart is warming up backstage, with the title over his shoulder.

A brief video package of the feud between Michaels, Ramon and Owen and how it has brought them here.

Shawn Michaels comes out first along with Glenn Jacobs. A ladder has been set up in the aisle, as well as several around ringside. Razor Ramon walks out next and walks under the ladder, ala Wrestlemania X. Owen Hart is the last man to emerge to major heat from the crowd. They all square off, and then look up at the prize. The heels immediately double team Razor, but it don’t take long before Michaels stands off and lets Owen do the dirty work. HBK even takes advantage of this by getting a ladder from ringside and setting it up in the ring. He begins climbing but Owen notices and pulls him down. They argue before getting into a brawl. Razor comes back and clotheslines both to the mat. He immediately goes old school on Michaels and slaps him around the ring. Glenn Jacobs runs in and flattens him with a clothesline, before hitting a huge powerbomb to Ramon. The referees at ringside then slide into the ring and order Jacobs to leave the ringside area. He and Michaels argue, and Owen takes advantage by knocking them both out of the ring with the ladder. He begins climbing but Ramon manages to push the ladder over.

The match progressed, and the wrestlers brought out several of their old school spots. Michaels hit a splash out of the corner, from the top of the ladder to Ramon. Owen then pulled Michaels away and locked in the sharpshooter. Michaels somehow managed to reverse it though, and he tightened the grip on Owen. HBK then pulled the main ladder from the aisle into the ring. JR noted that this ladder was bigger than the others. He swung at Razor with it, but the Bad Guy ducked and hit a low blow, before ploughing Michaels with a stiff clothesline. Razor set the ladder up and he began climbing. On the other side of it, Owen Hart did the same. They reached the top and exchanged punches, but both went sailing over the top rope thanks to a Shawn Michaels superkick to the ladder. Michaels lay unconscious in the ring, while Razor and Owen lay on the outside. Michaels was the first to move and he set the ladder back up. He went to the corner to pull himself up, but Vince and the cameraman noticed that he picked up Razors chains. This gave Owen time to crawl into the ring and begin climbing up the ladder. Michaels did too and they were soon both at the top, trying to grab the belt. Owen hit a right to Michaels, but when Michaels did the same Owen fell, and Vince noticed Razor Ramons chains around the first of Shawn Michaels. Michaels reached up for the belt, but Razor Ramon punched him in the back. He climbed up behind Michaels, and hit the Razors Edge. Michaels was down and Razor slowly climbed up, rung by rung until he finally reached the belt. After a few tugs, Razor managed to pull the belt down and was victorious.

This was quite possibly the best match of the year so far, and they displayed some of the best they could do. Although some points were really sloppy, and Jacobs interference at the start seemed unnecessary, they pulled it back to earn a **** rating.

Todd Pettingal questions Chris Candido’s doctors if Candido will be able to compete tonight, and the doctor simply tells him that he will be able to compete, but he will not be at 100%. Major underdog

Raven comes out next for his one on one match up against Bob Backlund. Vince talks about how much Raven’s popularity has increased over the past few months. Maybe because he has character, unlike Roma, Virgil, Candido, The Gunns, Luger etc. Backlund goes for the Crossface Chickenwing early on, but Raven elbows his way out of it. Raven backs Backlund into the corner and pounds away at the graduate of Princeton. Backlund blocks a Piledriver and hits a back body drop and again goes for the Chicken wing, but Raven again manages to avoid it. Raven gets the control again with an armbar, but Backlund applies the illegal choke. He whips Raven into the ropes, but Raven ducks the clothesline attempt. Backlund again attempts the Chickenwing, but Raven dodges it and hits the drop toehold. He waits for Backlund to get up, and drops him with the Evenflow DDT for the three count. Raven then stands with his arm raised in the crucifix position, as JR and McMahon put him over as a future champion

If it weren’t for the ladder match, this one would have been the match of the night so far. Backlund showed off his focused edge and determination to lock in the chickenwing, which proved to be his downside. Raven continues his nice little push without being shoved down our throats. ***

Yokozuna is staring into a camera backstage, as Jim Cornette pours on the praise. Jimmy Del Ray and Sean Waltman watch in the background. A knock is heard on the door as Jimmy Del Ray answers and tells Cornette that he’s here. Cornette calls him in and we fade away.

