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So a while back I found this but I just got around to listening the other night. It's a audio Zombie survival story and it's sooooo good. I'm just now at the end of season 1(listening to part two of four atm). It's a great listen and since it's been going so long you can just get caught up in it and play one after another. If you have been listening then mark spoilers please. Like I said I'm in the middle of season 1's finale

Figured this was the best place since it didn't quite fit in any other part of the forum.

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They just did a live reading of the second to last episode on Ustream. They sold out the building they had for this. As I type this the series finale is being performed and recorded but isn't streaming, it's just for ticket buyers. The podcast version of the series finale will be available on the 29th(Or on Monday for 5 bucks).

It was so cool watching the actors perform their lines tonight even if I had already heard the episode through the podcast. The crowd was way into it which made it twice as fun.

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