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Are the greatest band in the world.

Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Ravey has heard of them, that means he and I are the best.

45 Minutes of Fairy Tale Endings is the best album on the planet. It comes packed with an EP called 45rpm for a grand total of FIVE english pounds. That also makes it the best bargain ever.

They have a guy on scratching. Best band position ever. His name is Barnaby. BARNABY. That is the best name ever.

I've seen them live, when BARNABY is doing his scratching he wears little lasers on his fingers for absolutely no reason. That is the best gimmick ever.

That's more best things than you can shake a stick at.

If you live in London, head on down to Mr CD and pick it up for a fiver,

If not, get it on amazon for fourteen quid


Still well worth it.

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I thought I had two twenties and a ten, so I gave you the ten, and gave you five when I got change after getting a round in :/

Unless I'm just making shit up?


Here's Barnaby... you can kind of see the Lasers.

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