A video as to how Crush and Chris Candido got to the KOTR final. It shows Crush beating Hakushi, Lex Luger, Raven and the British Bulldog from earlier tonight. Candido earned his spot tonight by beating Johnny Swinger, Tatanka, Sean Waltman and of course, Kama.

3 Matches to go, and we will conclude the King of the Ring tournament now with the methodical Crush taking on the underdog in this one, Chris Candido. Crush beats on Candido straight from the get go here and shows no signs of stopping what he started earlier on. Crush used stiff forearm shots to the ribs of Candido, which JR says are weakened after the powerbomb by Crush earlier. Candido begins the fight back with a superkick, and we then see the neckbreaker, inverted DDT and finally a sleeper. Crush doesn’t stay down, so Candido puts him there with the bulldog. He lifts Crush up and signals for the Candid Drop, but Crush knees Candido in the rib cage and continues the assault, rounding it off with the Heart Punch for 3. Crush is your King of the Ring 1995

They put on a decent match, and this probably helped Candido as much as it helped Crush. This means that Bret is now likely to win in the WWF World Title match. It also means that we are going to very likely see a programme between Crush and either Luger or Bulldog going into IYH3. **1/2 for this, perfectly acceptable wrestling

A video package of the feud between Diesel and Undertaker plays, including Taker being put through a wall and the mind games

Diesel comes out first, and he looks fairly confident. He waits, and the lights go. The crowd erupts big time for the Taker, but nothing. The lights come back on, before going off again. Still nothing as Diesel laughs. 3rd time lucky as the lights go, and lightening hitting the entranceway sounds the gong, and The Undertaker finally makes his way to the ring being accompanied by Paul Bearer. He gets into the ring and the staredown between these two giants and they trade blows. Taker clotheslines Diesel over the ropes to a huge pop from the crowd, as Diesel looks taken back. He gets back in and Taker continues the momentum. He grabs Diesels arm and goes to the top rope. JR says he’s setting up for the execution, but Diesel pushes the ref into the ropes, causing Taker to slip.

Diesel managed to then stay on top, using his feet to choke Undertaker in the corner. Diesel whipped Taker across to the opposite turnbuckle and followed up with a clothesline. He whipped Taker back across to the turnbuckle, but this time Taker exploded out of the corner with a clothesline. Undertaker rolled his eyes into the back of his head, and went for the chokeslam. Diesel also grabbed Taker by the throat, but the Deadman won the exchange and chokeslammed the seven footer RIGHT DOWN TO HELL! He signals for the tombstone, but Diesel rolled to the outside. He begin walking backwards up the aisle saying that he was through, when Taker hit a plancha over the top rope to Diesel. The two men begin brawling in the aisle, and the referee made the 10 count. He counted both men out, and we have a draw. The crowd boo loudly, but Taker and Diesel brawl backstage and out of view.

A good brawl, but unfortunately it was used to further the feud between the two, and not end it as expected. I see this one being ended at Summerslam. **1/4 for a disappointing ending

Wrestlemania XI is now on VHS, and the first ever In Your House will be available to buy from Wednesday

A video package for the match between Yokozuna and Bret Hart, before Vince and JR hype up how big this match is. They tell us that Sean Waltman and Jimmy Del Ray have been barred from ringside in this one

And it’s time for the main event as Yokozuna alongside Jim Cornette who come out first, but the WWF World Champion Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart soon comes out to an enormous reception from the fans. Bret has his ribs taped up following the attack on Raw by Yokozuna. They staredown, and Yokozuna pushes Bret down to the mat. Bret responds by pushing Yoko back but to no effect. He tries a shoulder tackle, but Yoko don’t budge so Bret does what he does best and uses his wit with a dropkick to the knee of Yoko. Yoko don’t take too kindly to this and hits a stiff clubbing blow to the spine of Bret. A belly to belly by Yokozuna and Bret begins favouring the ribs. JR says that this could be over early as Yoko locks in the bear hug. He tightens the grip tighter around the ribs of the Hitman, and Bret squirms around.

