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Guest George

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I'm listening to The Mars Volta, and I have some great At The Drive-In songs, but I have never heard a Sparta song.

Can anyone reccomend me? Is their album any good? I know the typical "Mars Volta is better", but does that make them bad?

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i like sparta a lot, but it´s diferent from Mars Volta and At the drive in, fare more simple rock, yet still very good stuff on both CDs.

It´s like most of the experimental stuff went with Mars Volta and the normal rock parts of ATDI went to Sparta. If i´ed had to pick one i´ed stick with Mars Volta because that stuff just is out of this world, sinc i don´t have to pick i am lucky to be able to have both bands on my Record Shelf :D

Oh yeah, and with sparta there is no "is their album better" becaus they "just" released their second album a few weeks ago (maybe a month ore two not shure) wich has proven that they can stand up to their standarts wich mars olta hassent don yet.

If you ever have the chans to see mars volta live, take it, totaly awsome, they took ~60 minutes for the first 3 songs, so much jamming inbetwen, gotta find me another non european band that has a 70 minute album, takes 13 euro for a concert ticket and playes over 2 houres 8-)

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Uh, who the hell are Mars Volta? From what I got from the posts Sparta and Mars Volta were at one time in At the Drive In, and then broke up and became the two seperate bands.....am i correct?

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Guest Ringmaster

Not a big fan of Sparta. I really like the Mars Volta though. I think Sparta appeals more to mainstream trendwhores, whereas the Mars Volta appeals more to, you know, people who like good music.

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I saw Sparta a few months back when they opened for Incubus... pretty boring in my opinion. Nothing offensive to my ears or anything, but it's just music that is kinda... there. I'd never spend money on them or listen to them by choice, but it's not horrible. Much like my feelings on Incubus.

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