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  1. ummm...Mya stone is the illegitimate child of Robert Baratheon. Cersei got nothing on you
  2. Might've been a gas bottle laying on the ground, I'm pretty sure they're all around there
  3. I've signed up on a ps3, PSN name is bretterperson. Anyone else getting a 'lost connection to the other payer message', it's been happening alot to me lately.
  4. I've just started a rogue called Maras on stonemaul, just to make you bastards happy
  5. I'd prefer a PvP server, only for the fact that group world pvp is fun as fuck and the ganking isn't as bad as most people make it out to be. Also the whole 'is someon going to kill m roun this corner' mindset keeps the game more fun. Could really care less about anything apart from that.
  6. We really need an EWB guild, let's pick an american server and get one going.
  7. While we're at it. I'm on Frostmourne the oceanic server. Jermurick - lvl 27 undead priest
  8. Yes the Alliance were wrong, but announcing it on the forum was nothing but idiotic. They practically begged to be ganked by announcing it, if any Alliance member had just walked by and seen a dozen Horde people standing around they would've walked on by knowig that the odds weren't in their favour. Announcing it gave the Alliance a chance to organise and attack in a group.
  9. Worse, I was on the server when the damn thing happened. I wasn't there but heard all the bullshit coming from the alliance side afterwards, god that was annoying.
  10. RCT doesn't like XP, which is why it crashes when you load/save a game. There's a patch out there somewhere for it which will fix it though. (Y)
  11. That's it, you've finished the game and have nothing left to do. I loved the game up until this point, I'd left some missions alone so I could go back and do them later, but once I beat Jack the missions were gone.
  12. Once Storm gets het high level lightning attack the game gets a hell of a lot easier.
  13. I've played it at a friends place. It's good, although if Morrowind was online for the X-Box it'd be miles better than WoW. I started an Orc rogue, she kicks ass.
  14. Weren't 7, 8 and 9 compacted into RotJ anyway?
  15. Was it that revolution game?
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