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Because cashing in on someone's death isn't a nice thing to do, Sony has released yet another Jeff Buckley retrospective. This time it's a re-release of Grace...the album that any Jeff Buckley fan would already own anyway. For a special added bonus, some of the B-sides were already rereleased last year on the pointless Grace EPs box. If that doesn't get you excited, what if I mention that it includes yet another live recording of "Kick Out the Jams"? Don't worry, it sounds just like the other three.

So question is...has anyone bought this one? Is anyone even considering it? And, more importantly, does the remastered actually Grace sound any different from the original recording?

(Note that the Live at Sin-e rerelease is actually quite good...but it was almost all stuff that genuinely hadn't been released before)

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How many times has Grace been released now? I feel its time it went back into captivity.

As a side point, the topic title made me think of something I noticed the other day. Heroin addled Pete Doherty looks just like Ian Curtis in some 'dead before their time' poster thing from the NME ages ago. Maybe he's really a zombie...

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Jeffy is easily my favourite musician EVAR~! so I have pretty strong opinions on this. The remastered version of Grace sounds pretty much identical, you can notice slight differences if you listening through decent headphones, but nothing monumental. Some of the "new" tracks are interesting and, as much as I hate to admit it, Forget Her is absolutely beautiful. The DVD is superb, as it features the "Making Of Grace", although if you've already got the Live In Chicago DVD then it's on there as "Grace EPK" anyway, but the videos are all incredible.

I'd say it's worth a purchase, personally, if just for Forget Her, the videos and the alternate version of Eternal Life (although the video for it is perhaps the worst music video I have ever seen).

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