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Lars's Super Nintendo Adventure

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Third time is usually the charm right?

Anyway, I've been playing some SNES Classic lately and realizing I truly enjoy those damned Snes games. So like I've tried twice before I'll finish games
and share my experiences down here. Hopefully I'll make it through at least 10 games so that I'll kind of have a list! 
Also, I'll keep this first post updated on what I'm currently playing and which games I've finished.

Ranking of finished games:
1. ????

Currently playing:

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Donkey Kong Country 3.

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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

So anyway, I started this game again today. Remembering that I really like the map in where you move from level to level. 
I also remembered that I used to draw those baddies from the game. Anyway, I started the first file and I'm finally going to 105% this fucker!


So the first stop is Lake Orangatanga, this is easily my most played world. So I know where I can find every 
bonus stage and DK Coin. So I did that. Only had some trouble with the second barrel in the 3rd level.
Can't seemed to make that jump at all until I said fuck it jumped into an enemy to jump even higher.

I also collected my first 3 Banana Birds. 2 from caves and 1 from one of the bears. While I was out getting the shell to give
one bear, the bear who sold the shell said something funny.



I laughed, lol.

Anyway, I rushed through the world and turned into Ellie the Elephant in the 5th world. Before fighting the burping barrel
boss. He's quite something, throwing cockroaches into his mouth to make him burp, so that
so that eventually he'll fall into a pit.

So now enjoy these beautiful flags and we'll finish world 2/3 in the next update.


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Although Kiddy Kong is a krappy kharakter, I must admit that I really enjoyed my last play-through of DKC3. Definitely the weakest of the trilogy, but still a fun game. I particularly enjoy the use of the various vehicles. A nice touch.

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Part of the issue with 3 I think is that the aesthetic they were going for a lot of the time felt... weird. Very Country Bear Jamboree. I get the story was supposed to have more of an environmental tack to it with all the factories and tree-climbing sawblades, but none of the bears were interesting characters and the aesthetics of the levels--not even the layouts, just the look of them--were very bland, especially compared to 2's colorful carnivals and bright pirate ships. I don't think 3 is bad, but it follows one of the best platformers ever and just doesn't really live up. It's got some brilliant levels though, especially in the last area.

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