The crowd begin to get behind Bret Hart and he punches his way out of the hold, and hits a dropkick to the knee of Yokozuna and the momentum swifts. Bret applies the figure four, but he can not lock it on probably. They both get up and Yokozuna hits a huge sidekick. He begins climbing the ropes, but misses the Banzai. Bret rolls him up and scores the 3 count victory. Bret begins his celebrations when he someone walks into the ring. Bret looks confused as if he knows the person. He’s about 6’7 with long blonde hair, wearing black jeans and a black top. Bret offers a handshake but gets mowed down with a clothesline, and follows it up with a Gutwrench powerbomb. Cornette gets into the ring and shakes hands with the newcomer to end the show

An average match, but probably the worst on the card thanks to Yokozuna. Bret and Crush are now set up for SS, but I think Bret Hart will face Cornys man at IYH. ** for just being average, nothing more

As a show overall, all it does it set up for Summerslam. We know that Bret will face Crush, and Diesel and Taker will probably have a rematch then. Roma and Corino is also being built on, and the night was used to elevate Crush, Candido, Paul Dibease, Corino, Waltman and Raven. All will be huge in the future. Crush may even go over at SS. I’ll rate the show at 80 out of 100, mainly due to the ladder match, although the 0.87 buy rate may have been quite disappointing.

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Good KOTR, Crush/Hart should make a good match but now is the time to really hype Crush up as a legit contender for the belt. Razor winning is cool with me and hopefully now Shawn Michaels goes on to bigger and betters things. Taker/Diesel had a cheap ending but their rematch should be better. Hmm I was thinking Cornette's guy was Sid but surely everyone would know....... Anyways keep up the good work

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Wrestlezine Raw Report - 26th June 95

With the main emphasis of last night and probably tonight being Summerslam, we have to put up with Vincent and James and ringside, giving their thoughts on Crush being King, and Cornette's mystery hitman

Straight into the mixer with The Uprising in tag team action against The Smoking Gunns. Maybe their feud with the corperation is over. God I hope it is, and I can't wait for Roma to be finished with them. Anyway, JR and VM discuss the methodical nature of the Uprising, after putting The Hardy Boys out of action. Entertaining finish to this one saw the Uprising put Bart in the tree of woe position in the corner, and he was stuck. The Uprising put the boots to Billy and finished him off with a double DDT. The heel duo then lifted Billy up and Frankie Lancaster stood on the apron. They signalled for something, as Casey lifted Billy on to Lancaster, and they looked like they would slam Billy Gunn through the announce table. Out of nowhere The Hardy Boys made their return and The Uprising fled, looking shocked that Matt and Jeff were back

Undertaker comes out and he isn't happy. He calls out Diesel who doesn't respond. Taker says that he thought Diesel was scared, but running and hiding is just pathetic. Ouch. He then heads off to look for Diesel

Bret Hart was backstage as Pettingal tried to get his thoughts on last night. He revealed that he knew the man who assaulted him, and told him that if he ever wants to settle what they started before, then just ask, Bret's not scared. But he could of at least said a name

Virgil emerges next to modest pops, and Glenn Jacobs comes out, accompanied of course by Shawn Michaels, who holds his back. He even has to have his own seat at ringside. Basic squash here in Jacobs favour, which means I like the new direction they are taking with Virgil. Jacobs hit a big boot, and then followed it up with the chokeslam. He weren't finished there though, as he lifted Virgil up and slammed him down with a powerbomb for the 3 count. As the bell sounds, Michaels slides in and gets Jacobs to hold Virgil, and we listen to some Sweet Chin Music. Virgil is out as Michaels and Jacobs stand over him victorious

JR and Vince remind us to have our say on wwf.com as to whether multiple arenas should be used for Mania XII.

