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  1. Is there some setting you have to set to get twitch to save streams as a VOD? I did something tonight to test out my capabilities and it's not there.
  2. End of Eva really is just a "Fuck You" to the people that complained about the show's ending. "Oh, you don't like my happy ending where the main character finally gets over his issues and is celebrated for it? You're more interested in a plot resolution? Well here's your fuckin plot resolution, your avatar into this world jerks off over a lifeless anime girl just like you, you sicko and then everyone suffers and the world dies. The end. Should have took the damn happy ending."
  3. =BK=


    I think I'm gonna restore the ones I've found and just make them colonies.
  4. =BK=


    It's just a closed gate that opens with a button press. There are a ton of different ones on YouTube, just look up "Redstone door". This is similar to mine. Only mine is 2 tall, 3 across with a button in the ground on each side to open it. I did mine off the top of my head based on some real old Redstone know-how I half remembered so I'm sure it's horribly inefficient and much bigger that it needs to be. There are quite a few on these in my world around the outside of the wall. Makes it feel like my little country survived a near extinction event or somethin
  5. =BK=


    I finally mapped out my Kingdom. Also Really glad I added this Redstone gate to the entrance of my castle. The golems I had out there died and these things started getting in.
  6. I'm actually really curious about how that edit would go against an accurate Brock or Goldberg edit where the goal should be a dominate one sided squash.
  7. Sounds like someone just forgot to inform Cain that it's a work.
  8. =BK=


    Ah yeah, I started building my Castle out in the empty snow biome without realizing till it was too late that I hate how high the new snow piles up on everything so I placed a layer of glass up there to block it from coming down inside the walls or on the actual build. I intend on going back up eventually and making it look more like a couple big clouds.
  9. =BK=


    Took me forever to get around to it but at last I have acquired Netherite armor for the first time.
  10. Every game with equipment should follow DC Universe Online. In that when you get gear you get the equipment and the style as separate things. You can equip whatever stat armor you want then tab over and set the style to what you had so your look doesn't change. So like if I have a Batman themed character with a Bat on the chest and I pick up a chest peice with the Superman logo on it that dwarfs the stats of my Batman piece I can just throw on the Superman chest piece for the stats and set the style to my old Batman one so my look remains.
  11. =BK=


    Anyone else think that they introduced the new Nether biomes to get away from the idea that the Nether is Hell?
  12. I really wish demos were more of a thing still. Cities:Skylines Premium Edition 2 is on sale and the idea of a modern take on SIM City sounds fun kinda but I really don't know if I'll like it or I'll just be lost.
  13. So yeah I don't think I've ever really felt this way about an album. It's like I can't judge it for what it is, just for what it's not. I think I like "Change" and "Easy" but every time I listen I still feel the disappointment that they're not like "Noises" or "Eighteen" and they're weighed down by that.
  14. What the hell did I just watch?
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