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  1. What program do you listen to music on?

    I always used winamp when I frst got a PC many moons ago, but then swapped to Musikcube when I got my laptop (which was shit and couldn't handle winamp). I used to HATE iTunes, but now I'm all macbooked up, it's iTunes al the way. I like the way it syncs with my ipod n' stuff.
  2. THE RESULTS: EWB's 100 Favourite Bands

    Fuck all the bright eyes haters. Pretentiousness is IN this year dammit.
  3. EWB's 100 Favourite Bands

    More of a current favourite list than an all time... 1 - Glassjaw 2 - Bright Eyes 3 - Norma Jean 4 - The Good Life 5 - Comeback Kid 6 - Shai Hulud 7 - The Smiths 8 - Weezer 9 - Ben Folds Five 10 - Eels
  4. What gig are you going to next?

    I only have tickets for The Chariot (who are playing with Bring me The Horizon, unfortunately :thumbsdown: ) and Hell is for Heroes so far. I'm hoping to round some people up to come see NOFX with me though, and maybe Alexisonfire. And maybe Two Gallants too.
  5. Gimme some kind of estimate...

    I would think around £20 for Zelda, and around a fiver for Battlefront. Tiger Woods and CM would be worth bugger all really, maybe a few quid each, as they are updated yearly and I think stores have trouble shifting out of date copies (Hence why Fifa 2006 is 98p in my local game store, and they have about 6 million copies). I would guess around £30-£35 for the whole lot, which should get you a copy of Paper Mario.
  6. I traded in some games today in order to pick up Paper Mario (which, by the way, is a slight disappointment so far :thumbsdown: ) Anyway, I ended up with 17 quid left over as store credit. Sooooooooo what should I spend it on? I don't mind adding a few quid to it to buy something that costs a bit extra. I have a 360, a PS2, a Wii and a DS. I don't want any game with long, intricate storylines (I'm currenlty playing through Hotel Dusk, Blue Dragon and FF12 all at the same time, and am having enough trouble remembering whats going on as it is). I want something fun and instantly playable to break up the marathon RPG sessions I tend to have. So be it shooty, fighty, quirky, whatever, reccomend me something to spend my 17 nicker on. EDIT: Ok...nothing to see here, I just noticed a reccomendation thread up at the top there, so if a mod wants to delete this feel free. Sorry!
  7. Blue Dragon

  8. Who's your favourite Beatle?

    Can I just start by saying that after the split, I don't really rate any of The Beatles that highly. So... 4 - Paul McCartney - Mull of Kintyre/Frog Chorus. 'Nuff said. 3 - John Lennon - Overrated. He's written a few good tunes, but for every good song he writes he writes one that is absolute drivel. Give peace a chance makes me want to kick him in the head, which I really don't think is what he was aiming for with that one. 2 - George Harrison - Never really rated him on his own, but I think he was the glue that held the beatles together really. An unsung gluey hero. 1 - Ringo - Thomas the Tank Engine + Octopuses Garden = Numbah One Beatle.
  9. WWE Splash

    I like it, but its very ...uhm....busy? Too much going on, and the 3 main cuts seem to stick out a bit. Maybe that's what you were going for?
  10. Blue Dragon

    I started playing it last night for a couple of hours. It seems ok, but doesn't really grab you straight away like other RPG's i can think of (well, FF). Also, whilst the graphics are certainly nice, they're very sparse. Storyline seems pretty standard fare at the moment, but like you said, I'm 2 hours into a 3 disc game, so its got all the time in the world to pick up. Battle system seems ok, if a little generic. And it's kinda annoying that you have to fight the same robot thing about 50 times at one point, although it does wonders for your stats. It gets better when you unleash your shadows too. The one thing I do really like is the music. I believe it's composed by the guy who did the FF tunes, and it shows. Really good. Also, when you get to the first boss battle it kicks into this 80's hair metal song, totally unexpected and totaly, totally awesome! (Y) Also, as frowned upon as it is, I prefer my anime with english dubs, so the English voice over is perfectly fine to me. Overall I'd say its kept my interest so far, but really needs to kick up a notch to hold me for the long run.
  11. Stuntman : Ignition

  12. Portfolio Design

    Based on that site, I wouldn't buy a website from you. Don't mean to be funny or owt, but it looks amateurish, and it's also like twice the width of my screen, meaning to read the text i have to scroll over to the right as i read it. Also, the stuff in your portfolio isn't really that great. And this is speaking as a guy who did have to arrange for a website to be made for a company i used to work for. So yeah, I think you need a hell of a lot of work really. I could go into more detail as to why it's poor as a business tool to attract clients too, if I had more time.
  13. Blue Dragon

    Yeah, that's kinda what I was getting at. I mean, is it only getting poor reviews because people are marking it down for things that are staples of the genre? Basically I've been ploughing my time into FF12, but I'm not really getting on with the battle system. So, I'm looking for something else to get into while my missus is away on holiday. I reckon it'll be awesome though.