We come back and Dok Hendrix is in the ring, which has red carpet in, and a throne with other goodies. Hendrix introduces our new king, King Crush. That has absolutely no ring whatsoever. Crush comes out and says that he's been proving it for months. He proved to Raven, Luger, Bulldog, Ramon, Undertaker, Adam Bomb and everyone else who has crossed him that he is not to be messed with. He says that at Summerslam he will go on and realise his destiny when he wins the WWF World Title, and to prove that he is not messing around, he reveals that he has arranged a special match at In Your House III to prove that he's serious, when he takes on 500lb Mabel. Good God no, Mabel on a PPV? He ends the interview by telling Luger that they have unfinished business, and that will be sorted next week. He leaves with his robes and septors

Razor Ramon makes his first defence of his newly won Intercontinental Title as he takes on the dangerous, the talented, the future of the WWF, Pierre Oulette. Okay, I'm just trying to help Pierre get a reaction from the crowd. Ramon does a beatdown, damn, two squashes so far? Throwaway slam by the Bad Guy, and we know what's coming next. He lifts Oulette up and drops him with the Razors Edge, 1, 2, 3. Owen Hart then runs out and assaults Razor with the a chair, he picks the title up and claims that it's still his belt

The action keeps coming here, as Raven takes on King Kong Bundy. If you want Raven to look talented, Bundy would of been the answer 10 years ago. Screw that, Bundys always sucked. Raven takes the piss early on as he uses his pace to get away from the aerodynamic King Kong Bundy. Bulldog takes Bundy down and we have a beatdown. Evenflow DDT in a short and shit match for Raven, to take the 3 count. Raven celebrates as we are told he could be the next champ.

Jim Cornette is in the ring alongside Jimmy Del Ray and Sean Waltman. This had better be could, otherwise Tom Pritchard might complain. He tells us Yokozuna will face KOTR runner up Chris Candido tonight. Another squash? He introduces us to his new man, the man who was trained in the dungeon, but due to family favoritism graduated years after Neidhart, and Bulldog, and Owen, and Bret. The new man is introduced as Camp Cornette's hired hitman, Andy Martin. Martin comes out to huge boos as he gets into the ring and get appaulded, by the heels anyway. In only a few words, he tells Hart that he's going down. Don't worry Andy, you've got a good manager for that.

Paul Dibease is now taking on Chris Hero, so barring the opener, they're all squashes tonight. Steve Corino and Uncle Ted are in Paul's corner, and they do all the distracting so that the cold, calculated Dibease (Paul) can take apart the young up-and-comer. Sleeper by Dibease but Hero powers out at two arm drops. Dibease takes him down with a sleeper drop anyway, and beats him down with a knee lift. Million Dollar Dream is applied and Hero quickly taps. 3 on 1 beat down continues, until Paul Roma runs out. Paul Dibease fights as Corino and Ted flee, but Roma hits a swinging DDT to Paul Dibease (The Romabout according to JR). He then points at Corino and tells him that he's going to get him

Backstage, we see the door to the Camp Cornette locker room. Diesel walks up to it, and enters. Oh the suspense.

And now the big main event, as Yokozuna is out alone. The music of Chris Candido hits, and he walks out, but from behind comes Diesel with a clothesline. Powerbomb in the aisle, and he slides him in for Yokozuna to drop the Banzai. The rest of Camp Cornette comes out, and Andy Martin finishes the assault of with a Gut wrench Powerbomb. Diesel shakes Cornette's hand that's it for another week.

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Wrestlezine Wrestling End of Month Report

Pro Wrestling NOAH have confirmed their touring roster for the next 12 months, it is as followed:

Bobby Blaze

Dave Taylor

Eddie Gilbert

Five Star Flash

Gary Steele

JC Ice

John Hawk

Johnny Gunn

Kevin Sullivan

Man Mountain Rock

Matt Anao'i

Mikey Whipwreck

Rod Price

Skull Von Crush

Vampire Warrior

Shows for NOAH commence August 1st

WCW will debut their new show next week on NBC next Friday night at a late evening slot, the show is projected to be called WCW Friday night

In WCW, Meng and Stevie Ray both have just 3 months remaining on their contracts. No news on if they are to be offered new ones

In the WWF, Mabel and The Undertaker have 3 months remaining. Undertaker has been offered and accepted a new 2 year deal, no word on Mabel yet.

