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  1. I did not know his was a thing. BoI is something I want to play on Twitch so I'll probobly hold off till I save up some more cash for a capable PC.
  2. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Ehhhh. Not really but I didn't really try. I've put the game away for a while now anyway to focus on other hobbies.
  3. They just need to give up on Batwoman as it's own show. It seems cursed. Just saddle up closer to DC and see if they can get Batman fully now that Gotham is done and DC has loosened up on Superman on TV. Get Batman, Cat Woman, Batgirl and maybe Tim Drake on a show and use Batwoman as an occasional big guest character.
  4. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    A look at the World Title I made. I also went to work on one of my older characters tonight. The first requirement was "Handsome Japanese man". Last time I somehow ended up with Steven Yeun's buff Dad. So I decided to look at pictures of Japanese Rock Stars and actors for a bit and after having gotten better with the face tools recently I think I nailed it this time. I might go back in and mess with sideburns and hair dye or beards but I think I'm happy with this face shape.
  5. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    The mask options in these games is severely limited. I'm trying to make an Angel themed luchadore and it's hard to not make him look like Sin Cara, Rey or Metalik in a new color scheme. I'm gonna have to custom make some graphics to get anywhere.
  6. I just watched the 2nd MHA movie.
  7. I just came up with an idea for a Flash Villain. Ok so he has Super Speed but not in the familiar way. His is limited to his brain and short physical bursts so he's able to use his mind to make super advanced calculations to determine when he needs to kick his burst in to swing for a blow to actually hit The Flash when he comes at him. This way he's a problem for Flash and normal people but you can't really look at him and say he should be a major problem for everyone and every place on earth. He uses a broken clock motif because he's a broken Speedster that relies on timing his actions.
  8. https://exclaim.ca/film/article/hear_mike_patton_sing_the_teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_theme_song
  9. Oh man. Turtles in Time is one of my all time favorite games. Never thought I'd get more.
  10. I love The Boys comic. I knew they'd have to make massive changes but from what I've seen I'm actually ok with all of them. Especially everything with Stormfront.
  11. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Anyway it's 9 in the morning. I'm going to bed. I will address anything else later. But as one last note I will clue people into the the fact that this character is heavily influenced by Vampire novels and Fetish Goth. I've just removed the actual Vampirism aspect.
  12. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    The punt is the actual "Finisher". He could win off it, he just doesn't because he wants to do his weird shit. And when I say the punt is the real finisher, I mean it to the point it was set as his finish in the first draft of this interpretation of the character. But having him do the bit with the dancing and the kiss to end it all afterwards fits with the character well.
  13. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Because he's a weird creepy perv that wants to waltz with them and plant a kiss on them as a finishing touch.
  14. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    It's the version of the move where he dances with them around the ring so they kinda already need to be out or close to it.
  15. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Inspired by @VerbalPuke in the Fire Pro thread I decided to go to work on my original CAWs that I've used in E-Feds and games. Content Warning: .Self Harm mention
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