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For Honor


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Officially out now. What're your thoughts? Have you enjoyed playing the beta? Does the full game live up to the expectations set during those few days? Discuss!

I personally am yet to get my hands on this game. However from what I've seen played and heard about it, it's definitely a different take on a team based objective game. The different classes seem balanced and to me to feels like there isn't any disadvantage in having one of each on your team. 

I'll definitely be picking this up, so I thought since there was no topic that I could find specifically for this game, I'd start one. Maybe an EWB session could be in the pipeline? I mean, I'm sure some of you would love to see each other's heads decapitated from their bodies.

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I think it's a very full game that would be well worth the full cost.

For people who want a purely multiplayer experience.

People who like it are going to get a whole heck of a lot out of it when it comes to the amount of time they'll be able to sink into it. It's not for me in the very least because I can rarely rely on a pure MP experience these days - closest I come is Destiny and even that has stuff that I can do when friends aren't around.

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Broken Matt Hardy (My PS4) wouldn't let me download the beta until I DELETED a game off my HD so I could play the beta but literally everything I have on now I use so was disappointed to not get to try it. I love sword fighting games when they are realistic or at least somewhat realistic, two of my favourite games are Bushido Blade and Chivalry. Once the update comes out that lets me use an external HD I might pick this up.

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