Tom Pritchard will be returning to the WWF active roster shortly

The WWF have confirmed that they have successfully signed a top member of WCW on a high salary contract. No word or hint as to who, but we will soon find out

The WWF also have several workers from their OVW training center ready to emerge. Some will be making their debut on Superstars this week, including the young duo of Yoshihiro Tajiri and Juventud Guerrera, who will compete under the name of 'Los Luchadores', and 'The Highlight' Billy Reil will also make his debut. Jerry Lynn and Eddie Guerrero will also wrestle singles matches

Seone has been fired, and Fatu may receive a minor push

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In Your House III Card

The latest card for WWF In Your House III, live on Pay Per View from the Mecca arena in Milwaukee.

WWF World Title Match

Bret Hart © Vs Andrew Martin

Crush Vs Mabel

Rumored Matches:

Owen Hart Vs Razor Ramon

Steve Corino or Paul Dibease Vs Paul Roma

Diesel Vs Undertaker

The Uprising Vs The Hardy Boys

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Superstars Report

The typical talk to take us into the opener on Superstars, as Bob Holly takes on Jerry Lynn. Lynn was impressive last week, and he now has a towel around his shoulders. He is starting to become like Mr Perfect. Hey, I heard rumors that the WWF had made a huge coup from WCW... Anyway, a stellar encounter between these two highly talented workers, Lynn especially looked good, and hit the move of the match with a release German suplex from the middle rope, but the cover only scored two. To his credit, Bob Holly did fight back, and signalled for the pole position, but Lynn flipped over the top and hit a bulldog to Holly. Lynn rolls him on to his stomach and locks in the camel clutch for the tap out win. Post match, Lynn lays a beating on to Holly before raising his arms in the air to huge jeers

Video hype for the upcoming Crush and Lex Luger match on Raw. Crush needs to go over clean if we are to believe that he has a chance at winning at Summerslam

Now Razor Ramon is backstage with Dok, and we have Razors thoughts on his amazing ladder match win and being sneak attacked on Raw by Owen Hart. Razor don't act bothered though, if Owen wants something, all he has to do is ask. REMATCH!

The second match saw a local tag team square up against Los Luchadores, also known as Juventud Guerrera and Yoshihiro Tajiri. Juvi in particular looks like he can be a star. The other teams names are mentioned as Ace and Storm. No boldening there, jobbers don't deserve it. Then again, why does Virgil get boldened. The Luchas look very impressive and hit simultaneous planchas to the jobbers to a huge reception from the crowd. The finish to this short and quick match sees Tajiri hit a huge karate kick to the back of Ace's head, and then Guerrera leaps from the top with a 450 splash. The duo then celebrate and head backstage victorious

In a pre-recorded segment, Shawn Michaels and Glenn Jacobs are discussing something. Michaels keeps saying that he's been in the industry to know that it will work, and that it will be their time. Contraversial

As Paul Roma enters for his singles match, we are told that he will face Paul Dibease at In Your House and at Summerslam, Roma gets to face Steve Corino. Oh but theres more, at IYH, the winner decides the stipulation for the match at Summerslam. Confused? Hey, at least you don't have to write about it. Anyway, the opponent tonight is Jimmy Del Ray. Isn't Tom Pritchard back from suspension? Anyway, short match here, with Del Ray attempting the superkick. Roma ducks it and we have a small package for 2. Roma awaits for Jimmy to raise, and slams him back down with a Romabout for the 3 count. Roma then raises his hands, as the hype for his 2 big matches continue

Billy Reil is now making his debut, and he is dubbed the highlight. I'll be the judge there. The opponent is, oh, a jobber. Something Lopez, either way it isn't important. Reil dominates the match with dropkicks and saults and flips, all that stuff that looks impressive. Spear out of the corner by Reil and he signals for something. Big slam follows it up, similar to the Bossman slam and it gets 3. Vince calls the move the Reil Thing, and it reilly did win him the match. Ok, I'll stop the puns.

