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  1. 2006/2007 Hockey Season Thread

    *heart still beating rapidly* That Sabres/Rangers game yesterday was one of the most heart-attack-inducing, amazing games I've ever seen. I was fortunate enough to get tickets, and I couldn't hear myself think when Drury scored with 7 seconds left.
  2. 2006/2007 Hockey Season Thread

    Sabres have to get some credit - especially considering they still have at least 5-6 regulars out (Connolly, Afinogenov, Paille, Gaustad (season), Lydman, Kotalik).
  3. 2006/2007 Hockey Season Thread

    Buffalo plays another fantastic game - 8 wins to start the season.
  4. 2006/2007 Hockey Season Thread

    Sabres are 5-0 - Miller's been up and down, but he seems to come up really big in the shootouts, and the offense is beginning to click on all cylinders again. Still waiting for a Biron trade, perhaps for a solid 7th defenseman and an extra forward (so Peters doesn't have to start).
  5. 2006/2007 Hockey Season Thread

    Sabres/Canes a tight one - 2-2 in the third... Lots of penalties, too.
  6. Saves in Baseball

    A save implies that you protect the lead. You can get a save if: a) You enter the game with a three run lead or less in the 7th inning or later, and b) You protect the lead until the end of the game - the game is not tied or losing between your entrance and your exit. OR c) You pitch more than three innings with any lead, and don't give up the tying or go-ahead runs. A blown save occurs when you enter in the first type of save situation, and give up either the tying or go-ahead runs. So: Enters in 7th with 4-2 lead, team wins 4-2 = save Enters in 7th with 6-1 lead, team wins 6-4 = no save Enters in 8th with 3-2 lead, team wins 15-2 = save Enters in 8th with 3-2 lead, gives up 2 runs, team wins 6-4 = blown save and win. Enters in 6th with 10-1 lead, team wins 10-2 = save
  7. Prince Caspian in 2007

    In terms of the order that they were published by Lewis, it goes: Lion - Caspian - Treader - Chair - Horse - Nephew - Battle In terms of the order that things actually occur in the world of Narnia, it goes: Nephew - Lion - Horse - Caspian - Treader - Chair - Battle The Magician's Nephew creates the world of Narnia - the Pevensies enter the world in the Wardrobe, and the Horse and his Boy follows the adventures of one of the children. A thousand years later, the four re-enter Narnia to help Caspian, and three years later, Edmund and Lucy (joined by a cousin, Eustance) rejoin Caspian at sea with the Dawn Treader. These are followed by the Silver Chair and the Last Battle. I'm a fan of reading them the way Lewis released them - *SPOILERS* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you read the Magician's Nephew, you already know about the magic in the wardrobe, the street lamp, the professor's history, etc.
  8. Duke wins basketball game by 244 points

    Who was the leading scorer? :-P
  9. Paper Toss

    I got 28 now. I'll probably try again later.
  10. HomeStar Runners Peasont's Quest

    I can't find Dongalev or Jhonka anywhere. I'm pretty sure Jhonka is in the house you can't open, but does anybody know where to find Dongalev?
  11. Ken Caminiti

    How many more people have to die before MLB realizes that their drug policy (or lack of one, or slap-on-a-wrist punishments) is allowing players to sign their own death sentences?
  12. Bad news for Craig Kilborn fans

    To be honest, I liked Wayne Brady's talk show. When he started, he was definately out of his element, but with his improv ability, he improved greatly over the length of the show. The show won a bunch of awards, and I think he would be a decent choice.
  13. Ready to laugh? All You Wanted (Michelle Branch) Turn the Page (Metallica) I Like It, I Love It (Tim McGraw) My Friends Over You (New Found Glory) Cry (Mandy Moore) Invisible (Clay Aiken) Come Clean (Hilary Duff) Name (Goo Goo Dolls) I've Got to See You Again (Norah Jones) Here Is Gone (Goo Goo Dolls) With Arms Wide Open (Creed) Someday (Nickelback) Breathe (Faith Hill) The Other Side (David Gray) Daughters (John Mayer) Mr. Jones (Counting Crows) Unstoppable (The Calling) All For You (Sister Hazel) Wanted It to Be (SIster Hazel) Pick Up the Phone (Evan and Jaron)
  14. Hollywood Mogul Thread

    Here's a complete newbie question: how much should I budget. I lost 20 million with my only release - could it be I only had a budget of 10 million or so? It was a horror flick, btw. Just in general, how much should I select for each?
  15. "Beautiful" Songs

    What are your favorite "beautiful" songs? Not sappy love songs, but just really well-written, real melodies, meaningful lyrics, etc. Fred Jones, Pt. 2 (Ben Folds) Still Fighting It (Ben Folds) Trouble (Coldplay) Stand Here With Me (Creed) My Immortal (Evanascence) 100 Years (Five for Fighting) Time of Your Life (Green Day) Love Soon (John Mayer) I'm Already There (Lonestar) Leap of Faith (Michelle Branch) Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) Here Without You (Three Doors Down) Drift Away (Dobie Gray) Any other favorites?