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Is anyone watching this? It's been unbelievable great. This has been my favorite Torchwood series so far, hopefully they keep going with this because everything so far has been top-notch. I can't wait for the reveal on the big baddie behind the "miracle."

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I've found it a little bit slow thus far, we're 3 hours in over here and nothing really has been explained.

Also don't like the fact that its set in the US. I understand they want to crack the market, but Doctor Who should always be British, spin-offs included.

However, it has been a good series, and when stuff starts happening the set up will be worth it.

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Dare I say, the latest episode was actually quite good. Still want the new girl to die, but I like Rex, and they slowly seem to actually be going somewhere. The one thing that really pissed me off about this one was how they kept saying that their had been not response from The White House, the church or anything. Unless there's some kind of reason for that which we're yet to find out about, then that is the most hilariously stupid thing I've ever heard.

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