Bret Hart is in a pre-recorded interview, basically calling Andy Martin a 'whiny little bitch'. That's got to hurt. He'll show Martin at IYH why he is better than him, why he the best there is, was, ever will be. You know, usually Hitman interview.

Eddie Guerrero is next in action against Adam Bomb. Wonder where Bomb has been recently. He's lost a bit of weight anyway, and dominates Eddie in the early going. Eddie ducks the clothesline and his crucifix pin attempt gets 2. He waits for Adam Bomb to get up and charges with a spear. It gets side stepped by the man from 8 mile island or whatever the hell it is. Adam Bomb hits a superkick and lifts Eddie up. He signals for the Meltdown, but Eddie rolls him up. HE HAS THE TIGHTS DAMNIT screams McMahon as Eddie scores another tainted victory, and quickly gets out of dodge

A poor quality video replays the events of Raw involving Undertaker, Diesel and Yokozuna. Why did Diesel hype Yoko?

Now it's the main event, as Owen Hart takes on... Virgil. VIRGILMANIA RUNS WILD ON SUPERSTARS as Owen Hart actually carries him to a decent match. Owen counters the Virgil hammerlock, and takes his head off with the enzurghi. He continues the momentum, before locking in the Sharpshooter victory as Virgil taps out frantically. As Owen releases it, he does the typical 'I want the belt' motion as Superstars closes for another week

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Wrestlezine Raw Report - 3rd July 95

Under 3 weeks until another meaningless PPV to set up Summerslam, we are hyped up tonight about the main event of Crush and Lex Luger. Should be fun. I hope

The highly impressive Los Luchadores are set to open things up here in a match with Furnas and Lafon, also known as the Can-Am Express. A decent match, not as good as the one on Superstars, but Doug Furnas let it down with his inability to sell. He never even went down when Yoshihiro Tajiri planchaed over the top rope on to him. Instead he just staggered about, but Yoshihiro took him down with a stiff looking kick to the back of the head. Tajiri went back into the ring and drill Lafon with an enzurghi. Juventud went to the top rope and splashed down with a 450 splash, and cover Lafon for the win. Los Luchadores headed back up the ramp, undefeated in action so far

The Undertaker comes to the ring, and demands Diesel come out and stop running coward. Diesel does just that this week, but stops on the ramp. Taker simply rolls his eyes into his head as Diesel has a mic. He shows Taker footage of him laying out Chris Candido last week, and tells Taker he wants none of that. Taker nods, saying that Diesel can't run scared forever. Diesel reminds us of what happened last week, and that Undertaker has already had a shot at Big Daddy Cool. However, Taker has to now earn his shot, and seeing as Big D helped Jim Cornette last week, Cornette will now help him and at IYH 3, Undertaker will take on Yokozuna and if Taker wins, he gets at Summerslam. Meh, it's believeable

Razor Ramon is watching the show on a monitor when Owen Hart attacks him from behind. Owen quickly locks on the sharpshooter and Ramon is out cold. He challenges Razor to a rematch at IYH3, seeing as Owen has an automatic rematch clause in his contract, Razor has no choice. Owen proceeds to tell Razor that Ramon never beat him for the belt, he beat Michaels. You go girlfriend

Jerry Lynn is next out, this week with his hair in a ponytail as the WWF try more and more to emulate Mr Perfect. WHERES THE GUM? According to JR, Lynn is about to take on his most dangerous opponent to date, as he takes on Virgil. This guy is God. Virge charges in with a spear and hammers away. Lynn gets taken aback by this and resorts to the chop block to bring Virgil out of it. Figure Four sees Virgil get to the ropes. Virgil powers back, and ducks the clothesline. He tries to hit the cross arm bar then but a kick to the gut, and Lynn hits a Cradle DDT. Lynn could make the cover but locks in the Camel Clutch as Virgil screams he quits. Lynn eventually releases the hold, and stands with his arm raised in victory. He uses the towel to wipe a bit of sweat and heads backstage...

Where Bret 'Hitman' Hart is in a pre-recorded interview. Same sort of thing as Superstars. He'll prove he's better, best there is, yadda yadda yadda until Jim Cornette shows up. Hart argues, when from behind comes Sean Waltman, Andy Martin and The Heavenly Bodies. Corny tells Bret that he better watch carefully, as Andy Martin makes his in ring debut to show off what he is truly capable off

Waltman is soon at ringside though, for his match against Raven. This should be good. Waltman with a headlock, but it's countered. Arm bar gets countered and it seems whatever Waltman does, Raven counters it. Raven takes advantage and wears Waltman down with a bear hug. A rake of the eyes causes the release and Waltman now gains control. He misses the karate kick, but calls for the face crusher, which JR calls the Date with Destiny. Raven pushes his way out of it and a boot to the gut. He signals for an Evenflow DDT but Waltman hits a blatant low blow for the DQ. Waltman stands over Raven and begins telling Raven not to mess with Camp Cornette

Fatu makes his return here against Billy Reil. It will be interesting to see who goes over here, with rumors of both men getting a push. Fatu is now in just black tights and black boots, but does look a lot cleaner. Reil looks like a star in the making, and he goes on the attack with dropkicks and the such. Fatu powers his way back into the match with a huge headbutt, and then a big side kick. He heads up to the top and finishes the short match off with a diving headbutt. Fatu stands over Reil yelling something about it being his time

The Uprising head out, and they're confident that The Hardy Boys no longer want nothing to do with them. They are the best the tag team division has to offer, blah blah blah, and the inevitable run-in by the faces sees a tag brawl break out. Clothesline over the top to Lancaster and a dropkick sees Casey scamper up the ramp. They head backstage when Matt grabs a mic and tells them that they will have their revenge in a tag match at In Your House III. Matches coming out from everywhere tonight

Andy Martin comes out with Jim Cornette to squash Johnny Swinger. The match just lasted over a minute, with Martin hitting a big boot, side walk slam and a big gutwrench powerbomb, which Cornette (on commentry) calls the exclusion. Cornette gets into the ring and raises Martins hand, and Martin does the world famous 'I want the belt' motion around his waist

WWF President Sgt. Slaughter makes his way out to the ring to a huge pop. The prez is here, this has got to be good. He tells us that he has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, in various feds. He went on to the WWF where we hear his life story. He gets to his point in that eventually, everyone has to retire and he's here to call it a day on his career. As far as the next president goes, he's open for applications but has two strong candidates in mind. Viva Guerrero shouts over the PA system and some generic music plays, as Eddie Guerrero comes out. He tells Serge to stop looking, because Eddie should be President. He's been overlooked enough by Slaughter, and now it's his chance to go straight to the top. Slaughter says that the President needs to be fair, that's why he can't let a cheater like Eddie take over. In Slaughters day, people like Eddie were sent to a boot camp and learned proper morals and understandings. Eddie then challenges Slaughter to a match with extra conditions. If Eddie wins, then he gets to pick the new president, if Slaughter wins his last match, then Sergeant Slaughter, Sgt. I just sunk the titanic with my chin, gets to pick the president. Slaughter accepts, but gets cheapshotted by Guerrero to mega heat. Guerrero heads backstage quickly, as we prepare for the main event

As Crush takes on Lex Luger, who's accompanied by co tag champion British Bulldog. Bulldog just watches as we have a disappointing main event, thanks to Luger. A brawl hits half way through the match, and Crush signals for the heart punch. Luger ducks and applies the torture rack. On the outside, Shawn Michaels and Glenn Jacobs run out and begin assaulting British Bulldog. Luger drops Crush and begins screaming at the heels. Lex turns back around, straight into a heart punch for the 3. Crush don't celebrate though, and instead hits another. Michaels and Jacobs run in and Jacobs powerbombs Luger to the mat. Michaels and Jacobs tell Luger that they want a tag team title shot, and Luger has until next week to answer. Crush then screams at the camera that he will win the title at Summerslam

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